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As the Great Wheel Turns… relentlessly…

November 24, 2010


A look at the last 500 years or more of world history will show that many more red,black, brown, yellow and sundry other hued peoples died at the hands or the wits of the white men than the other way around. In fact, while I can present no numbers, I’m sure the ratio would be staggering.
If you throw in direct consequences of white on colour actions (Buffalo Slaughter, Forced Language conversion, forced religious conversion, divide and rule, small pox in blankets, the grind-you-into-the-dust-rial revolution and all it’s associated horrors, chemical/literal/figurative/cultural pollution…..the list is long and odorous/onerous), it becomes staggeringly clear that the white population (in proportion) has grown all out of proportion to it’s original carrying capacity.
We always speak of absolute numbers in population statistics, whereas the real numbers that matter are relative.

Now a population of any space is supported by a certain natural resource smorgasboard, suited to because it sprang from the local, could naturally support a certain, limited population. Nature, left to her own devices, understands balance, or it would/could not be.
Which skin colour, if you could be so objective, has grown all out of proportion to it’s available resource base?
Of course and without a doubt, the world’s white population.To deny that even momentarily, is to deny an obvious, slap-in-your-face reality.
May I suggest this site for some in-sight…
But even there, you cannot see the dis-proportionate rise of the white population as a percentage of world population, especially accounting for the fact of their original, natural environment’s Carrying Capacity, over the past 500 years, especially since the start of the industrial revolution.

See this and be staggered into realization, you should be…

That, is an in-convenient truth.

The spread of the white spawn has truly been a curse on the rest of humanity. No metric over the last 500 years (specifically from just before the start of the Industrial Revolution) will show any material improvement in the “Quality” of human existence while it will show, through the proof of quantity (Live this many “more” years, no accounting for the quality of that medication dependent life-extension as an egregious and oft-quoted example, the rise of “education” and the ability to do complex mathematics (meaningless to the vast majority of people who “study it”) and  transact in english, that vastly fallen spawn of Latin as another) that life somehow got larger or bigger, but surely not better.
In this tipping point period of human history, I think we will find the whip-lash of un-intended but also in-evitable consequences visit upon the white population of the world. I make this statement with no rancour, just a vision. The wheel turns relentlessly, eating AAPLS and HARRY’s along the way.
Look around you and think who will be better positioned to handle a real down-turn? In a white nation like the US, seen the coloured gangs? The physically hard working Mexicans? All scrambling along the line that you (the larger white populace) have coming screaming at your around the next (or next to next) curve. This is as true for the UK, France, Australia, Denmark….. You’ve been softened for a massive die-off, all the while believing National Geographic’s graphic telling of starving africans and and pot bellied Indian children and scurvies ridden bangladeshis. You’ve been fed a fantasy.
Nope. Sorry, when things get tight, people who have been living tightly will survive and thrive. Softened, weak people cannot grow back-bones overnight. It has taken many generations to make you who you are today.

If you take any of this personally, I’m glad to have stirred something, what-ever it is. Anger is good too. All you need to do is look around with open eyes.
I suggest you read the above with a thought to what “counts”.

But this is also how it was intended. We’ve been here before, over and over and over. Like religion, we need to learn this lesson again and again and again.
Such irony, that the only person who can safely interact with the industrial age’s crowning achievement, the mobile phone, machine intelligence as a must have accessory to daily life…while at the same time driving a mode of transport is a bullock-cart driver.

The rest of us are just statistically safe.



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  1. November 25, 2010 2:05 pm

    ” In fact, while I can present no numbers,”

    Not surprising since your concept of white on ______ genocide does not really exist.

    In the broad scheme of things, genocide is not a function of race but of politics,i.e. all the big genocides were committed by the Left largely against their own race.

    The biggest was Mao’s slaughter of 50 million Chinese who were resistant to giving up their peasant way of life.

    The next biggest is the Holodomor in Ukraine – again committed by the Left against their own race. This amounted to 15 million.

    Including another socialist group (starts with an “N”), the total toll of Leftist genocide is nearly 120 million in the last century.

    • November 26, 2010 1:50 am

      Black, I think you missed the whole point on two big counts… and have shown a narrow bent by the socialist, N word bias.

