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Backwards Mercury and other things…

December 12, 2010


Long silence. It’s been those kind of days.  For those of us that follow all things celestial, Mercury is currently in retrograde motion. In fact, taking into account shadow phases etc., the whole month of December is under the shadow of a back-pedalling Mercury.

I had a most curious experience of this recently, when after a particularly “pokey” comment on Zero-Hedge, my trusty laptop went into permanent hibernation mode. So, I’ve sat mostly silent (yes, unusual for me), watching things, events and people unfold and/or come undone.

Clearly, we are in a period of revelations. Undressing on a grand, global and public stage.

Wikileaks is clearly the top dog in terms of media coverage of said syndrome. My views on the whole drama are clear enough (see post below). Here in India, via the outing of a major political power broker name Radia,  the inner machinations of the workings of government, in this, the most pervasively corrupt nation on earth, are out in the open. Some of the revelations are shocking, even to dyed-hard cynic like me.

Elsewhere, wiki-selective-leaks continues to undress targeted individuals and companies and movements, with a lot of dirt yet to be un-earthed.

And in a twist of sheer irony, as the sham climate talks proceed to another stage-managed ending in Cancun, Europe/US freezes. Everywhere, record cold and snows. The meteorologists give some hokum about arctic air currents and other related mumbo-jumbo being the reason.

Of course, others, less fooled by the duplicitous machinations of BP and the US government on the issue of the  Gulf of Mexico disaster (still flowing and flowing and ruining and killing, being “corrected” with “corexit”, killing corals and fish and swamps and people and still bubbling), know and understand that the Loop current and it’s associated effects all through the Atlantic ocean system is permanently altered.

How ironic eh? The shills and the totally dis-credited UN panel of Global Warming/Climate Change,led by another duplicitous Indian, scream global warming while the world freezes.

Meanwhile, as icons continue to be demolished, the Indian armed forces are sweating at the highest levels from revelations of corruption in the highest places. I was in that system for the better part of 12 years, not news to me at all. But it seems like a dam has broken/been opened and deep secrets continue to tumble out.

The Gulf of Mexico disaster is so emblematic of our times. I hope the analogy is obvious enough to not need elaboration.

Please understand that we are now in a period of escalating everything. The system, which is really everything we know, see and perceive and then a whole lot more that we cannot, is coming into a “final” phase. Fractal world, so we look out far and in deep to draw parallels.

Things, literally and figuratively, are spinning out of control. Imagine if the Earth’s rate of rotation sped up, ten fold. Things, like the atmosphere to begin with, would literally begin to fly off.

The great and undeniable power of angular momentum. The very glue that keeps this illusion alive is the force that will challenge you/me/us to dig deep to find our center.

What is preparedness in such times? How do you release that which you have held dear since you understood the very concept of holding and dearness? And I speak of things literal/figurative/”real”/”conceptual”.

Look around, the cracks always appear at the seams, at the boundary layer.

Look at the fringe. Little things, species, but of little things, going away quietly into the night. Disaffection, dysfunction in ideas/ideals, which is fitting too. This womb we live in has evolved through the manifestation of ideas. Now, everything is open, to question that is.

Science, the bulwark of the last 2-3 centuries, especially in it’s current spawn has proved to be a web of made up theories and convenient constants, models being force-fitted onto in-explicable observations. The giants of modern science, look where they’ve brought us. Large Hadron Colliders, producing strangelets. How strange.

Yes, I’m feeling a little dis-jointed like that. A tad out of kilter.

For someone who has fought a personal battle to be de-programmed, looking out is an exercise in frustration. Reaching out is equally hard. No one wants their pet poison taken away.

Deep breath, outward. Wide breath, upwards and sideways, and we have the cross we are all born onto.

Ponder that.

Keep the peace, give people in your life some latitude. Give them some longitude too, if you feel they need it. Outside this matrix of relationships, we are truly alone and each of us, in our own way are consciously or sub-consciously treading the only path we know. And it is darkest before the dawn. Stumble if you will. It’s okay. Fall if you do.

This coming solstice, the rebirth of our increasingly over-active Sun, is going to take things a whole notch higher.



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  1. Bruce permalink
    December 12, 2010 9:59 am

    That was nice. Have noticed a change in tempo of late. 6 billion of us with a lot of thinking going on. Gotta love the lightweight parts of a suspense thriller. Hard to grasp the big picture not to mention things whistling past Earth at 40,000 mph as we dream in our beds.

    Made a wee clip of my Raccoon pals.

