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The fascinating Dr. Chippalone

February 27, 2011


For a few years now I’ve followed with great interest, the writing of Dr. J. Chippalone.

By most common definitions, he would be called a delusional doomsday prophet.

I find his words extremely compelling and myself in accord at some deep level with what he writes.

This was in his latest essay, and very much complimented my belief about the poisonous impact that the current technological paradigm has had on all life. All existence as we know it actually. I have proposed an alternative, an inversion of the current way. It’s hinted at, subtly and broadly on my design web-site:

Drawing most deeply from the work of Viktor Schauberger, I saw a whole new way of looking at energy, it’s optimal utilization (life positive, not life negative like this current explosive paradigm). Please look into All Posts for more. The titles of the posts suggest their content.

Back to the fascinating Dr. J. Chippalone. Here is what I wanted to share and then a link to the essay, which every free-thinker should read and accept of reject as is their wont/leaning/bias…

From the essay:


iii Scientific Mumbo-jumbo is the most dangerous of all, for it has spawned a monster called Scientific Technology which will be the death of Humanity, the Earth and all living things. It is doing this via its ability to deplete the Ozone layer and poison all living things with excessive ultra-violet radiation, via its ability to cause the irreversible Greenhouse effect and global warming, via its ability to irreversibly pollute water and food so that life will soon be unsustainable on the planet, via its pollution of the environment with nuclear and chemical discharges so that everything is carcinogenic and incompatible with life, via its ability to cause nuclear holocausts, via its ability to infect everyone on the planet with death-dealing AIDS, and other totally resistant strains of microbes such as malaria, tuberculosis, staphylococci, pneumococci, the ebola virus, etc. Science has promised short term gain but delivered long term pain and destruction, even planetary annihilation. If you read any alien abduction reports, you will note that many of the aliens, in seeking other areas to invade, are lamenting to abductees that their advanced science and its technology have, or are in the process of, destroying their dimensions as well!

Is this so? In support, I turn to one of America’s famous and favoured sons. In 1959, J. F. Kennedy was quoted as saying: “I am sorry to say that there is too much point to the wisecrack that life is extinct on other planets because their scientists were more advanced than ours.”


Could not have said it better myself. And the world-view I am proposing will find it’s own birth at the end of this tunnel. 

If called, please read the rest of the essay at:

Dr. Chippalone Essay

Good luck with your sanity!



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  1. dublinmick permalink
    February 28, 2011 12:26 am

    I haven’t read all the links yet, just started but very interesting. I understand enicar’s frustration but bear in mind the the goal is to reduce everyone both public and private to a below subsistence level. The public employee and I have worked both sides of the fence. makes a conscious decision to forego private industry in order to be able to buy bread and water when the days come they find themselves on a walking cane.

    I am not inferring by any means the private sector employee now days is immersed in the land of milk and honey or living the life of wine and roses. The majority of them are now under the level of a public employee due to no health benefits (these are way overestimated also as the many of the medicines will kill you). and consistently falling salaries and home values.

    The point I would make however is to resist the attempts at class warfare and the us against them attitude as all are trying to survive. The key point is it is supposed to be your country, a place where humans and nature can co-exist, not a job fair to squeeze profit and gather natural resources. The point of government is to make life better for the people who live therein, not lord over them with ridiculous rules. The problem with it all is sooner or later monopolies develop and it reverts back to a he who has the gold rules situation. It always does and it is usually the profit, serving type who loves power, that ends up in government or could even be elected by the room temperature citizenry. This is the case in the west anyway I am not trying to speak for India.

    At any rate I am really having a good time reading this site so far. There are many sites that are really not that interested in the things I am generally interested in, mostly cloak and dagger and figuring out how the towers went down etc. That is important but there are other things out there also of interest to me. I think some of you here might enjoy some of my favorite reads. Well may have already encountered them along the way at some point anyway. Anyway you will get more out of these links than my jabbering.

    The real teachings of Jesus.

    Easy explanation of the Mayan Calendar, in depth studies can be limitless

    • enicar333 permalink
      February 28, 2011 5:09 pm

      I will read your links after this post. Let us look at Public vs. Private Employees, this should help you understand my frustration:

      Public Employees are paid through TAXATION. Taxation is not voluntary, it is compulsory. Taxation is when people bond together, for a common goal, to allow some of their property right to be infringed, for the greater good. If you do not pay your taxes: 1. your property will be confiscated and 2. you may face imprisonment. Thus, taxation is a force, it is the power to destroy. Taxation is a necessary evil for civilization, but it must be applied with great restraint. When used to excess, it bankrupts the people and leads to the destruction of the State. i.e. If Taxation destroys the tax base, tax revenues fall and Public Employees cannot be paid. Raise taxes, lose some taxpayers, raise taxes to make up the shortfall, lose more taxpayers, ad nauseum, until COLLAPSE.

