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July 30th… shake shake shake…

July 28, 2010


The web-sphere has been abuzz with the possibility of a strong earth event this July 30th. It is being prophesied by an interesting and diverse group of individuals spanning :

1. Multi-Contextual linking ( )

2. Web-bot brilliance (Clif High @ )

3. Countless astrologers

Of course the date fits perfectly in the nuclear window that I’ve spoken of earlier. Between July 16th and August 16, a really nuclear window.

We are about to be tested, again. Not sure of the manifestation of it, but we are going to be tested. Not a species ending event, but a species testing one.

A good time to see how ready you are, with-in and with-out.

Follow those links above to get a good idea, do a search for grand cross (celestial pointers).

Many signs coming into this window. It also has always been a powerful time, since ancient history.

The Egyptians celebrated the annual flooding of the Nile, with Sirius at the horizon, always on 5th or the 6th of August.

The work on the World Trade Center began on August 5th, 1966.

The World Wide Web, via Tim Berners Lee, went live on August 6th.

“ was the address of the world’s first-ever web site and web server, running on a NeXT computer at CERN

The first web site built was at CERN, and was first put on line on 6 August 1991.

How interesting. CERN is all over the news now. Echo. On a NeXt Machine, Steve Jobs. Apple, very much in the news too. Suddenly for the wrong reasons.

Prometheus was Unbound on August 6th 1964.  The oldest known tree, Prometheus, was accidentally cut down for research purposes. Hmmmm, fire-bringer, lucifer, unbound from his earthen roots.

6th August is the day of Feast of The Transfiguration of Christ.

Barack Obama was born on August 4th.

Hiroshima was bombed on August 6th.

A cardinal cross. A Cardinal time.

It could very well be a Church (via Cardinal) Explosion, picking up where it has left off steam in the last few months as the GOM took center stage.

If a church scandal of epic proportions strikes anytime now, it will be a huge destabilizer. Everything else is tottering. Finance-tottering, GeoPolitics-tottering, Confidence in general-tottering. A blow to the church would be a body blow to the already stretched fabric of our time.

You get the picture. A charged time indeed. We are in the the tail of that which started, by my reckoning, on July 16th. I felt it, like a jolt. That was what that tick-tock let us remember post was about. To co-memorate July 16th.

Cardinal Nuclear oil, what a mix.

Today’s art…

behold...a purple hor....

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  1. Cathartes Aura permalink
    July 28, 2010 10:51 pm

    hello anadianant ~

    I was adding to our conversation over at ZeroHedge, then decided it was too off topic to continue there, time to make my acquaintance with your space – just feels more expansive here.

    I chose this thread to respond in mainly because I resonate to the astrological paradigm, of cycles and archetypes (less of the belief systems attached) – and agree this is a very “energetic” time. . . I’m particularly drawn to the Astro*Cartography way of re-searching, which maps the planets over the earth’s surface, all based on the details of chart creation (intersection of time / space via map co-ordinates – date, time, place). . . creating a chart for nationstates, then applying the chart to map co-ordinates, and planetary archetypes, can illustrate what energy might manifest where. . .

    believing that all things exist in relation to “other” things, including concepts like nationstates (which truly exist in the mind first, eh), charting the “relationship” between national flavours can point out some interesting factors, not limited to how they perceive themselves, and others perception of them. . .

    I won’t go on, except to say that you are listing many “leo” birth-dates, which is related to the pinnacle of the recognition of Self in the world, and correlates to the creative principle ( I’m maybe guessing it’s strong in your chart, as you appear very very creative!). . . Israel’s natal chart contains a stellium of planets (3 or more = stellium) on the midheaven (top of chart, prominence). . . so, hmm, we shall see what may transpire with those hovering warships, eh. . .^^

    there is an overwhelming shift of awareness from outer to inner, from expansive to contraction, from belief (sagittarius) to building from what we believe (capricorn) as pluto (the outermost planetary archetype that defines our system) has moved from sag to cap. . . we are all looking for answers to a sense of unease – I like your call for people to gather creatively (aquarius, opposite leo, archetype of groups of like-minded folk working towards a common goal), and look forward to watching it unfold – choosing the most archetypal – creative month is auspicious!

    best wishes, will check back.

    • July 29, 2010 4:22 am

      Greetings CA,

      Welcome! And really pleasant surprise (in an expected kind of way) to read what you’ve written. All the things you say resonate.

      I’ve peripherally been interested in Astrocartography for a few years now (came to it via a website called

      Astrology is powerful, in my mind the royal science, in the highest sense of both those words. Astrology exemplifies as above so below in a most powerful way.

      Would love to hear more views, thoughts.

      By the way, I’m Leo with Aquarius rising. 🙂 Good call.

      Okay by you if I drop you a mail?


  2. beeja permalink
    July 29, 2010 7:05 am

    this piece of artwork is alchemical. looks like a cauldron spilling and life springing forth. the elementals have been released/realized. the mad genius has left his laboratory – ready to prove it on a bigger scale. cat is out of the bag… hmmm as the lion roars the masses take notice! may we all step up to the challenge!

  3. Cathartes Aura permalink
    July 29, 2010 11:17 pm

    ahhHA – a LEO, hehe. . . that friend I mentioned forwarding your music links to, also a leo – it’s strong in my own chart, hence shows up in life. . .
    I have a pet theory that when a preponderance of particular sun signs show up in your life, it corresponds to a transit of said planet. . . an archetype to be learned from, emphasized in your life. . .

    anyhow, yes, feel free to email the address I used here – I don’t check mail daily, but I do check it eventually. . . good bait would be your date/time/location birth details *wink* – I’m gemini, sagittarius rising, leo moon – since you are also interested – love that you know about astro*cartography too – most folk I know aren’t at all interested, so I’m on my own – could use someone to bounce ideas off!

    by the way, I love your artwork – the cardinal-nuclear oil just spins us all with the “possible/probables”. . . such an “interesting” times, ala the old curse.

    take care tomorrow, which is already ‘now’ for you. . .
    best to you!

    • July 30, 2010 7:43 am

      Greetings CA,

      Interesting how magnetism works, eh? I see what you are saying. I think of them as “life-lesson or mirrors”, agglomerations we need to interact with. Archetypes indeed. Powerful word. Very big in my life.

      Data is in the mail. 🙂 And I believe everything, at it’s moment of creation, has a horoscope. Some of them just don’t know it. Have you perused Vedic Astrology at all? Interesting twist, the difference, literally and figuratively. Are Gemeni’s split personalities???

      Glad the artwork is appreciated. I was very moved by what straykitty wrote here.

      And today seems calm enough so far.

      Stay balanced and outdoors if possible.

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