      I said 500 years. And I said relative populations.
      To deny the impact of British/Dutch/Portuguese/Spanish et. al.’s colonial massacres of native populations is being naive or purposefully short-sighted.
      Likewise, with Native Americans and the Aboriginal people of Oz as others.
      Lastly, have really studied history? Who do you think funded each of the genocides you have mentioned? Eh?

      • Phil permalink
        December 6, 2010 12:34 am

        I concur more with Black than you. You would do well to read the book
        Guns, Germs, and Steel. If you have read enough history the white man was
        slaughtering his own race quite a bit in the last century, so if you are red, brown, black or yellow, don’t take it personally.
        Why so serious?

        • December 6, 2010 3:10 am

          Phil, all valid views given one’s experiences yes?
          Serious is how you see it.
          Meanwhile I’m living it, right here and now. My mother and father saw it first hand (India in British hands) and I know many many people of that time.
          And I see it’s pernicious influence, now clad in the silken sledgehammer of cultural destruction. It’s equally ugly.
          Western medicine….. well, I think you get my drift.

          Again, to each his or her own perspective, and rightly so if it is in-formed of experience or hard earned knowledge.

  2. November 26, 2010 12:08 pm

    This may seem like it is coming waaaay out of left field, but since I was very young I have wondered why those of us of European descent are largely the ones most at war with our environment and are so driven to reshape the planet into something that we find more “convenient”. More often than not, I find myself thinking that those of us with white skin may be descendant from a people who are not native Earthlings. That is why we have such hard time feeling the connection with other living things. As our influence has grown, other peoples have – often out of neccessity- adopted our brutish ways.

    Just a thought that has been bumping around in my head for a good bit…

    • November 26, 2010 1:16 pm

      Thanks for your comment KC.
      Given the evidence at hand, I’d say your thesis is actually entirely plausible. The work of the recently deceased Sumerian Scholar and translator, Zachariah Sitchin and many others have postulated the same.

      • David permalink
        December 22, 2010 5:31 pm

        some interesting points here however I am a bit disappointed that you take such a one dimensional seemingly racist view of this, especially given you are someone who from your other writings appears a person of some intellect. These great problems caused by “white” people are no more caused by whites than by those of “other hues”. I would argue more that since the influence of europeans started to be felt across the world there has simply grown with it a more valued cultural importance placed on recording historical events as literacy and education has developed significantly during this period. This just draws light upon these terrible acts but man’s incredible capacity to bring pain upon others has been happening since time began.

        To consider all people of white skin guilty of this is the same as every other racist bigot opinion that the equal rights movement have worked so hard to stop.

        It is not white people who have caused this but an elite group of wealthy, corrupt individuals expanding their greed driven agendas utilizing the poverty of those around them to get this completed. Much in the same way now as the India elite, African elite, Chinese elite do to their own people. This is not a function of colour or race but of societal and cultural phenomena that allow too much power into the hands of too few.

        Look back into history at the binding of women’s feet in China, the entire caste system of India that still today grossly discriminates against the masses and reduces the degree of opportunity available to people based entirely on a societal control mechanism cleverly employed by society’s elites under the guise of religious piety. This caste system even stops people getting ahead in their careers in the UK as Brahmin caste members routinely deny promotions to people of other castes. India is perhaps the worst example of mistreatment of people on a large scale. How many die each year due to this horrendous cultural attitude? Is the fact that your fellow countrymen aspire to leave their homeland for the UK not completely contradictory to your attitude that “white people” have caused all of life’s difficulties and shortcomings? It would seem juxtaposed I would think.

        The sooner you stop blaming others for your misfortunes the sooner your will reach peace in yourself. I am an Australian from Scottish, Irish and Welsh origins, the English pillaged our people and lands long before they reached your shores. My forefathers have never fought for the “anglo saxon elite’s” causes, my grand parents moved to Australia after WW2 and played no part in the atrocities committed against the Aborigines that you so easily attribute to people with pale skin. Indians are not the only ones to have suffered at the hands of the european elite yet due to the “hue” of my skin as you so smugly allude, my people are the cause of others woes? Please give me a break. People are individuals, capable of free thought and this is reflected in their behaviour. This is why conflict based on race, colour or creed never produces a nett gain for society. You are a smarter and better person than to be writing this kind of closed minded material. You really are, I can tell from your other written works.

