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Alien in-vision… museically speaking.

January 6, 2011


For some reason, universe is resisting my attempts to put music up here. Wonder why.

Here is another go.

Cajon and Jew harp.

Interesting little anecdote about the Jew Harp. It’s made from brass, is from Vietnam and legend has it that it is made from the recovered shells of bombs dropped (no rained is more like it) on that country by a rather large, global bully who was merely cleaning up drug trade lines for the coming boom in domestic requirements via the CIA induced and introduced Timothy Leary championed “Flower Power” experiment.

So, by way of a munitions factory in the US in the 60’s, to a bombed out field in Nam, to Japan (it’s where i bought it), via a stairwell in Bangalore…

The drumming is a little urgent for some reason now-a-days.

Alien Machine

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  1. 4xaddict permalink
    January 6, 2011 9:37 pm


    I felt compelled to post on your site after reading a number of your articles this afternoon here in London. May I start by saying something that sadly modern fast food culture would interpret as likely gay in the pejorative and or vastly uncool. You, have a wonderful vocabulary.

    As a full-time FX trader I spend the time that I am not analyzing data and charts voraciously reading and then reading between the lines, all manner of information that I can get my hands on from the geopolitical to the meteorological, the financial to the metallurgical and from the main stream horreur that is the popular media to the dark cynical corners of the inter-web and other such ZH like places.

    Something thing that I have noticed in myself having been at this caper for now my 8th year, is I have quickly developed “tell me in 25 words or less” attitude towards my research and this was exemplified once more by my initial inclination to try and skim read your articles. I am glad however that I stopped myself though and re-read your thoughts. Not because there are major issues that I whole heartedly agree with or take umbrage to, but because your written word is woven with complexity that most westerners would arrogantly castigate as verbose yet lacking substance. Only when one takes the time to mull over your words do they understand that you are not trying to report news but rather asking broad brush questions of a wide audience, hoping to gain input and discussion.

    Truth be told I believe that India may in fact be one of the last bastions of correct english the world over. That may sound absurd, however living in the UK and having travelled to India I would say that the educated classes in India have a far greater appreciation for and inclination to properly use the english language. I am not sure if this is how education remains such a revered art or a case of isolation as often occurs within migrant communities the world over but whatever it is, it is pleasant to encounter. My reference to migrant population cultures is based on my personal experience in Australia and many of my italian friends there are more “italian” than the those in Italy as they have been taught their culture from parents or grand parents who left their homeland in a bygone era.

    Perhaps another thing that the world can thank M.K Gandhi for?

    Anyway I digress.

    The reason for my post was to contribute my thoughts regarding what I understand to be some of the basic underpinnings of your quest for answers and concern for the future.

    I will not begin to dabble in the philosophical or esoteric but rather in the pragmatic attitude that I am using to negotiate and manage life in the 21st C.

    We are indeed living in unprecedented times. Unprecedented because but not limited to, current world population, the far reaching impact of globalization, the incredible transformation that has been the information age and most importantly because like all times past – the present time have never happened before.

    I bring up the last seemingly simple point because at the moment I feel many people, my peers included, all feel at times an overwhelming sense of foreboding about the future. Not wanting to trivialize this fear but rather create for it a sense of perspective, I primarily attribute this phenomenon to the combination of the information age and the pending generational “changing of the guard” if you like within the leadership posts the world over.

    It is my belief that unlike dare I say most generations before, society, culture and the concept of nations as we were taught them have changed. Not only have they changed, but the outgoing generation of leaders, parents and grandparents across the globe are not adept enough in their understanding of,or capacity to communicate in, the current information age.

    Generations prior were able to take advice from those their senior in the knowledge that if they take over the family business, decide to start a family etc that their parents will know what to do if things go wrong. However, father “John” whose bookshop has been in the family for 7 generations now has no capacity to mentor his son in the challenges ahead to compete with large integrated book supply chains that without even having a premises can offer 1M times more books at substantially lower costs and deliver them free to a person’s home – hence saving the trip to the book store in the first place. The same goes for those whose careers were in service or manufacturing sectors that have subsequently been relocated to locations where scale both in volume and labour make a much more logical and efficient solution.

    This is of course an issue unique to industrialized nations however for emerging economies the situation is vastly different yet incredibly similar at the same time. Suren my cousin’s father-in-law came from a middle class family in Mangalore and Chennai. He worked his career selling automotive components into emerging markets, predominantly in the Middle East yet maintained strict family customs and adhered to the expectations of his adorable yet very traditional mother. His son Arjun however was educated at an international university, lived abroad for half of his life and now has a job in finance in Australia with his non-indian Australian wife and lives the normal western lifestyle of a person his age.

