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The curse of free energy…..

September 3, 2010


As many of you might know, the world has been abuzz for a long time, in a maddeningly repeated cycle, about the imminent arrival of Free Energy! Since we are (or rather have been for about 4 decades), in a constant energy crisis and also given the fact that most wars in the last Century have been fought over energy (specifically oil) and drugs (different kind of energy and a separate topic for another day, but wanted to say it since it is a huge factor); it would seem that free energy is the panacea we’ve all been waiting for.

Give me free energy and I will be free.


Give you free energy and you will be a slave of pleasure, probably mostly of the mind, your body having swollen to some grotesque, atrophied obesity, kept alive by the same free energy.

Sounds harsh and illogical, but let me tell you three tales of free energy, so you get my drift.

America, the land of virtually free energy. With their culture destroying military’s boot on the neck of a better part of the world (1,500 international bases? Some wild number like that), the US has enjoyed cheap, virtually free energy at the expense of the rest of the world and look what it has done to Americans.

Un-earned anything will make you soft. Soft as a person, soft as a nation. While innocent boys were sent to far away places to die, at-home Americans enjoyed a cheap petrol fueled boom, massive urbanization, even more massive sub-urbanization, increasing hours spent in cars and on chairs, or just sitting….sitting…watching cheap TV, drinking cheap beer, getting cheap thrills (it’s all fractal you know) …they’ve been getting weaker and fatter and sicker.

Make your own connection, for there is a strong one to be made, here is a shocking number, whatever your belief on Autism…

CBS anchor Katie Couric recently reported that, “Twenty years ago, one child in 2,000 suffered Autism; today, it’s one child in 110 births.”

Free energy made America an indulgent nation. Self-indulgent and deeply indignant at any suggestion that there may be something fundamentally wrong with the situation. Bigger cars, bigger homes, bigger bodies, bigger expectations, bigger appetites…after all in an Energy driven world, if energy is free, you can have it all.

Till you can’t.

Japan…. living a Perpetual Nuclear Sunrise in the aftermath of WWII. Supplied on the cheap by it’s master, nuclear energy meant the lights could stay on 24/7. The factories could produce 24/7. You could build bridges to nowhere for decades, 24/7.  You could party 24/7.

Machines, even giant, electricity sucking robots on giant assembly lines, could run 24/7. Driving it to it’s current export behemoth position.

Power 24/7 ruined Japan. It became a mechanized and mechanistic nation. They exist like automatons. Hive-mind at it’s zenith. Always living in 50/60 Hz. 24/7.

Japan could choose to be in-efficient (on the big picture) and still out-sell their competition on price. Their power was virtually free. Cost is a monetary expression of embedded energy. Viola!

But Japanese people are like Machines. Except for carefully crafted social etiquette, they have no concept of spontaneous combustion. They live in their free-energy produced gadgetry and other consumer oriented wizardry, purposeless. It’s a really sad sight, especially for someone like me, who has studied and learned much from Old Japan (Zen and Budo especially). It’s gone except in an over maintained facade… Just like Japan.

India (and China), riding into the Industrial Success Sunset on the backs of it’s cheap labour. Free energy from underpaid humans. Overburdened, exploited humans.

Now that really beats the other two eh? Free energy that is sentient. Value-adding free energy.

Of course the host kills the symbiotic free energy source and chooses his next source from a huge pool. Sentient free energy, sounds like Capitalism’s wet-dream and it is. No other way, India, such a capitally inefficient (as in an inefficient user of capital) nation, could be one of the darlings of the growth story.  There is no power to drive this engine except cheap (free) human power. Electricity is a joke here. And of course, being exploitative, this Free Energy system creates all manners of imbalance and tension in the social fabric. The effects are clear to see. India is in awful shape. It’s de-sensitized, TV addled populace is being worked into the ground.

So much for free energy eh?

The closest parallel I can think of is the Story of King Midas.

A cautionary tale indeed, careful what you wish for….you just might… get it.

A paraphrased quote from Dune, via the Sisterhood:

“Find freedom and become slave to your desires. Find your discipline and be free.”


In Truth,


If you’d like to help make us more efficient, as people, as users, as nations…. participate here:

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  1. September 4, 2010 6:14 am


    According to the laws of thermodynamics, infinite energy = infinite pollution. Human’s have managed to keep finding more and more sources of energy using their technological brilliance, but what are they going to do with their entropy? Put it in the Pacific? Shoot it into space?

    Energy drives machines and where there are machines, man becomes small (you’ve already written about this in Machine Strong Human Weak), and when man becomes small, he cannot live naturally, he must then live like a part of a machine. Japan has probably the worst demographics of all. See Europe. US. Canada. Australia. Why can they not sustain their populations? Industrial society is an enemy of life. Too much energy. Humans are not needed. They are not needed to do work, not needed to entertain you and they’re not needed to give you solace (there come your drugs).

