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An Opportunity and a Golden Warning…

October 18, 2010


While commenting on a story on Zero-Hedge, I realized it felt like a Plan disclosure moment….so here it is, the Plan…

Remember, it began as a comment on the Gold Market and what it portended for price. I had an A-ha moment reading it…the result… think about reading the back of a napkin…

Begin comment……>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Seriously though, how many people are aware of the “rumored” Black Eagle Fund?

Or Yamashita’s gold. A Shita Lotta gold, if this article, which is well researched and far-fetched, is anything to go by.

As the time for the final whistle on this rigged game approaches, we/I have to think like the opponent, yes?

Ok, so they’ve had something between 400 to 3,600 years to completely bias this system to bring it to this tipping point. If you have watched any of the discovery channel specials on Extra Large Machines…. seeing them working in a Shale Oil Field somewhere in Alberta, it stuns you. Millions upon millions of these gigantic machines clawing, digging, scraping…..GEOENGINEERING. Large Dams : GEOENGINEERING Weather Modification: GEOENGINEERING…

Okay, if that got your attention, I go back to the opponent. They can take something as massive and powerful as the earth and in this puny time frame, terra form and geo engineer it into imbalance…..

And we think they’ve not got the gold game fixed?

Space-Stations, Mars Rovers, Hubble, Chunnel, Swiss Folks latest giant tunnel….

Really, the Machinery-power they have at their disposal, not counting the military apparatus…

Suddenly, it feels like we’re in for an Agatha Christie twist to this tale.

Imagine if Yamashita’s gold resurfaces?

Why would gold be the one, major lever they’d leave unplanned/unmanned?

I have a good nose for what’s coming and I feel a different kind of storm approaching…

Who amongst us has an inside view into 400-3,600 years of continuous, contiguous knowledge, records, genealogy, ledgers, books, “real” history (so all of this actually makes sense) and of course the access to immense wealth, which always bought and destroyed, with overly indulgent patronage, the best minds in Art, Science and Religion.

By the way, did you know that one etymological root for Religion is:

according to Cicero, derived from relegare “go through again, read again

Again and again, egregore, meme, self-fulfilling….

At any rate, I digress. Now I know for certain that in and around India, there are many lost and buried gold hordes. The legends always have some basis in fact.

I’m asking a totally serious question to the gold bug community/gold holding/Freegold community at large. Because it would take just one of many possible surprise endings to knock our collective golden socks off…

Why would a group of people who have the resources available to them to geo-engineer a planet and land on distant ones, destroy incredibly vast and powerful natural resources (Ocean, atmosphere as two pertinent examples)… why would this group allow Free or even freeish gold? Gold is at the heart of their plan but how it shows up in the game might come as a shocker to Golden Fleecers.

For perspective, put all the money supposedly stuck in this suppressed beach ball of Gold Value and put it against the current McMortgage mess, and this is only residential…CRE is an even bigger bomb…. Naive to think they did not know that the housing bubble will blow apart at it’s weakest link…..financing. For what it’s worth, the Capitol is crawling with the best Legal and actuarial minds. So of course there is a fix in the wings. You think they don’t have a fix for gold? Never underestimate your opponent. Didn’t we all learn that in The Karate Kid?

You might have heard of the Club of Rome?

Their Scenario planning tool was ready and functioning on computers in the early 70’s. It’s been refined, continuously, by the best minds in mathematics, strategic planning, statistics (it’s not all damn lies actually, within limits of course). Actions by governments that look totally at odds with public good/interest/sentiment are taken based on inputs from such tools. Most central governments are central planners….see?

You think they have not factored gold into the picture?

Here is another interesting aside…From the 70’s, when the Club of Rome model went “computer”, the information age really took off……an interesting chicken and egg question…did the need for information to keep the model predictable drive computerization by moore’s law or has it been a natural evolution.

