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Kolontar…Coal on Tar…..Red Flood…Red Rain?

October 6, 2010


The tide continues to swell so to speak, what with weather havoc, geo-political havoc, impending financial havoc….. so many signs to pay attention to. They all point to a common direction for multiple things/institutions/people we take as the bulwarks of our cultures.

That direction is down. Things built long ago, with great hubris on the parts of the builders (it is laughable indeed and probably even on purpose that they named their brute engineering Civil engineering) that their designs would withstand time like the Pyramids., are starting to crumble.

Remember, this is about water, this time, ladies and gentlemen. Floods are the theme.

And we may just have been given a signal that the waters are breaking… with a red flood. Too literal? Look around and pay attention and you will notice that everything is too literal now and so are the signs…

The un-folding disaster that began at Kolontar in Hungary, the red flood…. communism on the rise again, perhaps?

The source: The ruptured wall of the red sludge reservoir at the Ajkai Timfoldgyar plant in Kolontar

Uffff……. crazy sight eh?

Painted the town red: An aerial view of mud covered houses in Kolontar

Streets drowned in red… a Nostradamus Quatrain is humming in the back of my head, will look for reference and edit later….

And the Danube, the mother of Northern Europe is at risk…

Waterways: This map illustates how the sludge could flow to the Danube from the affected towns of Kolontar and Devecser via the Marcal - several of the Danube's tributaries are underground

Seems surreal, like a crazy artist just spilt his ocher red…

Drowned: Huge pools of the toxic red sludge have formed in flat areas

A red flood indeed and still gushing….to get an idea of the scale, look at the two huge earth movers in the picture below, like dwarves…

Scale: Diggers working beneath the broken dam are dwarfed its huge walls while right, a man peers through a hole in a hedge at what is left of his garden in Kolontar

File:HUN Kolontár COA.jpg

Sheafs of wheat…hmmmmmmmm………food…

All photos above courtesy Here

Of course, I just happen to be reading a Hungarian professor’s treatise on the gold standard at this very moment, in keeping with the odd co-incidence signature of this time…

A strange echo of the Red Rain in Kerala, a picturesque south indian state…

This was back in July through September of 2001….. right about 9 years ago…

Red rainwater…

A photo micrograph of the particles…..

A rained on tree…..

Tenuous time, ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake…

How do YOU pracrtise alertness and awareness? What are you ready for?


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  1. Coahog King permalink
    October 10, 2010 1:51 am

    The Danube shares it’s name with the Irish Mother Goddess, Danu. The river was probably renamed when Indo-Europeans spread into their current homelands, a few thousand years ago, and took over from those peoples, sparsely settled, who preceeded them. The Celts surely understood the importance of that very river, hence the ‘high-born’ title they assigned to it. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Frank, transparent honesty is the answer for the human race. The idea that any version of socialism would, because of institutional artifice, overcome the temptation to do the easy thing, the stupid thing, the presumptive thing, is just plain naive. The answer isn’t capitalism either. The answer isn’t the system. As a race, we ran the red light. We were racing along in our sports car, developing our culture at breakneck speed. We ran right through the good things associable with neolithic society. American Indians stopped right there. Not us white folk, no sir. Hello middle ages and feudalism, where we can assign responsibility for our survival to some king, and then trot off and give ourselves a lobotomy. Famine? Not my problem. What does the king say? Oh, the King says take steps that run opposite to nature in every field of endeavor. Genetically modified seeds, postponing alternative energy, sending timeless skills out of the country, ignoring natural health treatment measures, calling into question constitutional rights through the power of clauses of unread legislation already passed. Our ‘leaders’ would fix our corrupt, cancerous society with techniques that don’t work, just like the cancer doctors do (don’t). Standing right there, in plain sight, are natural treatments that would cure our social cancer. Don’t look, though. The King pretends to not see those remedies: courage, truth, honesty, integrity, competence. We better not see what the King won’t acknowledge. If we do, the King and his minions won’t like us very much. Hello, toxic mudslide. Anybody got a surfboard?

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