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i’s, eyes, three…

September 24, 2022
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Three EYES

Three i’s

The Visible, visioning Eyes INVERT information.

The Invisible Third sees in the D’Ark.

Just this trinity of confusing input and output centers tells me that I do see…something. But what?

How much of Sight is conditioning?

They tell us we see in Black and White. How weird is that, given we sense a world full of vibrant colour?

So the Brain colours our world.

How strange is that. How does an organ that has never “Seen” the light, know what colour is? And what is coloured how?

How much of all this is a program? The mind boggles.

In the D’Ark, there is no colour.

So, the great light in the sky sprays a Colour Code (CC, 33) onto our Visible world and ALL OUR BRAINS interpret those colours almost exactly the same way.

Colour spraying disk in the skEYE.

A brain that receives an inverted Black and White image and paints it appropriately.

A colour-less D’Ark.

In the D’ark, we have TEXTure.

Really? TEXT U Are?

Who wrote this scrypt I ask you?

Xit the Circle!

September 6, 2022

A CIRCLE has only 2 Exits.
Through the CENTER or at 90 Degrees from the Circumference.
90 degrees is a humanly impossible angle. It is the DEATH represented by PERFECTION that the masons learn about.
There is no 90 degrees in Nature. Nor any perfect circles, except the SUN.
The great MONTHEISTIC/ABRAHAMIC/BRAHMANIC re-ligions all WARSHIP the SUN, every day, in TEMPO-EL’s everywhere, giving it’s egrgore WARSHIPPER energy to BURN.
How do you shatter a circle?
By breaking it’s CENTER or slipping out of it at a TAN-GENT.
And what is Tan 90? Sin/Cos (Sin/Cause) 90 = 1/0 = INFINITY.
You see?
Where is this RECT-Angle available to US?
In our RECT-UM?
The inversion is complete when you real-lies the construct.
The QUEST-i-ON is to thus find the CENTER and blow through it.
When you IMPLODE, 2D becomes 3D, the circle becomes a Spiral, the stranglehold of the Circle trap is broken…
and the Quest changes.
You went from PI (2D, where a circle is PERFECTION) to PHI…
pHi is when the BREATH entered PI.
Breath is the vehicle of freedom, the source of ALL POWER in this realm.
When you cease breath voluntarily, releasing all dependence, you are truly IN-DEPENDENT.


Ask questions, this is a KEY…

Calm Up, will ya?

May 25, 2022

Fake histories rife with Heroes and Sheroes whose prime capacity was for unimaginable and total violence.

Violence has been taught to us.

In a reversal to a natural state (plenty for all to go around), most “naturally violent” animals like tigers and lions and huge grizzly bears become docile and playful as puppies.

This violence is an induced state.

Like heck, if we’ve always been killing and warring and fighting, then we might as well facking continue raping and pillaging.

But in the process and perhaps at an ever accelerating pace, we ARE living up to the glaringly obvious title of “DESCENDANTS”. Not “ASCENDANTS” of our FOUR Fathers.

Every major city with symbolically designed warriors and kings astride on their steeds, shining for eternity in their bronzed glory.

This is what social engineering is on a massive scale.

Almost unimaginable.

I have always looked at three things that really set us apart….

A Loooooooooong maturation period. 14-16 years at least. Total dependents for 5-6 years. SO much nurturing needed.

No real natural defence system against nature except the mind. A rather maladapted physicality as currently and culturally molded. Getting weaker by the day as a collective.

The relatively SLOOOOWWWW pace of our WOUND HEALING. Big ones can take weeks/months.

Either this is not our vibration, or we need to be living waaaay more slowly.

And in really slow worlds, I imagine there is far less, if any violence at all…

We’re being moved too fast and the un naturalness of it induces this “RUSH” of anger…at delays mostly…gratificationally speaking or other wize!

You gnomesain!

Slow down, or Up…but do 😉 It’s a calmer life here, on this side.

Sildenafil Babies galore…

May 13, 2022

Ponder for a moment, all the Viagra fueled pregnancies and babies there of since that demonic drug’s release.

And we wonder why the father element is missing from so many families over the last 30 years?

You can thank Bob Dole for the Sildenafil Babies.

Just ponder the real, energetic and spiritual implications of the same.

On top of that, the pawno graphization of sax has meant that many a modern child’s moment of birthing soundscape might sound something like this:

Ohhhh Yeaaaaaahhhhh, Harder babyyyy, harder…..wham wham wham…..spank me baaaaayyybeeee…..slap slap….aaaaarrrrghhhh…..eeeeeeeeeee…….


