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Astrological and other deep insights from CA

March 4, 2011


Cathartes Aura wrote an insightful comment, which deserves a little wide dissemination. Her appreciation of my perspective is completely mutual, if you know what I mean. Her astrology is uncanny. She was commenting on Outsourcing and it’s ills.



ahhh, that was a great read anadianant, so many places to “jump in” at!

overall, you’ve shown just how insidious this parasitic overlord class is, and how they work their poison into the systems(s). . . fascinating in an horrific way to see it happening now in your own unique culture, and at such a pace – though the speed of the mental colonising helps the observant see the patterns, hmm?

because of your time spent in other cultures/nations, particularly amrka, you can point to the tools of mind-control, and the inevitable outcomes – while one might say folk are being “american-ised” really they are being corporate-ised, infected with the aspirational virus, aspiring to be MEmes, unique only as subtle variants, but thoroughly same old same old – YOU can see this because you are a-part from it, and have observed it in an-other “culture” – a blessing, but a curse as well. . .

I remember moving to London from LA, wanting to find people who were not the consumer beauty culture of LaLa, but REAL humans – I was barely out of my teens, and hit the UK as punk culture was just about to be “capitalised” on, packaged ‘n’ sold to “the kids”- it was about as far from my own history as I could imagine, and hugely energising, creatively. . . within a few years, the Big Bang (deregulation) happened in The City, and people began to acquire monies, first the City-Suited Boys, who flashed it around in pubs and clubs so obnoxiously, winding through the narrow streets in packs after closing hours, howling, puking, harassing, so ugly.

so I too have seen how humans become co-opted by what appears to be amrkn culture, but in truth, that same “culture” also infected amrka, just much much earlier. . . now that we can see the patterns, we can also see the outcomes, eh. . .

it would appear that this “successful” colonising of the mind, borne of the financial class/globalists, whatever you want to call them, this has been documented in writing for at least a century, they know what they’re doing, how to accomplish the mind-set that is most profitable to them. . . once the parasite has fed fully on the host, it simply moves to the next meal(s). . . amrkns can barely understand that all they thought was unique and special about themselves is simply a template, a “successful” experiment that is now patented much like Monsanto does its terminator seeds – fake natural, resultant death.

*gah* of course you know I could go on, ha! I’ll spare you (all), and instead say happy new moon in pisces, fasten your seatbelts as the planets impatiently line up for the Aries BANG! to come. . . uranus enters aries (at zero degrees it is also the spring equinox point) on 3.11.11, those numbers have much “esoteric” juice, already I’ve seen things conspiring to happen on that day, revolutions as only uranus can herald – by April, fully5 planets in Aries, plus the sun(3.20.11) and moon, for a spell. . . it really won’t be the same, soon.


so there you have it. tense, in-tense days ahead.

So many people ask, why bother, it’s all just happening anyways. Happened before. Enjoy.

I’m always reminded of Master Daichi to Samurai Kikushi, in the snow…. and I’ll just quote the relevant part:

The sky disintegrates and turns to dust,

The great earth becomes peaceful, no one can see it.

Abruptly, the dry tree opens it’s one flower.

Calling to another spring, beyond history.









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  1. scout permalink
    March 5, 2011 1:48 am

    CA – do you have a regular blog or something where you discuss these astrological happenings? Or could you recommend a good one to read? Great insightful commentary.

    Peace and Blessings to All

    • cathartes aura permalink
      March 6, 2011 11:11 pm

      I did do a blog for a while, but I’m not so “reliable” now as I was then – and I found most people were not interested in global events viewed through astrological archetypes, they were more concerned with individual inter-actions – understandably, but my interests are more towards trends than “relationships.”

      As for other astrologers, I don’t really read any – I’m sure they’re out there, and I’ll bet others will have good recommendations to share. I often wish I was as prolific, and brilliant, as our host here!