      Racine went from Industrial Base union jobs with high wages,benefits and pensions to a Wal-Mart economy. The tax base is shrinking rapidly. Government continues to spend, and increases spending. Citizens can’t pay and lose their jobs, business flees. Racine is becoming a third world ghetto.

      Public Employees running around and acting like Children WILL NOT solve the problem. Blaming it on others (Banksters, Wall St.) WILL NOT solve the problem. Why ME? – Do this to someone else, WILL NOT solve the problem.

      Cooperation, understanding, sharing the pain will be a start. A general debt forgiveness is necessary. RESET. However, this is not (most) humans natures, so we will fight it out to collapse. The one with the most wins. Good Luck.

  2. dublinmick permalink
    February 28, 2011 1:19 am

    This one some may find worth reading. I am not the greatest writer in the world and sometimes throw things together in a very haphazard manner. Please disregard the BP film update at the top.

    • enicar333 permalink
      February 28, 2011 5:34 pm

      Jesus defines love as obeying his commandments. The commandments, laws and statutes are given in Deuteronomy and Leviticus. The Government instituted is Anarchy, NOT Chaos. Usury is outlawed, except to loan to those who are not of your racial tribe, as it is recognized as a financial weapon of war. Land is not to be sold, but rather the childrens inheritance. But what of Population increase? Living in balance with Nature, deaths control population so that carrying capacity is maintained. Interpersonal relations and cooperation are mandated. The small Government is supported by a 10% tithe given in what you got, not what they demand. On the 7th. year, hard labor ceases and the people party. It’s a great system.

  3. enicar333 permalink
    February 28, 2011 4:42 pm

    While external technology and invention seems to be the answer to our problems, they can only mitigate circumstances for a time, resulting in greater future predictments requiring more complex solutions. The game goes on until it can’t. Indeed, as Richard Duncan pointed out, Industrial Civilization had a very short time frame to “get it right.” This would have entailed Worldwide Global cooperation on limits to growth. A selflessness that human beings find themselves incapable of. Recognizing limits to growth and maintaining balance with nature could provide a Golden Age that would have lasted until the end of the Earth.

    “Change must come from within”. What does this truly mean? To alter our thinking or actions? NO. As Dr. Joseph has shown, genes are turned on and off, altering organisms significantly. Different organisms can share the same genes, yet be expressed in different forms and function. This is true balance with nature and accepts limits to growth.

    Does such a Creature exist? I would say yes. There is a Creature here on Earth that:
    1. Shares our genetic make-up; 2. Lives within the bounds of the environment that it inhabits; 3.Does not need artificially manufactured external inputs to survive; 4. Is born naturally a master of its’ environment; 5. Posesses intelligence and skills far greater than our own; and 6. Actively shuns Man. This Creature is Sasquatch. Now before you dismiss this, Thom Powell has been researching them for some time, and has made some startling conclusions. You should check out all his posts, but here are a few you might enjoy.

    The above should dovetail in nicely with the article from Dr. J. Chippalone.

    Our own success, and our inability to restrain it has created the situation, which is global collapse of MANKIND. The Earth, and many other creatures shall survive. The Universe is full of life, our passing from Earth is a natural part of the Universe.

    “It was thus becoming apparent that nature must, in the not far distant future, institute bankruptcy proceedings against industrial civilization, and perhaps against the standing crop of human flesh, just as nature had done many times to other detritus-consuming species following their exuberant expansion in response to the savings deposits their ecosystems had accumulated before they got the opportunity to begin the drawdown…Having become a species of superdetritovores, mankind was destined not merely for succession, but for crash.” – William Canton, 1982.

