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An older piece, pertinent!

June 9, 2010

Dear S,

Good to hear from you. I am currently a resident of Nava Karnataka, your home state, epi-center of what, at least in the Indian Context, is most exemplary of our wedded-ness to, as Niranjan aptly put it… “the Diocese of Technology, and indirectly, to its Major Sponsor, the Church of Globalization”.

While individually we may look at the mirror and see a bright, intelligent face staring us back , in actual fact, collectively, which is where we put most of our energies, we are dumb.

Thick as bricks, lost to reality, creatures who are mostly at effect, rarely if ever at the helm of anything, including and especially ourselves.

We have given up the rudder of our lives, our bodies, our children, our hopes, pretty much anything makes us…well us…into the hands of “experts”. And most of those experts have been telling us that technology is the answer.

To quote the article… “The few with smiles are those who have known all along that marrying fear to technology is the philosopher’ s stone of our times. They are the proverbial ones laughing all the way to the bank.”  Too true. Yoicks!!!

And difficult as it may be to swallow, we are brain-washed, completely and thoroughly.

In successive generations, vested interests have moved us farther and farther away from ourselves and anything that really matters, towards things peripheral, external and in the greater context, totally and completely without meaning.

A quick detour…meaning. What a word. The root is obviously “mean”. Hmmmmmm…. how mean! Dig one level deep and English’s meaninglessness leaps out and bites you on the nose.

Mean=average. Meaning is nothing but the average, generally accepted usage of a word whose origin might have been far removed from it’s “mean”ing. And since the world is fractal and at least visibly de-volving, words, especially as to what they mean, are devloving too. And we are devolving with them. But, digressions aside…

We are lazier as a people, far lazier than yesterday, last year and in decades not so recently past. And we are fearful too. And lazy and fearful people are also usually unreasonable, reactive and unfortunately violent. And usually violent far in excess of what is required of a situation.

Again, this is the collective, hive-mind I am speaking of. So, in our collective, fearful, lazy sins of omission mind-set, we allow all manner of horrors in our name, so we may be safe.

War being the classic example.

Our world is rife with strife at every level. Made for TV wars, death and destruction, both simulated (hollywood, bollywood, TV, newspapers) and real (the US has particularly good TV ratings for grainy shots of bombs exploding in some faraway place)… Some beer and pop-corn with your Shock and Awe anyone?

And it’s only going to get worse, a whole lot worse before it gets any better. We’ve been weakened, eviscerated, hollowed out by our increasingly toxic environments, barely able to protest, unless our direct safety is threatened. Internet petitions are so easy to forward, ne?

Such powerful signs that all things vital (including vitality, individually and collectively) are ebbing, going back to the mix. Species, ideas, peoples…washing ashore, dead, in droves, schools and all manner of other collectives.

We have to ask of ourselves, really deeply and with all the attendant difficulties our lazy/fearful selves will throw against us… what can I do? Too many holes to plug in the collective Dyke, can I even see mine? Am I leaking like a sieve myself? Can I even tell that I’m leaking or do I need a doctor to examine me and tell me the same? Am I in touch? Can I even really touch anymore?

Am I an engine of cause or an instrument of effect?

And don’t fear any answer that comes out of self-reflection. As Horace said and it is really one of the most difficult questions to face…

“What forbids us from telling the truth laughingly?”

What in-deed or word?



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  1. wandering-sadhu permalink
    December 5, 2010 12:55 am

    Interesting read regarding your concepts of divisions going back again to the oversimplified concept of race… after reading your piece As The Great Wheel…
    anyway… on to my point that Race is mainly a class issue and NOT one of skin color… you must not forget that…. especially noting that fact that India is One of the places you claim to hail from… can ‘a race’ enslave their own regardless of color… Dalits et al.
    Spare me the talk of melanin with ‘white’ people who are ‘soft’ and ripe for the taking..
    POOR people –come in all varying shades of melanin… determined by genes or anomalies of genes….
    Way more relevant is the fact that it has Always been a
    Class War…
    and it is only ever acknowledged as Such when we fight back… regardless of th color of our dermis…
    Otherwise life carries on as the backwards reality known as “The Status Quo”
    –Other than that piece i found your other work to by quite interesting
    Wandering Sadhu

    • December 5, 2010 4:00 am

      Wandering Sadhu-ji, Let us agree to disagree on this. I think if someone made an animated globe mapping the spread of “white” people (yes, melamnin defined) over the past 5-7 centuries, the con-cominant destruction of many regional cultures and people and the current situation, I think my thesis would become clear (it already is to me).

      The class issue is a sub-set. Glad you found some things resonant, appreciate your visit and any future die-a-logging! 😉

  2. June 23, 2012 7:19 am

    Aloha Dear Vivek-ji,

    Having lived in India, and several other “third world” countries, I have always been intrigued by the lack of fear in the people of these countries as compared to the people of my country, America. I have observed many, many people who are willing to share their what little food they have, and consider it a great honor, though they know not from where their next meal will come.

    In stark contrast are my countrymen, who have three televisions, and two cars, and are still “too broke” to share.

    I am in awe of those who have so little, but who share so much, while those who have so much, can share so little.



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