    I had an edifying demonstration of another interesting phenomenon called life-is-elsewhere syndrome recently. A young Japanese colleague was leaving Mumbai to shuttle between her French boyfriend in Bangkok and her job in Singapore. Neither of them wants to live in their own countries. Life, and happiness, will only be possible elsewhere. This is one of the things that excessive energy availability does. By expanding man’s possibilities, it expands the possibilities where happiness may be looked for and so man looks for it everywhere, on all continents, inside his iPad, in his bank balance, everywhere except inside himself.

    Bring on Peak Oil already.

    • September 4, 2010 8:38 am

      Exactly Sid. Exactly.

      Well said all around.

      No need to bring on Peak Oil, it’s already here….. just not the way in which it was commonly understod.

  2. November 9, 2010 3:26 am

    I still like the idea of perpetual motion turning a generator embedded in each device available. That way, we get free energy and don’t need power lines either!

    • November 9, 2010 9:21 am

      Hi FEO, My point to the post was that free energy might be a bit like Midas’s gold wish.
      We’ll get it and then be devourered by it.
      It’s one of those, careful what you wish for cause you just might get it, scenarios….

  3. enicar333 permalink
    February 26, 2011 4:55 pm

    There may be an energy source available in abundance, on the MOON. In fact, The University of Madison at Wisconsin has performed advanced research in this area, particularly in the realm of tokamak reactors.
    As I perused articles from the website, I was stunned. It would seem to indicate that we could have operational reactors, the only thing lacking was the fuel, D -3 HeE which is found abundantely on the Moon. There even exists a design for a Lunar Miner!

    WHERE did this advanced technology come from, and why arn’t we using it? Might someone else be on the Moon mining the D-3He. Perhaps they warned the Astronauts we wern’t welcome. You need to see the evidence, Jack has researched this thoroughly and you will be stunned at what you find. Be sure to watch his video, Tsiolkovskys Secret. LOTS OF LINKS. In case you think the images are faked, even though Jack provides all links, here is the link to NASA’s Apollo Image Gallery. You are looking for image AS15-94-12741 HR, I’ll let you find it yourself.

    The University site is fascinating. LOOK! Fusion for space propulsion!

    I say this is proof that some advanced technology has been back-engineered from recovered sources. The Aliens have judged us from observed behaviour and will share this with us. CRAZY? You will have to decide yourself.

    Some more MOON madness
    NASA has planned for Alien contact:


    • enicar333 permalink
      February 26, 2011 5:02 pm

      OOPS! Missing link for Apollo Images. Lots of cool pics here. You are looking for Image
      AS15-94-12741 HR. Note that as you look through images, many from a magazine are missing. WHY? Is there something they didn’t want to show us?

  4. enicar333 permalink
    February 26, 2011 5:17 pm

    Is this an anomaly on the Moon, or is it a fusion reactor? More Lunacy!

    • March 19, 2011 3:14 pm

      That’s crazy, I’d glanced at that before but not paid real attention.
      We really don’t know too much about what goes on, do we?

  5. Stephen Baze permalink
    April 11, 2011 3:32 pm

    Excellent thoughts /realities
    Only in America do we give the fat people electric carts to tote them around and pretend we are helping them ?
    Autism/obesity/diabetes/cancer/hypertension. blod pressure issues/mental disorders/sleep disorders/drug abuse both legal and illegal
    all caused by some degree of self inflicted irresponsibility in one form or another. It will all come to it’s own end soon enough and that IMO is a good thing. Free energy a trap? ingenious thought! Maybe some day hum,ans will be able to handle such a system as free energy, but it is obvious we aren’t there yet. Isn’t free electric carts kinda like free energy? Excellent points Vivek, the good part is we can control ourselves and how we live/consume and our health. Excellent indeed.

    • April 11, 2011 5:08 pm

      Interesting eh Stephen? It hit me like a ton of bricks, because I’ve been moving in this world of mad creators for many years now. And I realized that “free energy” was a moving target for good reason.
      We are not ready, perhaps individually, but definitely not collectively. We would self-destruct in a pile of loose, fleshy mush! 🙂

      Thanks for sharing.

  6. April 12, 2011 12:07 pm

    talking of free energy… it might already be here, and ready for commercial roll out…

    this is backed by a nobel prize winner:

  7. elias permalink
    August 6, 2011 4:56 am

    The mind should be free too, of greed. Greed only comes when you think that there are limited amount of energy. People need to understand that there is no limit to nothing, that is what will lead us to the next step in our evolution.

  8. Free Energy Yes permalink
    December 12, 2011 7:09 pm

    Free energy plus NO monthly payment merry-go-round is what is needed.

    Free Energy minus Bankers = Utopia

  9. orestes permalink
    April 4, 2012 2:21 am


    Paraphrasing Eddie Vedder, I won the lottery when I was born. I’m a white male American. So my bias, is, well, unavoidable when I speak of my country.

