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Living the Celestine Prophecy…

August 14, 2010


The state of the world, in a word, is not good. Water water everywhere… the photos from Pakistan and China are of epic proportions. And this is just a foreshadow of what’s coming.

Remember, as variously and often referenced here in my writing, this is a fractal life we live. Consider that realization, deeply felt and lived as a major advance on the spiritual ladder.

So, as waters break to herald a human birth, so must waters break to birth something planetary. The moon controls the waters of the earth. Fractally and completely without a doubt.

As it control’s a woman’s waters, it controls the earth’s tides/waters. Everything else (wind, electro-magnetism, rotation etc.) is but a weak “nudge”-ing force.



Enough said, I think.

What is really going on is a gravitational anomaly between the earth and the moon and therefore generally in space. “Space Termors” are being felt.

The quakes, landslides, floods and mere symptoms of a great re-adjustment.  We happen to be alive if not quite kicking in the age when long waves come to mean (or zero) together. A great reset. No one’s fault really. It never is anyway, if you believe, as I do, in the great mechanistic-ness and un-witting-ness of humanity as a collective.

We keep sitting, chafing against labels that do not belong, while outside, time and tide that wait for no one, roll on.

Along with it’ s equally illustrious predecessors, all equally dismissed as “pop” philosophy or mere fantasy literature, The Clelstine prophecy had a profound effect on me.

I include The Teachings of Don Juan (and related works), The Dune series, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Illusions, The Alchemist, Le petit prince and other classics of their ilk as the illustrious peers.

And the lesson that stuck with me from the Clelstine P, was the observation of synchronicity in life, specifically what are called co-incidences.

Very interesting one’s abound in my life. A few times now, for one reason or another, I’ve mentioned Kashmir in my posts.

People stumble upon blogs doing the most random searches. Yesterday, not one, but two people came to my blog looking for Kashmiri Costumes.

This morning, a man keeps calling insistently from my gate. My house is in Bangalore, South India.

I walk out and it is an intense looking young man with a huge bag slung on his shoulder and he says..

Sirrr, Kashmiri Costume? Latest style..

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  1. D a r i n a permalink
    August 15, 2010 6:52 am


    Synchronicities abound. Everywhere. In your life, in mine, in ours. The acceleration is such that it is hard to believe for they are happening not on a daily, but hourly basis now. And it is great. Nothing like feeling in the Flow, in the Zone or totally aligned with what’s within, around & surrounds us…

    ALL those books that you listed with NO exception have influenced me as well all along and living the Celestine Prophecies and James Redfield’s, Castaneda’s, David Bach’s, Coelho’s, Gibran’s, Exupery’s visions and witnessing their boldest predictions coming reality is encouraging among all the natural disasters rolling on and on.

    TY for sharing and stirring so many links, events, chain reaction & more synchronicities.
    Would love to read and learn more about your latest University project ideas & engagement on or offline whenever you can/want. Water Blessings,
    D 🙂

    • August 15, 2010 7:44 am

      🙂 <— Moi.

      And will share more regarding the University project off line. I have connected with a few amazing people through the blog and I want to see who else is drawn. I have a feeling some will be.

      More soon!

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