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October 10, 2010


Conspiracy, usually clubbed under the banner of Theory (because of course there is never any proof positive), is actually a powerful and powerfully positive word.

It’s etymological root is Con (with) In-spire (breather in….. our breath, by the way, enters our body through a series of interconnected spiral airflows, from the tip of the nostril to the lungs and back, FYI).

To conspire merely means to breathe together, literally and metaphorically. To work together, to pull together, which is all done best when you breathe together.

I made the leap to “Yes, I’m a conspiracy axiomist” from theorist, sometime in late 2002. It’s been a flood of in-formation ever since. Non-stop, every day, literally all the time.

Once your eyes are scale-free (which means your inner eye is stripped clean of it’s “nurture” sludge), you cannot go back.

Once you’ve seen something, however hard you try, you cannot completely forget, can you?

It’s like that, an extended binary transition, if you know what I mean. Like a ski run down a fast, difficult “Blue” slope. Some of you met my alter-ego Trevor in  the cartoon a few posts below. Such is life, and rightfully so, if you see the world with completely different eyes than the world around you, yes? We are so moulded by what we perceive, how can it be other-wise?

One man’s meat, another’s poison. six billion ways to nirvana and all that.

I thought I’d share this excellent article, linked in it’s entirety below the excerpt…en-joy..

It’s tone and content is extremely conspiratorial.



Strange Phenomena

From Anita Sands Hernandez

Various Sources


No one can really explain the amount of death and murder going on in America today. It’s really going on, flouride, chemtrails, toxic foods in the marketplace, subtle death, for inexplicable reasons,* however, very real. Ordinarily if someone ran up to a car and from a range of two meters shot at the driver, the shooter would be charged with murder or attempted murder. However give the murderer a badge and uniform and give him the right to arrest you if you grow your own vegetables and all of a sudden the act of murder seems to disappear and the victim is thrown in jail on some ridiculous cooked up charge.

Then there’s wholesale blatent murder like when US troops invade other nations, slaughtering men women and children by the millions and citizens of those nation rise up to defend themselves, they are called terrorists and insurgents. The Phenomenon of “Opposite Speak”. ORWELL predicted that would happen!

Take Obama, for example, ON THE DAY that he sends more troops to support the illegal US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan he is awarded the “Nobel Peace Prize”. HUH? Perhaps the ‘authorities’ are mocking Americans to show how really stupid they are? Or did they vote him in hoping he wouldn’t do it and he did, Obama making fools of THEM.

Seeing Ben Bernanke, –the Chairman of the criminal enterprise they call the Federal Reserve Bank — on the front of TIME magazine, his face made to look like one of the presidents on a dollar note, called “The Man of the Year”, (recalling PUTIN getting same award after killing thousands in his ex-provinces — ) perhaps takes the cake. After literally crashing the market and forcing a worldwide depression then literally handing out trillions of stolen dollars to political colleagues, Bernanke, certainly is the man of the year, the worst man of the year, ever.

Quoting Ben Bernanke at a conference to honor one of the world’s leading economists, Milton Friedman on November 8, 2002: “Let me end my talk by abusing slightly my status as an official representative of the Federal Reserve. I would like to say to Milton and Anna: Regarding the Great Depression. You’re right, we did it. We’re very sorry. But thanks to you, we won’t do it again.” Clearly Bernanke lied.

This time they used the “Great Depression” methodology, loosen the money supply (remember all those 0% interest loans?), then shut off credit and presto, a guaranteed great depression. Usually the Fed simply cranks up the interest rates to trigger recessions so they can swoop in with their money they make out of nothing and buy up corporations, the media and your home. When plotted in a graph, the track record of instability caused by the Fed screams out Irrefutable instability. However, how stable, one must ask, are Americans who allow this fraud and opposite speak to occur?

Calling themselves a “Christian Country”, the US makes any Muslim cleric’s ranting look like angelic hosts proclaiming the coming of peace. The violent “US Crusades” in the name of “democracy” and “freedom” not only slaughter millions of innocent men women and children every year, they make the worst pollution from the industrial era look like a fresh bubbling brook in virgin country.

Literally dumping more than eighteen million gallons of poison so deadly it literally kills and strips vegetation off the branches of trees, Agent Orange does not even get a mention from any of the hip global warming environmentalist’s like All Gore.



I like the typo in the end, so left it there… All Gore… funny.

And so it rolls on. 10/10/10 and the world waits with baited breath.

Since 7/7/7 and London, 8/8/8 and Georgia War, these dates have been in-auspicious. Plenty of lead up signs, drills. For most sentient people, today is a day of pause. Baited breath. I know mine is.

From past experience I know one other thing is fascinating to contemplate, big events have deep beginnings.

Take a volcano as an example. What comes out above with such force, has a deep and completely in-visible beginning. But if you can read signs, you can tell. So, I pay attention to deep rumblings, low, long tones, deep resonance….

It does not take genius to see what’s rumbling, does it? You know, of course you do. But the very foundations, the bedrocks of society, are what are rumbling. A weak structure, rotting from deep within it’s bowls, it’s rotten core letting go.

To pay attention at this time in history, to the bigger picture…. that is where IT is AT.

If your’re having “fun”, you’re probably just being swept along.

If you have a few bruises, you’re clearly trying to take control.  You’re Surfing, not thrashing…It’s okay to be serious too, by the way.

Enough people have been driven mad by having to out-laugh the laugh-track.

No historical record of Buddha, Jesus or Krishna ever laughing. Women laugh, not men….In fact, in most books of yore, only the Devil/Bad Persona laughed (loudly, most often, cunningly at other times)……hmmmmmm…….. and see what TV makes you do the most? Laugh! The laugh-track was Hollywood’s most brilliant invention. Of course you join in. Right? Till, pretty soon, in three stooges and laurel and hardy style, you find it funny when someone stubs a toe or get’s hit on the head with a 2X4. Or get’s their heads blown off even. Even as you apologize for your spontaneous laughter at someone else’s discomfort and wonder why!

Am I weaving a tight enough con-textual weave here?  See the inter-connects?

Slapstick programming = Death of empathy


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  1. Vee H Wong permalink
    October 11, 2010 5:11 am

    I always believe thoughts (ideas) could transcend into something big, if manifested positively (energy-wise). Laughing loud brought death of empathy; toxic brought bleeding from stones (earth); F ed brought mass destruction of wealth; NWO brought re-vamped control to a drastically-reduced population; … then your tightly woven contextual weave is an attempt to revive empathy.

    Try to wake the awaken, you will.

    Dot…Dot…Dot…Indeed! Thanks for sharing.


    • October 11, 2010 5:47 am

      🙂 Thanks for the cogent and heartfelt comment Vee. And your dot connection is spot on! And you know what, you are right, even though I never thought of it this way.

      If there was one expression of our “Self” that has been asleep and needs to wake up, it is empathy.


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