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16th July, 1945, Trinity….Unleashed

July 2, 2010

Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.


Left this:

If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the Mighty One— I am become Death, the shatterer of Worlds.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the A bomb. The last frontier was shattered.

The true start of the age of terror. Nuclear Terror.

The transition of our mind-space from Fear to Terror.

All war is filled with fear. But survivable, which is critical to our core instincts.

Nuclear war is not.  It has been the threat hanging over us all. Species annihilation.

Nuclear Explosion, #1, at a test site in New Mexico on 16th July, 1945, at 05:29:45 local time (Mountain War Time), (11:29:45 UTC), we officially entered the age of Machine terror.

Sound too far fetched?

Mutually assured destruction? MAD?

This is why this date must be remembered. And this time, approaching the 66th anniversary of a seminal event that changed us forever, which happened to occur right at the 33rd parallel, must be especially remembered.


See how the cycles turn.

16th July 1945, it was detonated as a precursor to 6th August (Hiroshoma) and 9th August (Nagasaki), a mere 3 weeks later. And in the weird double-speak we are now inured to, we were told it brought peace.

But what has followed has been anything but, eh?

The greatest war, to end all wars, brought only more wars. The decades since armistice 1945 has brought us one devastating war after another and the Damocles sword hanging ever over our head… Nuclear War.

So, 65 years on, and here we are. The GOM disaster (Deepwater Horizon) is nuclear too. Read about it. High readings of radiation in the escaping oil. (By the way, all oil, especially in certain regions has low levels of radio-activity, but this is high levels. Toxic levels)

Meme’ sbeing released to the public, all say that the only possible solution to the problem is to seal it shut with a “controlled” nuclear blast.

Strange how these two twin evils, oil and nuclear energy are coming together at this generational tipping point.

And nuclear energy, that which has destroyed and only destroyed (nuclear power is dirty power by the way, they still do not know how to store nuclear waste safely, except dump it on poor countries/peoples), is now going to be mankind’s saviour!

Do you see the delicious irony in this?

And Iran, the target of the latest twisted twist on the Axis of Evil, war on terror is all about Nuclear Power (peaceful/war-like, regardless).

The nuclear genie is everywhere.

And so, I would like to pull as many people’s attention to these two pictures and everything they represent, as we approach 16th July 2010.

And I would like to suggest a ritual that can help us all, collectively put the nuclear genie back in the bottle.

Much more to write on this, but I’ll leave you with the imagery for now.

Do pass it around.

In a bit then.

From Nuclear to New Clear anyone?

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  1. July 2, 2010 1:14 pm

    “war on terror is all about Nuclear Power (peaceful/war-like, regardless).”

    To me the war on terror is all about Power. Israeli/American power, or you could just say American power it is one and the same in this Americans perspective. A war that is in some cases directed on it’s own people. Cameras spying on every action, the company that installs the cameras and monitors the American dream is Israeli and located in Manhattan. Airport security, we will know your every move, engineered by the Israelis of course.

    Wire taps, Patriot Acts, Carnivore and Eschelon sniffing and compiling. Information is the easiest source of revenue a company can have these days. For sale to the highest bidder, Uncle Sam.

    I’m ashamed of my countries proclivity towards destruction but true power is always destructive. The apple pie is starting to rot from within.

    • July 2, 2010 2:39 pm

      1, points well taken and I happen to agree.
      But the point I was trying to make in the post was that there is a nuclear tipped culmination to this so called war, with Iran and it’s supposedly dis-agreeable nuclear program at the center of the cross-hairs.
      Everything has a nuclear ring to it right now.
      Thus the need to return to when the power was unleashed.
      More in my forthcoming post.

  2. Dudelington permalink
    July 13, 2010 7:40 pm

    I doubt Nuclear power will be the end all of humanity. Trinity was unleashed late 40’s early 50’s. The was a ban on Nuclear Testing come early 70’s. It’s 2010 now, almost 70 years since the Atomic Bomb was amassed. Hydrogen Bombs dwarf the output of the Atom Bomb.

    70 Years now and humankind is still here. The scare tactics have been around since then and are seen today with posts such as these.

    Seriously doubt the Nuclear bomb will be humankinds extinction. Leave science to the scientists.

    • July 14, 2010 5:05 pm

      70 years is a lot of time for something to build. A meme, an egregore, a bogeyman, a trump card, a last hurrah.
      I am speaking from an instinctual place and a large context picture.
      And by the way, I agree, it may not be mankind’s extinction method, but it will surely be a bookmark, a critical one at that.

  3. steve permalink
    July 17, 2011 5:56 am

    This is something I just shared with

    The nuclear disaster in Japan has left all of us aghast at the destruction it has caused and is causing. In the past sixty-six years we have befouled our environment with radioactive nuclear waste. As stated by Helena Blavatsky in “The Secret Doctrine” in the new age of the sixth root race porosity is to be the ‘new element’. Below the excerpt on radiation from Alice Bailey’s “Treatise On cosmic Fire” is a point of conjecture by Dane Rudhyar from his book, “Rhythm of Wholeness.” I find Rudhyar’s last two sentences to be thought provoking.

