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Elemental Update

August 9, 2010


As the days unfold, the elements mentioned earlier in Re-membering birth and before, are expressing themselves with greater and greater force.

Remember, the four key elements are Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Here is a representative list:

Russia up in smoke

Landslides in China Devestate

Rains Lash Flood Affected in Pakistan

Flash Floods in Europe

Pakistan Landslides increase Flood Woes

Russian Drought

You get the idea. The solar flares are going to return with increasing intensity now, taking care of the ether too.

So, all the elements, in their acts of balancing through creative destruction are being very unkind to humanity.

Still more amplification ahead.

Take off that seat belt, stand up, limber up.

Be light on your feet and in your speech.

Such mements (new word, my coinage, mement is the moment when a meme reaches critical mass)  in history are always pregnant with signs.

Be well and aware.

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