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August 11, 2010

Back from a long road trip. 1,500 kilometers. On Indian roads, that is a lot. But my trusty Peugeot 309, best car ever made (well, Golf Mk III was a close second… 😉 , ate it all up. I had drivers for a major part of the drive so I could film the trip, which was quite an experience.

Opening up my mail to see who said what to me, I was given this useful Yahoo Update…

baaaabuuu created a new avatar

Avatar is now wearing Blue Shorts.

Is wearing Blue Shorts.

and I thought to myself, is this what we have come to? This? Drivel. Absolute meaninglessness that someone would actually expend the energy to change the colour of his Yahhippitydooda Avatar shorts  Blooo?

Really? Who are youuu Baaaabuuu? I want to know you. Deeply. You are the fractal representation of our common contagion.

The contagion of disconnection.

So far removed from our “selves”, the vehicles of our spirit.

Come now, slap yourself. Pour some ice-cold water on your head. Set 30 alarms one minute after the other, starting now.

Baaaboo, you might as well be baabaa, white sheep, shear you any wool?

All you are is a tool,

A cog, in Blue,


Naked Shorts,

At that,

Flat out, Over-taken, Shaken, Bacon,

Addicted, to mouse-play when you were born a lion.

A roar is not roar.mp3

The avaatr will not set you free.


Don’t be a knave.

Be a fool, like this…


Hmmmmmm…… could it be that there are worse things in this world than TV?

Look how TV and it’s ilk always play to your basest emotions.

C’mon Baaaaaaaabuuuuuuuuuuu!

We need you!

Meanwhile, this, is NEWS…

Go Here and ponder the significance of the article…

Happy pondering…

To me, it struck a bell.

Be well.



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