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September 2, 2015


Aadivaahan Launches….

August 22, 2015


Let the world know….

It’s coming….

Pitchers… etc. soon…. :-)

August 16, 2015


What en evening I had. And so did 50 or so people who joined me fro Ann Gaan… the images…music and recordings to come soon…

We had an opening song from two blind children that just blew us all away….

And when the show was over, a little boy pestered his mother to take him to me so he could give me a hug….

That was the kind of evening it was….

Many energies came together to make it happen…. Riya, the young lady in Yellow won stage with me, Ekta ji, Abhishek Maji, Santu, Shiva, the boys at Yogisthaan (the Venue, a beautiful Yoga Cafe in Bangalore)……

:-) :-) :-) like that….



Ann Gaan (Grain Song)…

August 9, 2015


In today’s paper…

Coming? ;-)

All you need is 3 kilos of rice, organic….


August 5, 2015


Poster design By the amazing Ekta….



FreeDUMB’s just another word…

July 31, 2015


Having often asked this question of myself today, I thought I’ll ask it of you….

What is Free? What does it mean to be free?

I am FREE TO….


I am FREE OF….

Now this here word, FREE is, would you believe it, a LOCK?

The more we say, Free, the more we are locked in!

Because of two tells if you will and none of them named Will.I.Am ;-)

Tell a) The letters, The Let Herssssss….. some of you who know the back-story to my work will get this like greased lightening….English, my friends, is a CONSTRUCT. We do not speak ANY NATURAL LANGUAGES anymore, those are all with the AB-oroginals, who have had their tongues cut-off among other such horrors, so that all natural tongues might be wiped out.

F: F-inish. Three layered life, three layered Alpha-Beta….F has the High and mid line blocked….only way open is down. Yes, that is how letters are constructed. Fin, Finish, Fail, Frail, Flail…..

R: The BIGGEST LETTER TRAP. The R-ight angle. Notice though, that the letter R lacks any right angles what-so-ever. Hmmmmmmm…curious….The RIGHT angle is 90 Degrees.

And yet, it is clear that 90 degrees is the WRONG angle for humans. Most un-natural….ever sat in a 90 degree backed chair for a bit? Ever find the RIGHT angle in nature? Hmmmmmmm?

Right is actually RONG!

At best, this a good human “Right” angle and look at all the flaws….

Image result for Right angle

E: THE END…. E….. All levels SHUT OFF….trapped. THE END.


So now, how free is free?

If you think the above is a stretch ( no, not the yoga lady, the premise) then I’m afraid you have a mind-set. you need a mind-flex ;-)

Tell b) FREE-DOM…. As the dictionary of etymology informs us, the source of all DOMs (DOMINION ANYONE?) is actually DOOM.

doom (n.) Look up doom at Dictionary.comOld English dom “law, judgment, condemnation,” from Proto-Germanic *domaz (cognates: Old Saxon and Old Frisian dom, Old Norse domr, Old High German tuom, Gothic doms“judgment, decree”), from PIE root *dhe- “to set, place, put, do” (cognates: Sanskrit dhaman- “law,” Greek themis “law,” Lithuanian dome “attention;” see factitious). A book of laws in Old English was a dombec. Modern sense of “fate, ruin, destruction” is c. 1600, from the finality of the Christian Judgment Day.

Howzzzat? Hmmmmm?

Here are your pre-conceived notions….

Image result for Glass shattering

C-Rumbling, eh? Mine have.

So, still want your FREEDOOM?

The states that these “trap” words as I call them try and describe (de-scribe? hmmmmm….) are actually Un-wordable.

What an opportunity for the one’s who write our language to step right in….


More on this another time, looking over it, seems faaaar out….but such is how IT IS! :-)

But there is no blame to be cast. No indignant screeches that I have been lied to.

Just a simple change of perception.

Don’t say these two words, as an exercise and just BE THEM….



oh, and while you are at it, love freely ;-)

Big hugs all around…..

and since a picture is worth a thousand words and a movie worth a billion, here is a short clip about the story of our enslavement.

Not a Stefan M. follower, do not agree with a lot of what he preaches, but this… brilliant and dis-turbing as all heck….

Watch it, pass it around…

And be good…


and sometimes just downright ugly ;-)


July 26, 2015


All my early life, I argued for my limitations. If not my own, then those of my circumstance.

If not circumstance then timing.

But there was this constant theme of “if only”…

Nothing really new here for any/many of us I am sure. By the time we are adults, the corrosive system that en-folds our “UP” bringing ensures that we feel less than we are and imagine ourselves to be far less capable than ANY GRAND DREAM that we can dream for ourselves.

This same core, downward thrust on the things we deeply are and an upward thrust on everything we are not, is the basis of this cognitively dissonate existence that most civilized and educated and mannered folks live.

This same “lack” had Jesus continuously tell his flock that they WERE JUST AS HE WAS and that he came with no special dispensation what so ever.

So many questions swirl around this festering issue.

The one that finally sinks most people is “Am I good enough” and the resultant, resounding NO that our training whispers (LOUDLY) in our inner ear.

Well, I’ll tell you what, THERE ARE NO LIMITS….

There are no natural limits on the human being. We are, for a reason or reasons that books and tomes have been written about, infinitely capable.


Didja get that?


And examples abound, in history and the present.

NO LIMITS, as proven by this man, Jeff Healy (what a fitting last name). Most of my metaphors are musical now-a-days as I am immersed in dis-covering my own limit-less-ness…

Let this late, great AND BLIND transcender of limitation be your hero for today….as a Guitar player myself, I can tell you that what he has done and how he plays is…..*no words*


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