      I will add, the upcoming Aries emphasis will be in-tense for such charts as the Federal Reserve Bank (12.23.13), will create a T-square between the Sun & Pluto of this chart, which by its very nature is “secretive” – Uranus in Aries is destined to bring “light” to this hidden agenda, in many ways. There will be shocks ‘n’ surprises to anyone not already acknowledging the great shifts happening.

  2. Green Leader permalink
    March 5, 2011 5:06 pm

    “…amrkns can barely understand that all they thought was unique and special about themselves is simply a template, a “successful” experiment that is now patented much like Monsanto does its terminator seeds – fake natural, resultant death.”

    And I have been telling people the welfare system/amrkn protectorate is NOT going to end with a good-bye kiss. It ends in genocide.

    The waning moon has been uncommongly strong, I have experienced severe healing crisis from chemtrails detox. It has been hard on my body yet around me all I see is people coughing “the two short coughs” and walking around weakened, aching and thinking they have some kind of persistent cold or flu. They are dying.

    • cathartes aura permalink
      March 6, 2011 11:27 pm

      Yes, the moon cycles are currently seeing out the Pisces new/full moon, in the last days of Uranus in Pisces, which accelerates the end of this archetype – awareness of the inter-connected-ness of all things. Those who have not real-ised this truth will be sucked into fighting the upcoming battles over conflicting beliefs which Aries the Warrior excels at.

      I’ve been working at detoxing the poisons being sprayed on us here too – it’s harsh going at times, and leaves me weary and occasionally hope-less as to the “future” – local conversations have been mentioning animals dying of “respiratory” illnesses, and of course the humans are as well, but they don’t really make that leap of consciousness that it’s the environment contributing to this, sadly. That cough – yeah, I cringe when I hear it, often.

      • March 7, 2011 1:10 am

        Hmmmmmmmm……….. I remember those California skies, Kriss-Kross with trails….. and imagine, here in India, where environmental causes are almost an un-known. None-known. People just make bee-lines for Doktors. Strange, strange times indeed.

      • Green Leader permalink
        March 7, 2011 2:28 am

        I was, a few weeks ago, wondering what to stay alive for. Talked to a few close people and the answer is to win the battle, to be a witness of Yahweh, of His protection and of the knowledge gained to help myself and others. Like Vivek e-mailed me a few weeks ago, “the warrior’s challenge”.

        Dogs are highly suceptible to chemtrails and do die slow and agonic deaths, but I have learned to keep mine alive and healthy. Here is a good web page for you:

        What you mention,

        “the end of this archetype – awareness of the inter-connected-ness of all things. Those who have not real-ised this truth will be sucked into fighting the upcoming battles over conflicting beliefs”

        I can see around me, though I am not versed in astrology at all. There is a window closing and those who cannot understand and prepare will be sucked into confusion, grief, sorrow, anger, frustration, conflict, hate and desperation. Let’s wait until food gets really expensive and scarce…

        I have only one shot at saving my seeds and we are under an artificial geoengineered drought. As I see it I need to employ the Arawak cosmologic system of planting: they had two harvests per year, planted after the equinoxes:

        They were in the Caribbean long before, I can see how their system worked and why the Spaniards destroyed it. Can you understand it? I figure you can. I sense it is not good to plant seeds until after the equinox.

      • cathartes aura permalink
        March 7, 2011 2:41 am

        aye, the left coast skies are very trailed now, particularly the further north you travel – PNW being some of the heaviest spraying in amrka apparently. I know that in the past year, the days of clear, blue skies with no clouds at all are equivalent to fingers on one hand – virtually every day forecast as clear becomes overcast before mid-afternoon – tho’ I realise this part of the world is known for cloudy, even the long-timers comment on lack of sunshine. . . I stream a music channel from further north, and most of the dj’s are down with “colds” frequently – they mention on-air how their friends & family are as well.

        ah, but where to go? for now, I’m choosing “within” – until I’m prompted otherwise, hmmmm. . .

        you mention the “bee-line” to Doktors – are most of your Doktors still using ayurvedic methods? or is allopathic & pharma making inroads with all the other “colonising”? one would hope traditional healers who have such a varied, rich history of healing methods would still be respected.