    Tinypic has taken to playing ads in sync with vids. I apologize for any annoyance.

    • December 12, 2010 10:54 am

      Greetings Bruce, been a while. Thanks for the coon-lip. Really cute. 🙂

  2. Vee Wong permalink
    December 12, 2010 1:46 pm

    Mercury, US natal chart has that prominently, no? So it is in retrograde. Hummmmm. The communicator is un-ravelling.

    Wiki-selective-leads, how insightful! The debacle of Ange-berman (as in Brangelina, left out two 3-letter words) = leak-then-try regulate. Sheeple control

    The GoM, Atlantic currents, Methane rising…

    Control? We are never in. Even though we tried.

    Neither is the power that be; not really. Something is though. Energy based. Quantum fractal energy perhaps.

    De-programmed, we must. Stumble we will. Fall we do. Indeed.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • December 12, 2010 2:11 pm

      Vee, interesting times indeed. Thanks for the links.

      Atlantis, it is rumored, sank through human over-reach.

      Some lessons are best re-learnt the hard way eh?

      LHC…..watching that one, closely.

  3. Vee Wong permalink
    December 13, 2010 2:47 am

    IMHO, human scientific endeavor is founded on erroneous premises: that we invent a-new, create more gigantic, yet hollow massive things (thus the over-reach).

    Don’t get me wrong. We need scientific research, for the better good. There is so much quanta/quantum that we do not yet know/receive. But isn’t science is but one of our two legs to stand on. What about the other? If and when spirit-ual ‘completes’, what ideas/ideals we will be able to manifest? Not the mundane space-time, I hope.

    It seemed that the 10,000+ working in the LHC is racing (look what they have achieved in a bit over two years…), against what? To simply prove anti-separation in the Higgs Boson universe, or…? Hummmmmm. Any thought on the power that be?

    To err is human, so we tumble, re-learnt (the hard way) and yet there will be those few who move on, out of the loop, helping us to evolve, on the journey back.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. scout permalink
    December 13, 2010 1:36 pm

    yes, yes,and YES! It all seems so pre-destined, so to script. I find it hard to pay attention anymore merely as a means to control my wrath at it all. It is interesting to have observed myself over the past 10 years watching it all unfold with all the anger and frustration over the idiocy of it all; watching with horror of the bought-and-paid-for hacks and thinking the illusion of my team coming through in the final minutes to rescue the people(some still think so, so sad)….but the impotence was paid for too.

    The lingering fear of the unknown, uncertain outcome of the future has been with me since as long as I can remember, the inescapable gravity of another powerful moment in the history of humanity. I no longer fear the future because it us merely a template of the past; also, I came to the realization of the importance of Purification and the Wisdom of the Ancients as we trod into another valley of Darkness.

    Solar cycle 24 will be a period of extreme volatility. I wonder what the strength, or weakness, of this one will be. Regardless, it will have a heavy impact on the human social construct, most likely for the negative as the powers-that-be have conditioned and primed us for such a likely outcome. It is my prayer that we are bombarded with so much solar energy that it fries the satellites and electronic grids, making military and financial matters(as well as many other distractions) near impossible to perform. Yes it will be chaos, but we will have chaos either way…. (interesting correlations)

    Peace and Blessing to All

  5. December 17, 2010 12:23 pm

    hey ORI – a beautiful post.

    Time is accelerating as we hurtle towards enlightenment, whether we like it or not.

    Thanks for the mindful words.



    • December 17, 2010 3:49 pm

      Thanks James. I’ll take all Jah’s blessings I can get! 🙂 Like-wise to you also.

  6. Srinivasa Sunchu permalink
    January 27, 2011 11:56 pm


    Check this out, sums up the eclipse we are in.

    From the Dakshinamoorthy Sthotram by Aadi Shankara

    Rahu grastha divakarendu sadrusho,
    Maya samachadanath,
    Sanamthra karanopa samharanatho,
    Yo abhoot sushuptha pumaan,
    Pragaswapsaamithi prabodha samaye,
    Yaa prathyabignayathe,
    Thasmai sri guru murthaye nama idham,
    Sree dakshinamurthaye., 7
    Similar to the Sun when being masked by the serpent Rahu,
    Knows that it was existing, once the eclipse is over
    That man whose senses are suppressed
    When he is asleep,
    Because of the veil of illusion,
    Realizes that he was in the state of sleep,
    When he wakes up.
    Salutation to the God facing the south,
    Who is the greatest teacher.

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