    But it irks me every time I see some individual from another country lambaste America is the great evil, the boot on the neck of others. Is the U.S. guilty of heinous and terrible crimes? Absolutely. Does it seek out sources of energy at the expense of others? Surely it does. But I think the problem is not uniquely American, and by saying it is, you are ignoring the greater issue: human nature. Given the same resources and opportunity, India would pull the same stuff the U.S. does in an instant.

    And don’t tell me that all Americans are lazy. Anytime I see the phrase “all x are x”, you’ve lost credibility entirely, in my eyes. There are plenty of of us who work hard, appreciate what we have, and wish we could reduce the suffering of others in the world and make it a better place for everyone. So I reject you prejudice against America, and your generalizations. There may be more “lazy, stupid, and fat” Americans than ever before, but the majority of us work hard, are intelligent, and are just as wordly as many others proclaim to be.


    • April 5, 2012 4:42 pm

      orestes, nation-hood and patriotism and jingoism are the biggest lies.
      That even a drop should be spilt for a geographic boundary. So, I take equal bluntness to my perspectives on India. Country shmuntry I say… and by the way, you must have read the obesity stats on ZH just recently. It’s even literally coming true, before our very eyes.

      All in it together, figuratively anyways orestes. And in my 12 years in America, I met and be-friended the most amazing people. Butt, in the….ummmm…..larger context, all is swell….ing that is.


  10. amaterasusolar permalink
    April 22, 2012 6:48 am

    I wholly disagree. First, if each of Us PERSONALLY had all the energy W could use, We would not be beholden to anyOne. Second, money becomes unneeded – all money represents is meaningful energy expended. This is the PRIME reason the elite have hidden and suppressed overunity technology. Third, if We replace the slave’s ethic (work “ethic” – use Your Human energy to enrich Others) with a betterment ethic…

    Hell. I’ll just link to My article that details the whole:

    About the author:

    Amaterasu Solar is a multidisciplined economist, social engineer, and layman physicist, also studying emergence, fractals, chaos, and other elements of science, who has spent the bulk of Her 50+ years on this planet seeking solutions to the problems that beset Humanity. Her father was deeply involved in the study of electrogravitics, teaching Her, describing His successful experiments in gravity control and overunity (“free energy”), and painting a picture of flying cars, floating cities, and all the energy We can use as the world She would grow up in because of His work. When the technology of electrogravitics became highly classified, Her father never mentioned His work again.

  11. amaterasusolar permalink
    April 22, 2012 6:51 am

    [sigh] The whole “We will become lazy” line is an elitist BS propaganda. Here’s an article I wrote:

    About the author:

    Amaterasu Solar is a multidisciplined economist, social engineer, and layman physicist, also studying emergence, fractals, chaos, and other elements of science, who has spent the bulk of Her 50+ years on this planet seeking solutions to the problems that beset Humanity. Her father was deeply involved in the study of electrogravitics, teaching Her, describing His successful experiments in gravity control and overunity (“free energy”), and painting a picture of flying cars, floating cities, and all the energy We can use as the world She would grow up in because of His work. When the technology of electrogravitics became highly classified, Her father never mentioned His work again.

    The End of Entropy:
    A Look at Our Entropic World and the Evidence Supporting How We Could Change This

    by Amaterasu Solar

    Entropy… That measure of disorder that increases as energy is dissipated into unusable forms effects many aspects of our present human condition. It is easy to grasp the principle as it pertains directly to heat. We see the energy of a fire heat our food, but we also can see a great deal of heat going out unused and unusable. This extra heat can be seen as increasing the disorder, as the molecules affected move more rapidly and more disorderedly. A more difficult aspect to see is the entropy inherent in our social structure.

    In Jeremy Rifkin’s seminal work Entropy, published in 1980, he does an excellent job of demonstrating that, because energy is at the base of life, itself, entropy can ripple through society, creating disorder even as we try to clamp down and control the order of things. In fact, he paints a very grim picture of what we can expect as we consume more and more energy, explaining that fascist tendencies are most likely to crop up in the efforts to overcome entropy in our society. Today we see more and more signs of encroaching fascism.

    The reason why energy and its entropy are tied in to our social structures is made clear by Rifkin in his work (p. 89):

    “… Every time we add our labor to a product or perform a service we expend energy and increase the overall entropy of the environment. Every time we exchange money for a product or a service, the legal tender we use represents payment for previous energy that we expend. Money, after all, is nothing more than stored energy credits.”

    If money is merely the accounting of the available energy, it becomes clear that should an energy source come along that has the properties of being effectively infinite, available from anywhere, and negentropic (from “negative entropy”), the need for money dissipates. “Infinite money” has no social application.

    In fact, because of our limited available energy and the money system developed to account for it, it is clear why we have a “power” elite, as well as poverty and exploitation. Rifkin explains (p. 57):

    “Energy is the basis of human culture, just as it is the basis of life. Therefore, power in every society ultimately belongs to whoever controls the exosomatic [external] instruments that are used to transform, exchange, and discard energy. Class divisions, exploitations, privilege, and poverty are all determined by how a society’s energy flow line is set up. Those who control the exosomatic instruments control the energy flow line. They determine how the work in society will be divided up and how the economic rewards will be allocated among various groups and constituencies.”