        • March 7, 2011 2:57 am

          ^nudge^ *prompt*
          Sadly CA, All All-o-apathy, all the time!

          What to do eh?

      • cathartes aura permalink
        March 7, 2011 4:54 am

        ahhh, that is sad to hear, that allopathic pharma is so global – I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. . . people are becoming more fear-full, retreating to their medical healers for those pills that take the edge off their lives, the better to continue to participate in this mind-boggling version of “reality.”
        (thanks for the *nudge* – it made me grin, something I don’t do so much of late – y’never know, these next 6-8 weeks hold the possibility of huge transitions, and I’ve been known to “get up & go” in a heartbeat *wink*)

        @greenleader – thanks for those links – the chemtrail one I’ll take some time on, lots of information! without wanting to jack the thread here, I’ll just say we get sprayed pretty much daily – when there is a break in clouds, you can often see a trail behind them – it’s intense.

        loved the Taina chart, it definitely has visual comparisons with a “planetary motions” chart showing the year’s movements/transits of outer planets (which move more slowly, obviously). . . with regards planting, beyond seasons, it’s good to plant to the lunar cycles, with the New Moon marking the 1st & 2nd quarters – best time – before the Full Moon, after which is the best time to prune, or plant root crops/bulbs.
        Most fertile Moon signs are Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces (water), best signs for root crops are Capricorn & Taurus Moons, for flowers, Moon in Libra or Taurus (venus ruled).
        Aries being a Fire sign – considered “barren, dry” – with such a line-up incoming, drought will be accentuated (as will re-actions such as anger & violence – I’ll be very surprised if some type of “war” doesn’t begin over the next 2 months, particularly with the Aries new moon, April 3rd, which will have Mars at zero degrees Aries, as well as many other tense aspects to do with “overthrow of old structures outlived of use-full-ness. . . truly, mark the week preceding as “cautions”) wars in the ME tend to begin around the darkness of the new moon. . .

        we will all be feeling these weeks leading towards early April – and with Pluto in Capricorn going retrograde 8-9 April, what is set in motion will be lingering through the summer. . . depending on the charts involved, be they national or personal, triggers will “happen” – amrka has many natal planets in Cancer, including Venus, which represents values/money – ahh well, you can see where I’m going with this, eh?

        sorry to go on!!

        • March 7, 2011 3:17 pm

          CA, thanks for the astro farming input. Fascinating and makes perfect sense.

          Greenleader, I know you went to school for this, so probably are aware of Rudolph Steiner and Bio-dynamic farming. If not, google him. Amongst other things, he had done a great deal of work on planting and harvesting cycles/times according to deep astrology.

          And then there is my favourite man-i-never-met, Viktor Schauberger. If you can get your hands on Living Energies by him, read it.
          By the way, very low percentages of Pure Hydrogen Peroxide mixed in spray water is supposed to have amazing results all around. (I believe as low as .03 % and then you play with it according to results). That is like drops in 10 gallon bucket/tank. Anyone have detail on this? Please share.

      • Green Leader permalink
        March 7, 2011 4:40 pm

        Vivek, the Taino cosmological chart has to do with *timing* and that’s what I am most concerned with now. The Taino had very different agricultural techniques that their South American ancestors did not develop, like planting in giant compost mounds, some 9 ft tall and 12 ft in diameter! They had to deal with hurricanes so the chart has two planting periods, before and after hurricane season. Also, corn was a secondary crop to cassava, unlike other Amerindians, though Spanish chronicles mention the Arawaks had four distinct corn varieties. Where are those seeds now? At least I have the cassava used to make ‘bread’…found it on an abandoned trail! Pumpkin and pineapple were brought over from South America.

        Right now I am most concerned about seed production, as my seed collection is geting old and needs to be planted.

