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Looking for 12 special people…

July 28, 2010


Is this the call you have been waiting for?

Having posted what I’m putting below in response to an interesting post on ZeroHedge, I thought I’d give it visibility here also. Very spur of the moment writing, but I’m absolutely serious.

If, after reading below, you can think of someone who would fit the bill, please pass it on.

12 multi-faceted, multi-talented, multi-ethnic cohorts needed to launch the Next In-Dust-Real revolution. Scattered details in post below, but between the blog, the music and the design web-site, any astute person can draw a very clear picture of who I am and what I stand for.

If you feel really really called, then please write in. Or pass on. Straykitty, we need builders.

If you are in India and feel you can contribute, nothing like it. If you fit the bill, you can look at a 5 year, life changing, massively en-riching experience.

More details for people who express interest.

The post:

*********************************                               *                      **********


If of interest get in touch. Just launching first product in development phase.

I’m looking for a global team to cause organic change with. All disciplines. Come live and work in India for 5 years. Fully taken care of. Live in absolute comfort, just come with fire in your belly. Be brilliant. A little mad. Out of the groove. Be able to show that you have actually built something. I’ll share with you concepts that have made many a traditional thinker a little crazy. It con-fronts their dominant paradigm too much.

6 month target to produce an amphibious air-craft capable of a 50% improvement in cost/lb and range over current competitors.

I know how to do it, I need help in building it. Are you a modeling, aero-modeling genius?  This would be a dream assignment. If you have a PPL to boot, even better. Grizzly old test-pilots most preferred!

Also, soon to be declared Design partner for a major new university being developed in India. Greenfield and looking to do extraordinary things with dwellings/transportation/land usage/agriculture.

Again, please visit

If you read this and know someone who might resonate, please pass it on.

Awesome projects in hand, just need a few crazy aero-modelers, mechanical design geniuses, industrial design savants, box-less thinkers/doers, musicians, world citizens, teachers, linguists, healers.

12 in all.

Anyone? Anyone know anyone? Alternate fund managers? Hard Money investors? Car Company Honchos? Motorcycle Company folks? Bicycle company owner? Six degrees…. please make it work.

ZH, a finder’s fee for whoever comes to finally work here via ZH. Thanks.

We’ll change the world, gently.

Here is to a graceful, in-dust-real post-carbon world.


Really look forward to hearing from you!

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