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June 17, 2010
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Maybe the most discussed, pondered, fought over, depended on, embraced, shunned, loved, hated, pleaded to, thanked entity in human history has been GOD.

I’ll assume that anyone here, reading this right now,  has a very well formed opinion of GOD as to what it/he/she means to them, so I’ll leave out all discussion of the religious, spiritual and social/societal implications of said entity.

I’ll jump straight to my big AHA! moment of what GOD is.

Okay, I’ll take a little detour first.

We are all extremely comfortable with the idea of the past, especially as we know/remember it. We might have been traumatized by it, hurt by it, emotionally or otherwise crippled by it, but by and large, we are all okay with the past. We take it for what it was. It’s already happened.

And you know why? We survived it. We are all okay with the past because we survived it. Nothing in our past killed us.

The future on the other hand is mostly a place of fear. Which is why we are trying, as a people, since time immemorial, to predict it, plan it, control it. If only we know that in the future, at the minimum we are going to be safe, we’re happy.

Everything else, dreams, retirement, journeys, plans etc. are all very well, but the big question is “How long do I have to Live”?

So birth is something we rarely revisit (I have, bugged my mother with endless questions about the circumstances, time, how she was feeling, the hospital etc. etc. and gained fascinating insights), but Death. Hardly ever to never.

That is the great unknown and the root cause of fear in our lives. In fact, the constant urge for sex today is directly related to the constant nearness of death in this industrial world we live in. In the paper, on the news, in every TV program, death is constantly in our face.,

Hard to swallow, but as I said in one of my previous posts, we are only statistically safe in this world. Simple mechanical failure causes deaths all around us, every day.

And that was my big AHA!

GOD is simply

Getting Over Death.

Ponder that.

Be back with more, in a bit.

Don’t just live, be alive.


4 Comments leave one →
  1. timl2k11 permalink
    March 8, 2011 10:12 pm

    You are 38 years late! 🙂 See Denial of Death, Ernest Becker (1972). Though you’ve stated quite nice and simple.

    • March 9, 2011 2:24 am

      Aha tim, thanks for letting me know I’m in good company. Just read the wikipage on Ernest Becker. Thanks for the intro.

  2. Aelfric permalink
    June 29, 2011 9:03 am

    A bit of an ethno-centric reply don’t you think? Getting Over Death (GOD), only works if you speak English, what about those who don’t? Do they have to learn English to get the joke? Or is it just tough luck?

    • June 29, 2011 9:18 am

      Interesting Aelfric. 🙂

      I’m sure the deeper intent behind the post is not lost though!

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