    Given this, it becomes clear that if such an infinite, available, negentropic source of energy were to be introduced, power over others would give way to individual autonomous power over self but no others. This can be seen as a major shift in Consciousness on this planet.

    This all sounds hypothetical, a waste of time to contemplate even, to the average individual who has been told that we are stuck with the many entropic sources of energy we presently use (which also are sources we have to pay for). “Where is this miracle source?” they might ask.

    And here is where I bring up the “Dark” Energy that is now heralded all over science shows about physics and cosmology. This energy, which has been called “radiant energy” and “cosmic rays” (Tesla), “orgone” (Wilhelm Reich), “Zero Point Energy,” and many others, is pervading space. It is within you and within me, around all of us, and is present anywhere we go. Interestingly, though we are told of this energy (usually as “Dark” Energy), no mainstream media (MSM) outlet has asked the most logical question: Can we extract this energy in usable form?

    In fact, back in the 1950’s, the science of electrogravitics was being discussed openly in the aerospace literature, an industry that was studying electrogravitics at all the major players: Martin, Convair, Lear, Raytheon, Sperry, and many others. The discussion vanished in the latter part of that decade; it just wasn’t discussed anymore, despite the fact that so many companies had been drawn into the electrogravitics arena. Reports were that, “They want it secret for now.” Electrogravitics could draw on this energy and create overunity – free energy, in other words. So why was this a threat?

    The reasons for these occurrences – that the media never ask if we can draw on the Dark Energy, that electrogravitics became highly classified – become clear when we look at the fact that those presently in power would have to give up their power over others (having already power over themselves). From the perspective of those few, they would “lose.”

    Such an energy source would represent, at least, a virtually infinite source that is available to all. Any attribution of a negentropic aspect comes from reports from a number of sources suggesting that cold, not heat, is the defining characteristic of drawing on this source. These reports and the surrounding research and data have surely been suppressed – at least to the extent of not reporting on it and never, ever asking whether we can get something usable from “Dark” Energy. It would be a naïve position at best to expect the present power elite to ignore and NOT suppress and disparage any efforts to develop this source in usable form.

    And so, it would appear that we have had methods of extracting usable forms of energy from the “Dark” Energy pool, called the plenum (opposite of “vacuum,” from a root which means “empty” – the root of “plenum” means “full”) for at least 100 years (Tesla seems to have developed such methods). And we might conclude that the power elite wish to remain in their place of power over others, else they would have released the means to extract usable energy to the public. (There is strong evidence of suppression of many “free” energy devices, from hydrogen-from-water devices through magnetic devices, as well as the Plenum Energy methods.)

    The question now becomes, what would happen if we had this energy available to all of us? The answer depends on how we, as a planetary society, approach the matter.

    Since we’re examining society, it helps to understand that it moves and emerges in fractal expressions from a relatively small seed set of parameters. Up until now, the fractal seeds of all societies in history have included scarcity of energy (which is reflected in the scarcity of goods and money), and thus we see emerging greed, conspiracy, poverty, power elite, wage slavery and many other ills. If we look for a seed that gives an overarching structure for a society’s development in the advent of having such a source of energy available, and take advantage of what media we can to raise awareness to the tipping point of the goals and precepts we define, the society that fractalizes out of that seed will be strong, healthy, and unrestrictive – provided the seed is geared to that end.

    The key things that must be addressed are:

    1. A code of conduct
    2. Our approach to the Earth and how we bring forth the abundance she has to give
    3. How open we will be on code and programs for our machines
    4. How necessary work gets done
    5. How we communicate and identify the primary issues
    6. What focus in life should be stressed

    If we seed our society with a code of conduct, calling to the fore the three Laws – which are:

    1. Do not willfully harm or kill another Being
    2. Do not willfully take or damage another Being’s property
    3. Do not willfully defraud another Being

    this sets one parameter of the seed to ethics. (A Being (cap the “B”) is a member of a sentient, sapient species.)

    If we insist that all farming be organic – in its true sense, and not some trumped up legal definition – our food will grow ever better. If we insist that mining is done with a conscious awareness for retaining beauty and structure, our impact will be small and repairable. If we insist that manufacturing be done such that it is free of pollutants, our planet will remain healthy and abundant. If we are using the Plenum Energy, the energy we use will be clean (and fracture drilling, oil pumping, coal mining, rain forest clearing and other nasty behaviors and consequences associated with petrofuels will be eliminated). If we set this parameter of the seed with the drive to be thoughtful of our planet, our planet will thrive.

    If we demand open-source in all technology, we remove fears of machines “taking over.” Code can be looked at, published on the web – and better code will be worked out by those whose bliss it is to program things. A distrust of proprietary code (or any other hidden thing) should be promoted. Such a setting in this parameter of the seed will bring forth the best we can create.

