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On the road…..again!

July 31, 2010


It’s been an interesting few days. Eyes that see and ears that hear can discern that the signals for so called “high weirdness” are getting louder.

Please see the “Oil Spill” contagion that is hitting the world over, out in the news (GOM, China, Kalamazoo, extra spills in Louisiana, spill upon spill).

Also crashes. Plane crash in Pakistan, flooding in Pakistan. Crashes and spills.

Very telling.

The same “spill” motif, closely tied to the “leak” motif. War leaks, church leaks, corporate leaks, government leaks. Looks like a rather leaky world out there.

Will write more in a bit, but wanted to let you know that I’ll be spending a good part of the next month or more on the road.

Criss-Cross. 😉 Most directions in India, awesome locales along the way.

My journey begins early t0morrow in the AM. Very exciting.

They say that a journey is best under-taken for the journey’s sake. Here, I have additional excitement at my destinations, of all forms (a lot of it linked to my call for brilliant co-horts, please see  HERE ).

More in a bit.

If anyone from India is reading this, I’ll be posting my general itinerary as I go along.

Interesting meet-ups, possibly on camera are a good possibility, so if you feel called, write in.

Be well!

August 2nd Update:

So these are my video diaries for the journey from Bangalore to Hyderabad. Beautiful road. Absolute stunned. Even though I see the big picture sadness of the need for road building, this was amazing.

I had hired a driver just for the trip, so I could observe and record. I got a great guy, Adam (Aadum, Islamic/Muslim version).

His face fell when he saw me and the trusty Peugeot. He had though rich man and fancy import (none of drivers can say poozjzO. So they think it’s sumpum it ain’t.

And then there is the fact of him looking me over and thinking “The next five days with him?????? “. His first question on getting in was “Will this car make it?”. At this point I had not even told him that the second gear was not working and that only the right wiper, wiped. I drove for about 20 kilometers, showing him how I expected Sher Khan to be driven. He looked really dubious all the way.

Then at some point, we decided it was time and he’d do the 1st to 3rd shift smoothly (he promised). And he did. A finer charioteer I could not have asked for.

Interestingly, his hands are deformed from some childhood problem and driving set him free. Silken and he ground the second gear only 4 times (in 600 Km, so totally forgiven!!!). 🙂

I’m going to post the video’s absolutely raw. The audio is terrible. And terribly perfect. The wind was blowing so hard in car that it drowned out my voice, for the most part.

But all the key words are audible and the wind noise is an interesting sound suggesting movement. I had fun watching them.

A slice of India, I’ll post if folks are really watching, so if you would like to watch along, please stop by comments and say so. No point hogging memory otherwise.

Bengaluru to Hyderbad, 1st August

I’ll post the video shortly….

Update… removed.

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