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February 23, 2011
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Saw this on a thread on Zero Hedge. Decided to check it out myself. It’s true. And thus very interesting.

Today, February 24th 2011 is exactly 666 days from Friday, December 21st, 2012.

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From date: Thursday, 24 February 2011Added 666 days

Resulting date: Friday, 21 December 2012


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So fascinating, because just in the last 48 hours, we have had a peak of killing, protest, anger, some victories, madness on display publicly, burning policemen in Italy, the middle east exploding, earthquake in Christchurch, another huge fish die-off in Africa, Hezbollah in Mexico, Iran through the suez…….

Intense. Global instability has been taken up a notch. Of course it will settle back, but after a huge release of energy.

Such a strong feeling that this is going to be religious and financial. Religion and money.

Had a strong feeling the Vatican was going ot be back in the picture. Saw this thread in my head…


1) Vatican Trouble Peaks April 15th 2010

2) Eskkkudjeeelaffyyll is erupting

3) Oil is in the news with Deep Water Horizon

4) Christ Church rocks in Early Spetember 2010, peaking of the Deep Water Horizon Story

5)Vatican story goes completely quiet.

Fast forward now:

1) Oil is in the news, explosively

2) ChristChurch rocks again

3) Bulsan Volcano blows

Maybe the Vatican story will “explode” into the news again. soon.

And some said , it’s already on again….slowly…

(Reuters) – The archdiocese of Philadelphia, reeling from criminal and civil allegations of sexual misconduct by priests and church officials, said on Wednesday it would reopen 37 cases of possible child sexual abuse cited by a local grand jury.

Story here: G

Italy tottering, burlesqueoni teetering….Vatican, sweating?

The Big Apple and the place that got all it’s authority from a bitten one.

And then this just in, Via Zero-Hedge and Al-Arabiya…


How can this be reversed peacefully? It cannot!

Perhaps this great humanitarian can then explain why according to Al Arabia the bodybag count in Libya has now surpassed 10,000:

There are at least 10,000 dead and 50,000 wounded in Libya, according to reports by Al Arabiya on Twitter quoting a member of the International Criminal Court. The death toll was reportd by the Libyan member of the ICC, Sayed al Shanuka, who was interviewed from Paris. The official figures provided by the Libyan government yesterday indicated 300 dead, while this morning Italian foreign minister Franco Frattini stated that he believed more in the death of ”more than 1,000 innocents”.



Stay centered, stay balanced.

Numbers are extremely powerful. Time is accelerating and the acceleration is accelerating too. We will see huge dis-location in the coming weeks and months. Revelations, re-valuations, re-volutions….

Remember that we are but physical expressions of a timeless hologram hidden deep within us that is indestructible.

If you can let go of fear based on that idea of true immortality, this wild ride is actually exhilarating.

Find your locus.



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  1. enicar333 permalink
    February 23, 2011 8:41 pm

    And my B-day is truly 02/24/63… the Racine WI. exit off the freeway is 333 (1/2 the way to hell), and my favorite color is red. 2012 Doomsday. (scroll down for video)

    • February 24, 2011 7:37 am

      Happy Birthday Enicar333. Wishing you good journeys, ever inward.
      Nice truck. 😉

  2. Vee Wong permalink
    February 24, 2011 5:30 pm

    Found the locus: , no, just trying to add a bit of iHumor.
    I don’t think any frequent visitors here will go the 1/1 way to hell. Hehehe. And Happy B-Day to Enicar.
    Seriously, our evolution will probably involve the 24th chromosone?
    Fear not, we shall. As you say, stay centered, stay balanced.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • February 25, 2011 12:42 pm

      Good to hear from you again Vee. I cannot see the site due to slow load, but will. I’m sure it’s interesting.

      The 24th eh? Makes sense, numerically, harmonically and otherwise.
      Not 42?

      • Vee Wong permalink
        March 4, 2011 2:47 pm

        Sorry for late reply to this, V…been back in China for a few days,
        will send you an email.