    By creating robots to do all the necessary work no one wants to do (or not enough people), we release ourselves to do what we enjoy – we are released from slavery, having cast it off onto our machines. This seed parameter is one only now available to humanity. Never before in our history have we had the option to create mechanical slaves for every “dirty job.” Therefore, it, along with the addition of a negentropic energy source, will provide a frame for unique emergence, a new societal framework, a new consciousness.

    With a central website, in forum style, to address major issues – divided into local sections, regional sections and global sections, with “votes” at a certain level elevating the problems and solutions to the next level to be voted on by a greater number – we can collectively coordinate to solve the issues of this planet, with stigmergic governance and no government. Social responsibility will be seen as spending 15 minutes a day (or more) reviewing the issues on this site. This seed parameter will see an emergence of human unity as a race and as a planet.

    Setting a focus of fulfilling one’s own bliss, exchanging the “work ethic” for a Betterment Ethic, will see very much happier people, and far better results of efforts made – a job is done far better by someone who loves to do it than by one who feels compelled against their main desire. No job will be required to live well, but any job one wants to do is open to be done. I quote again from Rifkin’s Entropy (p. 210) to illustrate the differences between the scarcity paradigm and the new abundance paradigm, as it relates to work:

    “… [T]he authoritarian structure of the workplace robs the individual worker of a chance to join in a community with his fellows to make decisions and develop his talents. Unable to join with others to explore his potential and creativity, the individual is forced to retreat into a shell in which he has neither meaningful rights nor responsibilities at his work. All he is left with is a job, a place to make money, and a degrading environment to which he must submit, eight hours of every day.”

    Thus we can see how a seed parameter of encouraging one to follow one’s bliss – since in this new paradigm one can – uplifts each one of us and increases the value of consciousness in society.

    Having described the seed, how might it be expected to manifest? One of the first products that is likely to be seen is the “power box,” which will be sold, initially. These would be units that had a mechanism to draw on the Plenum Energy and outlets to plug in our air conditioners, stoves, heaters, refrigerators, freezers, and so forth. This would allow us to move anywhere and bring our comfort items with us. We could “go camping” and still have our amenities, and many will. Eventually these appliances will each have their own units within.

    As the cost of energy is removed from the production line at every stage, things will become less and less expensive, and at some point, will be given freely.

    Other observables will include:

    • Money falling into disuse
    • Motivation from the heart as opposed to profit
    • “Greed” becomes meaningless
    • Peace
    • Abundance for everyone
    • Elimination of corruption
    • Power over others supplanted by power over self
    • Elimination of GMO’s
    • Great reduction in violence
    • Creative pursuits increased greatly
    • A healed planet
    • Reduced or eliminated hoarding
    • Value placed on human-created art, textiles and products
    • Focus on cures, not patentable chemicals that sicken for profit motive
    • Human interaction with only those whose company is enjoyable (reduced social friction)
    • Robotic stewardship of the planet
    • Increased love and compassion
    • Greatly reduced stress
    • Wondrous works
    • “Live and let live” behavior
    • Most “laws” become unnecessary
    • Corporate power eliminated
    • Products made to last – no “planned obsolescence”
    • Waste reduced to virtually nil
    • Food nutrition increased for all
    • One’s reputation becomes the “coin” one uses
    • Personal responsibility for one’s own behavior
    • Spiritual growth
    • Slavery (outright or wage-slavery) abolished
    • Human dignity encouraged
    • Increase in charitable behavior
    • Self autonomy
    • Things are done because someone cares – from raising children to caring for others

    From this list, it is clear that many issues we now face will be solved. Wealth will be measured in richness of character, rather than in deposits to a bank account. And we will spend our time doing what we like to do, being with the people we like and share interests with. Inventions, rather than being suppressed, will burgeon, and the “Star Trek universe” may be within our grasp, with things like transporters and replicators emerging.

    Spiritual growth and communication will be encouraged as we find a greater amount of our time available to pursue the exploration of our inner dimension.

    Though this is not a solution to every issue arising from human interaction – we will always have our personal disagreements – the overall health of society will skyrocket. Yes, we may still argue with others over the smaller issues in our lives, and some may choose to behave violently, but the numbers of occurrences will drop to a level we would consider statistically insignificant. Definitely a vast improvement over what we see today.

    When you consider what I present here, ask yourself these questions:

    Does this threaten a pet vision – passing laws, say, to solve a problem you see, or a view of striking it rich – that you have of your future? Does this scare you? Do you look for reasons that it won’t work? (All you envision as barrier issues – are scarcity paradigm views…)

    Then ask yourself why working towards what I present here won’t solve the issue you want to solve, why you wouldn’t be rich in what I show to you, why it wouldn’t fulfill your idea of heaven, why you are afraid, and/or why you look for reasons it won’t work – rather than apply the proactive will to make this happen.