Think for a moment, we humans have not visibly evolved in the last many tens of thousands of years. Most machinery was ore in a mountain not so long ago. Hmmmmm….today? The very age of machines and a revolt against it that Frank Herbert so presciently wrote of in the Dune Series. Why, look no further than the Matrix series and then look around you.

Is the weave tight enough here?

My point is, what do you believe?

Natural order of things going cyclically chaotic or guided Ordo Ab Chaos?

For me, while the inner workings might be a mystery, I can play god to an anthill.

Complexity and size are both extremely relative right?

So again, Gold…the Sun…. to deny that link would be foolishness itself. What is the sun up to nowadays? Some say it’s getting mighty unstable. The solar cycle is back, with a bang and a show of lights in Florida? Hmmmmmm…… so pretty but pretty weird too….

This is predicted to be the most turbulent/powerful solar cycle in known history. Hmmmmm…..puts the entire electro-magnetic complex in which our culture hives/survives at risk. Power, Money, Water, Food, Medicine, Things… all gone.

Oh and today’s largest dietary intake, information. Gone.

Back to gold and the sun though. It’s going to be a whipsaw ride and I say the tide will turn decisively down on 11/9/10.

The Plan

Land, farm land is one productive/appreciative/stable asset worth anything in this world. Especially in the coming time. Or water, if you happen to be sitting with mineral rights on top of an aquifer. Or you have access to a group of technologies so radical, that they change the very game itself.

What if you had all of the above ( a golden triple hedge if there was ever one) and a fourth that would be icing on the cake? And it gave you an alternate home away from home? And a place to possibly utilize your skills to make some of those technological ideas reality.

Also, as I and many better minds believe, if credits are the way things are going, to have potable water credits, food credits and energy credits from an un-impeachable source will be priceless. Regardless of geography.

Just such an opportunity is available right now.

The technological vision is available at

It is a dense site and many complain too opaque. I contend there is enough there to invest in some reading between the lines. I can stand behind every claim on it.

In essence, the opportunity is to invest in a Tesla-esque company, with a bunch of new-ground breaking design solutions, all completely re-defining their industry. In addition, as the company will need substantial land-holding to carry out it’s R&D work (of course), such large tracts of land will be purchased/secured/tended. All arable, many with perennial water sources. The company (ANDC), will re-vivify the land through the intensive practice of Permaculture and water harvesting and ground water recharge. Substantial enough funding will allow for the purchase and revitalization of a few different bio-spheres within southern and central India, both especially geo-stable and bio-diverse zones.

Current project at hand is Chief Architect of Life University, a brand new University coming up on 108 acres near Hyderabad, India. Responsible for design and architecture of all aspects for this project. Deeply imbued with sacred geometry, Harmonic architecture, Resonant structures. The initial two design submissions have been extremely well received. Radical Design, never seen before… are two of the most common comments.

Also Finalizing the Build for a World Record Breaking Personal Flyer, uniquely powered. True Hybrid Drive Train, an ANDC innovation. Applicable to all forms of human and cargo transport.

How does one put a valuation on this? Thus my reaching out to such a broad audience. The design work is really in the realm of Tesla and Schauberger, the philosophic and logical underpinning is deep and deeply studied and the world needs all of those things and more. Also, it needs them yesterday and many of the concepts are in final design stages/prototype.

I’ll share the valuation ideas once the degree of response is clear.

You have to go with your gut here. Please respond only if deeply stirred; else please take warning on Gold. It just might surprise you, for all the wrong reasons.

If interested, please write to me at

After initial review, I will forward your details to my Law Firm/CPA/CA ( a highly reputed firm) for all further action.

In-vestment will be welcome as Equity, Convertible Debt or outright Debt. If you are a fund, I’d be happy to speak. There is a minimum investment limit (just for processing ease) but potential solutions for all comers. ANDC needs to be birthed like that, broadly and deeply supported and if you feel called, I invite your participation.

