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Retrograde Mercury, Pearls of wisdom…

September 2, 2010

Courtesy Cathartes Aura via comments… and I’ d really like to acknowledge everyone who has commented so thought-fully and thought provokingly.


ahhh, mercury retrograde!
just to add a few words – mercury’s archetypes indeed include communications & devices facilitating, like phones, computers, etc. – also short journeys, so vehicles can breakdown, like the verbiage. . . how it might effect specific individuals will vary depending on the natal chart – if mercury is a strong archetype, one might feel or see the retrograde more obviously – also, the sign, and degree mercury retrogrades in highlights what is being “re-view’d”. . .

currently mercury is retrograde in a sign it rules – virgo – the archetypes there include the humbling of ego prior to working with groups in service to an ideal. . . also, drama created in order to experience the meltdown of “surrendering” to what is beyond “control”. . . (a little “ego death” in itself, eh? ha)

so, everyone will feel some type of “echo” relative to these archetypes, and those with more prominent virgo or mercury in their natal charts, they’ll have more to work on / with. . .

of course, with fully half the planets we acknowledge retrograde just now – five! – there is plenty of re-viewing going on, and when mercury goes “direct” it will be followed about 24 hours later with pluto going direct, a very very powerful signature. . . pluto went retrograde 6 april, so whatever was “up” for you then will re-present itself for re-solve. . .

and of course, september is a month when “crisis” – intentionally created or not – tends to manifest. . . this year I doubt will go unnoticed, hmmm. . .


Hmmmmmmmm……………… me again…

This time, I have seen mercury’s wallop like never in my not inconsiderable years of knowing of it’s influence. To my mind, this implies that the Sun is getting more active. After all, everything in the solar system is primarily a heavily biased expression of the Big Golden Orb. Just finished dinner and was chewing over what I’d written. It was self-evident I thought that you can extrapolate this line of thought further.

The Sun/Solar System has it’s own center of rotation, from whence the Sun get’s it’s tugs. We are, after all, as far as we can tell, part of some giant wheel with-in wheel, a Hub and spoke expression of the one, indivisible, infinite..

For a planet whose entire existence is tied to the orderly continuance of the ages old patterns of the Sun, the current high weirdness is definitely a de-stabilizer.

And it is evident all around us, ne? Every aspect of our “lives”, our “Societies”, our “Cultures”, our physical world…… everything is tottering. As they must, rise and fall, systolic/diastolic, in/out, inSpire/exSpire…..

While no-thing is certain, except certain things, of course…….it would seem that we get to be a part of the Phoenix experience, not it’s mere telling.

If that is to come to pass, may we all be fools….


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  1. March 31, 2011 6:34 pm

    mercury moves retrograde today again.

    Mercury turns retro at 24°19′ Aries on March 30, in the shadow of the mighty opposition between the two Great Chronocrators, or Time Lords, Saturn and Jupiter. This opposition marks a great turning point for the world, as we have seen in recent weeks with the political upheavals in North Africa and the Middle East and the horrendous weather patterns and geophysical events that have plagued us. Jupiter Pluvius indeed! The Vernal Point has been under a lot of pressure lately, and there’s more to come yet! [See Rearranging the Cosmic Deckchairs, where we discuss the implications of the Moon’s Nodes changing sign in the midst of this Cosmic Cross.] The first degree of Aries, the most sensitive point in the tropical zodiac, is known as the Vernal Point, because it signals the beginning of Spring each year in the Northern Hemisphere. It also marks the beginning of the tropical zodiac, which is why it is often called the Aries Point. This critical zone has been stimulated and restimulated in recent months by the inexorable movement of the outer planets: extravagant Jupiter (by conjunction), restrictive Saturn (by opposition), disruptive Uranus (by conjunction) and obstructive Pluto (by square). It’s phenomenally massive in its effect.

    at a personal level, felt completely depleted today. whacked. so did everyone around men. people napping when they never do normally.
    lost my phone instruments – both the landline and the mobile.
    they just vanished.

    • April 1, 2011 5:32 am

      Su, thanks for the retrograde detail. As I was writing to Stephen above, dense dense energies all around, up there in the heavens too.

      Such a tipping point-y feeling. Had the same energy yesterday. Weighty, dense, full of portents.

      The vanishing comm. devices is beyond funny eh? I was born under a Mercury retrograde, so am impacted in all kinds of strange way, sometime excellent, sometimes abysmal. 🙂

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