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On life

June 10, 2010
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All the mystics, forming a common link across all religio-siritual schools… all of them had one central message, the summum bonum of their quest, their seeking and it was this…

There is a singular unity underlying all phenomena in every conceivable and un-conceivable dimension. The only way to sense that unity is being in the moment. This moment.

When every perceptual sense, subtle and gross, is fully awake and your will and knowledge of your center totally clear… then all things from the tiniest to the most immense are one.

And the moment becomes, to you, what it always has been, whole and perfect in time-lesness.

And in linear time, it becomes the perfect balance point of all that was, that potentiated what is currently manifest and perfectly poised to enable all potential future outcomes.

Know Balance, Know life

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