To know more about me, please dig around this blog. The conversations here are highly representative.

You can also see me play some music on You Tube (again, highly representative), at:

I’ll share my CV on-line as requested.

Please share this around freely. There is a core group of people from around the world that need to come together here, in India to pull off our own twist to the tale. Fall we must, but with grace, so we can rise again.

Also happy to answer as many questions as I feel comfortable answering in comments.

I’m taking a deep, calming breath as I’m putting this out, knowing full well in advance that I will draw in equal measure…curiosity, derision, interest and some A-ha-ers. Please feel free to share your thoughts, either by e-mail or comments. Please be constructive and positive in your communication and I/we will gladly respond as such.

This needs to and can happen very fast.

After November 8th, shaky for a time till early next year, with a whole new currency re-alignment. Now is a good time…

Look forward to hearing from you, both here in India and the rest of the world. Thanks for taking the time to read this far…







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  1. Charles permalink
    October 19, 2010 2:35 pm

    How does the November 8th date correlate with the Cliff High Webbot predictions?

    • October 19, 2010 4:33 pm

      Same ballpark Charles. I have my own reason for feeling the 11/08 date.
      Cliff suggested it will begin around the same dates, yes? I remember his big release 3 days were in the first 10 days of Nov., though I do not remember exactly.

      • Charles permalink
        October 19, 2010 5:26 pm

        Thank you, Anadianant – I’ll stay in touch.


  2. amolpatil2k permalink
    October 20, 2010 12:20 am

    I am being immodest while saying this but you are still far off though on the right track. There is a plan alright but far more complex. My pet theory is that power centralized as many as 5000 years ago. In those thousands of years, the upper crust has separated out and is probably living in some hidden world in the oceans. It is these hidden upper crust guys who have the superdupercomputers that model the non-hidden world and decide what should happen in it. My YouTube profile has the following description:

    “In the last 5000 years, power has gradually centralized. Today this power has two facets. A hidden world somewhere in the oceans. And a blood line based power structure in the known world. Under a central power, everything becomes a brand of sorts. Naturally, better brands go to better blood lines. To maintain this status quo, perception control and highly pro-active interference becomes the central task, which as you can imagine, is a daunting task in this age of the Internet. So expect the Net as we know it to slowly devolve into something that resembles television.”

    In other words, expect the peer-to-peer “interactivity” to die down and be replaced by the client-server type fake “interactivity” we have grown up with.

    IMO, we have to fight (1) bloodline based perception control/branding/interference in the known world and (2) superdupercomputer modelling of global nanosensor data in the hidden world.

    Well, as you can imagine, we might as well give up on the fight. All we can hope to do is just UNDERSTAND the true scope of the problem.

    For instance, there is lots of talk of depopulation and yet no plans to prevent population explosion. This is because prevention is nowhere as profitable as depopulation via people losing the “game”. So first they tax us for education, then they stress us in jobs, then they mess up our food and bodies and charge insurance, then they mess up our insurance and put us in debt and misery so that we finally lose the “game” and die. Of course, not everybody loses the “game” but that is because (1) higher bloodlines are actually supposed to gain from it and (2) the ramp up is only just beginning.

    • October 20, 2010 3:58 am

      Interesting theory. Have you Heard of Admiral Byrd, his visit to the inside of a hollow earth, which he and his ship sailed in through the north or south pole?

      Worth a Google and reading about Hollow-Earth. Or visit and see many amazingly researched and written “mysteries”.

      It’s a trippy world and what you see is definitely NOT what you get.

      Thanks for the comment.

  3. October 21, 2010 3:18 am

    Sounded like we are all lab rats, no?

    4K, 5K…there were reports (theories) that 26K ago, we had Atlantis-ians testing on “beasts” with appendages.

    There is also the reports (stories) about the Central Race who created our “vehicles”.

    I google a lot and read a lot. Knowledge is such a powerful experience.

