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Snake Eyes

June 30, 2010

When you get snake eyes in the roll of the dice, it’s time to look inwards.

I just had a “whoa” moment an hour or so ago, so am pulling together the threads (whoa moments tend to disrupt the fabric of life). If what I sense is true, we are truly at a seminal, tipping point in our existence as a species.

Apologies for the cryptic-ism. Will write about it later today.


In other thoughts, I wanted to share an experiment I did on myself some years ago. Worth a smile and a tidy little insight to boot.

When I was in college in the US, I met a young guy, Indian, yoga master, long, jet black hair and always surrounded by a bevy of amazing women. It was fascinating to watch. Women seemed to need to be close to him.

Of course I wanted in. So, one day, over dinner at our house, I asked him about life in general and this woman-magnet thing he had going in particular. I was even ready to take notes. What he told me was funny at first hear, awesome to try and the results were amazing.

Anyways, said young man tells me he never uses soap or shampoo, except in “have-to-be-cleaned” places. Not in 15 years. 15 years, this guy had not used soap or shampoo, except in “HTBC” places! And he was shining with life. Smelled great. And women could not get enough of him.

Time tide etc… you know, 4 years later, I’m in the thick of the dot com boom in the silicon valley, fakery, pumped by free money and, bored, one day, I remembered the soapless life. And decided to try it. Only water baths, with soap only in “HTBC” places and no shampoo.

Week one, I felt fine. Not sure about everyone around me, but in those days you did not care. If you were doing well, all eccentricities were forgiven.

Week 2, hmmmmm, feeling a little grimy. Did some sweat inducing things, washed off, felt great.

So, in the soap less life, you have to sweat to stay clean. Excellent.

Week three and four and things start to get interesting. I feel women trying to stand closer to me. Verrrrry interesting.

Month three and the world is going nuts. Everywhere I go, within 10 minutes, a lady would come to speak with me, get a little cross eyed and ask me if I was wearing sandalwood. Or was it Musk? Ha ha! Musk. Or some other fascinating, exotic essential oil. Like clockwork.

Interesting, ne? I stopped using all “products” and within 3 months, my body magnetism changed. My smell changed (naturally).

I’ve been on the soap-less regimen ever since. Very liberating.

It’s like “enriched” flour. First we leach it of it’s goodness, then we pump back chemical “oh my goodness” and call it the richer for our curious intervention.

Same with our-selves. Left to itself, the system is marvelously re-generative.

Another experiment I tried, that ended badly was getting off toothpaste. After 1 year and the painful loss of a molar, I discovered that our sugary lifestyle necessitated the use of a daily chemical clean up.

I’ve since discovered soomethng that does not involve toothpaste and works. For another day.

Do try this at home. Change something. An old habit. Any old habit. The rut of same-ness will produce no new truths for you. Go shave your head, grow a mustache, cover up, be bold, say something truthful, learn to be gently blunt, shake your self, shake the system, a little, take a chance, drop-in, sit, down, be your real self, be boring, be bored, come to an edge of something. Any edge is a good start point for taking something either way or along the blend or any combination there-of. Come to an edge without fear. Don’t be fear-less, be un-fearing.

Try something different. Eat bitter. Be a baby sitter. Walk a critter. Don’t litter. Be twisted. Don’t be listed. Be un-available. Be a toad. Be a node. In the Notwork. Take the other road. Less traveled. Unshackled.

Be light, on your feet.

We are all, all of us.

In for a treat.

Take your bull,

By it’s horns,

And blow,

By blow…

An anniversary is upon us.


Snake Eyes….. not quite 66, hmmmmm?

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  1. June 30, 2010 8:21 am

    Hampi Vivek! So refreshing & inspiring & wise & playful at the same time all this is!

    Funny that we went through so many similar experiences even if with different results…
    I also discontinued using any cosmetic products for almost 2 years and even if I did not become
    a magnet for guys ;), my body felt great and I loved the feeling of having no such chemicals within.
    Same with using a microwave oven – never went back. The toothpaste experiment failed somewhat for the hydrogen peroxide is a great compliment rather than a substitute, but I still go for the ‘most natural toothpaste’ possible. Changing habits, attitudes and beliefs is really an ongoing process that is quite interesting & liberating indeed. TY for reminding me to invigorate that aspect of life amid all other changes.
    U 2 Keep on trying, Experimenting & Sharing as you do!
    Un-fearing Fun-Full-filled In-Joying D 🙂

  2. beeja permalink
    July 5, 2010 9:08 am

    too funny to read this, a great laugh. im very pleased to know you stopped with your toothpaste-less experiment. i dont want to say ‘i told you so…’ because i liked your brave attempt at finding an alternative…but…you figured it out on your own. thank the goddess! 🙂
    i also want an alternative but im not willing to lose a molar over it! however, i must say being the one in closest contact during your experiment… it was a bit repelling rather than magnetic.
    please share the new fix, is it the neem brush? 😉

    • July 5, 2010 9:12 am

      Original Neem stick, fresh off the tree.

      Bitter is better! Sorry about the repellant action!

  3. January 14, 2011 12:32 pm

    Interesting post – I swear I smell better since I ditched roll on deodorants for all but the hottest days. Too bad about the toothpaste experiment though!

    • January 17, 2011 4:02 pm

      🙂 Sweat is natural. Where do you think all those pheromones are hidden?

  4. Judah Ruddy permalink
    July 21, 2012 4:18 pm

    What are those “have-to-be-cleaned” places? I know it might be obvious but I want more details.

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