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July 31, 2014

dropping thousands of wordsworth

so the pear tree won’t shake

and no one will take

or give

from the lake

of their plenty

to the dried up

ones and


possession clown

possessive noun

always asking…..

which is witch

and what is







Be bold…

Be boldness….

Don’t be old….

Or give way to Oldness…

Most of all…




Till you are hoarse.

The sooner this question becomes the itch whose scratch lies so deep with-in that you know no finger or cough or retch will reach it….the better.

Be-cause (see that?) you see….

it is infinity we are after, not outfinity….

See-cause, y’know…..

You DO get it.

It just takes too much doing sometimes….

Don’t be tired…

get wired…



Who is be-cause…

Healing Energies…

June 27, 2014


Surely, sorely feels like a lot of the world needs our healing energies.

Everywhere I look, outside of my immediate vicinity, so much strife. Iraq, again. Why? Some worn out but still potent play book, ISIS, Levant Indeed…..

Ain’t fooling me none…..this old play book…






Eastern Ukraine…





Brazil…now that is one potent ritual, th eon-going world-cup of futbol, where they kick around a ball made up entirely of inter-woven pentagrams and hexagrams….11 a side….Goal….Gaol…..Jail……sorry all you “fans” out there….the beautiful game is peak mind-control in an irresistible package of finely trained human beings performing amazing feats. Now they are playing with colored balls?

Anyways, Riooooooooo, riooooooooo, riooooyo, rioooooyo………

80’s music fans will get the reference.

India, the new destination for investment.

Got to love that.

What else?

Yes, healing energies….

To all the oppressed, everywhere in the world, put your hands together and release some healing……

Because, sometimes people just need to know truths such as this.

People that go/went off to the mountains in search of themselves were/are accused of being selfish for renouncing the world.

But they were seeking this:

Can you imagine if even one-tenth of the worlds population existed in that state. For even 30 minutes a day? Imagine that world…

I doing my bit, trying to get there…

So, send some healing energy to the oppressed of the world with me….

In a world made of frequency, sometimes all it takes is to turn the tuning dial…..

If only you know where it is and how to turn it….and “know” when it’s all in tune.

Sound good?



Japanese sword


Data is an Addiction and something something….

June 18, 2014


Spent the last two weeks sans interweb access. Close to 11-12 days at any rate.

Very interesting life-shifts.

Realization: by VivEkta…


I got more done. Had a day or so of minor with-drawl symptoms.

Read 2.5 books, long with me but un-read.


No wonder it is called the world wide web :-)

What a set up we have set up for ourselves.

The only one who remains un-trapped in the web is the spinner, a spider.

Now who sends out spiders in the world wide web?


Search Engines….

“It’s called the world wide web,” said the spider to the fly

Very real experience folks, not to be dis-missed lightly. ;-)

Everything got cleaner, sharper.

Too much data blunts us.

Of course, someone has come up with what just flashed through my mind…

Thor, they name is:


Self-discipline, stemming from self-awareness, stemming from a deep desire for self-awareness….

There-in lie the lock and the key.

The only way to climb the ladder is to make sure you can and then take the first rung.

One key in-sight, some moons ago, posterized by Ekta….

So, there you have it….

And ISIS? Please……

Truly the theatre of the absurd.

That we have war on-going on a massive scale in most known history, to even kid ourselves, momentarily that humanity as a whole is on an ascension path is laugh able.

But we should know better, because war is peace and ignorance is strength….

A dear and deep but only occasionally contacted friend from OZ sent me a link to The Secret Doctrine, Vol. III by Helena P. Blavatsky. I am so grateful.

Intense times call for slowing down even harder. Contra-intuitive as that may sound. While we still have the time/chance, we should…….

And that key is the breath…..

Deeply, slowly outward….that is all. Breathe deeply, slowly, outward as consciously and often as you can…..





Living the 3G life….

May 24, 2014


Long ago I’d figured out something that I once shared with a very large group of witchy women in one of the witchy women capitals of the world…


Naaaaaaaahhh, they did not look like that.

But imagine if they had, eh?

That gathering was more like this:


Feel good witchiness… :-) Marin county style…

And after my little “I have a Dream” speech, I was mobbed by breathless many of them, entranced as they were by the words of this Hindoo….

What, you must be wondering, did I say?

Well, there are three tenets I have had as my core tenets in life, in awareness, since about 2003.

I realized that if we lived the 3G life, it would bring the 4th G, Goodness, just like that.


And what were these 3 G z?