    I chose to believe the teaching of the Tao. Be at one with the ” ” (nature, emptiness, the un-named) and practice 5-finger-tips (and other breathing methods) to “feel” the truth.

    We lab rats (aka humans) have much to learn. IMHO, giving up on humanity is not a viable option.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • October 21, 2010 9:10 am

      The “truth” of Hisorherstory is truly shrouded in the mists of time ONB. The best I feel we can do is to sharpen our awareness and our in-stinct so when we are told something, especially something as polarizing as for example the Holocaust issue or the great wars and their reasons, or religion…. it be-hooves us to pay attention to the gut. Well trained enough, it will tell you what is true or especially even, what is true for you.

      Zen/Tao/Tantra…. all lead us on that path.

  4. PaxAmericana permalink
    October 25, 2010 3:10 am

    There have been plenty of rumors that Yamashita’s treasures have been largely found and laundered. Bob Chapman discusses being offered a role in the cleansing due to his having been military intelligence and the largest precious metals’ share broker in the US. Not that a huge supply of gold wouldn’t change things, but the system as we’ve known it is about to fall apart in any case.

    Your take of November 9th raises the question of whether you believe it is from a numerological or spiritual basis. The New Year in ancient Egypt is said to have been on September 11, so 9-11-2001 would have been the first day of the new millennium. And it seems that a fair number of the people near the top really like that old time Egyptian religion, or at least a degraded period in Egypt’s history.

    Despite all the planning of the overlords, one has to wonder. The globalization project has fallen apart many times in the past, so why wouldn’t the same thing happen again?

    • October 25, 2010 3:48 am

      Pax, it is going to fall apart in any case. It’s been baked into the pie AND written into the script since it’s inception. And interesting, I did not Bob Chapman had such a mysterious past. I stopped reading him some time ago.

      My 11/9 get feeling is based on various inputs. An interesting one is that Sept was originally the seventh month and Oct. the eighth, thus November is the 9th month. So, November 11th is the REAL 9/11. November 9th is the event, 11th the effect will be obvious to all. Many other little hints and of course the obvious markers of a stormy (in a tea cuppy sort of way) election, hugely unpopular president, False flag chatter…… have you read Clif High’s work? (

      And of course the “experiment” has been repeated ad nauseum. It always enriched/empowered the rich and further subjugated the poor. Worked well for one party, eh?

      Thanks for you comment.

      • PaxAmericana permalink
        October 27, 2010 9:33 am

        I’ve been following Cliff High’s work for many years. Their guess is around November 8-11th, based on a heart attack in the Western financial system. It certainly looks like the derivatives scam and bankruptcy of big banks will blow up fairly soon. From there, anything is possible, but most of those things are bad, at least in the short term.

        I hadn’t considered the issue of months having changed. One thing I’m sure of is that those at the top like to use astrology. And there is something about the number 11.

  5. October 27, 2010 4:22 pm

    Will do Zack, thanks. Now I’m curious!!! 🙂

    • cathartes aura permalink
      October 27, 2010 5:43 pm

      “One thing I’m sure of is that those at the top like to use astrology. And there is something about the number 11.”

      The number 11 is considered a “master number” (with 22 & 33 to triangulate), it represents the “vision” or intent. . . a good example is the numerology of the date nine eleven – nine representing completion, ending, and eleven the vision – many cycles were set off, or begun (within the larger cycles of course) with the actions of that date, and I don’t believe it was accidental. . . also, there are many “end” cycles or events that happen in September, the ninth month that re-sound through the life cycle of nationstates. . . the elites have ways of communicating with each other that use ancient symbology to mark events. . . astrology when applied to nations, and to actual events, can be fascinating!