        My family like many across the world have suffered due to the colonial imperialism and capitalist imperialism pursued by the ruling elite the world over however it is the fault of those people, not all who follow in coming generations based on their skin colour. It is peoples like ours who have made the most of the opportunities they are dealt via the resulting access to education, hygiene and medical care that have also arrived with these imperialists who are truly the winners in this game. There is no greater way to avenge the wrongs committed to one’s forefathers than by beating the enemy at their own game.

        The imperialist elite of european origin will eventually lose their grip on world power however the primary concern now should be how to manage those that will share with and then eventually usurp them from the larger populaces globally. When I look at the level or care shown towards the common man in India, China, Brazil, Indonesia I shudder to think what type of world we will face when these people also share the helm. Remember it is not whites who provide sweatshop labour and child labour these days (they had their own try at it through slavery which has now been beaten by the work of the common people against the elite). It is the elites in your own lands serving your underprivileged countrymen up to these vultures in a new form of slavery seemingly acceptable in your society.

        Don’t think labor protection laws in China and India and across the globe have come about from your own altruistic power brokers minds, please! This has come from mass protests amongst western populations disgusted at the inhumane conditions placed upon people by the power brokers in both western and eastern countries in their greedy race for riches. It is us, these so called “whites” you are so quick to disparage who have said NO we will no accept sweatshop labour produced goods, we will no accept non-fairtrade produce and we will not accept countries failing to uphold the human rights of their citizens.

        The colonial imperialism and capitalist imperialism exported across the world by predominantly european elites is abhorrent and the impact of this on societies the world over, the loss of cultures, language and so many other things of value is a travesty. However, delighting in a coming destruction of yet another culture and society will bring no good to the world and for a fellow of your intellect is an easy cop out in the face of the much larger challenge that is making people work together to try and create a better global society.

        I think that the world as we know it in this information age has transcended borders, cultures and religions in many respects and try and simplify the current world’s problems through racial categorization is puerile.

        The problem here is not the people, it is the few in each culture given too much power over the masses. This is what must be adjusted.

        I am sure that anyone can try to trivialize what I have written and ignore the overall point of my response however to do so if folly and behaviour unbecoming of educated people the world over.

        Thank you.

        • December 24, 2010 4:36 am

          David, if you reread what I’ve written, minus your bias of being the group I say will suffer the most, you will see 2 things.
          1. The facts are indubitable. I’m merely pointing them out. The softest, most likely to suffer from global famine/disease and other privations will be the white nations. The rest of us have some practice with hunger/lack in general.
          2. Instead of defending you-self, I suggest you find it first. Please take the time (if called) to peruse some of my other musings (Whither India as an example), you will see that I am equally pessimistic about my own not-so-great nations or the state of it.
          3. You may label me a racist or a bigot, but that might make you miss the larger point of what I’m trying to say, which is merely, recognize where you are, who you are or have become and dive in. If it takes a slap in the face, so be it. I’ve had my share to reach where I am.

          Good luck and please feel free to comment, thoughtfully on other matters. Since my article was not pointed at you in particular, I’d appreciate your not labeling me either.

          We are all in it together. See Bangalore and Deepwater Horizon COnnected (my post) for my views on the same.

  3. Vee Wong permalink
    November 28, 2010 8:28 am

    imho, brutish does not necessarily be aliens. I am afraid we have that in our genes, no matter where we originated. Karma is universal, is it not? So now and here we are, all of us are responsible, only to different degree. Karma, national karma, collective karma, it is a precise thing…There is no by-stander.

    Learn, learn learn, over and over again, until…

    Many happy returns. It will get better.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. scout permalink
    December 1, 2010 3:34 pm

    I wonder if this pattern is as much along philosophical lines as it is race. It seems much of the psyche that drove the white man over the past 500 yrs is just a manifestation of the Roman/Babylonian/Sumerian? archetype once again playing themselves out in real time? I do agree with the vision of a soon-to-come harvest of the soft and weak who are dependent upon the dysfunction and tyranny of the corporate state(s). The vines are ripe….

    Thanks for the mention of Sitchin and will jump down that rabbit hole in due time. I’ve been reading up on Rudolph Steiner lately. Also like to mention a section of Nietzsche’s Zarathustra called the New Idol(much like the idols of old).

