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Hampi Revisited

July 9, 2010


Been an intense and interesting few days. The big post keeps bubbling away. I hope it does not evaporate, the rate at which it is bubbling, away!

So, another weekend in Hampi coming up. Another expansion, another upgrade.

Meanwhile, I wanted to leave giving readers a little somethign to think about.

In terms of whether this world we live in is balanced or otherwise, most of us fall into three categories.

Those who see it, those who don’t and those who do not want to. And a few shades of grey in between, of corse. Okay a few billion shades, but still, broadly three categories.

This is for people who think some of the things I write are a little extreme.

Please try this at home. Actually, please try any of these at home. And at school, at work, wherever.

After three days of trying any or all of the steps below, please comment back with your experience.  I’ll post the relevant coments in a combined post by wednesday or thursday. Would be really great if a few people participated.

1. Don’t watch any TV. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada, Nahin! Not allowed. Pul the plug. Three full days. See how you fill your time, note your responses. 72 hours of no TV.

2. Don’t get on the net. 72 hours, no net. No e-mail, no news, nothing. Let it all pile up. Disconnection is surprisingly liberating.

3. Go to a local library and read a few old issues of famous magazines. From the sixties, the seventies, the 80’s. Browse them for an hour or two and see what you experience. Boredem? Fascination? Humor? Slow. Too much to read? Too few pictures? Just note all these. Then pick up a contemporary magazine or three and do the same. Please record your feelings, in a few lines about then and now. Then and Now. Whatever comes up, just write it.

4. Cook every meal, yourself. 72 hours. No scrounging. No eggs and bread, chappati and achar or pasta or or other lay menus. Cook like you like to eat. Use a recepie book, whatever. Self-cooked meals. Note how you feel at the end of 72 hours towards your food.

Would really like to hear feedback from people who have the urge to change something in their lives.

Look forward to hearing back from you and will report back from Hampi as feasible.

Be well.


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