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Of tipping points and shape shifting…redux…

September 28, 2010


Felt strongly called to re-post this from June 18th, 2010. Felt pertinent…

From the post…



As I looked over my previous posts, I sensed some of the people who’ve actually dug around through the lot asking themselves, is there a point to all this?


But the point is not so much to paint a picture than to create a multi-contextual collage. If I have a role and goal it is to be your weaver of context . I’ve had the opportunity, through circumstance and choice, to be widely exposed to every kind of physical and metaphysical life/situation/theology/teacher.

I’ve also had the opportunity to travel far and wide and as is my wont, always sought the wisdom of the place and it’s people. I’ve also had the opportunity to be a military man (for 12 years), look at the inner workings at high levels of government and participate in the great fraud that was the .com revolution. I saw the housing bubble (the next great fraud) close up and personal and while in Northern California, the opportunity to interact with true anarchists. Ruthless seekers, no armchair activists, people who lived as they spoke and thought.

Back here in India, I’m getting the opportunity to watch, up close and personal again, Capitalism’s EPIC failure. So, for one reason or another, life has given me a big picture view of things.  And put along the path, people who guided me into uncomfortable but always rewarding places. And then, one day, I was handed a key, asked to open THE door and walk in…… more on this  in a bit…..

These are shifty times, yes? You cannot count on anything. People, institutions, systems, science, religion, everywhere we are beginning to see the root is rotten. Institutionally, this is the time of the great let-down. Church abuse, godman abuse, temple abuse, financial scandals, political scandals, wars for profit, wars for wars sake, corporate malfeasance, the splintering of family………. everything is in motion…. like change is underfoot…..

Shift shape and you get phase. Change phase and you get shape.

Annagrammatic play, but language gives strange clues if you look between the lines.

We are currently in the throes of the greatest phase change that humanity has been subject to (and co-created) in known history. And through out history, this is how it has always been.

In keeping with the cyclical theory of everything, the pendulum swings from one extreme to the other, the snake comes back to bite it’s own tail… you get the picture.

And endings are always climactic. Anti-climactic, pro-climactic, it matters not. Climactic they are. That is what the word implies, a climax.

Another interesting phrase for climax is end-game. We are in the end game stage of the age of Pisces ,  heading into the age of Aquarius. That much is astronomically accepted. Astronomy and it’s sibling (parent?) Astrology are undeniable influences on out thought process.  And the heavens and it’s inhabitants on us. Think about it.

If a person standing next to you, or a hundred feet away can startle you with a shout (energy projection), or kill you with an arrow (force/energy projection)…. imagine, inspite of the distances involved, how much those giant bodies, billions of times more powerful than anything we can hope to make/generate impact us all the time.

Actually look no farther than the moon, the mover of the great waters (tides), inner waters (menses for women) and subtle waters (mind, Luna-tic, full moons are madness moons for good reason).

So, this shift of the ages, indicated at the galactic scale by a change from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

It is also the end of the Industrial world as we know it. It has brought us naught but a thin veneer of achievement. Our lives, our everyday lives are much the worse for it (please read my piece and for my thoughts on what it has done to/for us).

And it is only fitting that in the climax of the industrial age and in the climax of the age of Pisces, we have the very industry that led us here, OIL and the place of it’s greatest failure the Water (Deepwater Horizon Spill). Water of course is Fish=Pisces.

Sad (or not really, since it is a cycle after all), but weirdly fitting in a way, yes?

Climaxes and end-game times are also times of heightened emotions, willingness to break rules, chaos and stark choices.

Think about it as a fork coming up on the road ahead. Till now, or especially for our parents and grandparents generations, losing their way collectively as they were (or we would not be here, they were the guides), the moment of choice was comfortably far enough away for them to leave it be, it was going to be our choice to make.

Our generation, meaning all of us alive/cogent individuals of supposedly free will, are going to be confronted by that choice. And like any phase/shape change time, the choice becomes black and white. Which fork, left or right? (Or up or down, matters not, there will be a moment of choice and one well nigh impossible to go back on).