Whoa! While the planets are vibrating their deep throbs of their particular freequencies into your nascent being at the flash, your pair rental units are screaming and shouting, usually aggressively or even and often violently.


Can you see the implications?

Especially, if at the moment of conception, both metal head pair rents were climaxing to “And then she bled” by “Suicide Silence”…

You see where this is going?

Cities are sonic hell. Babies are born right into it. What chance do they stand?

Extreme as presented, but food for thought perhaps in our own environments, the power of words, the power of silence….

Shhhhhhhhhhh……… is the sound of water meeting fire…do on, say it out loud…shhhhhhhh……….

The place where this whole warm body game began….


Lanka’s burning…

May 10, 2022

Sri Lanka’s recent and dizzying slide into apparent chaos on every front is a stress test by the “Sentient World Simulation”.

It’s how the system tests itself.

The machine and it’s minions have been working like rabbits for a few centuries to come to this point, where a singular or a networked series of supercomputers are trying to mimic/model life in real time.

This is called the “Sentient World Simulation”. It is currently and very openly run on the campus of the Carnegie Mellon University. Talk about two stalwart robber baron names to associate with eh?

Anyways, all these free games, free porn, free content and our responses to them are training inputs for the SWS.

All of life/nature is modelled as an electronic circuit, the parallels are staggering. Capacitors as stores of energy, resistors as consumers, batteries as power venters, roads/canals as BUSES in circuit boards…..on to all the far more complex elements that the semi conductor era brought in.

That is why so much digitization of everything, on seemingly endless money/grants et. al.

The simulation needs data, constantly, in ever increasing quantity and quality.

Till it, by creating a perfect replica, sucks people in via OCCULUS, into the nearly REAL metaverse+.

Yes, literally the matrix coming alive.

And Sri Lanka, island nation, is a test. Nothing is going to spill over. All the mayhem and slaughter and pain and panic will be contained.

India will get it’s share of southern heat, a festering problem on it’s south side, while Pakistan, Bangladesh, China on the north stay messy.

On another allegoric note, Lanka burning should make ram bhakt’s think about what rhyme of history we are living through.

But yeah, watch the Lankan narrative unfold.

It’s a trailer for the shortage wave that is planned/intended.

Nature Vs. The Machine


May 10, 2022

ALL the things we consider objectively “GREAT”, mountains, rivers, lakes, Great Trees etc. move hardly, if at all over multiple human lifetimes.

Take if from someone who was in a GREAT hurry for his first 49 years, burning the candle at both ends….

Slow down.

THE FEELING OF GREATNESS is not an external validation by others, but an inner wellspring of knowing.

Imagine that, the greater you become, the more you (visibly) slow down, until you finally don’t move at all.

For thousands of years, but I presume a mountain is beyond time.

Imagine a 3,000 year old tree.

Point being, this rush is imposed. By an ever finer division of time through AND and NAND gates. Portals.

BOOlean logic sounds ghostly to me.

But here we are, pico-second slicing clocks rushing us along with alarms and apps galore.

This is the forcefield one drives into upon re-entering a city after a longish holiday.

The thick haze of the crush of the rush.

Hurry can only be contextualized in a time dimension.

Once we real eyes what’s being done, we can consciously push back….the hands of time even…


May 10, 2022

IF….one has lived the world of the past 20 odd years and STILL thinks that who we have been sold as the gods of this world ARE OUR gods, then one is deeply weak of mind.

Of course, all religions (except hinduism aka sanatan dharm aka a way of life) take EVERYTHING holy to another world.

No proofs here except some bureaucratic sanctification of allegedly divine historical humans.

And stone statues. On which, annually, sometimes daily, for as long as anyone alive knows/remembers….the best of what we have is offered up. To stone idols.

Yes it’s all getting worse. And people are PREYING (on themselves as it were) harder and harder.

Imagine, if all the gods we have been acculturated to worship are egregores of our worst enemies?

And if you look at all the other inversions on this plane, then why is that so hard to imagine?

Any GAWD worth his or her salt would have stepped up in defense of his wailing acolytes by now?


Or is letting children die before they are born, diseases running rampant, a large part of humanity living in abject poverty, so much exploitation everywhere…. the sign of a god managed world?

Praise Vishnu, the organizer/feeder of THIS?

