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Wisdom for Warriors-2

November 10, 2010


Todays insight has to do with the  analogy of the spinning top.

All the ancients martial arts stress that the warrior is perfectly still and simultaneously perfectly poised to move in any direction, with the flow of the battle.

How does one achieve perfect stillness and optimal potential energy, ready to launch in any direction? Literally, any direction? The spring analogy does not work. It is linear thinking in a spiral guise.

And what else does such a position entail? It entails perfect balance. Perfect balance in all directions… now that is pretty staggering, considering we feel ourselves victims or slaves or gravity, at effect, in chains. How do you balance north south then? That is a rabbit hole I’ll leave alone for the moment.

So, perfect poise, perfect balance, perfect stillness.

See the last, ponderworthy. It explains and enables the other two.

Perfect stillness…. Perfect anything implies the absolute expression of both ends of the duality that makes up any phenomenon/object. It is koan-like, a logical impossibility.

And that is where the spinning top comes in. Spin it up and you have perfect stillness (trust me, in this three dimensional, expressed world, there is no stiller stillness than radially, gyroscopically, angular momentum driven, petal-fugal balanced stillness; it is unshakable and the foundation of all manifestation).

How then, do we, mere humans, spin like a top?

We can, that much I know. Who is keen enough to pay the price to find out?

Time runs shorter and faster now. As the basis of our “normal” existance, culture in all it’s myriad expressions, wobbles, a true sense of balance is paramount. In-nate balance.

And the north-south axis gets taken care of too.

Make sense?

Be the spinning top. Once mastered, it’s effortless.

Meet the Council

Meet the Council




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  1. D a r i n a permalink
    November 13, 2010 11:05 am

    Excellent & so synchronistic again!
    I was ‘blown away’ by learning more about the Unified Theory based on the spinning of embedded singularities in the space time matrix as presented by Nassim Haramein who was in person here yesterday and interacting with whom continued for more than 10 hours till 5 am local time… 🙂

    Find out about his incredible radical classical simple, elegant & beautiful theory at his web site. & let’s discuss afterward. He refers often to Walter Russel & his visionary work with Tesla in 1927. Are you familiar with him & his achievements?
    Spinning at the speed of light to infinity,
    I am sending you hist set of 4 DVDs – Crossing the Event Horizon as a gift today btw!
    My worldview has crumbled & being rebuilt anew today because of him!

    • November 14, 2010 4:10 am

      Wow, awesome. And not familiar with Walter r., will look into his work. Thanks in advance too for the DVD’s. Hop eIndian customs let them slip in! 🙂

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