GRACE, Gentleness & Generosity

Grace: Upper Most. To be graceful you have to be strong. If we are full of grace physically, emotionally, spiritually, we are strong and unshakable. Founded and grounded. Grace is borne of strength. So, be grace filled. First G.

The Chameleon Grace Sutra, in one picture:

Gentleness : Great gentleness requires great strength. Weakness or softness is often mis taken for Gentleness. Think from where the phrase gentle giant came from. Like anything else in life, you have to be able to got to the limits of any duality to express it fully.

Generosity: Only a giver can receive. The oldest and most obvious maxim. Whether of your self, your energies or your materials. Too much of a good thing is not good for us, another old maxim. So, appropriately, you have to give, give, give to receive. You cannot fill a full pot.

There is a small caveat to the giving principle. You can and should only give of that which you have enough for yourself. If you are depleted, your first duty to give is to yourself.

So, there you have it, the 3G life is a life filled with Grace, Gentleness and Generosity.

But that was not what got the witches wound up.

It’s what I said in the end.

That if you can live gracefully, gently and in generosity, the 4th G, the G-Spot comes spontaneously alive.

And that brought down the house. :-)

GGG&G to you,

Stay loose and filled with Grace,




La Luna….De Lune….The Moon…Chandra….Mesmerising…

May 23, 2014

Greetings…Right-click and open in new tab to see images in their full glory… In-Joy…

Cette image de Lune des Moissons a été prise à Villa Rica, une ville située dans l’état américain de Géorgie. Elle est signée Stephen Rahn

clair de lune à San Cataldo - Lecce.jpg

Photos avec la lune_019.jpg

lune rousse.jpg



So there you have it my friends.

All is not as it seems and Luna drives us to Lunacy for who can resist?


Stay loose…


All Photos: Au Clare De Lune

Mera Bharat Mahaan? Ahhhaaaahaaaahaaahahaha……hhhhhhaaaahhahahahhh…*wipes tears from eyes*….hhhhhah…heh….what ever!

May 15, 2014


So many things running through my mind today.

First there is the general political situation, world over. India just finished another sham of a general election, where the next chosen sheep herders are going to be planted.

Incidentally, in case no one in India has noticed, there is, with a simple news scan, ample evidence to show that a lit flag here, a cow slaughtered there, a pig’s ear thrown in the wrong place, a missionary/conversion incident (there is a huge groundswell against this practise)…. and it will be easy as pie to split India up in moments.

Divisive politics and criminal elements in politics, the rise of regional hate parties, the splitting of Andhra Pradesh, the push against people from the north east in south india, Tamil Nadu’s eternal desire to rid itself of the tag of Indian-ness…..

An Indian middle class already tottering at the edge of debt-overload….

And the simple questions are not being asked.

Why does every fruit vendor within 10 kilo-meters of me, carry imported fruit? Almost exclusively. Like 90% of it.

All stickered and waxed, sitting in their boxes….probably machine picked and washed and waxed too…

Nice eh?


Why  is Dole selling bananas in India? India cannot grow it’s own bananas?

Or is someone killing off the Indian farmer?

So, do you love all the trans-shipped fruit you buy from shelves of air-conditioned stores, fresh off the cold-chain….anything you want, any time of the year? Can you believe that that is as good as giving you a slow poison pill? Fruit is seasonal for a reason.

The joke is really on us, you know that?

I always ask loudly at my stores (nicely but loudly), “yeh kahan se hai”? “where is this from”? And put it back when they say South Africa or America.

And we let all this produce in while Indian produce is locked out because it is infected?

Anyone running GMO checks on stuff coming from America? GMO land? Or do you trust that our un bribe-able customs inspectors are doing a stand-up job of inspections….

haaaahaaaahahahaaaaaaah…….aaaahhhaaahahahahahaaaaaaaa……hhhhhaaaha……….”wipes snot from nose*

sorry…..where was I?



Or do you blithely peel the skin and the little sticker (on EACH BANANA mind you and each pear and each apple) and chomp away? On a piece of fruit shipped 3,000 miles on a cold container ship for your pleasure.

Yes, but such a reality. If you stopped eating imported fruit, the shelves would be empty. The Indian farmer is toiling at construction sites in Bangalore and Mumbai and Gurgaon…or just killing himself.

Heard of the farmer suicides?

Yeah yeah, I’m sure you have. 10’s of thousands of farmers. Tens of thousands. Debt Suicide. Same banks you bank with have loan sharks roaming the countryside, giving farmers cheap loans to buy tractors they do not need….and at margin seeds etc. for an uncertain yield.