        My great grandparents practiced biodynamic agriculture before the term was invented!

        I will succeed.

  3. enicar333 permalink
    March 5, 2011 10:48 pm

    You can’t sell, unless someone is buying. What allowed you to be able to travel to London? Large artificial machines, which could only be produced in a Corporate World. Corporate machines can only service areas where Corporate Culture flourishes. In search of real people? What are you? Typical American, empty inside. Given the benefits of an easy existence, existence becomes repugnant. Do you see the problem yet?

    Perhaps some time spent working close to nature would benefit you. Long hard days, good for the soul. No more water on demand. When hours of your day are filled walking to a well, and carrying jugs of water back, you will find you are too tired to experience negative emotions. Plant a garden, not because you want to, but because your life depends on it. When one has to chop wood, by hand, in order to provide heat for cooking and warmth, there isn’t much energy left at the end of the day.

    People are living longer, better and healthier today, yet existence is so hard. You need to not only exercise your mind, but exercise your body.

    When I was on the Farm in upper Wisconsin, the 14 X 70 trailer provided shelter only. It was heated solely by a small Ben Franklin stove. In my bed I slept with wool socks and long underwear on with 4 blankets. A shower was a rare occurence in the winter. The Cows needed me, I slept 2x daily, as I worked 2 shifts per day. The Farmer was poor. I carried feed and water in 5 gallon buckets, by hand, operated a hand shovel. I was never more a slave, yet never more free.

    • cathartes aura permalink
      March 6, 2011 11:43 pm

      You’ve made quite a few false assumptions here, Mr. Wisconsin. I can assure you of one thing, I am not your “typical american, empty inside.”

      Just for the record, I have a couple of spaces I contribute to locally, time, energy, finances, attention – helping others with organic gardening, raising goats & chickens, encouraging barter and sharing of resources, and many other projects. In the past, I have been more of a gypsy, and this has allowed me to share with others as I moved around a perspective that was once seen as “hippy” and weird, one that eschews competition, exploitation, & dishonestly, instead favouring co-operation, recognition of others as real, human, and of worth to local community. Hard work in competitive Me-First amrka, but there ARE pockets of really good people who want to co-exist in a more sustainable way.

      • velobabe permalink
        March 7, 2011 1:55 pm

        hello CA, i know you think i am an idiot or not to be trusted for some reason, you only know. i read you all the time when i see your comments. i enjoy learning about your outlook in regards to astrology. i sort of believe, or not, doesn’t matter, going to happen any way whether we believe in the coming of matter. i lived most of my life with shitty water. i had neighbors all around me that didn’t want to help me out with finding potable water. in fact they hated me. my one neighbor next to me, really wanted to help me out seeking usable water. all the other neighbors hated this man. just hated him with all their might. why do you think this is? we all had acreage, it was water wars from the get go. oh well, i don’t live there any more, but sure do remember the intimidation, for the rest of my life. M E E K , that is me.

  4. bingaling permalink
    March 7, 2011 1:40 pm

    I have to agree with CA , don’t assume all Americans are the same, many are wide awake and living full lives . The majority aren’t evil either; they are just completely asleep . Wake up go to work , pay bills , watch TV ,go to bed . Rinse repeat.

    Sounds simple right ? Not so . Work is a high, high, high, stress affair in the US , and fear is rampant in the US workplace. There is no security , there aren’t many jobs if you lose one and most businesses take advantage cutting benefits ,taking more hours without pay etc. or as soon as big project is complete it is bye bye for the team who created it .

    Bills are increasing while incomes are shrinking . High stress (no it isn;t getting up to find food in the morning but it is damn close now .) and like you said when the day is done in a high stress environment does an exhausted chem sprayed individual really care to see what his countries policies are outside its borders or what the federal reserve and banks and large corps. are doing within them; especially when the information is hidden on the back pages of the internet ? No I don’t think so . So they are docile sheep who need to be tended too once TSHTF .