I propose that our making friend’s with the Masters of Metal MM, 33, was our undoing.

From Vulcan we got weapons, axes to cut down trees, metal implements of every sort to destroy nature…to where we are today.

If you ARE going to spend precious energy in prayer, KNOW who/what it is you are preying to or STOP.

Remember that all things externalized are from within US.

We are now just containers, bereft of our own divinity, it having been externalized into books and stones and authority matrices.

I am that I am. Supreme.

But not just empty words.

We have to take that divinity back within.

And that is the task. The journey….

KAOtic Time Wave Kollapse…

March 2, 2022

It feels chaotik because it IS kOtic.

We are in the phase, probably triggered ritually by the great new yawk incident that “Flagged” off, falsely of course, this century….where multiple time-lines are coming to conclusions all together.

They have to, end of an age, end of an era. Does not matter what calendar you believe, a “world in doom” narrative is playing out before our eyes.

Just like the medium IS the message, the narrative IS the reality. This manufactured reality bleeds into even the most “woke” life. Inevitable…

Imagine that, the collapse of time as we know it.

And since time is breath, the re-construction of breath as we know it.

This is the reset…

The Koolektive Kollapse of all time-lines…Tartarian, Christian, Hindu, Masonic, Lucy Farean, Jewish, Mayan….

You name it.

Everything has to resolve before we can have a Tabula Rasa, a clean slate for the next collective leap.

But within each grand cycles are all our individual ones, those are largely ours to master.

Time is breath remember? First breath time starts, last breath time ends.

Be one with breath, subsume time.

Also remember, brEATh has EAT at it’s hEArT

If we master our own time wave, we can ride the pipe in the larger one…

Laughing in glee all the way….

Criss Cross!

February 7, 2022

A LEFT Temple, A RIGHT Temple, Each keeping “Time”. Temple is Tempo-El.

One keeps Square wave time.

One keeps SINe wave time.

Synchronising them is Circling the Square, the OppOsite of the demonic, masonic Squaring of the Circle.

This happens at the CC(33) Corpus Colossum, the BRAIN BRIDGE, so to speak.

You are now riding the THIRD WAVE.

TWO Pupils Turned upwards and inwards, crossing over & becoming one.

Re-member, the Left Brain controls the right i and vice-versa.

Cross Overs are everywhere.

They HAVE to be, to keep dis dually divided Left/Right Duality in balance.

Criss Cross (33)

Temples Synchronized, i’s crossed over


Breath, the animator, the clear and obvious connection with the preserver is best left alone.

It knows, NOSE.

The Cessation of breath is an effect, not a cause.

In this way, everything is united.

The raising of the SerPENT is a game.

You have to be dying, literally. Breathless, serene, but dying.

And it leaps upwards, as if to escape.

Alas for it and hooray for us, all it can do is uncoil to your pineal and deliver it’s liberating bite.

Ecstatic, transmutated Amrit (Elixir of life) trickles down, dropping into the lake of the serene heart.



Kundalini Snake. Chakras Journal by Fabulous Cat Papers | FabulousCatPapers

Pole Shift!

February 5, 2022

Vast amounts of Private Equity, Venture Capital and other, generally highly predatory capital, has flooded and either outright bought or deeply indebted most last, so called suck-cess-pool companies.

Many fake money pumped “Unicorn” start-ups are headquartered out of India, here but for the cheap labour….

It is exactly the same in China, Taiwan etc.

Used to be highly leveraged money, that smoothly transitioned into Central Bank fiat raw dogging.

They have slowly but surely bought it all in the east.

Japan, post WWii had basically been a Federal Reserve lap dog.

Korea has been pumpedd by London+NY.

Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, no VIetnam, Mynmar….everywhere, the rotting smell of easy money wafts over polluting industries set by western corporations everywhere.

With shiny glass buildings in “Downtown” everycity….

Diseased minds, boring, degrading repeating patterns,

Everywhere, sliding in with this money comes the alcohol and then the drugs and pornography and forced prostitution and forced labour relocation, migrancy… death of small farm holdings.

The lure of the shiny city, potemkin village though it actually is.

Now the East is going to shine and the west is to be sunk into resource extractive third world status.

Why do you think so much undocumented labour is being walked, flown, boated and swan into the west, especially and increasingly over the past 20 years?

It pays to pay attention to the mega-trends.