    “Open still remaineth a free life for great souls. Verily, he who possesseth little is so much the less possessed: blessed be moderate poverty!

    There, where the state ceaseth–there only commenceth the man who is not superfluous: there commenceth the song of the necessary ones, the single and irreplaceable melody.

    There, where the state CEASETH–pray look thither, my brethren! Do ye not see it, the rainbow and the bridges of the Superman?–

    Thus spake Zarathustra.”

    This was a great book for me to read in my early 20s. It helped me realize much about the world, life and myself……..

    Take good care and vibes of awakening to all.

    • December 1, 2010 4:03 pm

      Scout, thanks for the insightful comment. And I agree that it is an old stream, pre-industrial age that allowed one race to take over and pretty much singlehandedly bring us to the brink today.

      And be warned, Sitchin is a rabbit hole indeed. He is extremely convincing and consistent. And wrote prolifically. I learned a lot or rather had my mind expanded a lot via his work.

      Thanks too for the Nietzsche quote. Spot on. Political philosophy at it’s finest.

  5. Natraj permalink
    December 6, 2010 11:13 am


    Its a fair comment that the so called “Whites” dominated the world for the last 500 years or so. It is quite natural for them to do whatever you have described.

    Europe is no India. Things are harsh in Europe. You have to fight the snow, venture out in the sea to survive and thats what the Europeans did. As you do these, you grow in confidence and that is what has caused the arrogance (might not be the right word here) that allowed them to do all that you have described. Indians or Africans on the other hand had everything available at his doorstep and so they led a contended life all through these years.

    This is part of the evolution and what the Whites did would have happened anyway because of the way they grew up over the last 2,000 years. If it were anyone else, they would have also done the same thing.

    What is not acceptable is the people around the world getting impressed by the Western / White attitudes and get carried away. We need to be aware of our roots and culture.

    • December 6, 2010 11:40 am

      Hi Natraj, thanks for stopping by and for your thoughtful comment. Clearly we are influenced by our culture and environment (hard to even separate those two really) into evolving as we do.

    • jollysmakc permalink
      February 1, 2012 9:35 am

      Russians, Canadians, Germans, Europeans, Italians, and so on. I guess these would be termed white people, but I think few will doubt one of them is worth more in a fight than your average Indian. That comes from a culture that extols personal qualities and a degree of individualism, unlike asia/middle east which extol community/social harmony qualities in the person that benefits the group at cost to the individual.

      Individualism is a more versatile ethic in the practice of warfare, and warfare determines access to resources.

      Will this ever change? Probably not.

  6. cathartes aura permalink
    December 7, 2010 1:08 am

    I realise I’m late to this discussion, but wanted to weigh in an opinion nonetheless.

    White culture (*cough*) also contains within a sense of superiority, a belief in being “chosen” which is perpetuated by the tribe as it spreads outward around the world. . . the Holy Texts of course support this way of thinking, as in “God” gave everything to “man” (including woe-man, *eye roll*). . . add to this accumulate-gene, and a belief that anyone not white (& male) is inferior, and theft & en-slavement is a given – those that would not be used for gain can be trampled underfoot, disposed of, all in the name of the belief of inherent superiority. . . I’m sure if you investigate the religious texts, you will find many quotes supporting the “might makes right” philosophy. . . invasion is the mindset, boundaries not respected, physical, mental, even spiritual – apparently there is a great push by missionaries (western style) going on in your country. . . sigh.

    and through it all, we adapt & survive, and then we die. . . like the beautiful bullocks in your picture, yoked for toil, it is their task, and the driver with his cellphone adapts to his task as well. . . we do what we can as individuals, all the while knowing that what goes around, comes around. . .

    fully agree with your calling out those who have pillaged the resources of the planet, human or otherwise – karma’s callin’ – it always does.

  7. December 22, 2010 4:41 pm

    I came here from ZH. I enjoy your commentary, thank you.

    And in regards to this post, yes, I agree that “when things get tight, people who have been living tightly will survive and thrive”. The problem is, I live in a land (NA) where very few live tightly… we are in for a very rude awakening.

    Perhaps India will be in the same situation in 100 years if you continue on a similar path of growth. As you say, the cycle repeats itself…

    • December 22, 2010 4:59 pm

      Hi J., thanks and yes for India’s current trajectory and perhaps much less than a 100 years the rate at which we are going.

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