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Man Machine Madness Bread Circuses

September 30, 2015


Please peruse if all but two to three minutes of the video below to understand our broken relationship with machines.

And how little we care if another breaks a skull, a bone or lose a life…

for this. This is but one part of my battle with our current design dystopia…

Listen for what brings the loudest cheers too by the way…

Aadivaahan …Thousand Miles…First Step….

September 21, 2015


IT rolls on….you?

Truth … Syria… Refugees.. Refusees….

September 18, 2015


If you are following the mad mess that is alight in Syria, this is really worth watching.

In fact, politicos (look at the clown show in the United States, or right, that’s right, RIGHT, extreme RIGHT, right here in India).around the world need to watch this.

Men like Bashar Assad are hated precisely because they care for their people.

They are hated by career criminal politcos because they are sane, erudite, heck even well educated….they put the governments of the US, Canada, Oz, all Euro countries, Japan, dysfunctional China, India….to shame.

The Indian political circus is a painful joke…

The current government in India, of Narendra Modi, brought to power with such a mandate, is proving to be, just as I predicted, a sham a scam and burying India, readying it’s death for the western powers, particularly Britain and Israel/USSA to come and practically take over the carcass, have a large white worshipping majority ruled by a tiny, sell-out minority.

These are not good times.

The next few years….tch…


September 2, 2015


Aadivaahan Launches….

August 22, 2015


Let the world know….

It’s coming….

Pitchers… etc. soon…. :-)

August 16, 2015


What en evening I had. And so did 50 or so people who joined me fro Ann Gaan… the images…music and recordings to come soon…

We had an opening song from two blind children that just blew us all away….

And when the show was over, a little boy pestered his mother to take him to me so he could give me a hug….

That was the kind of evening it was….

Many energies came together to make it happen…. Riya, the young lady in Yellow won stage with me, Ekta ji, Abhishek Maji, Santu, Shiva, the boys at Yogisthaan (the Venue, a beautiful Yoga Cafe in Bangalore)……

:-) :-) :-) like that….



Ann Gaan (Grain Song)…

August 9, 2015


In today’s paper…

Coming? ;-)

All you need is 3 kilos of rice, organic….


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