    Don’t get me wrong there are some evil mofo’s about in the land where there used to be opportunity and I think justice will find them eventually but the majority of people are just trying to survive IT even if they dont understand what IT is . As for me ,being wide awake I would like to apologize to the world , for I AM completely responsible for this world and I take full responsibility for it where it makes me want to cry . (If you have ever heard of Nazi’s grandchildren having enormous guilt for what their ancestors did I feel ten times worse) . Anyway, like others I am awaiting the Universe to drop the opportunity in my lap to make the world a better place for now it is better to lay low ,while cards still get dealt in the first round of a poker game .

    • bingaling permalink
      March 7, 2011 2:44 pm

      Just to explain when I say” laying low I” what I mean is I have know idea what is coming next but I don’t get the sense it will be good or peaceful and if it isn’t good or peaceful I want no part of it .

      • bingaling permalink
        March 7, 2011 2:45 pm

        no idea not know idea .:)

        • March 7, 2011 3:19 pm

          Perhaps a Freudian slip 🙂 If you do happen to have know idea, please share it here!

  5. dublinmick permalink
    March 12, 2011 4:27 pm

    I don’t do this too often but here is one of my rants that might fit in here.

  6. dublinmick permalink
    March 12, 2011 11:03 pm

    Most of us Americans are all dumbed down from the chemtrails and fluoride. Please try to be understanding when it comes to us. My family got off to a rough start to begin with being dumped off in the British penal colony at Oglethorpe, Georgia.

  7. March 13, 2011 3:54 pm

    Good morning, Cathartes Aura. I live a few hundred feet from the Juan de Fuca Straight. When I moved here 29 years ago, we heard fog horns. There were endless blue skies decorated with amazing cloudscapes. I loved the power of the rains and the mysterious beauty of the fog. The sun often did not peep out until mid morning. Then clear cutting made a huge difference in the climate. The air borne waters lost the mosses and trees that held them in place and the weather changed. I have not heard a foghorn in a decade at least; the clouds are pretty well gone, along with the cougar and other wildlife. Old timers told me that at the turn of the last century, the sun took until noon to break through the clouds; before the spraying began in earnest, that hour was pushed back to whenever the sun rose (in the summer).

    Currently our large population of bald eagles are starving to death and falling off their perches and rescued ~ the lucky ones. Of course they end up “free” with a GPS system somewhere so that they can be tracked “to understand better why they are hungry”. No longer free. One reason they are hungry is the salmon did not spawn and then decay as they have for thousands and thousands of years so the birds, and most likely the bears, went without. Along with lost habitat and the pressures of “normal” “civilization”, I blame the spraying for these problems.

    This morning, for the 10th morning in a row, I awoke to a bland colourless sky. A nothing sky. I have not seen a proper sunrise as nature created them for a long time and the sunsets are false when they do occur. This silverish blandness will stay for hours and then dissipate in mid day. And then, when there is blue, the chemtrails will start again and the sky is whitened once more. EVERY day they are up there killing us. In the past year it has become a daily occurrence. And NO ONE wants to see it. I see photographs of blatantly fake clouds and fresh trails and they become part of an “awesome photo”….. Speak to them of this and suddenly the conversation turns to hockey.

    I have had a hard time dealing with this horror. Depression has been hard on my heels but somehow I survive but I cannot remember the last time I belly laughed. How can one be at peace or feel optimism when, every time you begin to feel anything positive, you look up and see death being poured upon the world?

    My memory is shot although I remember my childhood when I lived in the forest on a private pure lake as clear as yesterday. I remember the skies most of all, not to mention the clear clean water of our lake, and the days spend in the forest.

    This is a ramble, I know and for this I apologize. DublinMick turned me on to this site yesterday (Thanks mon ami) and what you write both thrills and terrifies me, living right smack on top of the ring of fire as I do. For most of my life I dabbled in astrology but used it mainly as a tool for personal development to understand my soul development ~ when I turned to Islam, I sold a life time of books gathered over the years, and turned my back on astrology.