Having been involved in the “Deal making” business for a few years, I can tell you there are VAST mining resources on the continental United States that are all wrapped up in legal battles and arcane government regulations.

Waiting to be released once the stage is set.

Migrant labour does not demand a minimum wage.

C how that goes?

Not for nothing that Indians sit at the HEAD of 15 of the world’s top 20 companies.

None of this is chance.

How is this going to impact your life?

This is the pole shift underway!

Why the UN slammed Italy for failing to save 200 migrants from drowning


February 5, 2022

All NASA rackets are Obelisks.

The penis of Osiris being fired up towards their heliogod in ritual after ritual.

It’s why they fire them straight up, a totally DUMB concept from a normal newtonian physics standpoint.

NASA, SpaceX, ISRO, JAXA, CASA…..all ritual.

Also egregious and ongoing and ever bolder theft from the public exchequer for a massive farce, but that is a story for another day.


Jack Parsons (JPL) was a dark magician in the Crowlean mould. Just like his partner in crime and the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard.

In fact, EVERY major nasa launch is timed to the helical rising of a major star on the Giza plateau. Every one of them. Sirius, Betelgeuse…

This realm is controlled by thousands of rituals like this, in plain sight and coded 9 levels deep, done every day…..TV, Movies, Music…..

Take this realm and this existence lightly at your soul’s peril…

I am Sirius…

Globe at Night - Canis-major Mythology

Narrow is the Gate…

February 3, 2022
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When was the last time you reached for the stars?
Like literally. When was the last time you stood under a star studded sky and, to paraphrase a famous song:
“Reach for the heavens and hope for the future,
And all that we can be and not what we are”….
Arms raised, head raised, every fibre of your being reaching for the stars?
If you did and did it in earnest, you would feel yourself lifting….of it’s own accord, the body reaches up, till you are dangling from the tips of your toes.
A Starlink.
And then you under stand it all.
But to experience this magic, you literally have to reach for the stars.
With every fiber of your BEING!
I do.
Often. And have reaped immense gains.
Downloads. Clarity. Weightlessness. Magick.
That last is nothing complex, no incantations, no formulae.
Just you, all of you….present, alive, convex, full of your self, sensitive…..
And when you really get it
You will close your eyes.
And reach for the stars within.
The “Milky Way” is the Sagittal Suture…
Narrow is the gate.


May be an image of sky, nature and text

May be an image of text that says "Gate gate para gate para sam gate bodhi swaha गते गते पार गते पार संगते बोधि स्वाहा OGAPEDIA"

Poor custodians…Us!

February 3, 2022

If what we are currently undergoing as a collective does not make us rise as a collective and:
1) Shut down the zoos2) Shut down the slaughterhouses3) Shut down ALL animal testing of drugs and “beauty” products
NOTHING will change on the other side of this phase.
It will only get worse because as you can tell, with all “Me-Eat” shortages and other crises being brought to the table (hah!), it’s going to be gone like the dodo.
And WE are the new meat. C? Why is that so hard to see.
We are being herded into smaller and smaller confines, PENned up, so to speak.
Our food supply is going from organic to lab-grown.
Our medical cyst-m is no better than a Vets. Same cruel, thoughtless poking, jabbing, cutting, branding, stamping,,,,,oh and mercy killing of course.
Notice how often we have herd “CULL THE HERD” when it comes to animals?
Well, we always were the other herd and the culling has begun.
Why all this hand wringing?
Soylent green, beyond meat…haaaaaaahaaaaaa
By our collective sins of omission and commission, we have let down the natural world.
We have quietly taken what’s given to us, mountains of often useless things, bribed into silence.
Heck, we have even allowed our fell-low humans to suffer in extreme conditions of poverty while across the pond, people have lived the high life, knowing full well that their temporary wealth was the result of mind-bending level of exploitation of the have-nots.
Sex is going going gone (like it has for all those beautiful animals) to be replaced by artificial in-semen-ation and incubator babies.

Gynecology has got human women used to metal and plastic being shoved into their vaginas by some unknown male while being strung up on STIRrups…poked, prodded, scanned…
Face it muh frandz, we’ve been very very very poor custodians.
Let the music begin, let da fat lady begin her song.
There was really ever only ONE Golden Rule.
And we forgot it….