    Suren like the imaginary John from the bookstore is in not able to help or advise his son as their worlds are simply light years apart making their relationship a lot more strongly based on the simple love of a father and son rather than the complex web of requirements and cultural expectations that would have very much directed many aspects of Suren’s younger life. There is too however, a sense of fear in both for the other’s wellbeing as Suren simply hopes and prays that his son succeeds in life whilst Arjun no doubt worries how his father will handle the fast rate of change taking place in modern society – especially in a rapidly developing country like India.

    People simply need to become open minded and embrace the future with the desire to “learn and adjust” required.

    The “learning and adjusting” that I mentioned is primarily to illustrate the need for people to accept that the previous definitions of nationhood are forever changed now and that no matter of fighting or complaining will change it back. The sooner that people start viewing the new world for what it is, the better things will be. The Asian nations with the great populations of the world are without doubt going to be the epicenter for manufacturing and consumption in the years to come. The European nations will continue to be a centre for creative thought and innovation. The likes of Australia, Brazil and Russia will be the world’s farmers and miners and the sooner the USA finds its place with some other value adding mantle besides the largest consumer the faster we will all learn to get along.

    It is in the interest of maintaining the newly distributed wealth and lifestyles that all nations will be forced to develop new energy sources that facilitate the transportation of materials and goods around the globe without our current reliance on oil. In fact the nations like China and India have the most to lose with diminishing clean water supplies and environmental destruction being felt hardest at home. This rampant industrialization will lead to new breakthroughs in technology, after all “necessity is the mother of invention”.

    I bring up these seemingly trivial examples because I believe it is the void that currently exists between the generations, coupled with the ease of mobility for the younger generations that is causing a lot of the fear people feel. Not because times are necessarily any better or worse than prior periods, rather because those they would traditionally rely on for advice can offer only their love and support but beyond that little direction or assistance. Furthermore, the mobility that is available to people has diluted the influence that a close family, extended family/friend network would normally have and with this has come a diminished sense of social responsibility as people are markedly less accountable for their actions and more pertinently – they are able to simply up and leave at the earliest sign of trouble, escaping the wrath of those whose expectations are not being met.

    In western countries, the rapid increase in high density living has torn much of the social fabric also from the relationships that people would normally have with their neighbors. Not having a back yard with shared fence as a forum where neighbors can come in contact with, and communicate with each other there has grown with this a sense of isolation as each individual’s social network has come to rely less on physical communication and more on electronic status updates and butchering the written language in text messages.

    It is in many respects this growing sense of isolation that is driving the sense of foreboding that many feel about their future prospects.

    The other primary issue that I believe is compounding this sensation of fear and isolation is the “product-ification” of every part of our lives in modern society. The word without meaning that I just created, I chose to emphasize the commoditization of nearly every aspect of our lives yet how clunky and unnatural it feels. There are seemingly infinite examples of this yet I think that food and health are the simplest illustration of my point.

    Our natural environment is an incredibly complex creation that finely balances life with an attitude of “everything in moderation”. If our bodies need vitamin C we can eat strawberries, if they need protein then numerous legumes and or animals can provide these nutrients. Alarmingly however, we have taken the path of least resistance as a society in rewarding those who create products that cater to our laziness (this is based on my premise that all people are at heart but without malicious intent – greedy, lazy and selfish – but I will get to that and explain how lightheartedly I say this later).
    The net result is such that frozen vegetables that can be cooked in 5 mins in a microwave, or 2 minute noodles or Kellogg’s frosties cereal which “tastes grrrrreat” according to the cartoon Tiger during the cartoon network advertisement break but rots a child’s teeth. That, along with vitamin and nutrient deficiencies which we are told can easily be solved due to our laziness by purchasing jars of tablets that have the vitamins and minerals that real fresh food have in them “without having to eat real food”. This is insanity!

    Health and exercise are the other area that amazes me. Rather than maintaining some semblance of activity in our lives we have allowed ourselves to migrate into a sedentary lifestyle and then go and pay money to some rippling creature to show us how to lift pieces of steel to get “massive guns” or run on a treadmill. How going for a walk regularly or playing sport and socializing has been replaced by this travesty I will never know.

    I believe that all people are born good and by their own doing and (if they choose to allow it) the influence of society and or environment are gradually moulded into who they become. Because it is easier to be greedy, easier to be lazy and easier to be selfish when dealing with others, the breakdown of the family and social fabric that we have seen within society has allowed large marketing organizations to play on this reduced accountability and convince people that conducting themselves in a G,L and S manner is ok.

    How have we come to accept that food comes in a box, not from the land and that vitamins come from a bottle and not from our food? I have no idea, however the removal of individual accountability within society appears to have born of it a new generation of “sheeple” as so many ZHers so eloquently describe them.

    In response to this issue, I see no other way around it but to learn and adjust.