    However, too many things deep in my spirit rankled with the Wahhabi strictures of today’s Islam and I have returned to my old beliefs enriched by the Muslim experience that I still love in many ways. I am grateful for the understanding I gained in the experience. And the patience. However, astrology is one thing I am rediscovering. Never did let go of reincarnation! The shot memory has left me with almost nothing regarding astrology!

    I have never in life given up on my ethics. Never held a job that went against my ethics which leaves me quite penniless today, a “useless eater” you might say. Our generation, (I was one of the original social experiments known as the hippies) failed the world and our children. We spawned many of the rapacious beings that are killing us all. Well, mine, not so much, but I am sure you understand what I mean. Because of my deep ties with reincarnation, I have always felt we are our children’s children and keeping the world clean as best we can is not an entirely altruistic act ~ we will return.

    I am a much different person than I was when I let astrology go. Your writing speaks to my heart and soul and I thank you for what you do. To make a long story very short, thanks for what you do. I will be reading more and promise to keep my comments much shorter.

    • cathartes aura permalink
      March 20, 2011 8:31 pm

      Noor ~

      my apologies for not replying sooner, only just read your wonderful post after seeing a *heads up* from V – I’ve not been *here* (nor anywhere, to be honest) much this past week, trying to recover from a hellish flu-thing combined with the at times overwhelming energies of the current days/daze. . .

      but I loved all you had to say, can echo most of your feelings & observations, particularly this:

      “I have had a hard time dealing with this horror. Depression has been hard on my heels but somehow I survive but I cannot remember the last time I belly laughed. How can one be at peace or feel optimism when, every time you begin to feel anything positive, you look up and see death being poured upon the world?”

      perfectly describes how it feels to live in this part of the world nowadays, and the last year has been so intense it makes me feel like giving up at times – although I try to remember that “giving up” and “surrendering” can be the same. . . for a couple of years I had a small note taped to my monitor:

      “Surrender the Illusion of Control”

      over any-thing, every-thing, it is not in my hands beyond observing, “showing up” and acting in the moment. . .

      we seem to have shared many observations about the nature of the world, and sampled a few more closely along the way. . . I studied & shared astrology for a decade or so, then kept most of my observations to myself for the last few years as I have felt more centered-in-myself than out-going, after most of my life orbiting the realities of others.

      ahh, but I can go on! heh. . . (love that you also “apologise” for lengthy posts! I am so prone to this!) I’d love to be in touch with you if you’re also interested? I think V has both our emails, and I’ll ask him to pass mine on to you – or I can post an interim email address to get the ball rolling.

      best wishes to you as these days continue to unfold.

  8. tip permalink
    March 14, 2011 3:55 am

    just finished readin this thread, wow.
    you 2 make such a lovely team.
    inspire much for others to riff off of.
    and nice to be free to indulge such flights
    without having to always have the fists up
    like over at the o’ hedgerow
    (& everywhere else it seems these days)

    synchronicity works in wonderful ways sometimes…

    personal anecdote:
    on the morning of this post, was up early at dawn, went to the roof for a smoke, opened the fire door and what did i say across the entire eastern sky of the city of the Giant Fruit? 8 contrails in perfect parallel, wide & puffy enough to be about 20-30 mins old. which means they were released pre-dawn. there were no commercial flights even close to landing at the time anywhere nearby (yes i checked).

    sneaky boys very sneaky to spray when only the freaks & the farmers will see them…

    i say, screw it, let’s just make ourselves superhuman thru organic agro-alchemy.
    the microbes & the worms might just save us after all.
    Charles D. thought so….cheerio

  9. dublinmick permalink
    March 15, 2011 12:37 am

    Noor is a sweetheart, her memory is better than she lets on!

