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India’s Timeless Charm…

November 21, 2015


When I reached the US of A in 1995, I truly thought I had reached the promised land.

And in many ways I had. Whatever other forces are/were at play, there is no doubt that the USA is and has been the pivot of the visible, material world for the last 102 years.

I had one driving desire, ambition, wish….to study in a good US university. I hated the stultifying atmosphere in all things academic in India and had essentially “understood” nothing, though I had two degrees in engineering to my name.

And like things fated, and that story is too long to tell today, everything welcomed me, open-armed. Against all odds and evens, in a winter semester, I got a scholarship admission to Rensselear  Polytech, an excellent private school tucked away in Upstate New York.

Finished my degree in record time, near the top of my class, landed the best job, met the only true male role model in my life….was drawn to the west coast by the ir-resistable call of a siren and the dot com boom…..

Fast forward to 2006, with many an adventure in between, with a long streak as a jobless illegal, skating the lower band of society, meeting magical people….one morning I woke up and everything told me … Vivek, go back to India…Suddenly it felt like I was dying on the vine there….literally….I had never been ill…all those years there, not once, suddenly I felt like I was dying. This land and it’s people, who had given me so much strength, freedom, love, 2 wives (yes, that is a whole other story)… much learning and nurturing, suddenly felt like it was strangling me….

I am speaking literally.

I said that to my then wife one morning, that afternoon, out of the blue, unasked or solicited, I had an offer to come back to India as the CEO of a software company.

Just like that.

The magic of a guided life has continued….many stories of magical synchronicities…hard times too, but always full of learning, teaching, richness….

I understand now why I returned…..and why I still love the USA I knew, the people, northern California, the redwoods, the sweetness and innate naivete of my american friends….

But I needed to be home to find myself…

There is a monumental journey up-coming for me in 2016…..monumental and of course I’ll keep anyone reading/interested posted….

But this is what called me to write this wistfull memory piece today…

My dear friends, Maji and Harsh of Paperweight entertainment, who have made my trailers and recent music videos made this beautiful, short documentary of one of India’s timeless cities, Banaras. The oldest continuously in-habited city in the world some say.

India, it seems, if the joy captured here is any indication, will endure…


This is the ras (juice, essence, the ras of Bana-ras) that brought me back…there is a certain authenticity, a wild blend of old and new, a lasting rootedness….and If my guided life continues as it does, perhaps I have a role to play in keeping it thus :-)

Do share and like and comment on the video, the film-makers are of this fascinating new generation in India, straddling what has probably been the biggest change in all aspects of life and society, in the shortest time, that India has ever witnessed…

It’s definitely not all roses, but it IS magnificent…


In joy…

No sledgehammers…only flow…

November 19, 2015


IF one is to take on a system, any system…especially a system that is as old as “thinking” and “being”man itself, then one does not use sledgehammers.

This is a very difficult perspective for the masculine view-point. Especially the masculine view-point as we have taught to understand it. Wars, those most useless and self-defeating of human end-evers are an extreme example of that view.

So the soft feminine approach then? Well, the MIGHTY Colorado river did carve the grand canyon.

And the wind, the wind…the softest before ether….look at what it has wrought….


Funny, all my sledge-hammering instincts are wanting to fly through my fingers as I am typing this….tear it down, tear it down…all this wind and water stuff, too slow, too slow…

But that is how it is. :-)

All great things, good or bad, take time and softness to build and to tear down.

And we, so deluded have we been of our own greatness, cannot even imagine that far greater things, of immensely greater grandeur and power and force are with-in us.

And those are what we have to shape, with our own wind and water. Which flow and flow, incessantly…

Lub-dub, lub-dub….change…

Breathe in…breathe out…breathe in….breathe out…change…

Weathering away at our own, inner magnificence.

Where and how then to direct these magnificent Ganges and Colorados’ and Niles’ that flow with-in us?

And the Coriolis winds that spiral through our nostrils and our lungs, mixing with the river of blood to reach every living cell….every micro-second…change change….

This is not the playground of sledgehammers ….

This is the playground of subtlety…

Ponder that…..

The good thing is, like a Zen monk’s moment of Satori, first it happens slowly and then it happens all at once…




Are your Knees Jerking…yet? Let a Dose of TRUTH set you free…

November 16, 2015

Greetings my fellow worlders….

What a time eh? I mean really, what a time.

The mess that is the middle east finally festers into the “situation” in Paris, and I use those inverted commas with due fore-thought.

To beLIEve the script is to buy the story-line and this is an old, old story line. So old in fact, that if you really dared to catch the visible string and started pulling, your MIND would unravel. The depth of deceit, the time-line, the events that you THOUGHT or rather were made to beLIEve shaped your history and therefore your present and thus your and mine, OUR collective future, more so in the last 4-500 years are ALL a fabric of lies.


While I’ve touched on the esoteric aspects of our hugely mis-directed lives in this blog so far, my own re-search and reading and watching has taken me into rabbit holes and warrens out of which I have come out clean, much cleaner than when I went in.