  4. Jan permalink
    February 28, 2011 8:52 pm

    Hi V., Dublinmick, and Enicar333.
    A few weeks ago I came across a site dedicated to Barefoot Bob Hardison. Today I visited the site again for more in-depth reading.
    Whilst doing that, it re-affirmed my opinion that all of your intentions are good, but your line of thinking is too complicated, much too complicated. And, moreover, there is a way out of the current mess we are in.
    Bob Hardison (in his Commitment One) starts of with a quote: “Harm no one, then do what thou wilt.”
    Maybe now you think: ‘Ahaaa. This is THE way to do WHATEVER WE LIKE to do’
    Yes, indeed it is… as long as nobody – or nothing else – gets harmed!
    The site starts here:
    The first Commitment:

    I guess the Sasquatch knew of this site ( and Barefoot Bod Harison’s site before we did. “Harm no one, then do what thou wilt.”

    • March 1, 2011 7:43 am

      Jan, actually Alasteir Crowley said it well enough, not so long ago.
      he said, do ast thou will, that is the law.
      but in true trickster fashion, people were not told that task one was to find your will. Which is a sub-set to the self. So find your-self. Then discover who is the I that keeps on doing.

      Then, when clear, do ast thou will.

      Most of the sense, even on this site, is probably between the lines.

      • Jan permalink
        March 1, 2011 10:38 am

        Hi V. Never liked billboards, screaming their heads of in order to get attention… and deceive. Never liked small prints either, to avoid attention… and deceive. In my opinion Aleister Crowley represents both. Putting on a flashy hat and stating ‘Do what thou wilt’ and al-lure a poker face, is what it is, deceiving… harming.
        That some ‘of the sense’ – even on your site – will ‘stay’ between the lines, for readers to find out what it is (its use is), is only logical to me, and ana-logical in the quest of finding your-self. When ‘Most of sense’ is between the lines, that is il-logical to me.
        That’s why I prefer one-liners for starters (as well as the advanced):

        “Harm no one, then do what thou wilt.”

        Thanks for all of your lines though, and looking forward to the next post. And I think you are right when writing to Vee ‘that all this talk is so we can finally be quiet’. Not even a one-liner will be re-quired.

  5. enicar333 permalink
    March 1, 2011 3:12 am

    Here is an article from the latest National Geographic. It is about domesticating Foxes, and how it was done. Note that the Scientists try to claim gene “mutations” were the cause. That is laughable, rather it was genes that were already present being turned on and off. Both behaviour and physical traits were altered. It backs up Dr. Josephs work.
    One of Dr. Josephs’ best videos.


  6. Vee Wong permalink
    March 1, 2011 6:52 am

    Genes are turned on and off. From pre-natal birth “handicaps” to post-natal incurable diseases to time of death (oh, there are positives too). From one womb to another…yet another. No?

    What turned them on/off?

    Quantum physics acted out of un-detectible (to us humans for now) force? So, pre-ordained, or simply planned?

    By whom?

    Is it part of our evolution? To become them? So where we are, they have been? And where they are, we will be?

    Grand cycle, every 2,160 years or so? Or, longer…much longer.

    Scientists are beginning to accept “faith” in (quantum) physics. We are still searching in the dark? But it is planned…So will be found. What?

    Aliens are among us. So why not sasquatch? Oh, we are the aliens in transit. Those unkind to Earth will get evicted. Some/many will stay and re-new our commitment(s).

    Everything has its purpose.

    What we can see are temporal. What we cannot see are eternal?

    May the force be with us all.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • March 1, 2011 7:40 am

      May the force be with us all indeed Vee. In fact, the force is with us all. In fact, it is with-in us all.
      you know well, clearly, that all this talk is so we can finally be quiet, eh?

      • Vee Wong permalink
        March 4, 2011 3:11 pm

        Yes, quiet, at the far-reaching center, perhaps. But for now, we talk, required, no? Awakening. To [help] awaken [as many] others.

        So we know some, and must go with-in as we observe with-out. More to learn to know. So talk we must. It is a loop, awaken, slow down to talk, to check, to learn, to go forth, acquire more, and talk/check again. Just to be sure we will not be fooled again. It is lierally, walk the talk.

        Morpheus said in Matrix: “Knowing the path, is not the same as walking the path” (or something close to that).

        It is a pyramid of lies we are de-conditioning. Had the feeling all were pre-planned, including the slowdown-check.

        Thanks for sharing.

  7. dublinmick permalink
    March 2, 2011 3:31 pm

    Jan I first ran into barefoot’s world about 20 years ago, always enjoyed it. It is very difficult right now to guess where the mayhem going all around us will lead. I feel almost like a spectator. You have to have a certain amount of compassion for any sentient being who is on the planet at this time. But then again it is probably one ride you never forget in your journey throughout eternity.

