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September 15, 2010


Hope you had a better retrograde than I did. Mercury retrograde that is. Pluto I am yet to understand, so don’t feel it…yet. It just went direct too, if I recall CA’s comment/post. CA-ji, care to enlighten us a little on Pluto and his role in our cosmic picture? I know he represents deep things, long buried, thus, the retrograde would have brought out old things… physical relics, memories, deep emotional triggers presenting themselves for examination, review and keep/discard. They sure did for me.

As they used to say in the comics, probably to quaint for today… phew! High highs and low lows marked this retrograde.

Look at the international picture… Pakistan a mess in every regard, under fire from the air, massive flooding, the War/Sham on terror, the land of the pure (Pak=pure) is being overwhelmed. Pakistan has been the fulcrum of the south Asian game for the un-balancing of the Indian Subcontinent and China. Of course Iran on the other side is the balance within the balance. It is geo-politics showing a literal hand for once. What we are witnessing is the megalomania of military power.

Kashmir is aflame again. Much worse this time. And the Indian Armed Forces are fighting to keep their current role active. Weird, because they and theirs are routinely accused of rape/pillage/murder. Of innocents, mostly. Under the garb of this same mysterious war/sham on terror. Anyways, Kashmir is a flashpoint, very Saravejo in the echo of the start of WWI.

From Wikipedia…

On 28 June 1914, Gavrilo Princip, a Bosnian-Serb student and member of Young Bosnia, assassinated the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo, Bosnia

That was the purported spark for the war to end all wars. Total double speak of course, because it was the war that began the war that has not ended. Can you see the irony of that? Would be funny if it was not the cause of such a destructive drain of human creative potential.

We could have reached here through creative may-hem. But we didn’t and here we are. Even as the “players” in the other flash-point (Pal/Isr) shake hands for meet the press, daily reports of excesses by the Israeli IDF continue to pour in.

Iran has been given the back seat for the moment, after a flourish in the last three months or so. Watch for it to come roaring back when the next ratchet is applied.

Too dark man, too dark. This is what most people, recoiling, think if they read such things.

I say please look around you.

The simplest portends are trends. We are but time-specks in a trend within trends within megatrends…..etc….

What are the trends telling us? Go to a library and ask for back dated copies (hard copies) of popular magazines. Flip through. All the trends you need to understand will show themselves unfolding. A flipbook of trends, setting and following.

Just take one magazine that has survived from the 50’s. Enough said, eh?

The trend, the mega trend, the meta trend is unfortunately in a devolutionary spiral. We are currently in the hard down phase. Remember, a de-evolutionary spiral compresses, and rather fast as it nears the center, into a point. Yikes. What’s it going to take to get through the eye of that needle?

And the compression is tighter, time flows faster in the final phases as the circle inward gets tighter and tighter. Squeeze ahead….

Lose all extraneous things. At the very least your attachment to them. Pfffft… it’s easy. What is meant to stay really stays, or even returns and feels comfortable. The rest is/was just a burden.

I kid you not, not one bit. No profit from doom or anything of that sort. Just trendspotting.

In a history I can see being written in the future, we/they will speak of our mis-understanding of infinity and the coming of the harsh realization that infinity as we con-strued it was just a circle jerk and of course the rails met. Ouch!

Given up anything lately?

Try it. That is real lightening up.

See the trend there?

Give up weight if it bothers you so much. Don’t try so hard to lose it!


More soon on geo-politics and interesting finds with regards to Saturn as the Father of this SOL-ar system, known in hindu mythology as Maha Kaal (Great Time). How fantastic if there has actually been a change of Suns/Center of Rotation within Human Memory!

Far out, literally, figuratively and other-wise.

As one discovers, the rabbit hole is deep indeed and wheels are always to be found with-in wheels. Always.

Be well.


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  1. Vee H Wong permalink
    September 16, 2010 10:31 am

    New here. Love to read your writings.
    I try to live from the heart (six virtues: Compassion, Humility, Understanding, Appreciation, Forgiveness,Valor) and still trying. Although I remind myself of never giving up on humanity; and yet hear and read things daily…It’s hard.
    Enlight oneself, I found easily said then done (I know…need to do it, but) what about people you care deeply, how do you ‘lighten’ them?

    • September 16, 2010 5:36 pm

      Nice to read and be reminded of the six virtues Vee, thanks for that.

      And yes, these are difficult times to have open eyes. As Gurdjieff said, it’s easy to wake up a man who is sleeping, but how do you awaken a man who thinks he is already awake?

      Hmmmmm, quite the dilemma until you realize that no one can wake anyone else up. No one. Not even the Buddha himself.

