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Nuclear Revelation… a-bomb indeed!

September 20, 2010


I’ve had my Nuclear Revelatory Moment, enough to justify my worst fears for this week, already.

Please do yourself a favour, and of whatever political or ethnic or any other persuasion you may be, read the linked article:

Nuclear Bombshell

What do you think? I’m half way through it actually, and I’m stunned beyond belief. I know when I’m reading a thoroughly well researched piece of truth reporting.

Think like the enemy? What an awful thought.

Be the enemy? Worse.

There is no enemy? The enemy is us?

L’s and G, if this article is to go viral, and the proverbial 100th monkey sees the light……. something will shift.

It has to!

We have to tear our blinders off! There is nothing wrong per say with death and dying, they being part of the cycle of birth and resurrection. But to be stripped of our genetic dignity. Like this? In full knowledge and in poker faced denial or even outright reversal.

Nuclear power is the future. It’s good for you! Clean power.

What a load of nasty PR induced mass hypnosis.

This from the article:

Dr James Conant, Chair of the S-1 Poison Gas Committee under the Manhattan Project, and the father and co-creator of depleted uranium poison gas weapons in the 1940s, became President of both the American Chemical Society and Harvard University. In 1952 Conant predicted that atomic power would flounder because of the virtually insoluble problem of radioactive waste disposal.(28)” end quote.

Heard of Yuca Mountain?

Remember this and this and this?

Heard of the massively supressed story about the dumping, through local stooges, of western nuclear waste in leaking containers off the shallow sea of Somalia? Go on, research it, it will shock you. I’ll even help with a google search phrase. Go on, read a few of the better known authors and websites there. Shocking stuff really.

Seen Japan? Deer in perpetual headlights! Light always on. Cheaply un-clearly powered. And totally dis-empowered as a result. I’m speaking from a decade long, intensely personal experience.

Such a clarion call to find our center eh?

In the face of such polarity, ever increasing at that,

Visualize this:

Ever since man and machine got “always on” with the advent of electricity, the proportion of evolution has increased tremendously and disproportionately toward the machine and we, the plugees have de-volved, now softer, weaker, more prone to atmospheric shocks and the resulting diseases of lifestyle, losing our vitality to machines.

I am saying the Age if the Machine is here and now!

Could it really be the time for the Butlerian Jihad?

Or who but machines could be this callous towards the bio-sphere, us included?

I need to sleep on this…..

Be well and thought-full and full of care…

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