    Most of you probably are familiar with the dog poet. He can find some humor in almost anything. Allow me to exhibit one of his foremost creative pieces.

    Dog Poet Transmitting…….

    I saw where someone referred to Kayne West as a genius. This sort of half excused him for his public embarrassment of saying that certain musical judges had picked the wrong bimbo to be awarded one of those Cracker Jack prizes in the tits and ass ensemble of modern culture. We know all about ‘cultures’ here at the Petri Dish. We’ve got thousands of glass slides with things growing on them and as much dry ice as you’ll find at any of the major concerts.

    I tried to listen to some Kayne West so that I could catch some of his genius but I was compelled to turn it off before the genius part appeared. I did search engine his lyrics and here’s an example of what I got at random. I scanned a few more but I’ll spare you that. You can find more on your own time.

    I can’t go to the S&MSM without coming across the name, ‘Gosselin’. It’s there every day. Every day, there are details about this train wreck that includes a brace of sextuplets. They were, or are or maybe they will be again, the biggest reality show going. Someone is making this an ‘in your face’ situation. Someone is behind the scenes pumping this excrescence into the collective mind’s water supply.

    Someone made Kayne West famous and I suspect it was not his genius. Someone is searching the landscape high and low for new possibilities, day after day for another bad light to present you, the human race, in. I haven’t seen any network TV in many years. I watched the 2000 election on CNN… then there was another long dry spell on the other side. I don’t think I have to watch any of this to get the sense of what it is. Evidence of the impact of culture on the conditions of life is evident everywhere. There is cause, motivation and intent.

    A decade or so ago, Disney hooked up with Tavistock and MKUltra on a little genetic experiment. They’d seen what happened with The Spice Girls and they wanted to expand on that concept, so the lab techs cooked up some polystyrene Mouseketeers and groomed them for the celebrity chute. Out came a Spears and a Timberlake and an Aguilera too. N’Sync and other permutations followed. There was an interesting contrast between white bread polysaccharides and gangsta-rapping, Hilfiger jacket wearing, expletive artistes.

    In a time of war and plunder, stupidity is a rampaging nation’s greatest asset. If you don’t plan ahead you have to fly by the seat of your pants. This isn’t all that hard either given the location of the brain at the time.

    It seems to me they stuck their toe in the water with that MTV show, Real World. It’s as real as you want it to be baby.

    It is interesting… or it will be interesting to future archaeologists to explore the myriad similarities of the time. No doubt they will come across scientific papers that detailed the isolation of the Agent Stupid gene. Maybe it will turn out that it was a laboratory product that was added afterwards. It doesn’t matter if it was always a part of the human organism or if they created it. What happened …happened.

    In entirely different laboratories they were working on soft drink cultures and they found that aspartame and other chemicals most definitely made you fat. Fat and stupid are a formidable combination. On the social end there appeared the psych workers whose job was to legitimize every excess as another painful road to general acceptance. As the all embracing arms of the modern world were extended to clasp every emerging perversion to her perfumed breast, the fisters and pain freaks; the pedophiles and animal amorists, the pierced and the bound brought forth the new vision of the returning Jesus, morphing into Ashtaroth rising from The Pit.

    In the middle of this unbridled excess there came the Speech Police who monitored every word and phrase for bias against the engines of decadence as rapture. On the one hand, freedom was license. On the other hand, objection was crime, as was accurate definition. Definition of anything was an illegal restriction, unless the definition coincided with the intent of those creating the conditions.

    Madonna became a mystical cabbalist and if one looked closely they could see the flaming Hebrew letters dancing up her inner thighs to what is purported to be The Promised Land. Here the Roman armies had trekked a time or two before. It was the Lincoln Tunnel at rush hour, transmogrified into the gates of St. Peter.

    In the times before the times that awakening crashed down upon the malls and media, hypocrisy became the most celebrated performance of the day. Powerful leaders could wax eloquently about peace, while murdering shepherds and farmers for the fuel that lay beneath their fields and gardens.

    As the job opportunities were erased, the military opened their gates to the ranks and rows of canon fodder, which moved in slipstreams from the unemployment benefits lines to the enlistment lines. The survival and self interest centers of the human herd were amplified and intensified by invisible beams from cell phone towers. The effluvium from pharmaceutical factories was discharged into the water supplies; they had to stone the village in order to save it. Men grew breasts and women turned into hydras. We entered through the rear end into the Land of Myth and Legend.