    I personally having studied at Law school possess a visceral hatred for the destruction of the written language that has occurred with the influence of social media and mobile telecommunications. Perhaps this is due to the draconian teachers that ruled throughout my education.

    I also refuse to support the large retail chains that are accountable to shareholders for profit rather than their customers for quality of produce.

    There are many other things that I refuse to support however I find that becoming strongly defiant about these issues only brings confusion and fear in those around me. People use the matrix analogy all the time however cheesy as it may sound, it is quite apt in the modern world.

    The only way in my opinion to overcome the current structure of society is to make choices that involve personal sacrifice and are not simply the easiest or quickest at the time.

    For example, if I can I only buy food from small local vendors to help maintain wealth and prosperity in my neighborhood then I do. I also plan to purchase a piece of agricultural land along with my city home so that my family have the understanding as to where their food comes from and how nature actually works. I have travelled as extensively as my means allowed and will continue to do so to ensure that my communication and appreciation of others is founded on mutual understanding rather than stereotypes. I refuse to pay for movies made in Hollywood because I believe to small a circle of interest controls the content and that due to its mass distribution is killing the cultural nuances present in other cultures the world over. I will pay to watch a french film or an Australian film, I don’t speak Hindi but would pay to watch a Bollywood production however I would happily illegally download Hollywood content in protest to its dreadful cultural influence. I never buy clothing from mass market retailers where cheap materials and effectively forced labour allow for disposable fashion. I turn the lights off when I leave the house and never leave a tap running, for no other reason than knowing the environmental impact that waste is already having the world over. I could go on for hours but will spare your the boredom.

    Many of these things many sound rudimentary or even elitist to someone of lesser means however making these efforts on a daily basis and setting an example for others, peers and those younger will eventually contribute to meaningful and sustainable change that by the time the next generation has arrived will be the societal norm. I guess the point that I am making is that only by voting with ones feet can we change the incentive of large commercial enterprise to alter their practices because if their target customer group finally takes back their mantle as boss and says “that’s not good enough” then things will start to be different.

    The other thing that I do is allow myself downtime or “me” time, to ensure that I do actually relax and reconnect myself with my family, friends and also with the environment around me. This allows me to maintain perspective when I have to deal with the modern societal structures that I detest and also allows me to maintain a positive frame of mind – because at the end of the day, the world and your life is only as good as you make it, right?

    I have a strong sense of optimism towards what the future holds and think that by trying to lead a more centered, less consumerist lifestyle that the relationships that make up the fabric of society will start to renew and allow us to move forward in a better place.

    Probably the most exciting thing that I think will come with the new changing of the guard in the halls of power around the world is that we will be another generation beyond the last major conflicts and wrongs committed by our ancestors and as time cures all wounds this will commence a new period of integration and assimilation across the globe as people focus less on the borders on maps and more on the role that they can play globally.

    The fact that the US is trying amidst the wreck that is its economy to ramp up R&D investment is a positive sign. Furthermore the fact that the balance of power is starting to shift more equitably within the G20 states is also a good first step towards an environment where cultures start becoming more accepting of one another.

    I am a realist and understand that whilst humans are involved there will never be world peace however the proliferation of information sharing available via the internet is showing more by the day the power that it can have to educate the masses around the globe and start shedding light on to agendas and secretive dealings that have curtailed the opportunity of many for generations.

    My musings may sound naive however only when we lose faith in humankind are we really doomed, right?

    I would like to sign off with “dictated but not read however all spelling and grammatical errors are of my own doing 😉

    Thanks for reading.

    • January 7, 2011 6:50 am

      4X, thanks for the heartfelt and detailed message. Clearly, we resonate on many levels. And language is such a key one, eh? I always tell people that every religion/spiritual practice worth it’s salt says, first there was the word. The word is critical to our reality. And it is surely headed into the dustbin, especially with regards to English.

      Too much to respond to in your message, so I’ll just let it sit with me for now.

      More soon and please write in as you feel called.
      I’m off travelling for the next three days, will post from a lakeside. 😉

  2. enicar333 permalink
    January 7, 2011 6:35 am


    Here is a link to a local Wisconsin Artist. The Man also manufactures a Jews Harp that you may enjoy. . Please be sure to check out all His cool sculptures also.

    • January 7, 2011 7:06 am

      enicar, thanks so much for the links. Jawasaphone! I’d like to get my hands on some of those. Beautiful.

      His work is very very cool.

      Thanks again. Will keep this in mind next time a friend is coming here from the US. 🙂

  3. enicar333 permalink
    January 7, 2011 6:39 am


    Here is a cool link to a manufactureer of a Jews Harp… straight out of Wisconsin.. please be sure to check out the cool artwork on His site…

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