For the rest, go HERE


Seems like things got a lot shakier since then eh?

A small example of what I consider the amplification of trend driven dynamics, all portending a time of high instability. Get your sea legs or get underground.

Did we dodge a big one in this past week, where I’d predicted so much mayhem? Not sure I’ll recant yet. The implosion triggered by the FED might just have begun it’s slow fuse burn last Friday. The suppressed beach ball barometer, Gold and it’s shiney mother silver are straining at the gates.

Meanwhile, geopolitics has a whole new flash point, China Japan. What timing eh? Fishing boat captain scapegoat bullshit reasoning to raise such a huge stink and resultant increase in geo-political risk.

Iran attacked by a cyber worm now inflitrating it’s nuclear facilities.

And so much earth change.

Remember, I mentioned a 7.0 on India’s crown here on September 18th. And then the Common Wealth Games Scandal began to unfold on Spetember 21st.. India’s real reputation lies in tatters (at least as far as the industrialized world goes). This is what the world is seeing of India. I hope for everyone’s sake that the games go with-out a hitch. Feels like an India take-down moment in history. Let’s see. Army etc. are out in full support. God willing, no one will get hurt in the conduct of these games. All else is good.

Meanwhile North India reels under more floods. Water is the theme at the end of the piscean age.

The re-start of settlement building in Israel Palastine. Remember saying it would not be long. Same for Iran, the script is now rolling and any deviations will be for effect/faking only. Imagine that the people that launched the Iraq war have now been absolutely and completely proven to have based that war on false and even worse manufactured evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

And the same players are at it again. Drums beating, always, sometimes slow, sometimes fast. How quickly the fires of Russia, the recent drought in China, the Pakistan Floods, the ongoing crisis in Kashmir, the on-going decimation of Tibet, Haiti, of course Haiti… Sumatra, Tsunami a faint memory….nine…..eleven……… is pushed into the background everyday.

The church today, BP tomorrow, North Korea next..economy….jobs….numbers…statistics….hope…..anger….fear…big one…fear…….

At some point, this giant, interconnected, out of control gloablized mass of connections will splinter under the weight of it’s own unfair beginnings. And we will all be worse off and then later (a few years out) better off for it.

The key or trick (both are fair) is not to be afraid AND to recognize the moment it begins. For the astute, no more needs saying. I heartfully suggest a little stumble around for everyone into my favourite web-sites for a refreshingly different take on the world.  Not pretty or always right, but always worth a read…

Something will click. Just like a polytheistic religion, there is something/one for everyone. Hints hints everywhere.

Be well.


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  1. Vee H Wong permalink
    September 29, 2010 5:18 am

    Thanks for the shape-and-change remind. I got seasicks so would probably look for underground. What a mess we (and our guides) put ourselves in…piling layer on top of layers until we reach the apex. Wish we were alternate-guided from birth: “You are dying from this moment on, live everyday joyfully, there is only NOW, and LOVE!”

    I am tempted to join you in your walkabout. But I need to check out if I am worthy…first. And I am trying the finger-tip exercise as well as visitng those suggested sites I haven’t visited.

    Good day,

    • September 29, 2010 5:36 am

      🙂 Vee, pleasure to hear/see that you’ve been around this a-temporal blog a little and are finding things here that make you think/feel!

      And it’s never about “Am I worthy” but much more like “Am I ready”.

      It’s the readiness for the knock on the inner door that we’ve devised practices like Spiral.

      I like “alternate guided”!

  2. Ywlo permalink
    September 30, 2010 6:45 pm

    Another india up north in the same boat 🙂


  3. mlbs permalink
    April 12, 2011 12:26 pm

    Hey, I was just going through some of your older posts and the last line of this one stood out to me

    “Hints, hints everywhere.”

    That simple three word phrase could not be more true.

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