    They electrified the fantasies of children with tales of super heroes, bound in service to the very forces that created the mayhem in the first place. The state became the First Temple of Unholy Prostitutes that worked for the Mac-Daddy Pimp corporations.

    It did not matter as one new absurdity followed the other. Nothing real remained to compare it against. The unreal had become real. The prophet had been sent packing and humanity itself was just another commodity on the endless rows of shelves that curved away into unimaginable distances. Somewhere, impossibly far ahead, was the checkout counter.

    Somewhere, far, far back in an unremembered past, it had all begun. Was it the result of conditions imposed or was it written into the genetic code? Somehow the abusers always had a great deal more cachet than the saviors. Was it before or after Esau?

    There appears to be no limit to how insane it might become. Whatever it is it will seem normal and woe betide the unaware who question its presence. The impressive and indomitable force of stupid, reigns supreme over the land. Stupid is genius. Stupid is God. Stupid is as stupid does and stupid does what it pleases. Stupid will kill itself before you day after day and then rise from the dead to lead the legions of stupid to the place where stupid rests.

    They have not yet opened the gates of the chittering worlds that wait behind them, in the coliseums where you have been marched, at the behest of Stupid. There is still a semblance of order and the highways of hope are constructed by the hour and woven out of the words of the liars who have led you to this place. The true beauty of Stupid is that it will never occur to Stupid what it cost and what was lost. Perhaps Stupid is indestructible and is the heir to a kingdom that only he can see. Some certain and profound confidence motivates Stupid and only Stupid knows what that is.

    Sometimes you just run out of things to say and… this is one of those times.

  8. Straykitty permalink
    March 2, 2011 3:41 pm

    anadianant — I’ve been reading Dr. Chippalone myself. I like that he sees through Eyes I have not looked through before.

    I’m learning to see. So much of my old life has been spent looking through someone else’s Eyes. Did I always like what those Eyes saw? No. Did I always believe what those Eyes told me? I was afraid not to.

    Eyes upon the World: Christian Eyes, Jewish Eyes, Gentile Eyes, Hindu Eyes, Agnostic Eyes, American Eyes, Egyptian Eyes, etc., etc., etc.

    A true fact: we all see. Unless we’re Blind. It’s the Powers I have the problem with. I have a problem when Powers tell me whose Eyes I must look through. “See it this way, or we’ll kill you.”

    Then there’s the Unseen, of course. Things we cannot see but must accept on Faith. Things that cannot be proven must always be a matter of Faith. There are lots of things to have Faith in, as so much cannot be proven. (This is where you excel, anadianant. And where your art takes us.)

    There are Powers to tell us even what we must NOT see. “Don’t have that Faith, or we’ll kill you. Don’t promote that belief, or we’ll kill you.”

    Which brings out the reluctant rebel in me, of course.

    So, in my remaining years, anytime I hear of someone being killed or bloodied or dispossessed or maligned or stolen from, I must be quite serious about discovering what it’s all about. Sort of living in reverse, yes?

    So much to learn. Every day there are new demands for serious investigation. Perhaps someone was abused because of an old Truth. Perhaps because of a new Truth.

    Perhaps someone wrote down a Truth and buried it or put it in a jar and hid it for 2,000 years. Perhaps they were told, “If you write this, we’ll kill you. If you read this, we’ll kill you. If you believe this, we’ll kill you.”

    Now the Powers have turned to Discoveries — new Eyes, new ways of doing things, new orders, new loves and new hopes. I can already see what comes next. It’s already happening. “You must not Discover that. Discover a better way, and we’ll kill you.”

    Some things are worth dying for.

  9. leo permalink
    March 3, 2011 8:02 pm

    dr chippalone has a great point!EVACUATION.To me,it sounds like humanity is going thru the toilet,what is exactly what is happening.
    We are giving our energy away.
    Conciousness,like gold,is in limited supply.
    Return to the BODY.The mind is only a tool.
    You are the bridge between GOD and the MATERIAL WORLD.
    Discipline is THE vehicle for joy!!