I’ve seen it time and again. Babies ALL reject meat when it is first fed to them. Spitting, howling, face making. Indoctrinated pair-rents liquidize meat and shove it down their children’s throats. Keep trying trying….till the child finally get’s addicted.
Like Alcohol. Tastes like faaaargh the first time, but then it gets you in it’s addictive grip.
The “Fork”, literal and figurative, on the road is well upon us…

14 heart-warming photos of our love for animals / Bright Side

Un Stabili T!

February 2, 2022

How was the old “Stability” that is so obvious in the old ways ripped out in a mere 100 years or less?
Why did life go from feeling like a ride down the river from source to sea, which OF COURSE was not all smooth sailing, but it sure as heck was NOT the roller coaster it is today.
How were people, humans, who are all natural creatures of habit, let go the old ways so easily?
Well, here is one of the things they did.
Till 1900ish, the world ran on DIRECT CURRENT.
There is a positive pole and a negative pole. Clear and distinct.
C where I am going with this?
Along came the fraud character known as Tesla.
Just like now with Felon Husk and the new (MEGA FRAUD) TESLA.
Anyways, the character known as Tesla was used to introduce ALTERNATING CURRENT. AC.
Gone was the fixity and simplicity of Direct Current systems.
Now, there was no defined positive pole or negative pole.
One sixtieth of a second you are positive, next sixtieth negative.

Then they made sure that all homes and all buildings/dwellings are made with steel REBAR rods in all the pILLars.
And then they passed the wiring through the walls.
Et Voila! We were now living in an electronic mesh that was constantly flipping.
We are electrical creatures. Every system in the body is mediated electrically. Pico volt and pico ampere sensitive electrical beings.
Surrounded by 110/220 Volt 60 HURTS grid, ALTERNATING at that.
And THIS is why we feel so at peace as we exit a city.
Like a load has lifted off our shoulders. Because it has.
How devious and how cruel one would have to be to install such a human negative life negative system on the world.
That is why it is always touted as such a development goal.
Get them savages some electricity. It will civilize them lickety-split.
Who can resist the medium one is constantly immersed in?
Things to think about and then to take action on…

We are puppets flip-flopping on an unseen electric puppeteer’s “Wires”…..
How to disconnect? Grounding, Forest Bathing, Incandescent lighting, candle light……

Money’s Dying…

January 25, 2022

So money, aka mooney, as I dis-covered a little late in life, is a force to be reckoned with.
I saw it in very ‘arthashastra” ways, a medium of exchange, a store of value etc.

Eye also saw it as the root of all evil.

I have in my immediate family, the saga of a dying father, a greedy brother who scammed his seven grieving sister’s share of a 500 million dollar business empire.

My father was one of the world’s original scrooges. That attitude too made me abhor this thing that seemed to drive people mad.

I carried that attitude into my time in the Navy, added to the fact that I felt I was not earning ANY of it. The work was no work.

It was too easy. An hour in an eight hour day was too much.

And THEN, I hit corporate America. The home of make work.

I used to laugh inside at how much I was being paid to use 1% of my capacity.

But come my own great awakening, I studied everything I could or had time for. You cannot even imagine.

So money. I began to understand it as a force of nature. Heck, here in India we worship it, Lakshmi. Venus in the west. Venus+Jupiter = Opulence.

I began to under the difference between wealth and money. And what a terrible word CASH is (cRash, cLash)…

And what it takes to be your own Ship’s captain (Claiming OWNER SHIP) while it sails on the Current-Sea (Currency).

Currency, it has only instantaneous value, the current price.

Current also implies CHARGE. You get CHARGED to SPEND.

Then, the dig into the world banking cyst-m, the global central banking scam…..

On and on the rabbit hole goes.

Will share more when called, because this is a VAST, deeply important AND interesting topic.

But here is what I wanted to share today…

Look at the descent of money… major terms:

a) Oxen, Cattle …. the original wealth of THIS go around the weird, wobbly wheel. Living wealth.
b) All manner of stones etc. Locally scarce material, perhaps marked or carved.
c) Precious metals,… In the material world, the very heart of Value, a must have in any PORT-FOLIO. Note the PORT…..
d) Paper currency tied to precious metals (this where wood, trees got swallowed into the currency chain, all that paper, world over)….. still grounded, but with one end free and fluttering and finally in the banksters hands to inflate at will.
5) Paper(wood) to Plastic (Credit Cards) and Computers….. Most of the money now moved in bits and bytes…
6) 15th August 1971 was a black day for us. It was when the final cord to any reality was cut and the US Dolah became a fully FIAT currency.