      • October 27, 2010 6:02 pm

        1Welcome back CA. Hope you are feeling better.
        And truly, my astrologer in the US used to say only billionaires use astrology while the fool on the street laughs at it’s un-scientific mumbo-jumbo.
        We know better yes?
        So, anywhere between 1/9 and 11/11 this year is stage one ignition.
        What are the major planetary configurations at that point CA? If you care to elaborate a little, I can see the FED thing you wrote of a few weeks ago coming to a head. It sure looks like they are committing Hara-kiri and you know what, maybe they are.
        Please share if you wish and I’ll post it to the main page. People need to see and read and comprehend this and go into open spaces in the dark and look up and feel and wonder and marvel and resonate. Those are some mighty beings up there and they are the most obvious representations of archetypes we have with us. The only things comparable in terms of their impact us all lie within.
        They are the first and foremost and obvious and willing teachers for us to understand “As without, So within. As above, So below.”.

        • cathartes aura permalink
          October 27, 2010 6:40 pm

          . . . still lying low, in observation-mode for now, but better thanks!

          with regards only “billionaires” using astrology while the rest mock, well, I can understand folk hesitating – there are more “shills” and non-sense “mystical” types promoting their beliefs with astrology and anything else they can mis-interpret to take advantage of people’s wallets than there are serious practioners – but isn’t that the case with most things? astrology is math first, once the chart is drawn then the interpretation can happen, which is the Art, and each artist has their own vision. . . one needs to apply critical thinking to whatever is investigated, people are drawn to what matches their own point-of-view. . .
          economists like to stress the science side of their story-telling, which like most subjects creates its own language and reads the symbols – just more high priests directing the show, rewarded by the elites, then discarded, same old his-story spectacle. . . when one stops en-visioning life as linear, and starts seeing the patterns and cycles, a whole new paradigm shows itself, as well you know!

          with regards the Fed & the current cycles unfolding, give me a bit to look at a few “angles”- heheh- but yes, I think there may be some surprises soon. . . as with all things, events unfold within cycles, so identifying specifics need take into account macro views as well – like a single human born is its own event, but there are many unfolding cycles co-incident, yes.

          • October 27, 2010 7:11 pm

            Indeed there are. I “feel” a number of waves collapsing and it is perfectly well and good and in-evitable.
            Look forward to your take on the stars at Prime Time!

  6. October 27, 2010 6:03 pm

    Awesome Zack, you can mail me at

  7. October 28, 2010 5:15 pm

    Yep, just responded too. Thanks a bunch for taking the time. As I said in my mail to you, we’ve walked the same road, just never met. 😉

  8. phcagent permalink
    December 2, 2010 7:44 pm


    I just surfed into your site somehow and am taken by your writings. They are insightful and the originality of thoughts is palpable.

    Well, here we are nearly a month downstream with really no discernible event of monumental import to validate.

    Any new thoughts?



    • December 3, 2010 2:02 am

      Greetings Ron,

      The shift into accelerated downward momentum is happening, albeit a little differently than expected. I’ll write a post about how upon return from a short bit of travel.

      For a short hint though, please see Europe’s big freeze.

  9. December 6, 2010 12:27 pm

    so do you “doom sayers” just keep pushing these collapse dates out further and further when they dont come true?

    • December 6, 2010 1:07 pm

      thebark, to your current and other comment, all I can say is you must have used needlessly harsh or potentially abusive language? Otherwise, coherent, well-reasoned dialouge is more than welcome?
      Poke around, you’ll see counter-opinions and even links to counter-opinion blogs/writing et. al.

      Specifically, abusive language is a pet peeve, since realizing that words are really potent and even casually flung, linger and do their thing. No need for them or aggression.

      As for us “doom sayers”, and I’ll speak for myself, I just write it as I feel it, usually from the heart in a stream of consciousness way. Any predictor knows he is out on a limb, it’s a chance you take while predicting.

      Just weaving patterns and calling context as I see it.

      Please feel free to stay and dialouge.

  10. Vee Wong permalink
    December 6, 2010 2:16 pm

    “Just weaving patterns and calling context as I see it.”