  3. enicar333 permalink
    February 24, 2011 5:44 pm

    There is a story to the truck. I spent ten years building it, taught myself many new skills, and the Truck took on a personality in my mind. Countless hours and $$ were spent by me to perfect it. It was never enough. The more complex it became, the more problems I had to overcome to keep it running. When shown, it created hate, lust, envy, jealousy, false friends, admirers. The thing became a part of me and consumed me. I dearly loved an impratical creation and became “known” by that truck. Notice the music I choose, “Shes so Evil”, and that is what it became.

    Older and wiser, I now hate my creation. It sits in storage. “Rust in peace”. Once, I mentioned to a friend that I would find liberation in destroying it. Literally taking a sledgehammer to it and destroying it so no one else may become afflicted/cursed with the Truck. My prouncement was greeted with a look of horror, how could I do such a thing. Now I sit and wonder, why did I build such a thing, and what truly did it accomplish. I can hear the cry of Solomon, “But when I reflected on all the work that my hands had done, and all the things I had striven to accomplish, then I saw they were vanity of vanity, and vexation of spirit! and they had no result under the sun!

    So today we find the World unhappy and unsatisfieed. The situation is detoriating, but I can understand it now. My experience is a microcosm of the World.

    I will use the story of Adam and Eve for an analogy. Adam and Eve are indigent people living in small tribal societies, subject to the rules of Nature. The Apple is Government, Property Rights,Finance, and Science. The Snake are those who administer the power of the apple.

    As soon as the Apple was eaten, the snake was necessary to control the urges unleased by the knowledge; that of greed, envy, selfishness, excess consumption, heriechys; that of civilization in general. The knowledge unleashed allowed man, for a time, to be immune from the laws of nature and exceed carrying capacity. Eventually the laws of nature prevailed. It is evident in the ruins of past civilizations, which we rigoriously study, but fail to comprehend.

    What’s even worse, is once this knowledge was unleashed, we tried, with varying degrees of success, to impose it everywhere. Further, one born into such a society is forever deprieved of innocence. Now I can understand why indigenous Peoples, living in harmony with natural law, seek to flee those who have come “to help”. The “help” only leads to their destruction.

    • enicar333 permalink
      February 24, 2011 6:12 pm

      What we fail to see today is that the problem is internal. That we have attempted to subjugate the laws of Nature, to that of man. We try to deny death and aging, yet fail to see that it serves an important part in preserving equillibrum. We build up great monuments and constructions, only to see Nature take them away. We try to substitute our daily labor and bread with money and inedible savings. Without going too far indepth, we are in open and full rebellion against Natural law.

      Natural law is beginning to assert itself. Were the Mayans Prophets to the future? Did they see what we would become? I, the creator of that truck now wish to become the destroyer of that truck. It would liberate me from a creation that I wish I had not created. Does not our Creator (who/what ever that may be, not trying to sell religion here), when that Creator views us, feel the same way? IMO, I believe so.

      So now we are subject to the terrible retribution of rejecting a harmonious life in the Natural World. Now we fight amongst ourselves. We scheme, hope and pray that we may evade our destiny. Our day of reckoning is coming. Death, that which we have attempted to deny, shall assert itself. Yes, I have lost my innocence, I am guilty of being a Prepper, hoping against hope that I may stave off the inevitable destiny that awaits me.

      The Earth shall remain, long after we are gone. Our constructs shall remain as a warning to survivors (if any) and a monument to vanity and stupidity. When all is said and done, in the end what shall remain (if any) are scattered tribes, subject to, and in harmony with the laws of Nature. Even in death, there is celebration. Today let me celebrate my death. (figuratively, not literally, I am not suicidal)

      The Universe is a celebration of Life, and it is abundant. Enjoy.

      • February 24, 2011 6:28 pm

        Hey Birthday Boy/man, you are a number six (like me). The number is associated with Venus and thus love. Don’t hate. Don’t break anything. Not your heart and definitely not that truck.
        Donate it. Make someone’s day/night/life.

        Give and you shall receive, isn’t that what’s said?

