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Motion Picture This

June 11, 2010

All the world’s a stage, some famous personage stated, famously I might add, some or many years ago.

There is a lot of multi-dimensional truth to that.

If memory serves me right, said famous personage lived in the time before Motion Pictures.

Allow me to re-phrase, a more apropos version of that famous quote:

“All the world’s a screen”

Do a little experiment. Take a torch, a flashlight, a match, or as I like to , an incense stick and seclude yourself in a dark or darkish space.

Now flash that light, that match or wave that incense stick before your eyes and then close them.

You will see, in all it’s complexity, the pattern persist in your now closed eyes. Nothing really new or startling, maybe something you’ve done before.

Something like this:

This is called persistence of vision.

Things that create a visual impression on our eyes, linger…

Similarly, sounds that create an auditory impression on our ears, reverberate in our ears, dying out in what in physics is called a damped oscillation. A touch, likewise. It’s never discrete, is it? Life usually strikes us like this:

Big spike of light/sound/touch….slowly dying away…..

What’s this got to do with:

“All the world’s a screen”

A lot. Much like the way a motion picture (movie) is a discreet series of snapshots, played back at a speed that allows us (via the blessing/curse of persistance) to perceive it as on continuous, unbroken stream of visual/auditory/sensory data.

Makes sense, but what’s the bigger picture?

Life is like that too.

Life is a discrete series of events in time/space, moment after moment after moment flashing “through” us. Persistence of our sensory organs makes us think of it as one smooth flow.

Interesting. So, in that sense life IS like a movie.

Now that is a bit of a pandora’s box, let me warn you.

We live in a fractal world. fractal-ness is the essential self-repeating, patterned nature of nature (of which we are an inextricable part). Patterns repeat. At every level. From the tiniest to the greatest imaginable scale, life as we know/see/feel and sense it is one big (or tiny) fractal.

Just feast your eyes on this:

Forget the science, just feast on the pattern. It repeats itself “EXACTLY” regardless of scale. One billion miles or one Angstrom.

So, back to Pandy’s casket.

We live in a fractal Universe and we’ve concluded (I have, you are free to draw your own conclusions) that Life as we sense it is remarkably similar to a movie as we sense it.

Big big implications….

If life (in a fractal world) is like a movie, then what else about life is like a movie? What else about my life is like a movie?

Who’s the director (hint..mirror mirror…)

Who are the stars?

Casting by…. me? I chose all these actors?

Storyline by….me? But…but, if I’m writing my own storyline, why did this hurt and that pain and that fail? I’d written success, love and nothing else into my story….

Fractally speaking, I can go on and on, and on…………. and on…

But I think you get the Picture!


In Truth,




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  1. June 13, 2011 2:56 am

    My goodness….I’ve been seeing these layers of screens for years…in the dark…especially with a sliver of light…against a blue sky, or a white wall. Or, under the right circumstances, pervading everything. Kind of light and neon-ish, like tiny mandelas, but oh so translucent…. I only know two other people who knew what I was talking about when I described it (one being my sister).

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