Somewhere along the way came the school of deficit spending and everyone began to inflate.

And this steadily lightening, further disconnected from nature FORCE began to gyrate.

Floating interest rates, floating currencies, floating all major commodities.

The DENSITY/Force behind what we consider money was steadily sucked away…..

And here are now, in clown-show land.

Buttcoin, Ethereum, NFTs, Block AND Chain, unregulated markets going wild.

Money, in a word, gone mad.

Imagine if you, as an entity had limitless power to grow?

Anyways, I was thinking about this steady decline in the Quality of Money and started paralleling it to everything in our lives.

Us, to begin with….disconnected, weaker, easily swayed, half or more us already subsumed by the world of bots and bytes.
Our relationships…..the same disconnection from dense realities into lightweight dalliances.
Our Learning…tch….the less said the better….I love listening to old interview tapes, especially the really old ones, from the 30’s and 40’s…people spoke with depth and gravitas…
I could go on. All aspects of life.

Something has steadily been sucking the life-force/the essence of our reality.

We need real Money for our realM…once again…

Secret Hidden Symbols in US Dollars - YouTube

Fumk it!

January 4, 2022

So, I say Fumk being the Divine Masculine and Feminine.
For now.
How about first BEING Masculine or Feminine as the case may be?
What does that EVEn mean?
Do we know anymore?
It’s accessible, but is it reachable?
What role models do we have for authentic Masculinity and Femininity anymore?
An exercise I did a LOT, that really gave me deep and trippy insights into myself was this:
Sit in a quiet place with a Mirror and LOOK into your eyes.
Keep looking and looking and looking. Deeply.
Ultimately the entity on the other side speaks to you in your mind. It IS you after all.
And it tells you deep, sometimes uncomfortable but always liberating realities about your “Self”.
Because one of THE most difficult things in this living life is doing an HONEST SELF-ASSESSMENT.
The mirror, as it turns out, IS magickal. But it must be used like a tool.
And so, man or woman, you will real eyes where you need to straighten up, where you need to let go, where you need to sharpen, where you need to nourish.
And as you do those things, you lose personas and become more and more YOUR self.
And if you are a man, then authentic masculinity will flower from with-in…a strengthening, a calming, a focus, an awareness…likewise for a woman.
Look/see…. A Man and a Woman are each other’s Inverts. Poles apart. That is how we were created.
For maximum attraction.
The man all Kinetic, the woman all potential.
You see, they got the feminine on the run these last few hundred years, now going mad along with their male counterparts, rushing.
The feminine is dark, still, fecund, unpredictable.
Now, in the same RUT, rotting away.
Think, how many women put a chlorine bleached, toxic cotton penis up their sacred place, 6 daze a moonth, so they can go to work.
Taking a blade to their entire bodies every morning, to shave.
You C?
Porn and it’s attendant fall in morality worldwide, destroyed the masculine single-handedly.
Boom, the male lost all self control.
Now Hundred of millions take the “Blue Pill” so they can fumk!
And thus we mush around in the middle, in the muddle.
Reclaim who you are fully first, then make it holy…

