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Rockpicker via Comments on Stairwell Sigtar

January 11, 2011


Wanted to share this awesome turn of word by Rockpicker.

Just amazing. Thanks RP.

To those wondering what Sigtar is, it is Guitar played like a Sitar. Tired to foist PArt three of that music on you tonight, but the recorder copped out at 1 minute and 5 seconds. ;-0

Meanwhile, here is Rockpicker:

Sky Collapses On The Passamari

Winter sky drapes the land, like a canopy
dropped by unseen hands upon a cage.
Farm ground blurs between houses
at an imprecise place, over the creek,
beyond my neighbors’ spruce. Past
what we can see spreads
the topography of an uncertain age.
Fence posts pitch and lose themselves
in fog, like stick men heading off
to evening chores, or the dutiful poor
marched off to kill the poor in forgettable wars.
What I took for granted and thought I knew
when sunbeams slanted through
transparent pain, seems now
untenable and untrue. Still, rockslides
and dying forests loom, like deficits
we must assume in this obscuring air.
The looted vault gapes, a victim’s mouth.
Herefords steaming under willows
birth their calves. The little town rubs
its knees beside a flame and tunes
its set for a prompted reassurance.
I kick the empty streets in muffled gloom.
I bounce solid hopeful notes off walls
of unsold homes. Kept birds balance
in dim rooms, each night, a new deception.
With sky this low it isn’t always clear,
those too trusting are tools used.
On the Passamari, the dog star fluxes, red
to green, whether occluded or seen.


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  1. virginia permalink
    March 2, 2011 4:57 pm

    loved the stairwell sitgar piece. It was beautiful in it’s simplicity,reminiscent of Mahavishnu Orchestra pieces of the 70’s and 80’s. Make more music. Thanks for putting it up. Virginia

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