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On Pluto…Courtesy Cathartes A…

September 17, 2010


CA’s take on Pluto follows, as always  great in-sights…


ahhh, pluto – whole books have been written on that planet, mmmHmmm. . .

astrology is an interesting way to ‘speak’ – there are fixed concepts involving planetary archetypes, 360 degree circles called “charts” to work from, angles within the circle, degree points of houses & planets to consider. . . some of it basics, but the ART is in the interpretations, and as with all ART, the result varies with the artist. . . this is why there are so many variants within the form, and sadly, allows for dis-crediting what could be very use-full to many people, who fear ridicule & give it a wide berth. . .

alright, that’s my disclaimer out of the way, heh. . . I like to use the “as above, so below” archetypal relationships when working with astrology. . . pluto is the outermost planetary marker of our system, distant, long, uneven cycles, etc. . . for me, it represents that which directs the show, sub-consciously. . . some refer to it as the “soul” vs. the individual actor – it holds the life agenda – mars is the “actor” that receives nudges from pluto to get the ball rolling. . . these are very important planets to consider in any single chart, be it hu-man, nationstate, whatever. . .

pluto works mostly sub-consciously – it rules our mostly unacknowledged needs and desires, and how we go about feeding them. . . depending on which sign pluto was in at birth – and degree, and aspects to other planets – an individual will have a life force focused on certain outcomes. . . the variables are pretty immense, but the BASIC is that which is seen as desire-able will be pursued, irregardless of obstacles. . .

pluto is retrograde, for roughly 5 months every year, currently April to September – the degree point it retrogrades at – this time 5dgCapricorn – and then stations direct – last Monday at 3dgCapricorn – holds the archetypal energy of what has been constructed out of our past beliefs, we have outgrown & it needs to be torn down, rebuilt with our new “standards” in mind. . . think institutions of all kinds, particularly nationstates. . . but also anything that is “believed” in and subject to dis-illusionment relative to ultimate truths. . . so keywords are: betrayal, loss of trust or faith, resultant anger, guilt over previous actions that may have harmed, as awareness begins to dawn on the individual. . . anything that has represented caretaker, be it monies, relationships, dependencies of all types – they’ll be receding as we are encouraged (forcefully at times) to develop our OWN beliefs, our OWN standards, cutting loose the need for reliance on others. . . when a planet retrogrades, we get a chance to “rethink” the agenda – so whatever was “up” for one earlier in the year, particularly March / April, will re-visit & demand re-solve now.

cultures worldwide have been encouraged to rely on the acquisition of “things” – which means “money” has been a “god” to many, and many standards have been bent in the pursuit of this, both individually and institutionally. . . therefore, our collective relationship to money & things will be challenged. . . as will loyalty to nations, leaders of all types will be seen as false. . . remember, that which you have believed to be intrinsic to your being-ness will be re-moved in order for you to become more aware of your true nature. . .

pluto is also about control, that which we think we control, or the power over us by others. . . all this will be challenged into the understanding of our limits of power or control, and who thinks they have it “over” us. . . challenges to authority will be rampant, and surrendering the illusion of control gives you a head start, hmm.

one last thing about pluto – it works mostly sub-consciously, and it’s very difficult to relinquish that which is desired. . . usually there is some kind of “event” that accomplishes this on your behalf, and consciousness deals with the aftermath – loss, sorrow, betrayals, regrets, then awareness. . . pluto transits on individual chart’s planets or angles usually last about 5 yrs. – with the third being the most intense, and the years following are the “integration” of the actual event. . . and again, varies from chart to chart. . . ie, with the individual.

I know that’s a long “answer” hehe, but pluto is worth awareness. . . this particular chapter, transit in capricorn, will be felt worldwide as nations reel with their citizen’s dissatisfactions, particularly the US, which has pluto in capricorn in the natal chart – not gonna be simple, or pretty.

and lastly – promise! – the upcoming Full Harvest Moon next week happens at zero degrees aries, minutes after the Fall Equinox. . . very powerful, solstice & equinox points have been sacred traditionally, and there’s a reason. . . and pluto in early capricorn (Winter Solstice point zero degrees capricorn) will figure prominently in this full moon – expect the unexpected, particularly if you have any early degree cardinal planets in your natal chart. . . it really is a very powerful signature.


Gracias CA…



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