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Re-membering birth!

August 6, 2010


For those of us that follow the news, the situation in Pakistan is becoming terrible. Fast. From a few hundred dead to thousands missing and millions at risk.

The flood keeps on rising.

And just a short while ago, another “Pure” land, Leh, was hit by a destructive cloud burst. News is just coming in as all communications were destroyed, airport severley damaged.

When the waters begin to “burst” like this, you should know that something is being birthed. On a vast scale, we are going through a birthing event. Sounds fantastic, proving to be more than a little wet.

In other news, financial markets are “In-irons” after a long, sustained and totally un-fathomable run-up.

But, onto more important things.

I happen to know this on good authority. Birthing pains do not have to be painful. It is only a matter of how ready the mother is. It’s true because my mother said so. 😉

I have a deep interest in my birth. That is what I think was meant to be cerebrated (not ceLebrated), in my opinion.

And why is that important? hey not just put on Barbie dresses or superman costumes and go the nearest fast food chain and feed the kids fat and sugar and make them yell and scream, so that the echo of the moment of their birth might be firmly drowned out. By the way, maybe I hang out with mis-fits, but everyone I know is extremely uncomfortable on their birthdays. It’s quite clear why.

So, in our cultures and customs and ways, almost world-over, people sing a translated version of Happy Birthday To you. In the same tune. Doesn’t that tell you something?

We have a commonly manufactured forgetting of our birthing. In the finding of that echo again, wherever you carry memory in your body (Everywhere), will re-member.

You see, birth is a dis-memberment. The child is dismembered from the mother. Does not belong to the unit anymore. And the ride down the birth canal is in preparation. 9 months of formation and attachment, is it any wonder pregnancies the world over are getting more complex? Who would want to come out into a world of bright lights, loud, un-muffled sounds, a masked human, plastic gloved hands, a screaming mother (usually, radio and the movies made sure screaming was de reguire. Literally “of stiffness”. Hung upside down, of ten hung by your feet and slapped to make you cry.

Seems long winded, but really worth re-membering. We are all dis-membered at birth from a unit.

Such a long and sorry fall, for women. Motherhood begins in pain. Or total anesthesia induced de-sensitization. A lose-lose situation.

Anyway, things to think about.

So I pestered my mother about my birth. How did she feel the day before. What was the weather like? When did she know? Hospital ride? Nurses?

Mind-state? Thoughts?

Your last “visceral” maternal imprint as you slide out. So powerful.

She has a vivid memory, remembers looking at the watch as I was sliding. Nurses shocked at her stoicism and she noting time. For the astrology to be accurate (and by the heavens and the Stars, it has been. Thank you all you Astrologers, taking the trouble to de-mystify the un-intelli-gible).

Home energy? Father happy? Sister excited?

All layers upon layers, the first few will be the well-spring of the emotion/reaction set for the rest of you life. We are nothing but layer upon layer of matter and impression. (Matter, mater, same source and we are all made from our mater). Imagine the depth of impression on the innermost layer?

Any wonder the ancients birthed hunching (so the muscles would be free to bear down, not possible when on your back, ladies, ask for this stupid system to change! Every child, like this. It’ s cruel beyond measure.), over a warm clean pot of warm water, with a nurse-mother standing by to assist.  In a darkened, silent room.

So, we should cerebrate our birthdays, not celebrate them (at least not in the way we’ve been “made” a-customed to.

Re-member your birth, don’t “celebrate” your birthday.

It is that dis-membering and the process of it that is a major influence on the rest of our lives. Big price we are paying, not worth it.

And now the cesareans. Heard about the famous naturalist who discovered that every butterfly he “helped” birth out of it’s cocoon, died within minutes, having been denied the squeezing struggle that pushed the fluid till the tips of it’s wings? So, imagine the same thing with a cesarean child, denied the squeeze, the final imprint, the ejection. How can it be the same?

Collectively, but individually, it be-hooves us to cerebrate our births, re-membering the dis-memberment.

And that re-membering happens by reaching deeper and deeper layers, towards the core, from where you began, to the source of the dominant im-prints.

When you reach the core, you re-member your “self” and are whole again, part of a unit!

You are truly in-dependent.

You are Home.


Thou art that.

Tat Tvam Asi!

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  1. August 7, 2010 6:38 am

    Very nice post.

    We recently had a baby boy and being put through this life changing event by the cold hands of industrial, for profit medicine made me want to scream. It was so excruciating in fact that it made me despise industrial society but on the bright side, from this desecration I realised that there is indeed something called “sacred” and this sacredness isn’t just a figment of the imagination but it is something very real and that the sustained removal of this aspect of humanity from every walk of life is very tragic.

    • August 7, 2010 3:02 pm

      So true SVS and really well put.

      The loss of sacredness is the loss of resonance, substance and essence.

      And it’s true in every aspect of our lives.

  2. scout permalink
    August 9, 2010 1:40 pm

    I just became a father(34 years old) 4 months ago. I was fortunately able to experience the birth of our baby boy(did not know the sex of baby until birth) with my wife as her coach(bradley method of natural childbirth, in u.s.). We are blessed to have a good mid-wife program where I am located. It was the most transcendental moment in my life, one I will take back with me to the Cosmos. When he looked at me while he was being held and placed on mother’s chest by the mid-wife(I was behind mom “helping” her push), a connection to something much greater(a Creation/Creator) began to manifest and I’ve been enjoying the cosmic ride ever since. I am now a part-time worker bee and full-time baby Daddy when mom is at work. She has much better employment environment so we decided to not pay for daycare. Why work full-time at a shit job and give half your pay to have someone else supervising your child. Most daycares do not have the tribal mentality, only the herd mentality. The herd is being led to the abyss….As you mentioned, dysfunction by design. As Bob Marley sings in the background, “Babylon system is the vampire falling empire, sucking the blood of the sufferers, yee-eee-eee-aaah”

    p.s. I am an intuitive introvert and keen observer of the world, a sun/moon aquarius. The past two months have been interesting, to say the least, internally. I only come to re-realize of the cardinal cross and its associated gravitional effects. WOW! Little did I know of the significance of our recent present and near future. It seems the seeds of birth are being sown all around us. Birth pains soon to come…Let us be their coach in these times of uncertainty and high anxiety and avoid the cold hands of mad science and blind ideology.


    • August 9, 2010 6:28 pm

      I was grinning from ear to ear as I read your comment Scout. And at the choices you’ve made.
      Awesome! And so nice to hear an intuit claim his power as such.
      Interesting times indeed.


  3. D a r i n a permalink
    August 10, 2010 8:26 am

    Very interesting and insightful Vivek. And again I find so much resonance in what you shared esp. about the need for a New sex education that deals with full body orgasms, socially acceptable masturbation, natural and ‘orgasmic birth’ and so much more. And this latest term is not just a wishful thinking or daydreaming but luckily becoming a reality for more and more women as we are now aware of the possibilities of turning pain into pleasure and suffering into happiness even in the supposedly most painful moments of a woman’s life.

    See the many videos posted on the subject of orgasmic birth:

    • August 10, 2010 9:34 am

      Orgasmic birth. I can see that. Beautiful. Interestingly, I’m getting more and more involved, in real life, with a community where the issue of gender conflict and gender blending are seen as big issues.

      Fun. And timely!

      By the way, just from my standpoint, masturbation is inherently harmful, especially the way we know it, how and when it begins and what it does to your Mind/Heart/Generative complex. Will write about it soon, important to be heard by many.
      I’m speaking of both male and female masturbation.

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