To acknowledge I DON”T KNOW JACK-SHITE as step 1.

Trust me, or don’t ….. but YOU DON”T KNOW JACK-SHITE either….


It’s a tangled web and we’ll dive into it more as I feel called to share, but for now, to get a harshly TRUTH-filled take on the why of Paris, take a listen to this man….courage….

At some point, we will have to name names, yes?

That time too will come….

I hope you are not out-raged, but IN_raged. In-raged that you have been lied to, ALL YOUR LIFE…

Burn up your beLIEf system first, to make place for something fresh…

The inner battle needs to be fought first….

Shhhhhhhhhhh……hush……listen UP….

November 13, 2015
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What are you listening to today? Yesterday? Tomorrow?

In a vibratory world, I imagine vibration matters…vibration matters, matter vibrates, you are matter, you matter….

So, imagine then how important what enters your ears, surrounds you, vibrationally…

And so, from long ago and a man I do not particularly like ( I prefer that gay old bastard, Socrates, this man’s master/teacher)…

But even back then, or perhaps obviously back then, they knew….

Sounds, words, language and music mattered…and how…

“When modes of music change, the fundamental laws of the state always change with them (for) this spiritual license, finding a home, imperceptibly penetrates into manners and customs; whence, issuing with greater force, it invades contracts between man and man, and from contracts goes on to laws and constitutions, in utter recklessness, ending at last, by an overthrow of all rights, private as well as public.”

So, should we, then, Rock On?


In case you missed it the first time…

It’s the NEW DRUG…It’s the OLD Drug…. It feel So Good……

November 11, 2015


Normally, I’m against prescribing or proscribing a drug, but given the teddible state of mind body and spirit all awound, I re commend this one highly….

Be warned, there are side-effects….but then, when are there naught? Eh?

As always, I remain….

In IS-ness


Today’s world….the externalization of faith and the trouble thereof…

November 6, 2015


Hope you are all living in the bliss of ever heightened awareness.

I have, as always been pondering. This, that and the third thing, as is my wont and I had a real-eye-zation.

A lot of the troubles we see around us began when faith (religion, spirituality, I’m using faith as a catch-all word here) was externalized.

You see, faith was and still should be a deeply internal matter. As we grow into being aware, thinking grown-ups, we build our life on the bed-rock of our faith/s.

Now this faith can be agnostic, atheistic, deist, religious, scientific….matters not.

Even faith in institutions (family, education etc.)…all of it.

Our bed-rocks are bundles of faiths.

And faith, as it is, is always dualistic, never singular. In fact, if irreverence to a degree does not play a part, it is not faith, it is beLIEf, which we all know is the rock on which most lives founder.

Belief systems are cast in stone.

Faith is malleable. It can have qualities of rich-ness or poverty (of faith that is), it changes and we hopefully and often, challenge our faith, to make it stronger or, so to speak, move on.

Now this eternal dance in and around the concept and objects of our various faiths is an internal thing. It is the subject and object of our internal strife.

Strife being the KEY. Except for the few calm masters who may or may not exist, the rest of us HU-mans are strife-torn (well torn might be a strong word, but you get my drift)…as we should be.

It is the constant state of refining and re-balancing, which usually happens in the firey crucible of true doubt and with sojourns to the edges of total, often maddening  imbalance that finally and hopefully help us arrive at a state of Isness, being in the eye of our own inner hurricane.

All well and good.

And then someone somewhere OR the spiral of devolution currently extant and the people who look to benefit from it, realized that the externalization of faith was a way to externalize the strife.

So was introduced the mirroring of our lives. All faith was wrested out onto the surface. It has, for the last 2,000 years especially, been an object of the social debate.

Do you have faith is X or or do you not.

It was fine when done is small ways.

But when the externalization of faith was institutionalized, we have had the dark ages, the inquisitions, the witch-burnings, the crusades, radical Christianity, the splitting of every system of faith into vertical stove-pipes of mutual hate…all the way to today’s madness.

What to speak of the middle east, whose dominant religion, Islam has had to face this Jihadi externalization by what I consider totally un-natural drives and drivers…

In India, the faiths are at war….and being stoked more every day, because it is so easy. Once we got used to wearing our faiths on our sleeves or hearts, but out in the open, we became easily manipulated, because faith/s, those existential bedrocks are powerful triggers.

So perhaps, time to draw them back in, the devil and the angel, the yes and the no, the questioning quest for balance and the search for that inner place where we know….

Otherwise we are puppets on strings, always ready to be swayed by the vitriolic rhetoric of today’s faith-keepers.

When I feel shaken, which I do….I go hug/kiss a horse :-)




Are you feeling THE smug?

October 10, 2015


Not being a big South Park fan has MANY advantages,

I’ll leave it to your fervent imaginations as to what those might be.

Every so often though, sheer, sarcastic brilliance should be broad-cast for all to enjoy….

I AM feeling THE smug ;-)

+, it is about cars….


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