      A Bodhisattva just is. Every-thing just happens. 🙂

  2. September 16, 2010 5:39 pm

    Retrograde Mercury – I believe it now.

    5th September – a tree falls from the neighbouring compound and smashes all my aunt’s telephone and internet connections. Two days later, completely unrelated hardware fault sees our landlines and internet connections go on the blink. The Reliance wireless broadband card was with my uncle who was travelling….ten days no phones or internet.

    Plenty of time to sit and think though 😉

  3. Cathartes Aura permalink
    September 17, 2010 2:51 am

    ahhh, pluto – whole books have been written on that planet, mmmHmmm. . .

    astrology is an interesting way to ‘speak’ – there are fixed concepts involving planetary archetypes, 360 degree circles called “charts” to work from, angles within the circle, degree points of houses & planets to consider. . . some of it basics, but the ART is in the interpretations, and as with all ART, the result varies with the artist. . . this is why there are so many variants within the form, and sadly, allows for dis-crediting what could be very use-full to many people, who fear ridicule & give it a wide berth. . .

    alright, that’s my disclaimer out of the way, heh. . . I like to use the “as above, so below” archetypal relationships when working with astrology. . . pluto is the outermost planetary marker of our system, distant, long, uneven cycles, etc. . . for me, it represents that which directs the show, sub-consciously. . . some refer to it as the “soul” vs. the individual actor – it holds the life agenda – mars is the “actor” that receives nudges from pluto to get the ball rolling. . . these are very important planets to consider in any single chart, be it hu-man, nationstate, whatever. . .

    pluto works mostly sub-consciously – it rules our mostly unacknowledged needs and desires, and how we go about feeding them. . . depending on which sign pluto was in at birth – and degree, and aspects to other planets – an individual will have a life force focused on certain outcomes. . . the variables are pretty immense, but the BASIC is that which is seen as desire-able will be pursued, irregardless of obstacles. . .

    pluto is retrograde, for roughly 5 months every year, currently April to September – the degree point it retrogrades at – this time 5dgCapricorn – and then stations direct – last Monday at 3dgCapricorn – holds the archetypal energy of what has been constructed out of our past beliefs, we have outgrown & it needs to be torn down, rebuilt with our new “standards” in mind. . . think institutions of all kinds, particularly nationstates. . . but also anything that is “believed” in and subject to dis-illusionment relative to ultimate truths. . . so keywords are: betrayal, loss of trust or faith, resultant anger, guilt over previous actions that may have harmed, as awareness begins to dawn on the individual. . . anything that has represented caretaker, be it monies, relationships, dependencies of all types – they’ll be receding as we are encouraged (forcefully at times) to develop our OWN beliefs, our OWN standards, cutting loose the need for reliance on others. . . when a planet retrogrades, we get a chance to “rethink” the agenda – so whatever was “up” for one earlier in the year, particularly March / April, will re-visit & demand re-solve now.

    cultures worldwide have been encouraged to rely on the acquisition of “things” – which means “money” has been a “god” to many, and many standards have been bent in the pursuit of this, both individually and institutionally. . . therefore, our collective relationship to money & things will be challenged. . . as will loyalty to nations, leaders of all types will be seen as false. . . remember, that which you have believed to be intrinsic to your being-ness will be re-moved in order for you to become more aware of your true nature. . .

    pluto is also about control, that which we think we control, or the power over us by others. . . all this will be challenged into the understanding of our limits of power or control, and who thinks they have it “over” us. . . challenges to authority will be rampant, and surrendering the illusion of control gives you a head start, hmm.

    one last thing about pluto – it works mostly sub-consciously, and it’s very difficult to relinquish that which is desired. . . usually there is some kind of “event” that accomplishes this on your behalf, and consciousness deals with the aftermath – loss, sorrow, betrayals, regrets, then awareness. . . pluto transits on individual chart’s planets or angles usually last about 5 yrs. – with the third being the most intense, and the years following are the “integration” of the actual event. . . and again, varies from chart to chart. . . ie, with the individual.

    I know that’s a long “answer” hehe, but pluto is worth awareness. . . this particular chapter, transit in capricorn, will be felt worldwide as nations reel with their citizen’s dissatisfactions, particularly the US, which has pluto in capricorn in the natal chart – not gonna be simple, or pretty.

    and lastly – promise! – the upcoming Full Harvest Moon next week happens at zero degrees aries, minutes after the Fall Equinox. . . very powerful, solstice & equinox points have been sacred traditionally, and there’s a reason. . . and pluto in early capricorn (Winter Solstice point zero degrees capricorn) will figure prominently in this full moon – expect the unexpected, particularly if you have any early degree cardinal planets in your natal chart. . . it really is a very powerful signature.

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