    If we each choose to create this, since we have all it would take, consciously co-creating towards this goal, what I present would happen. It would take enough of us reaching a tipping point before it would all be downhill, and you may choose your future behavior. Speak for abundance, or reduce the chances that this will ever happen by keeping silent.

    In closing, I recommend any who work for someone else and also are privy to information (such as methods of extracting usable energy from the plenum) give strong consideration to coming forth with what is known. In the end, you and all of us will be better off – and even today’s power elite will retain their life style, if not their power over us.

    Further reading:

    The Abundance Paradigm, by Amaterasu

    Click to access aad67f70b7b43ddc.pdf

    Another Letter from the Future, by Amaterasu

    Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, by Dr. Paul A. LaViolette

    To sign a petition for the release of electrogravitics technology:

    Twitter: @AmaterasuSolar Blog:

    • April 23, 2012 11:07 am

      Beautiful work Ama. I also appreciate the fact of your long connect with electro-gravitics etc. through your father.

      My main comment was for Free Energy+Humans.
      How can you pour so much into such a weak container? What do you think will happen if a pauper get’s a million dollars one day? I can see the deliterious impact of un-earned anything all around me in India.

      I have free-energy devices in my hand. I know people who have stunning things in their labs/garages.

      But look around you…… In my post I made the case, quite strongly I believe, of what free evergy has done to three populaces (well 4). Do you think it did/has done any one of them any good?

      And do you really think the MIC will release the stolen work of Tesla and Schauberger for the greater good?

      I doubt it….. I’ve served in the Navy (India), been in “high” office, worked in the MIC……. perhaps I’m a luddite, a tech-no-logical luddite…. and I have more ways to solve the evergy crisis than most people have fingers on their hands.

      Really appreciate your perspective and passion. Do look around th esite some more, especially the early posts, perhaps a better sense of why i said what I said will emerge?

      Thanks for sharing.

      • amaterasusolar permalink
        April 23, 2012 2:39 pm

        Everything We look at We look at from a scarcity paradigm. We look at in terms of money. “What do you think will happen if a pauper get’s a million dollars one day?” Money differentiates, makes Us unequal. What do You think would happen if all paupers and all the rich (and everyOne in between) could live as richly as Each chooses? Where material things did not set the definition of One’s “caste?” Where One’s behavior and intellectual contributions determined One’s worth?

        The focus on the material would drop away. The need for THINGS would diminish. Poor behavior would make One a pariah. Pariahhood would be an EARNED status (as well it should be), and not a “birthright” or the happenstance of poverty.

        The Abundance Paradigm is indeed a paradigm shift. It is a place where giving freely of “intellectual property” is what enriches One. Where kindness, assistance, and compassion make One wealthy.

        This planet is vastly abundant, plenty for every one of Us. But the abundance is hindered in its flow to all of Us through the mechanism of money, used now to account for ENERGY scarcity – a scarcity kept in place by those elite who would be counted rich by the material aspects, and thus gain power from that. Money = power (over Others) = energy. Money/power/energy are three forms of the same thing, like ice/water/steam.

        With the advent of robots to replace Human toil, Human energy can be plied into Betterment and Bliss. And with free energy, the abundance of this planet can flow to all of Us.

    • April 23, 2012 11:45 am

      Amaterasu, please see this when you have time, perhaps a deeper, different perspective?
      It’s clearly a deep, not simple rabbit-hole, this business of turning the world around, eh?

      • amaterasusolar permalink
        April 23, 2012 3:55 pm

        I have watched. And to be frank, found the scarcity paradigm at the root. Society is a chaos system, with its infolded seed of money/energy scarcity having greed, Selfishness, castes, poverty, hunger, homelessness, oppression, war, all emerge from that seed.

        With a seed of energy abundance, “greed” will be meaningless. All economic models (capitalism, communism, socialism) become moot. Rather than defining “success” in terms of money accumulation or contribution according to ability, We will be able to define it in terms of richness of character and betterment.

        “From Each according to BLISS; to Each according to DESIRE.”

        • April 23, 2012 5:18 pm

          Precisely, we are in agreement Amaterasu. Scarcity of true vision also. Scarcity of truth.
          Look at the people who de-sign killing machines….

          We have to find our “self” again, pure humans will make pure machines….the current crop….needs a lot of purification.
          Like I said at Zen’s blog, with great power comes great responsibility.

          Even robots, who will ensure that Asimov’s Three Laws will be adhered to? Deepwater Horizon was never “meant” to happen, ne? It’s technology runaway. it always happens.

          We need to be able to hold that much energy first.

          i hope you see the resonance in our views as well as where we part…. timing…. 🙂

          Thanks for sharing.

  12. April 22, 2012 4:31 pm

    BS! There would be no curse to Free Energy. Great article AmaterasuSolar. Very eloquant.