Tens of thousands….how is this for a statistic….

“More than 17,500 farmers a year killed themselves between 2002 and 2006, according to experts who have analyzed government statistics.

Did ya get that dude? 17,500 PER YEAR.  And these are government statistics. Can you imagine the reality?

Think, you vote with your wallet and your mouth first. The once every 5 years of democracy, which is nothing but rule by the mob, vote is based on one of the biggest lies ever disseminated, the lie of equality.

Look at poor people grovel before police and politics and judiciary and then bleat a little about equality. And how great it is that you voted.

So, have you heard about girls dis-appearing in madhya pradesh? Hmmmmmmm? Not paying much attention to the things that matter, are we now? Hmmmmm?

What of it you say….

  • Only 10% of human trafficking in India is international, while almost 90% is interstate. Nearly 40,000 children are abducted every year of which 11000 remain untraced according to a report by the National Human Rights Commission of India.[12]

Yeah, we love to traffic our won. We are good like that.

And those are official statistics too.

So many children disappearing into where? Child sex slavery? Where?

Why is this not on the Screamatorium that passes for NEWS in India 24X7 till sorted?

One would think this is far more important than the next chair grabber in Govern-Ment (yeah, decipher that one)…..


Know what is one of the fastest growing businesses in Bangalore?

Fertility clinics and assisted re-production centers.

The Bangalore Infertility Scene:
With the proliferation of so many new centers and major hospitals expanding their foray into this highly lucrative and profitable vertical, there has been no decrease in prices. They have constantly gone upwards by an average of 20-25% every year. There is no regulatory legislation to govern these clinics in India. The demand is ever increasing due to more and more young people getting married and finding it hard to go to next stage of family. Well one can always say that IT/ITES does not give you chance to lead a healthy lifestyle , but do not forget that it’s not just in Bangalore , but the trend is visible across India.
It is not a lifestyle disorder, but the decrease in fertility rates is a country wide phenomenon. We just happen to be in Bangalore where we are just a bit more expressive and vocal on internet, as compared to other towns. Add to it, the vicious IT tag, people are supposed to always pay a premium, whether it’s in hospital or school, travel agents or whatever.”
How about that eh?
India, which is best known globally for it’s mythical Billion plus population, suddenly cannot get it up any more?
If you think this is a good thing, even for a moment, please. Not wanting to have kids is one thing. Not able to, in such huge numbers is another…
If this is the trend and everyone is sucked into cities…..societies collapse very slowly at first and then all of a sudden.
Love you some more of McD’s won’t ya? How about a bucket of wings, Mr. RamaLingam Deshikaachaari?
The trends are everywhere my friends of a certain “asleepness” in the general environment here.
Maya ka Prakop Bhaari hai,
Kalyug zaroor zaari hai…..
For the quality of our dialouges, inner, outer, what ever, on a collective scale we may see our TV debates as instructive, in a fractal world.
That thought should give you the chills. Mr. Sen convinced us that we were argumentative and Swami Beyondananda bolted the point home.
Several TV gooroo figures are now on the scene, luring people in with flash mobs dancing to bollywood. All of them have one exercise, seemingly, lung pumping.
So bad for your heart, all you Lung pumpers out there. So bad. The heart is meant to be a relaxed organ, that way it will pump harder, longer.
In many ways, it does not really matter. Societies have come and gone and India is exhibiting signs of terminal decline as a society. All the moorings are being cut asunder.
This is just a preliminary set of observations….
I’ll be back with more….
If dissolution is as per plan, the wise should at least be aware of the plan.
Kya khayaal?
So, given what I see is coming, please consider this an advance call for keeping the peace. Now.
Send peaceful vibes, wear peaceful clothes, eat peaceful food, breathe peacefully……
The key to get off the bus but stay for the ride is to slow down.
Kisi Shayar ne kaha hai………………………
Kaayaron ki mehefil mein
Shaayar kya sher sunaayega?
Jab har kaayar ka Aaina
Use Sher hi dikhlaayega?
Soul searching times, I want to dance with some true warriors….right here…
And last butt not least, Hell-O Sunny Leone….
Art by Vivekta ;-)
So, should we? Like…… do something?

Life and death….

May 9, 2014


Woke up today to this very sad news: Our dear friend and my brother Dublinmick Aka Tom, wise friend, had this on his blog…..

My Son Just Committed Suicide-With My gun


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