    Indeed. Please keep posting.

    Thanks for sharing. Heart-felt.

  11. December 6, 2010 2:34 pm

    Thanks for the feedback….I think its very important for all of us to hear the “other side” when its comes to our thoughts/ideas ….so while I may not agree with some/most of the ideas presented here I do enjoy reading them.

    I suspect some members/posters are simply “wordsmiths” who view themselves as intellectuals and enjoy talking in parables and riddles…because it makes them feel special or smarter than others. When in reality they mearly appear to be fools to 98% of the worlds population.

    So I read the above article…and never really could understand your point about gold….is the price going up or down when the system collapes?

    • December 6, 2010 2:55 pm

      Could not agree more re. all points of view thebark. Glad to hear back from you.

      And I agree that sometimes posting is akin to posturing for some, but most often, intent/knowledge is clear to the discerning eye/mind, ne?

      My point about gold is that it, of Gold and Silver will see greater manipulation to the down-side. There are too many bullets in the FED/TPTB arsenal to use against gold (Knox, tungsten filled bars, Yamashita’s gold etc.). I do not buy the GATA thesis that three olympic sized pool’s worth is all the gold ever mined.

      Silver, on the other hand, has had a long standing and mostly successful suppression till now. And if we are reverting to mean on the grand scale, the Gold Silver ration will revert to mean also. In the meantime, we’ve discovered much more use for Silver than gold, so an added “lift” factor for silver.

      Last, not least, from a more esoteric perspective, I see the SUN/Gold, Moon/Silver connection as beyond question.

      And in dark times, it is the moon that shines.

      Interestingly enough, there has been a near 25% gain in Silver since the articles posting.

      I think in these volatile days, with much greater volatility coming, it’s good to know what “feels” right. TO me, Silver felt right.

  12. dublinmick permalink
    July 14, 2011 12:17 am

    Really interesting post. I have read some things on the nazi gold and the black eagle trust. Gold and land etc are really the things of value here in the physical world I suppose. They will always be the things of value regardless of how things are manipulated. The manipulation is mostly induced to allow some to acquire more of it.

    People are funny, they live life as if this is their only big splurge and they must have it all right now with no thought to the consequences. I suppose there are people who sit in on luxury parties slapping themselves on the back and reliving how they stole this or that countries gold. I have come to the conclusion that people can either advance or regress. You can move toward Brahma status or you can end up a germ in a wolf’s throat the next time around. It is all up to you. I was fortunate to have a father who told me early, always tell the truth no matter what. I sometimes wonder about that, telling the truth these days can get you killed!!

    My goal in life is to find out what is true. I want to know what the truth is. That of course can involve many areas. Truth is the only thing you take with you into the next world, not gold silver or real estate. You will be whatever your consciousness is at the exit point.

    That is a reason I hang out around here, I get a feeling that Vivek has somewhat of a similar point of view. Incidentally I like the idea of an alternative community. We have to go on living our lives regardless of the sometimes black clouds we see on the horizon.

    I have read of the Byrd expedition in the north pole. It is far fetched but something inside tells me yes, this could well be true. It may be one of those safe houses for the elite during the coming times, who knows?

    The central rulers of the world are very adept planners. I am sure there are many cities few are aware of. I however don’t think anyone could prepare for major drama by the sun. This at least to me seems to carry on unknown and unplanned for type of reality. Try and imagine if this activity by the sun becomes strong enough to fry all computer chips. No planes, no cars, no pumping gas, no trains. We are talking bicycle and horse transportation almost. If this happened suddenly, how do you arrive at the correct destination with ticket in hand? How would the Russians make it to Yamatau Mountain or Norwegians to the seed vault? This could all become very interesting. A comet strike is also something that is very hard to plan ahead for!! Think about it! The best laid plans of mice and men are sometimes not enough.

    Old time Egyptian religion… kudos on the humor, always appreciated.