    A Treatise on Cosmic Fire – Section Two – Division E – Motion on the Plane of Mind

    a. The Cause of Radiation
    The student will only be able to get a true view of this matter if he views the subject in a large way. Two aspects of the matter naturally come before his mental vision, both of which must be dealt with if any adequate concept of this subject is to be reached, – a subject which has engrossed philosophers, scientists and alchemists for hundreds of years consciously or unconsciously. We must, therefore, consider:

    That which radiates.
    That which is the subjective cause of radiation.
    It might be very briefly stated that when any form becomes radioactive, certain conditions have been fulfiled and certain results brought about, which conditions and results might be summed up as follows:

    The radioactive form is one which has run through its appointed cycles, through its wheel of life, great or small, which has been turned with adequate frequency, so that the volatile life-essence is ready to escape from that form and merge itself in the greater form of which the lesser is but a part. It must be remembered in this connection that radiation occurs when the etheric or true form becomes responsive to certain types of force. Radiation, as it is occultly understood, does not concern itself with the escape from the physical or dense form, but with that period in the life of any living entity (atomic, human or divine) wherein the etheric or pranic body is in such a state that it can no longer limit or confine the indwelling life.

    Radiation comes about when the internal, self-sufficient life of any atom is offset by a stronger urge, or pull, emanating from the enveloping greater existence of whose body it may form a part. This is nevertheless only true when it is caused by the pull upon the essential [1064] life by the essential life of the greater form; it is not due to the attractive power of the form aspect of that greater life. A very definite distinction must here be made. It is the failure to recognize this that has led so many alchemical students and scientific investigators to lose their way, and thus negate the conclusions of years of study. They confuse the impulse of the atom to respond to the vibratory magnetic pull of the more powerful and comprehensive form with the true esoteric attraction which alone produces “occult radiation,” – that of the central essential life of the form in which the element under consideration may have place. It is very necessary to make this clear from the start. Perhaps the whole subject may be clearer if we consider it in the following way.

    The atom in a form revolves upon its own axis, follows its own revolution, and lives its own internal life. This concerns its primary awareness. As time progresses it becomes magnetically aware of the attractive nature of that which envelops it on all sides, and becomes conscious of the form which surrounds it. This is its secondary awareness but it still concerns what we might, for lack of a better term, call matter. The atom, therefore, has an interplay with other atoms.

    Later, the atom in a form becomes aware that it not only revolves upon its axis, but that it also follows an orbit around a greater center of force within a greater form. This is tertiary awareness, and is caused by the magnetic pull of the greater center being felt, thus causing an urge within the atom which impels it to move within certain specific cycles. This awareness, esoterically understood, concerns itself with substance or with the true form within the objective form.

    Finally, the attractive pull of the greater center becomes so powerful that the positive life within the atom (whatever type of atom it may be and in whatever kingdom) feels the force of the central energy which holds it, [1065] along with other atoms, coherently fulfiling their function. This energy penetrates through the ring-pass-not, evokes no response from what might be called the electronic or negative lives within the atomic periphery, but does evoke a response from the essential, positive nucleus of the atom. This is due to the fact that the essential life of any atom, its highest positive aspect, is ever of the same nature as that of the greater life which is drawing it to itself. When this is felt sufficiently strongly, the atomic cycle is completed, the dense form is dispelled, the true form is dissipated, and the central life escapes to find its greater magnetic focal point.

    Through this process (which is found throughout the solar system in all its departments) every atom in turn becomes an electron. The positive life of any atom in due course of evolution becomes negative to a greater life toward which it is impelled or drawn, and thus the process of evolution carries every life invariably through the four stages enumerated above. Within the three lower kingdoms of nature, the process is undergone unconsciously, according to the human connotation of that term; it is consciously passed through in the human kingdom, and in the higher spheres of existence, with an enveloping consciousness which can only be hinted at in the ambiguous term “self-conscious group realization.”

    The following is a footnote from the 11th chapter ‘The Cyclic Process of Spiritual Embodiment’ of Rudhyar’s book.

    In the great mythos of Christianity this consummation takes place in two scenes: one is the Transfiguration, when the Son of God (the Christos) becomes totally united with the Son of Man (Jesus); the other is the Crucifixion (“Consummatum est” — it is consummated). As the blood (the vital principle) of the Son of Man (the perfected, “christed” person) falls upon and impregnates the soil of the earth, a process of humanization of the planet symbolically begins. Thereafter, matter itself can become more responsive to spirit, to the power of divine Compassion. This occurrence heralds the coming of a future humanity, whose bodies will be finer instrumentalities allowing for a better attunement with spiritual Qualities. The recent process of the “dematerialization” of matter in the development of subatomic physics, Teilhard de Chardin’s spiritualized vision of matter (see his beautiful Hymn to Matter), and the life-work of Sri Aurobindo and Mother Mira in Pondicherry, India, may be precursorial indications of an eventual planetary transformation.

    The negative aspect of the transformation would of course be a cataclysmic nuclear war destroying most of present day mankind.
    Yet if not total, such a destruction might leave a small number of positive human mutants out of whom a new species would grow (perhaps with cells or bodies more translucent to the light of spirit and dynamized by a higher vibration of the life force).


  4. Nadall permalink
    December 24, 2011 1:30 am

    Interesting video on Youtube called Nuclear Lecture Video. mp4 sent to me by Jagbodhi today. I couldn’t really understand the theories … all kinds of onomies/ometry’s (math/engineering stuff.) I think he was making a point about resonances (music of the spheres … musical values 11/7ths 3/2s 8/3s) and nuclear or rather atomic and thermonuclear detonations and Imperial measures being somehow linked. (Not only was it in areas I’m dense about but I was in and out of the room the computer the vid was running on is in). The guy’s name is Keith M Hunter and there’s some truly interesting stuff on his website called

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