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Straykitty wrote in…

July 26, 2010

The art drew me in. I’m old. I’m woman. It’s painful to have lived life and have the blinders fall from history when you’re old. The BIG PLAN…it was always there, in our innocence we were part of the machinery. This knowledge is the value you speak of. This knowledge hurts, but would I have come down this far on the thread of my life and wished to not have seen?

No. The challenge is to tread through the rest of my days and still believe in something. You see, I remember life before the first big bombs were dropped. My memories…our first electric light bulb hanging from the ceiling on its cord…um. Now my days are spent building strawbale geothermal and laughing at the wonderful soil I can “grow” with my compost piles. I weed through Internet traffic for clues. Somestimes I despair.

Days go by and my body doesn’t awaken free from pain any longer. I know I have “peaked.” But still I continue to re-examine the history. I watch bigger bombs being dropped. I keep searching for clues. But I do still laugh. And I very much like the taste of “eye candy” from your wonderful colors.

Thank you.

***************                    *******************              *********** *******

Straykitty, please share more. I’ll post on the main blog  if it is okay with you.

For you…


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  1. July 26, 2010 6:00 pm

    Great indeed. Thanks for sharing.

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