    People… research thos links just above and watch this when you have the chance:

    • amaterasusolar permalink
      April 22, 2012 5:34 pm

      [smile] Indeed. Just so You know… I wrote an article about how even THRIVE doesn’t have it quite right:

      THRIVE – Concerns and Comments
      by Amaterasu Solar

      I finally had the opportunity to see Thrive. It’s now offered free on the web by the Thrive Movement ( In the film, the “main man,” Foster Gamble, son of Gamble of Proctor-and-Gamble fame, brings Us a message of free energy, alien involvement with Humans, and information that suggests that there is an elite who are planning complete planetary domination by controlling the few People left on the planet after They have exterminated most.

      In truth, none of this surprised Me in and of itself, given that I have investigated many reports of many things, and the pattern I discern matches well with exactly these things. His message seems to be that all living things, by nature, should thrive – yet Humans are not. In this, it is not difficult to see He is correct. By far, most Humans are struggling at best. Foster points out that this is because of the fractional banking system and its pattern of lending money and then reining it in, causing bankruptcy, poverty and misery, while the elite who control the banks usurp property as payment.

      More and more, He points out, We are seeing the effects of Our slavery to the debt these elite have created for Us to pay back ad infinitum.

      The film ends on a positive note, suggesting that We eliminate the Fed (or equivalent for other countries) and have public, not private money creation. He makes other suggestions, such as the principle of non-intervention, and builds a reasonable solution.

      I understand that some details were left out for time consideration – chemtrails are referenced in a graphic but not brought up as a talking point, for example; however, I want to point out a vital aspect here that Foster seemed to have missed completely in His understanding of what is going on, as well as a few additional concerns.

      The key element He has missed is the VERY intimate relationship between money and energy. All money represents is meaningful energy expended. Nothing more, nothing less. This is confirmed by economists like Jeremy Rifkin, who wrote in His book, Entropy, published in 1980:

      … Every time we add our labor to a product or perform a service we expend energy and increase the overall entropy of the environment. Every time we exchange money for a product or a service, the legal tender we use represents payment for previous energy that we expend. Money, after all, is nothing more than stored energy credits.

      It turns out that even that evil entity, the Council on Foreign Relations, says as much.

      So adding abundantly what money represents, removing the cost of energy all down the line, makes the cost products, transportation and home operation approach zero. Adding robots to do all necessary work no One WANTS to do (or not enough People), and the cost of Human energy is removed. At that point, the abundance of this planet We share will flow freely to ALL of Us. This is by FAR the biggest reason the power elite have hidden and suppressed free energy.

      It is very clear that Humans WILL do work They WANT to do for free. Witness Linux. Linus Torvald didn’t get paid. The programmers who took His work and improved upon it didn’t get paid. They were in Their bliss, programming, making things better, solving problems.

      For a detailed look at what the addition of free energy, robots and a small set of parameters would do for Our planet, visit:

      One glaring thing that Foster failed to go into, which I think is very important, is Agenda 21. If He had addressed this in the film, it would have added greatly to the effectiveness of the film, as well as raising awareness of this insidious plan to rule the world by the elites, out in the open and easily researched by any who are interested. I am concerned about this omission, as it leads Me to concerns about the true motives behind this film.

      Also… There is a scene in which caterpillars are used as a metaphor for society and it was disconcerting to see the monarch butterfly emerge. The Monarch Programming is the not-so-secret successor to the MK ULTRA mind control program, a program for which there is plenty of information that proves that it DID take place. We can hardly expect that They just said, “Oops. We were found out!” and then just quit this line of pursuit. (One of many links about this program:

      I note that the image used for the cover of the Thrive video has the Illuminati “One Eye” in the form of a band being lifted from the eyes of a woman, with only one eye free to see from. I contemplate whether this is a message that the whole – which, as is Their wont to “hide” in plain sight Their plans – a code to say it’s part of Their plan, or whether its use is to say, “We’re looking right back.”

      All in all, I say this movie is worth watching, as long as One keeps in mind that there is likely much more to its appearance now than meets the…er…eye.

      Also, another link, explaining that the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project also don’t have it quite right:

      But all three are close. [smile]

    • April 23, 2012 11:51 am

      Freeman, if you are truly a freeman, then your mind has to be all flex, no set. Mind-flex. I’m open to change my perspective when someone shows me something core, original, true.

      Thrive…. well, the less said the better. Foster Gamble…. maybe he should have thought about all this and got his family to stop putting Fluoride in toothpastes? Stop feeding chemicals, deeply harmful ones at that, to the world. Duracell? Tide? How about Olestra?

      Fruit does not fall far from the tree. In common language, Thrive is a Distractive, Destructive Psy-op.

      Thanks for sharing. See below (my reply to Amaterasu) for more.

  13. nadall permalink
    April 26, 2012 6:20 pm

    These are great visions. I wonder how do the ‘demands’ you mentioned (we demand this, we demand that) get enforced?

    How do you keep the beast in the breast under wraps? Do you think it just disappears when every body’s needs are met?