Mad I Seen…

January 2, 2022

Kay, so we all need talking points when we come across people with beliefs that are diverse from ours.
I used to have TOO MANY some years ago. Greater knowledge, refinement, wisdom with years etc. shrank that to mostly silence and a smile. I feel NO need to explain myself to any one. I’m, as they say, good 🙂
Not to the point of being rude though, plus, there are some people, who with open minds DO engage in healthy debate, for them here are two that I keep in my quiver regarding the modern medical cyst-m.
a) Yes, a).
a) is the point that, we were ALL sold this lie in school that just a little over a hundred years ago, people used to drop like flies at 30-40 years of age. Short little lives.
Ravaged by all manner of disease that had NO CURE, till rucksfucker medicine came by early in the 20th century.
Yes, these short lived people, world over, somehow managed to squeeze 200 years of life into those short, disease ridden 50 years, if lucky. They built buildings and ornaments and everything in between, figured out the secrets to life, were astronomers, astrologers, long cycle things aware…..but lived short, disease ridden lives.
We are given black and white photos of grimy existences in the MUDDLE ages, a misnomer if there ever was one. This was also when, supposedly, all those magnificent castles, forts, cathedrals etc. were being built.
By their own tortured, lie filled Scaligarian timeline.
So I look around.
On my mothers side… Grandma and grandpa lived to 85 and 70, GGrandma lived to 85 and GGrandpa to 99.
Hmmmmmm…… and the photos they had of their ancestors, were all of wizened 80-90 year olds.
On my father’s side, Grandma and Grandpa lived to 70 and 97 and their parents, who I only saw pictures of, were ANCIENT.
I can safely say this is true for 10 of my close friends, all with parents, and grandparents in their late 80’s and early 90’s.
Village people lived EVEN LONGER!
And this takes us back to people born in the 1840’s, 50’s…. living long, healthy, mentally sane lives.
The younger generations have had a MUCH higher level of disease in general.
Such a faaaaghing lie.
Even in emergency medicine, come see a Puttur Bone Setter at work sometime. Puts together a shattered bone with a single, well defined pull, twist and set.
Did you know that all early surgeons were BARBERS? Yes, BARBERS were the earliest SURGEONS.
Proof positive of this is that in the Livery company system in the city of Londonium, The Honorable Company of Barbers is OLDER than the Honorable Company of Surgeons which was in fact a subordinate part of the Company of Barbers. It’s good to stay humble and know your roots, eh?
Barbers were the first Surgeons. Imagine that.
But, to not digress, yea, look at old photos and see ALL THE OLD, WIZNED, WISE and usually HAPPY looking old people.
Go to the small villages in the hills of Nepal, Oldies EVERY WHERE.
The big lie of life extension…ugh. The bigger lie of quality of life extension.
Painkillers made us afraid of pain, as a collective.
Pain is a teacher, booted OUT by quick fix toxins.
You see?
One other tidbit, the Haaaaavuhd journal of Mad Icine, has an authoritative article on it which says that there are NO EXPIRY DATES FOR MODERN PILL MEDICINES. Being entirely inorganic and vacuum or nitrogen sealed, they should last forever.
How many hundreds of billions worth of MAD icines get tossed away every year due to having expired.
The whole thing is a giant faaaaghing money making scam of epic, long lasting proportions and is now the sword of Damocles falling on the collective neck.
Add the shameless faaaaaaghing In sure ance business, another scam of epic proportions, dancing with the epic scam of modern allopat hic hic mad icine….
Damn Paw litical korrektness, but I think the fat lady is about to sing…this year…

Bad boy, bad boy, what y’gonna do?

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2022, SIX, SEX, HEX…

January 1, 2022

Sow, my friends.
What do we have in store this new gregorian clock big hand shift to 2022?
The thing, I think, is that it’s the year of the REAPER.
Not the grim reaper mind you. That is just fear based religio-cult programming bullshit.
No no no.
It will be the year of the REAPER as in, we will reap what we have SOWed.
This year a SIX(2022), so SEXy, the Tantric Mahayantra, the iShTAR of David, Fire and Ice, upward and down word, all balancing OUT.
Ye shall reap what ye shall SOW.
But if only that was all there is to it right?
Brahma (sow), Vishnu (Caretake, Till, Clean, Nurture), Shiva (Reap).
No great crop grows in a day either. So this is all about long cycles closing. We have been prepared, each in our own unique ways, to learn to release. Wars and rumors of wars, dis eases and DEFINITE rumors of dis eases.

Famines and Daaaak Wintuhs.

If you flow with the script, I’d say this is the time to prepare to shed.
Weight, attachments of the heavy sort, toxic anything (things, substance, people, situations, places), misconceptions, ignorance….
All of it.
Only the leanest will get through the i off the Need El!
So you don’t reap what you sow. You reap what you sow and tend.
Look back, with a clear eye… the places where balance was lost leap out, clear as night. If not resolved, expect resolution.
Has to be. Now that we are all clearly in lock-step with the higher storyline, it behoves us to at last be honest with ourselves first.
C’mon, you know I’m saying TOTAL honesty.
A Karmic year for sure.
We shall reap what we sowed and tended all our adult lives.
I say BRING IT! Such a relief…

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December 24, 2021

Lucifer is the SUN.

The LIGHT BRINGER for feck’s sake.

How much more obvious could it be?

O, how have you fallen from HEAVE-N, SON/SUN of the MOURNING!


Every DAY, DEI, the SON/SUN of the MOURNING R-ISIS in the East (F-EAST).

It claims the HOURS/HORUS of the Dei….

Over-Whelmed as we are by it’s raZZle daZZle, we are BLIND to what IS.

In DUNE, the FREMEN, the freemen, knew the sun was the any-me.

