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On the Road…again and agan and again…

August 28, 2010


Interesting days continue to get more and more so.

For the astologically aware or otherwise, we are in the midst of a Mercury retrograde. Mercury, the planet that controls communication/information, is in “apparent” retrograde (backward) motion in the sky. This usually ends up snarling communications, making phones go on the blink, creats mis-understandngs, etc. It’s usally a good time of year (happens 3-4 times every year, for 3-4 weeks each).

So, my computer is in severe crash mode. Some key communications are not getting through.

It’s a good time to comunicate in-ward.

Also, been on the road, working with fascinating, brilliant people is always enriching. I feel enriched. 🙂

Off again in a couple of hours, meanwhile, my best mechanic totally screwed up my car’s service….

Unnyways, such is life and beign in tune with the planets helps in putting things in perspective.

I have a post brewing in my head. I’ll refine it on my 8 hour journey to Hyderabad and post it from th ehotel business center. Hopefuly, they are not in the midst of a retrograde induced communication breakdown!

In a bit and be well!

Remember, Mercury is runnign backwards till September 12th! After that, many of the wierd things happening now will simply unwind themselves into a better place.

Till then, hold your horses, be calm!


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  1. Straykitty permalink
    August 28, 2010 11:22 am

    History, to a child of the Second War such as myself, was little more than Egyptian-built pyramids and the Magna Carta and Declaration of Independence. It was Franklin Roosevelt’s velvety voice piped into hot public school classrooms.

    In the ’40s, our grade school’s current events were mostly the ribbons of road and small towns we could glimpse from the windows of automobiles. They were two-lane downtown streets with railroad tracks crossing at the intersection of the First National Bank and Woolsworth, cheap gasoline at a tatty station on the edge of town, hot oilfield roads, ca-chunking Standard Oil pumps to keep the black blood flowing.

    Our wars were marked at the great train depots which dotted the nation. In Little Rock and Chicago and St. Louis olive-drab uniforms filled passenger cars and lined the huge echoing terminals that smelled of wet coal. Thousands and thousands of men hunched on uncomfortable railway seats and spilled out into the aisles. Their eyes were tired. They sat, quietly smoking as they found their way home from Europe and then immediately back again to Korea.

    What did we children know then? Nothing. Edward R. Murrow was a voice from the radio on the table. We eagerly awaited Sunday nights with Jack Benny and Charlie McCarthy. The truth of what was happening came to us many decades later. It was many years when we learned about the compromise of our presidents and manipulation of Congress.

    We learned how the wealth and treasure of this nation was squandered — communist agents in high places…Harry Dexter White, Alger Hiss…Lend-Lease…$4,000,000,000+ to Stalin in the U.S.S.R….names and facts that meant nothing to children who now are called the Silent Generation. Men behind men behind men: Colonel Mandell House, Henry Morgenthau, Bernard Baruch.

    Yes, we are the Silent Generation of today. We didn’t see ourselves as so — we were working men in khakis whose great strength was to be quiet and aproned women whose profound relief was indoor plumbing.

    Then we were gifted, our Silent Generation. We were gifted with the Internet.

    The Internet. The Internet brought us out of a tunnel. The Internet taught us truth. Now we stagger in disbelief at where we have come from. Lies. Books and books of lies. Years and years of lies. Cemeteries full of lies. How could we not have seen it? How could we not have perceived that the Anglo-American focus of two horrific World Wars was a small parcel of land in the Middle East? A tragedy on an incomprehensible scale. It was always so.

    A Silent Generation now has a voice. We have quickened. Do the men who step from their great banking houses know where they are in this fragile spiral of Time? Do they come from their secret meetings and plan to shape history as they used to? That age has passed. We know the truth now. We are not all dead. We can say yes and we can say no. Do those gray suits know that our eyes are no longer blind? Do they know fear?

  2. cathartes aura permalink
    September 1, 2010 3:18 am

    ahhh, mercury retrograde!
    just to add a few words – mercury’s archetypes indeed include communications & devices facilitating, like phones, computers, etc. – also short journeys, so vehicles can breakdown, like the verbiage. . . how it might effect specific individuals will vary depending on the natal chart – if mercury is a strong archetype, one might feel or see the retrograde more obviously – also, the sign, and degree mercury retrogrades in highlights what is being “re-view’d”. . .

    currently mercury is retrograde in a sign it rules – virgo – the archetypes there include the humbling of ego prior to working with groups in service to an ideal. . . also, drama created in order to experience the meltdown of “surrendering” to what is beyond “control”. . . (a little “ego death” in itself, eh? ha)

    so, everyone will feel some type of “echo” relative to these archetypes, and those with more prominent virgo or mercury in their natal charts, they’ll have more to work on / with. . .

    of course, with fully half the planets we acknowledge retrograde just now – five! – there is plenty of re-viewing going on, and when mercury goes “direct” it will be followed about 24 hours later with pluto going direct, a very very powerful signature. . . pluto went retrograde 6 april, so whatever was “up” for you then will re-present itself for re-solve. . .

    and of course, september is a month when “crisis” – intentionally created or not – tends to manifest. . . this year I doubt will go unnoticed, hmmm. . .

    • September 1, 2010 4:13 am

      Awesome information CA. 5 retrograde planets. re-ar-view time indeed.
      I have not felt such a Mercury wallop in all my time of being aware of it.
      Ratchet is definitely biased to “up”!

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