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Deepwater Horizon…

June 10, 2010

Why is this event so important?

The spill at BP’s Deepwater Horizon (DH) rig at Macondo in the gulf of Mexico is a seminal event.  Seminal events mark turning points in history. The rise of the Protestant movement was a seminal event in the history of Chritianity, as an example.

DH is a seminal event in the industrial revolution’s long march over the past 4 centuries in a bit. It marks the high-point in our loss of control of machinery, of engineering. Of high Technology.

It marks the low point in our relationship with the Earth. It marks the point where we went too far as it were. It has been happening all over the world, hidden away in Nigeria and other forgotten, under-reported, exploited lands. Our tortured relationship with technology has finally, cruelly made landfall in the Beacon of the self-same technological era, the United States of America.

And Deepwater Horizon will not be denied. It lies in the Macondo prospect in the Gulf Of Mexico.

Macondo, fittingly enough, means Big Noise.

It will keep leaking and hurting and screaming till we all, collectively wake up and take notice. Look around us. Really look. With eyes that see and that kind of thing. Not see, look.

Has it been worth it? Can this ship be turned around? Have we really done it? Gone too far?

Hmmmmmmm……. click on the lion to see a different point of view, or wait a while, read some more and then dive in there.

All it takes is getting a new pair of eyes. A new vision as it were. The world to us is as our eyes perceive it.

We can change our vision. It is a mighty struggle, slaves as we are to the conveniences of the industrial world.

Convenience. Now there is another word worth taking an etymological dive for.

It is a compound of Con (With) and Venue (Coming together to do great harm).

Can you believe that? I didn’t . I thought convenient was…. so easy. Good for me.

Sorry. Quite the other way around.

We don’t have to die at the sword of con-venience.

There is another way and the fork on the road is upon us.

Which will you choose?

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