  10. Stephen Baze permalink
    April 4, 2011 6:17 am

    So exactly what is supposed to be in the chem trails supposedly being sprayed on the entire earth I guess and at least US ? The entire thing seems completely implausible if not impossible and I can never figure out why a smoker is concerned about any of it anyway? Seems a bit backasswords to me? I think we could all spend our energies that are more relevant and likely real issues that are present. If anyone has any PROOF of chem trail use on such a massive scale I will certainly listen? Seems to me we have all willingly poisoned ourselves one way or the other at one time or another . I know I have in the past but try not to now? The real issue is PRAVDA (MSM) here in the US. Mind control is certainly real and so is PRAVDA circa 1972 soviet union right here in US today and everyday 24/7 ! If you don’t want to drink fluoride and or chlorides get a filter or live off a well. Move out of cities, do whatever you gotta do ! but don’t , please don’t smoke cigarettes and complain about chemtrails or any other health hazard? Might as well ingest drano or other white powders which are equally poison. THINK ? Do we drive vehicles and use water from the tap and create garbage and grow all our own food? Just saying, think ? In some ways we are all part of the problem. Good luck to all.

    I want a Vimana cause they are green.

    • April 4, 2011 6:28 am

      Stephen, thanks for your thoughts as always. As for smoking, Tobacco has been a helper since time immemorial. It’s these chemical laden white, chlorine paper, machine made and packed with “death’ symbol sticks that are bad for you.

      I switched to natural indian cigarellos called bidis. Hand wrapped, totally natural, leaf enclosed and tied with a thread. Different world altogether.
      For an interesting view into cigarettes (and why the military always encourages it’s men to smoke), take a look at this article i referenced a few months ago, very interesting. Also, most times, like Yoga (the good for you thing), if MSM says bad bad, why do you believe it so readily? Hmmmmmmm? Food or rather smoke for thought? 😉 I can tell you with deep insight that Yoga is really really bad for you. Terrible actually. But who am I in front of all those MSM, luluyoga, Yoga this and yoga that “experts”, eh?

      Thanks for sharing.

  11. Stephen Baze permalink
    April 18, 2011 7:21 am

    You have more credibility than all of PRAVDA, that’s who? For one simple reason…………….your intent is truth !

    I smoked for over 20 years and gave it up for sports endeavors and I am very glad I did. I wish I had never done it , but I did. Smoked a lot of weed at the time as well and quit that too for the same reasons and more. I had a son who was about 8 at the time and realized it would not be long until I would be a complete hypocrit so I quit both and never had to deal with that day. I doubt you could convince me of the benefits that outweigh the negatives of smoking either at this point in my life, and I can assure you I smoked way too much of both. I agree it is a personal choice and so be it . I watched my dad die from several complications of smoking. It took about 5 years and was not pleasant to say the least. I still have a few beers though occassionally, mostly with meals. I like a Kingfisher and curry , maybe some goat. Tsing Tao is wonderful as well.

    • April 19, 2011 10:14 am

      🙂 Kingfisher eh? Yes, smoking… tobacco is such an old friend of humankind though. One of the gentlest psychoactivators. So maligned now though. Those white sticks… bad, I used them for the better part of 25 years.
      As for the green goddess, hermaphrodite, sexed plant wonder, when she began to be called weed, our relationship with her nose-dived. So sad. They are great teachers, the plants. Plant. PlanET. Ooooh…. see? 😉

      Thanks for all your insightful commenting Stephen. Appreciate the energy, the offer to assist et. al. It’s just around the corner now.

  12. Stephen Baze permalink
    April 18, 2011 7:46 am

    Interesting link indeed. Liked the quotes as well. The double standards have become so egregious they are completely undeniable and obvious. Another sign of how seriously mind numbed most people are by PRAVDA.
    On smoking , I still would not do it again and yes radiation is responsible for much more than any of us actually know. All brought to you by your friendly and benevolent governments of the world and of course the likes of GE et al. The EPA is now going to raise the limits on radiation exposure since Fuku? So who is BSing who? And who is looking out for who? If this is not insanity I have no idea what is.


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