  10. April 13, 2011 3:43 pm

    Hi V. I read this post yesterday and went on to reading the link of Dr. Chiappalone. I was fascinated by what I read, so I decided to look for more on his website, which at some point used to be (notice the change from non-profit to profit). I thought I’d mention this to you for two reasons:

    1. According to Dr. Chiappalone, he is a practicing Doctor of Medicine in Australia, which means he has a means to make a living. I noticed that all of his e-books online are available for purchase (for more than $15 each) and that one has to contact him directly to make the transaction. I’m wondering why someone who claims to have knowledge of the fallacy of this reality and how it’s all coming to pass sooner than we think wouldn’t just give this good information away for free. Why is he trying to profit from this truth he claims he was endowed with, if he already makes a living as a doctor? I want to hear it. I want to read all of it… but I’m not going to pay over $450+ for the entire collection of e-books he has there.

    2. I find his relationship to his ex-wife rather bizarre. In the same search for more of his articles I came across one from Amitakh Stanford (a.k.a. Amitakh Chiappalone) trashing Dr. Chiappalone for beating her up and abusing her emotionally for years and claiming that both him and her are aliens inhabiting human bodies, etc. etc. – read article here: On his end, Dr. Chiappalone also speaks ill of Amitakh: “I need protection from these villainous predators Amitakh and Steffan Stanford. They have reacted so violently and abusively towards me only after I exposed a tax scam they were running. Since I exposed their tax scam they have sworn to destroy me. They have been trying to trap me and pin a criminal offence onto me since I exposed them so that they can then attempt to get me deregistered as a doctor. The local police are familiar with their mendacity and this will be affirmed when the police are called to give evidence of their investigations and dealings with Amitakh and Steffan Stanford. Amitakh and Steffan Stanford are liars, cheats and murderers. Further, it shall be seen by what is written below that they are vicious and malicious. Neither of them works, but they have become wealthy by cheating people of money. They use bogus charities and fictitious Animal Sanctuaries. They were superficially cordial but guarded towards me while I paid them money.

    As what I have written is read, it becomes obvious that there is a behavioural pattern of abnormal and malicious intent by Amitakh and Steffan Stanford that reveals the following:

    1 Gross and repeated attempts towards me for the purpose of Intimidation. 2 Harassment by them and their followers of me 3 Abuse of me, my civil liberties and rights 4 An attempt to engender fear in me 5 Persistent lying and criminality by them to defame me, destroy my reputation, destroy my Medical Practice and drive me out of this town. 6 They had vowed to do this to my face in June 2008 after I exposed a tax scam they were running. 7 They have persistently defamed me to people around the town, including my patients some of whom have reported the matter back to me.

    This pattern of dishonest and criminal behaviour by Amitakh and Steffan Stanford is noted to have occurred in the past, in the immediate present, as revealed by the facts I write below, and I dare say will continue in the future unless they are totally exposed and stopped now. As the list I have called Chronology that I have included below demonstrates, their attempts to abuse me have become cruder and more criminally vicious. I fear for my safety and that of my pets, my witnesses and my staff. lI contend that this latest complaint by Amitakh Stanford that I assaulted her on February 11, 2009 is another lie in a long list of lies that clearly expose her criminality. I am told that she and her husband Steffan, having made a complaint of assault to the police, refuse to be formally interviewed by the police for the matter. As a layperson I make the conclusion that, first of all, the assault complaint is not genuine, and secondly, that they must sense the danger of being charged with making a maliciously false complaint if indeed they are formally interviewed lI contend that it is total fabrication, as shown by the very history she gives about…” – end quote.
    It’s all in his website:
    Yet these two were living too close for comfort after their divorce:

    I found the essay you linked to extremely appealing and, in spite of the unlike content, senseful… but I’m wondering why such an “enlightened” individual would charge for his wisdom and have such a dysfunctional relationship with someone from their past. Shouldn’t he know better? Shouldn’t BOTH of them BE better than this if they truly are who they claim to be? Ponder that.

    • April 14, 2011 1:41 pm

      Tutty San, very good points all. I had the very same response, when I saw all rights reserved under his article. Strict copyright protection. I did not dig deep enough, but there you have it.
      I think this is the age of such grand illusion, delusion and false prophets that we should choose carefully. If our own discernment is finely tuned, a hint, a word or a line is often enough, ne?
      Stepping carefully is the theme! 🙂

  11. dublinmick permalink
    June 8, 2011 5:06 am

    You know I for some reason decided to read this again. I do remember many years ago reading something by an Amitakh, possibly stanford. I can’t remember where but I made a note to myself not to bother again because much of it did not ring true.

    Dr. Chiappalone has some ideas that ring true and some not so much. The riding around on a space ship is a tough one to swallow! The world being destroyed is another one.

    Personally I am sticking with the Mayan Elder Carlos Barrios at present.

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