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Kolontar Update II

October 9, 2010


We are witnessing another extreme event in the Red Sludge tragedy. There are reports that not only does the sludge carry all kinds of heavy metals (Cadmium, Lead etc.) but also is mildly radioactive.

Mildly radioactive. Hmmmmmm….. I’m really tempted to believe them, but cannot. About the “mildly” part that is, much as I would like to. Poor countries are notoriously lax about environmental safety regulations.

And the radioactive window, which, to my mind resonated heavily this year around July 24-28th, is a growing story. Remember, even the oil from Deepwater Horizon was found to be radioactive. Add daily Depleted Uranium to the mix, scattering in the winds after fierce explosions and we seem to be covering the northern hemisphere in radioactive toxicity.

As if what we have already had at Kolontar was not enough, here is breaking news, literally….

From the Associated Press:

Hungary’s premier says the northern wall of a red sludge reservoir which burst and flooded several towns with toxic waste is showing ever-larger cracks and is “very likely” to collapse.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban describes the situation as “dramatic” and says the town of Kolontar, which sits next to the reservoir and was badly damaged in Monday’s flood, was evacuated early Saturday out of precaution because engineers have determined that the developing cracks could cause a whole side of the enormous container to collapse.

Can you imagine that? Look at the picture below, look at the size of the holding tank and then see the wall (any wall) completely collapsing.

In such an event……

Really sad. This is the ugly, long hidden tail of this industrial mess we live in, whipping back, furiously and without care.

Pay attention all around, in this inter-connected world we in-habit, rivers of red running the streets of anywhere is an awful portend.

Be well….

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