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Industrial-Revolution powered by child slaves

August 3, 2010


Hope you’re all doing well. It is an intense time. Make no mistake about it.

If you feel hunky and dory in addition, deeply and from within, you are fortunate indeed. Hold on to your center.

For those who missed it, July 30th came with a huge pre-echo (Pakistan plane crash (Here) and an equally terrible post-echo, the floods in Pakistan, whose “truth” continues to worsen every day (Here).

Pakistan is clearly in the cross-hairs, literally and figuratively.

In case you’re wondering about my “headline”, I’ll post an interesting link at the end. This stream of consciousness has a strong current.

Pakistan. Means the Land of the Pure. Names, as always are really important.

Three places in the News every day for weeks now, Palestine, Pakistan, Kashmir.

About Kashmir, and what a cradle of religious and philosophical thought it has been (major impact on the histroy of every religion, including the controversial theory that Christ spent his missing years in Kashmir, under the tutelage of local masters. In another legend, see Roza Bal.

Enough is known and has been said about the Palastine issue, so we’ll let that pass linkless.

That is what is symbolically under attack. And the epicenter, Pakistan, of Land of the Pure had an Air/Fire incident (Air Crash) and then an Earth water follow-up (Flooding).

Strong strong signals. Remember, the universe has a timing whose true nature is a mystery to itself. But there is order in it’s chaos and you just need to be in tune. All we get from our “lower” perspective is hints.

Strong hints, this Pakistan Air/Fire.Water/Earth circle closing tragedy set.

As with-out, so with-in. Our own, inner Pure-Lands are under assault. Are being Cardinally ringed by the four elements. It really cannot get any clearer than that.

Today, the first major magnetic storm also bounced off the earth. A pre-echo. Good to pay attention. A gadget-frying moment could be upon us. Zap. Consequences would be quite terrible, so back-up your stuff.

This is a time to be nimble and quick. Like Jack.

In this world obsessed with appearances, the warrior is apparently still, but still like a fast spinning top, secure in his/her center, perfectly balanced.

The ground beneath our feet is setting up to move. Major alignments like Cardinal crosses, exert tremendous forces on the earth, tugging her in all directions.

To be on our toes would behoove us now. Be-hoove, like hoof.

Remember, as written earlier somewhere, August 5-6 was celebrated as a major flooding date (Nile) in Egypt, since the floods brought fresh batches of the famous, fertile black soil.

So, floods and earth-quakes are in the air.

Three gorges dam is lucky to holding because debris are blocking the water flow.  Debris to the rescue, how about that?

Debries to the rescue in the financial sphere too, along with a lot of flooding.

The world is awash in soon to be worthless, note, worth-less, not instantly vaporized, fiat currency. The flooding analogy is apt. See how it is always a liquidity issue?

So, the world is awash in ignoble currencies and going broke. It is a fractal world you see.

This is the great flood, creeping upon us. At least that is how I read the signs.

Angry Waters energy (GOM, Kalamazoo River/Great Lakes, LA/FL/Texas, Pakistan, Three Gorges)…..abounds. Make peace with your own water.

It is the element we have “attacked” the most. Dam. Look at the word itself.

Dam. River, you be dammed!

Words are important in the resonance they contain spoken, because spoken is older than written.

Well, we’ve done enough Dam-age for the ages. See that? Dam-age.

Take this train of thought where you will, of feel free to get off right here.

Pay attention though……be nimble, be quick. Just like Jack.

Be well.

Oh, as for my headline, please read this. The industrial revolution was powered by child-slaves. Worthy of pondering that too.



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  1. Tomutch Thyme permalink
    August 4, 2010 7:52 am

    An so was th e USA built on slave labor too ! Kidnapped from the African continenet

    • August 4, 2010 2:27 pm

      True Tomutch. Another sad bit of history.
      Even India uses so much child labour.

      How can good things arise from such beginnings?

      Rhetorical question really. They cannot.

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