  4. Jan permalink
    February 26, 2011 6:15 pm

    Hi V. ‘Find your locus’… I fully agree, and, once found: ‘Stay centered, stay balanced.’, I also fully agree, but… not with the numbers-and-dates-stuff.
    For over 2000 years, romans, and especially roman-cat(o)holics, have been messing with it. Adding and subtracting days and years, so now even the year in which their prophet is supposed to have been born, has become a serious subject of discussion.
    Prophets, and their disciples prophet-ering. Therein I smell something fishy. Prophet-ering… profit-ering… Lots of people panicing denotes lots of others profit-ering. Reptilian minds will probably already have thought about how to profit.
    Profitering, profits, prophets, predicting, dates, are things that are pointless and futile.
    It is prophets we do not need, but teachers instead. And therefore I fully agree with ‘Find your locus’, and, once found: ‘Stay centered, stay balanced.’ Teachings!
    And that is why I prefer your following post – Wisdom for Warriors-7 – so much better.
    ‘Liking that peaceful mediator’ also. Serinity indeed, a TEACHER in HARMONY with NATURE.

    • February 27, 2011 9:22 am

      Hi Jan, I’m ufffffraid I might be spot on with the numbers and dates stuff too. Are you aware of hyperdimensional physics? Have you heard of Richard Hoagland and co? Heard of major star alignments at crazy, critical junctures of NASA launches. Especially what the scene was at mid-night (exactly, stroke of midnight) on New Year’s eve 2000?
      I assure it will blow your mind. All the calendric manipulation was precisely so that said stunning alignment would happen.

      12-21-12 is no hype. Only hype-r dimensional! 😉 More if you are interested in more!

      • Jan permalink
        February 27, 2011 5:17 pm

        Hello V. My comment was not really about who is right or wrong. My goal was, and is, to take prophecy out of the equation. With prophecy’s, it will be the unbalanced people that will be frightened by gloom, doom, and armageddon… fear and anxiety… negative (wasted) energy.
        Being properly balanced is THE way to go. No fears, and positive (the only usefull) energy.
        And, besides that, much, much lower CO2-emissions! (and, without the trading and hedging aspects of them 😉 )
        Thanks for the hype-r dimensional offer V. but no thanks. I prefer your ‘Wisdom for Warriors-7’-like posts, and your music, especially your gitar. Or is it a sitar? That, will pull some strings as well!

        • February 27, 2011 7:51 pm

          Jan, prophecy is one thing, I’m talking cycles here. Time. Do we live in time or out of it? i say in. When you are out, you are out and don’t need to say a word about it, unless someone asks you nicely.

          And time is cycles. And cycles ebb and flow, up and down. And there are maxima and minima… and galaxies have structures and magnetism and form and planes, on either side of which life can be very different. Then there is the galactic core. Worthy of pondering.
          Try this site…it’s amazing, though dense…

          And I disagree regarding the positive as the sole driver of growth. Positive and negative, black and white… all opposites co-exist. To deny one is to totally deny the other. The yin-yang symbol needs to be deeply understood.

          Even right and wrong, same way. They are perpetually co-existent. Nothing to prove on either side, eh?
          Glad to hear you like the music. 🙂 To answer your question, this is me on you tube…

    • February 27, 2011 8:07 pm

      That meditator painting really drew me in. Like a physical space.
      And yes, the center.
      Wonder if anyone reading this knows where their Adrenaline control valve is?

      Spinning, round and round like a top. Such a feeling eh, Jan?

  5. anasana permalink
    March 1, 2011 9:40 pm

    in light of such possibilities, what is the point of anything? how did such a marvelous and mystical experience of life become an endless stream of mudane tasks and mis appropriated concern? i keep getting pulled back to my family as responsibility and source of joy and gratitude. it is this responsibility that leads me to focus on the mundane, work at my job, improve my skills, understand my investments. in so doing i tend to ignore my family. im definately missing my locus! i feel like the elasticity is melting, that the tension, as it increases, becomes irrelevant. i am fragmented so much that instead of seeing the cracks i can see the picture in the mosaic. i feel like a barn full of trapped cats trying to run from an earthquake that hasn’t happened yet.

  6. pete permalink
    March 9, 2011 2:14 pm

    Beware the Day of Purim 19th-20th March 2011

    Stay safe!

    • March 9, 2011 2:18 pm

      Thanks pete. Yes, for all of us. This Equinox can nox the sox off us.

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