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The thing about choice!

August 20, 2010


In using the tarot for many years as a personal guide and in giving anyone that was interested, a genuine look “in”, I ‘ve developed unique relationships with each card.

I should first give thanks to my amazing friend, philosopher and guide, Arisa Victor, aka “Granny Rainbow”, one of the wisest people I know. She gave me a  reading every friday afternoon (and sometimes Saturday too) in the open secret bookstore in San Rafael, CA for years (s?). Her price was a “Love offering” and her readings priceless.

She taught me to interpret the cards viscerally while in full knowledge of their literal and figurative aspects.

Of course, with her vast knowledge of Astrology and Astronomy and much esoteric lore, I got to see the cards in a light I am deeply grateful for. They have been amazing teachers. I’d recommend them to anyone as guide stones on the path with-in.

Anyways, in my relationship with the cards, some are still unclear. I see them in a reading and I’m unsure, both in absolute terms for the card and therefore in the context of the reading also.

One of those cards is the four of cups…


Cups represent the element water and signify the space of emotions, depth, flow, darkness, feminie, wetness, love, fecundity and associated “water” emotions and archetypes.

The journey up the cards from the 2 to the ace is the journey of transmutation of each of the elements to their “divine” essence. The ace representing the most “Exalted” form of that element. These are for the sign cards, collectively called the minor arcana.

Along that journey, you encounter elevations, plateaus, pauses, descents, struggles, transformations, transmutations.

The four of cups is a pause in the “water” journey inwards. From the gay abandon of the three of cups…

To the fork in the road. As if the cups in the 3 of cups runneth over finally and you are now left with choices and a closed heart. As it must close, so it can open again with greater clarity. A maturing relationship with one’s emotions.

The arms across the chest is a closed heart/mind complex.

I do not get a clear feeling about this card. I cannot even explain it’s literal significance in a flow.

And fractally, that is the problem with choice, which this card represents so beautifully.

Choice, which implies variety, is embedded in Nature. It is not a creation of it. Kangaroos did not decide that each Kangaroo was going to be intrinsically and completely different from every other Kangaroo, EVER.

It’s in Kangaroo DNA.

Our choices (or what go for choice now, at any rate) are fabrications. False choices of false plenty. Sort of like in the Value Vs. Price game, the need/want balance is completely on the want side.

And it is a drug because in many cases, we get to make simplistic choices (what flavour of ice-cream), but they feel em-powering.

The market has used this simple, self-congratulatory trigger mechanism and made a whole supply-side monster out of it.

We get choices (meaningless choices about colours of handbags and 16 types of bread, you get the drift).

Making even a meaningless choice makes you feel empowered.

The control mechanism yanking at us from every direction today, is precisely that.

Yanking our “decisive, choice-making” selve’s pleasure chain.

And in truth, even 1 is filled with infinity. And if you can get to know infinity in one, then making multiple shallow choices seems a hollow past-time, eh?

Brown or white?

Sweet or salty?

Soda or water?

Large or Extra-large?

Long or short?

In or out?

Choice or Doubt?


5 Comments leave one →
  1. istappar permalink
    August 21, 2010 3:50 pm

    I’m sorry, but I am really allergic to tarot-cards. Any talk about tarot-cards scares me away.

    • August 21, 2010 5:31 pm

      All good istapper. All good.
      Just potent symbology. It’s pieces of paper as much as it is distilled, powerful wisdom. Nothing to fear here. 🙂

  2. Nudgant permalink
    September 1, 2010 12:11 am

    Here’s A related article and video on the subject of choice which, to me, explains why you’re not actually making your own choices when they’re given to you by someone else. In the end, all of this ranting about choice making within systems which actually limit your ability to choose actually reminds me of classical conditioning.

    • September 1, 2010 4:16 am

      As a music-maker, having stood in amazing music-stores, surrounded by one stunning instrument after another and finally diving deeply into what I already had was great liberation.
      I “hear” you!

  3. Nadall permalink
    December 9, 2011 10:47 pm

    To me this card has always represented me pouting. Like an angry child, or Jonah under the shade of the gourd God grew for him. Nope … I don’t WANT your stupid gift! (or don’t appreciate what I’ve got because I’m too angry.)
    The choice thing … drives me nuts! As you said, too many shallow, useless, meaningless choices. Do I have any real ones? The ? has been haunting me.
    There’s part of our nervous system (sympathetic?) that has been purposely kept out of our control by the creator because we’d likely screw it up (IMNHO) the brain and the heart. (I know we can somewhat control, but that’s not what I mean) The scary thing is we’ve now overridden these natural controls and are making choices that are not supposed to be ours to make. (Like cloning, chimeras, and so forth) Ah, the Sorcerer’s apprentice.

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