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Mirror Mirror OTW…

July 20, 2010


Just back after a four day sojourn into powerful and wide-open spaces. Sense-refreshing. Mind-expanding.

While there (in Mysore), I kept feeling the word mirror. Clearly I’m meant to share an interesting life I’ve had recently without them.

I moved homes (with-in Bangalore) about 9 months ago (how birthy) and came to a house I’d had…shall we say….redone. I’ll post pictures someday. An awesome artist (named Ram) painted all the walls with the most amazing traditional Indian village art called Madhubani and another called Warli.

Back on topic though, in this house there are no mirrors. Only my scooter has one loose mirror. And there is one 6 inch one in some corner if ever needed.

So, when I’m home, I never see a  mirror. It has been an absolutely, startlingly and refreshingly pleasant change in my life. I always start to forget what I look like. If I go for a meal or a visit to a place with a mirror/mirrors, it is sometimes quite a jolt to see my reflection. Wash hands, raise eyes, see face. Wash, rinse repeat.

In regular life, we have been bombarded by mirrors. Do you see that? Mirrors and mirrorred surfaces everywhere. At every level. See your face, your body, your shoes….. in the train, at the platform, in every bathroom, in cars, scooters, bikes, in handbags, on wall after wall after wall, all over the world.

Do we really need to see ourselves so much?

I’ve begun to feel myself more as I see myself less. Fascinating. Greater sensitivity to myself as I removed or minimized the visual element of my self-association.

External mirrors lead to too much self-reflection (literally) of the shallowest kind. Barely a skin plus a few microns deep. There are other mirrors that turn the same self-reflection much deeper.

Try covering up the mirrors around you with something. For a week.

Might be a re-evolutionary experiment.

To the mirror with-in……


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  1. gary permalink
    July 21, 2010 11:09 am

    Mirrors, at least those used in the disUnited States, do not provide for anything remotely like genuine self-reflection.

    Most of the citizens of this country, could use an undergraduate education in self-reflection
    including mirrors as a vital tool in discerning value in themselves.

    Mirrors used here are instead used as narcissistic tools in most cases, it’s about appearance.

    I wondered what it was about a particular beautiful woman that I found so compelling. After meeting her what struck me was how little time she spent thinking she was beautiful.
    Her most attractive feature was that she dismissed her physical symmetry, accepted it as a given but worked instead to develop an inner beauty, characterized by suspending judgment of others, taking each person one to one, ignoring gossip, rumors and telling tales. She swam like a sleek fish, gliding thru the water as if propelled by the motion of the water, effortless, or so she made it seem.

    I wondered what it was about the movie stars, and wannabes, the women (and men) who at first were stunning and then gradually lost my interest. It was their misplaced self regard, the smiling, provocative poses devoid of authenticity, prevalent in nearly all advertising photos and videos.

    We need more, not less, mirroring. But reflections on our ‘soul’ our innner countenance. From that, real beauty can then emerge.

  2. Jan permalink
    March 17, 2011 7:12 pm

    Hi V.
    Today (March 17th ’11) I posted a comment to your ‘Archetypal Astrology from Cathartes Aura…’, by sending in a link to a video of Russell Means, a wise native american, which he posted on the 15th of March.
    Right after I posted my comment, I had another look at his site, and watched another video from him.
    To my astonishment I watched him explaining the (and your) mirror view! What we see now(adays) – low pressure area’s or cyclones for example – we see (they show us) from the top, on tv or via google earth, or whatever… globalization.
    A cyclone, shown for us now, turns anti-clockwise (on the northern hemisphere). While, in fact, if one looks up from earth (the proper thing to do) it turns clockwise.

    Look to something, anything, from your point of view, and not somebody elses. Ones heart is on the left. When I look at somebody else, that is right… Look not at yourself indeed, but to(wards)… and thus within yourself, is best… I guess, a/my hunch feeling.

    Thanks V.!

    • March 18, 2011 5:07 pm

      Fascinating eh, Jan? And Russell means is just the kind of elder the world needs but is in short supply. Too many olders to few elders.

      And yes, inversions abound. Mirror views, so reality can be distorted, 180 degrees and we would not even notice.

      Thanks for the links and the always interesting perspective, mirrored or other-wise! 😉

  3. Nadall permalink
    August 1, 2011 4:53 am

    Awww and just LOOK at them breaking free! Beautiful Vivek.

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