    In my experience, there is a force (I personally judge it as evil, but that’s my bias) that is cruel just because it CAN be….that prefers chaos to order….a trample and piss in the virgin snow sort of force.
    Where does that fit in?

    • amaterasusolar permalink
      April 26, 2012 6:58 pm

      When free energy flows, all power over Others dissipates in favor of autonomous power over Self. It is not merely meeting everyOne’s needs…

      Now surely, some may band together, but in order to have great affect, a very large group would have to band. Even today, if it were not for money, those few in control would be overwhelmed. So this force, which is really rather small amongst Us, is presently amplified through the mechanism of money.

      And should the word go out that any have behaved poorly (broken one or more of the three Laws), that One would become pariah – and restricted to luxurious confines should the breech be deemed bad enough to warrant that.

      I’m not clear what specifically You’re referring to relative to “demands…” Do You mean demanding free energy tech? If so, if awareness reaches the tipping point, the tech will leak out or be offered directly. One way or another, it will come forth. But We do have to reach the tipping point. And that is what I am out to accomplish.

  14. nadall permalink
    April 26, 2012 7:32 pm

    Thank you so much for your reply. The demands referred to the statements “If we insist that all farming be organic and if we demand open-source in all technology we remove all fears of the machine taking over”.

    So, the pariahs would be rounded up and confined to a pleasant area. OK.
    Given the sorry state of the human heart, a rather large area, but I’m sure that could be done.

    What about AI becoming self aware (like Hal in 2001 or Skynet in the Terminator) and taking over? How does open sourcing technology affect that factor?

    I love your vision and I SO hope you are right and it’s certainly worth a try and I have some very real doubts intuitively and I wish you well, very well and I’m doing my best right here and now.

    • Joshua permalink
      May 1, 2012 6:07 pm

      Open Source means that as soon as “Skynet” causes a problem, there’s 10,000 hackers who could very quickly dismantle it.

  15. Brian permalink
    September 17, 2012 1:49 am

    Check out old technologies are being reinvented and new ones are in the making.. There are great accomplishments happening in energy, but will the industry allow them out? Sterling motors are available and rotory motors also.Other then initial costs and minor maintenance these are Free Energy. There is much more if you investigate.Sterling motor generator are incredible.

  16. October 2, 2012 5:25 pm

    “And should the word go out that any have behaved poorly (broken one or more of the three Laws), that One would become pariah – and restricted to luxurious confines should the breech be deemed bad enough to warrant that.”

    So who is going to do the “restricting” and *forcible* removal of the lawbreaker?
    You would need a police force. And one made up of the most righteous people ever selected for this duty (in your specific vision).

    Bottom line….somebody will have to physically lay a hand on somebody else eventually.
    Watch the BBC series “The Tripods” from 1984. They still needed “The Black Guards” .
    Restricting someone is controlling. Full stop. You think a human will listens to society when told to stop doing something it has chosen to do? Barely.

    Utopian technological dreams are just that. Dreams.
    Never to be realized. They will always incorporate a hellish element eventually.
    It’s IMPOSSIBLE to control the human will with GENUINELY gentle methods.

    This “closed system” of Earth/Universe is an experiment I believe.
    The sentient computing units (humans) will have to be reprogrammed by their maker to eliminate all the problems. Man and his tech cannot do it.

  17. October 2, 2012 6:36 pm

    “No other way, India, such a capitally inefficient (as in an inefficient user of capital) nation, could be one of the darlings of the growth story. There is no power to drive this engine except cheap (free) human power. Electricity is a joke here. And of course, being exploitative, this Free Energy system creates all manners of imbalance and tension in the social fabric. The effects are clear to see. India is in awful shape. It’s de-sensitized, TV addled populace is being worked into the ground.”

    I know what you mean by “free energy”, but truthfully….India is solar powered just like everywhere else. The *completely free* solar energy allows for food growing….to power the humans.

    Why did they worship Aten hmmmmm?

    So, humans *already* have free, limitless energy. Have always had it.
    That’s not the problem.

    The problem is that jerk that always wants to be king (or CEO or President, or Amenhotep IV).
    It’s inside all of us really.

    The new golden rule, if followed strictly, that would change everything:

    “Mind thy own damn business”

    Only the maker could plug that line of code in and have it stick.

  18. Mushet permalink
    March 30, 2014 7:58 am

    You are WRONG. Free Energy is what the human race NEEDS NOW. In INDIA especially. The Hindu Caste system is evil. But Muslims are even worse. Ancient India had Free Energy Vimanas. Ancient Flying saucers made of rust proof iron.

    The Indian people are great people. Indian steel is very good.

    Free Energy would allow individuals to become independent.

    Matter could be replicated and transmuted into anything from anything.

  19. jbraintree permalink
    May 3, 2014 4:22 pm

    I’m an American. I pay for every bit of energy I use, whether my utilities at home or gasoline for my car, and it’s not cheap. Where’s this free energy you speak of?

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