It gave us the Duality of Dei and night, It SPLIT the HEAVENs.


Heck, the sun even eats colour.



For Ashes…

I have stared boldly into the sun, the mid dei sun…..sometimes for 20-30 minutes. For many years now.

Once you can gaze into it boldly, you are never again blinded by the light of any one or anything.

Brings SO much balance into life…I have stared into an eclipse as well.

The Vedas are ALL about Solar Cultism (Tat Savitur Varayneeum), the CHURCH is a solar cult.

Judaism and Islam are Lunar cults.

But, do you C?

It’s so counter intuitive.

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A Tangential Tan Gent…

December 13, 2021
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This is the famous palindrome about the i’s land the Nap-o-Lean was banished to.
Able was I, NOT CAIN.
The bloodlines are STILL at war.
STILL (unmoving) at war! Language, I tell ya, traps everywhere.
Anyways, I’m sure the Act-whore that played Nap-o-Lean served no banishment, but as he himself reportedly (or was it prrrrrportedly) said that his-story is a set of lies agreed upon. A-greed upon, obviously.
So ABLE went to ELBA.
The Body of EL.
And UN-ABLE, it’s obvious OPPOsite?
Is LUNE-BA, the body of the MOON.
Yes, this is how whacky cyphers are.
Nap-o-Lean went to Elbahhhahaaaahaaa…
All wars are called “Theaters” for a reason.
But dis-tractions aside, WHO IS EL?
Definitely humankind’s any-me because L, the (R)ight angle is impossible for us.
And the L is the escape from the circle of LIE-fe.

he IRON(Fe) clad LIE.
How so Vivek? I’m sure you’re asking your good selves that Q this very instant….see? I’m a mind -reader.
So we live trapped in the Circ-EL (The Church of El) of life. Hmmmmmm…see? There he is again.
Our lives have a Circular pattern. Just like our C-Locks.
Trapping a supposedly linear unfoldment in a CIRC-el…A pantomime of Hands and Faces. See? Hmmmmm…..

Our PI-neal and PI-tutiary G-LANDS run our chemically dependent lives.
Pi-Pi. 2 Pi and R make the CIRCumference of our CIRC-EL of LIE-Fe.
So life is running in a CIRC-EL, clearly a TRAP.
Every Trap has a Re-Lease. (Yes, Re-Lease, I know, left?).
The Re-lease from a Circ-El is a TAN-GENT.
If you can bend 90 Degrees at your CIRCumference, you can Fly Free.
Oh hoh hoh!
L is the LOCK.
L is the KEY
Oh can’t you C?
Live Tangentially.
Or, if you’re lucky like me, you’re a born TAN GENT 😂
At the very edge of the circle of life is a gate. Every ANGLE has an ANGEL.
The Pa-Sword is 90 Degrees.
The I’m-Possible Angle/Angel.
And that, my frandz, is

Time IS Breath!

December 4, 2021

Time IS breath.
At the cost of being repetitive, Time IS breath.
Thank you Gurdjieff.
Time begins for us the moment we are born and ends the moment we die.
T I M E – E M I T
The rush begins from child-birth.
Chop off the umbilical cord (sell the Placenta, but that’s a while other story), hang you upside down and slap your ass to make you cry.
What a start. So you begin life with a sob. Instead of a giggle.
But right there, you were forced to breathe (out at that) before your “Time”…
From there on out and now more than ever, everything is about the making of adrenalin junkies.
I did one major amusement park, saw what it was all about and warned anyone who would listen not to send their children on those harrowing rides.
So much sped up breath, time/emit/time/emit…..screaming, hearts racing…..
It would for the rest of your life, take at least that much adrenalin in the system for you to feel excited.
And then the music, faster and faster and the movies and plays, more and more dramatic, TV the full on adrenalin rusher…..pawrn, gonzo pawn, r@ pe pawrn…. more and more desensitization, rushing your system to hormonal extremes at a younger and younger age…..hunger games, nihilism…… on and on ….. base jumping, wing suiting, red bulling, faster and faster.
What are you DOING Friday night? What are you DOING right now.
Even relaxing (vacationing) has become a doing of packing, travelling, snorting, return to the quotidian, the daily….
Do be do be dooooo is the real game.
Breathe in, hold, breathe outttttttttt…….
We cannot keep breathing in forever, now can we?
Exhale…Quality over quantity.
Time IS Breath…

It's All About the Exhale - Mindful Minutes
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