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Sequence 22

May 23, 2015


This is a tricky one.

Cajon, a box basically and a deeply resonant space. I was not playing the cajon but it’s 2nd or 3rd reflected derivative…

makes sense?

Listen ;-) lowly and deeply…

Are you ready?

May 21, 2015

Click image above for IMPACT ;-)

Poster Credit: Thanks Ekta ji

Sequence 21R

May 19, 2015


Hope you are all doing well. This has been a very magical time. If you are resonating truly, all sorts of energies are waiting to tune in.

So much happening in my sphere of influence, I’ll share with you all gently, over the next two months. Was going over comments of yore, this has been 6 years for me this June….what a journey.

Well, before I get all teary, here is raw essence for you.

Where I take my trusty, 35 year old world battered (since refurbished) Cort and try to make it sound like a sitar/sarod for Mr. Chatterjee, after my mother, my first real music teacher (1977-1984). But in a way you cannot even imagine :-)

Raw, in my stairwell, please be prepared to juggle that volume button a bit and feed me back.

Stairwell Sigtar…hit the orange play button on the top left corner below…


Vivek aka The Sigtarist

Sequence 19

May 9, 2015


Here, I was just a medium. I was moved and listening, perhaps you can tell.

Baansuri….as we approach the end of this sequence set ;-)

Sequence 17

May 8, 2015


This one is a Sonic Cleanse. Didgeridoo and voice…deep and sonorous and WILL SHAKE UP YOUR MIND in a good way.

I suggest a good set of headphones and deep bass.

In-joy ;-)

Sequence 16

May 7, 2015


Now this one is a trip :-) It’s a flute part where the tabla was in the background. But the Flute Film Failed…so here we are….
To all Tabla purists, my apologies, but on the way off the beaten rutty tracks, this is how it starts!

Flute + Tabla + Twist…


Sequence 15

May 7, 2015


Today’s sequence has the Tabla. I was very experimental at that point. Just beginning to get a feel for the skins.

Voice to drive deep…..
The Flute was recorded with huge reverb, not reverb as a post process. Playing to long reverbs is a TRIP.

Musical journey….skin and wind…



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