    I think for those here, Solara 11-11 is must read if you haven’t already.

    So true!

    “Welcome back CA. Hope you are feeling better.
And truly, my astrologer in the US used to say only billionaires use astrology while the fool on the street laughs at it’s un-scientific mumbo-jumbo.”
    Nice to see Cathartes Aura back. Yes there are some real shills out there in the astrological world. I have met some good ones though. Barbara Hand Clow has always struck me as being very knowledgeable. What do you think?

  13. dublinmick permalink
    July 14, 2011 1:06 am

    And 47 rounds to 11

  14. Stephen Baze permalink
    July 16, 2011 3:24 am

    Dub – it is not a question of if or when, the CMEs will happen . They happen all the time and as recent as just before the turn of th 20th century we had CMEs that would have fried all electricity and electronics and put us back 250 years immediately, in seconds ! That day is coming and many scientist’s have verified increased sun spot activity in the near future. who knows exactly when but it is inevitable. That is my main concern ? can we survive it ? depends on how bad it all melts down . a complete meltdown would mean all nuke plants meltdown and that would be the end of basicly all living things as we know them and surely humans and animal life . So we simply don’t know in entirety, the outcome. All we can do is hope for best and plan for worst . and live right in the meantime.

  15. Bingaling permalink
    September 17, 2011 8:34 pm

    I remember a book I read that mentioned the importance of gold during solar flares . It was a book based on who the ptb were its societies etc. (can’t remember the name but I think it was written by Jim Marss ??? who at the end of a great book comes out talking about how the annunuki will return to earth and save it with gold ….Crazy BOOK and theories ) anyway if memory serves they spray gold into the atomosphere in its smallest molecular form to protect from the solar flares . Also reading other books as well on alchemy on how to make gold from lead you have to think maybe someone has figured out a way to make synthetic gold – they make synthetic diamonds why not Gold? I hope your plan is working out . May the gift given to you be received by the world .

  16. Spectator permalink
    December 21, 2011 11:54 am

    Anent the etymology of “religion”: I am one who always thought the Cicero suggestion was a bit of a red herring. The simplest etymology is also here the best: “religion” =
    “re-connect”. “Ligare”: think “ligament” or “ligature”.

    Reconnect with the divine Source.

    Our capacity for reflective distancing, so valuable in so many ways, comes ineluctably implicated with the capacity to “forget” our connectedness.

    Thus the need for “religion” as “re-connection”.

    Like all needs, subject to abuse, imbalance, folly, corruption. But a need nevertheless.

    • December 23, 2011 5:30 am

      Spectator, the extension to that etymology of Religion is : Re-legeare which means again and again. Which is sort of the bottom line in religion, over and over….whatever the dominant theme is, one god only, no heaven or hell…..

      Reflective distancing, now that is a beautiful turn of phrase. Yours?

      • Spectator permalink
        December 23, 2011 11:26 am

        Right–the etymologies sort of “overdetermine”–they work together. The need recurs every time we forget.

        Perhaps this is why “anamnesis” (or Hegel’s Erinnerung?) is such a fundamental part of “religion”.

        I lay no claim to “reflective distancing”–the notion (not sure about the phrase) was presented to me when studying Kant and Hegel decades ago. It was too useful to forget.

  17. December 28, 2011 9:16 pm

    What kind of volunteers are you looking for? I’m a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, with degrees in Computer Sciences. However, I have personal experience with everything from construction to landscaping, to printing and graphic arts.

    • December 30, 2011 2:28 pm

      Ben, sounds great. Will get in touch via e-mail, early next year. Meanwhile, are you familiar with the general thought process involved? Think you’d like working with an off-the-wall person like me? If you’ve been reading around here a while, perhaps you can.
      Thanks for writing in, will get more detailed by e-mail and in a few posts starting early Jan. Meanwhile, I’m not on FB, but know someone who is so will look around.
      Thanks for sharing.

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