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Archetypal Astrology from Cathartes Aura…

March 17, 2011


To make sense of what is happening and why, it’s very instructive to look up. We’ve long forgotten how to look down (too painful) or look in (too difficult).

From CA:


very powerful to view, and to feel. . . I’ve also felt the New Madrid Fault is being focused on, particularly since the massive bird & fish die-offs at the New Year.

there have been many small (2-3 point) clusters of quakes, almost daily – and having FEMA focused on “preps” adds to the dis-comfort, as they source foods and supplies for their camps. . .

since Uranus moved into Aries last friday, and the events triggered, I felt that I might share, for any interested, the powerful tensions of the upcoming Full Moon and hours that follow. . . (all dates & times are Pacific Daylight Standard btw)

the Moon will be full in Virgo/Pisces sun, at 29dg, which is the final degree before moving into Libra, and it’s a “super moon” the closest it has been to the earth for 18 years. . . anyone who works with emergency services for the public, irrespective of belief systems, will concur that full moons bring out the luna-cy in the people, and services are often stretched, to put it mildly. . . the Virgo archetype is healing, but usually experiences this through a crisis, created by focusing on “controlling” details to the detriment of the “whole” – Pisces represents the whole, every-thing, oneness, so the opposition of Virgo is a-part, seeking whole-ness.

so yes, this Moon is powerful, last degrees of a “crisis” sign that seeks to know itself as whole. . . an example might be “nationstates” which are imaginary lines drawn across the planet, lines that are arbitrarily shifted to suit those who believe themselves in control, and use force to maintain this ill-usion. . . the wholeness of the earth is evident, and about to be more focused on as change is sorely needed.

the Full Moon occurs at 11:10am PST. . . it will be quickly followed by the Moon moving from Virgo to Libra at 1:03pm, after which the Moon will oppose Uranus at 1:45pm – this is a tension between the archetypes of “Self” and “Other” and how they learn to “relate”- obvious tensions there. . . Aries is the God of War, of Warriors – Uranus in Aries is unpredict-able and seeks awareness of it-self as an Independent Entity – ME-first is self-discovery, and rarely respects Others, expecting each to be looking out for it-self.

the Moon in Libra, striving to balance the Yang energy of the Warrior will continue aspecting the planets in cardinal signs – just after midnight, early Sunday morning the Moon will square Pluto in Capricorn, then oppose Jupiter in Aries at 8:22am, conjunct Saturn in Libra at 12:27pm – and then the Sun will move into the spring equinox at 4:21pm PST, again a very strong Equinox signature this year, new “beginnings” that will continue to usher in planets moving into Aries – including Mars, the ruler of Aries, late on April 1st, and later, Venus on 21st April – by which time FIVE of the EIGHT planets will be in Aries, talk about emphasis!
also Mercury’s retrograde, which happens three times a year, will be in Aries, so it will spend a longer period in that sign than usual, putting emphasis on the ongoing events. . .

all in all, I would be surprised if the next week doesn’t bring more palpable shifts, and further events related to the Uranus ingress into Aries last friday. . . I share this not to scare-monger, or make “predictions” but because awareness can lessen “shocking” events, and these are in-tense times we are all moving through.

but oooh so sorely needed. . .


As she said, none of this is scare mongering. But to be able to see a curve ahead on the road allows you to shift gears, apply the brakes, turn the steering….. you get the picture. That is what all this “reading the signs” is about.

If we were truly and always in the moment, really and truly in the moment, that knowledge is moot, the past  and what is coming is a part of the mix and all my actions will adjust perfectly. I also know this though, that fewer than .001% of us are living “in” the moment for less than .01 % of our lifetimes, much as we would like to believe to the contrary. Our individual and collective lives are testament to that fact. In fact, we are living in the Moment-um.

And what else can we do, given some foreknowledge?

My suggestion is to simplify. Really simplify our lives. Will address this more in a follow-up. Sometimes it’s hard to see the woods when stuck between the trees, the rocks and hard places…

Easy ones, especially in the immediately upcoming days:

1) Eat lightly and simply. It keeps your mind and body clear

2) Reach out to nature, any way you can. Walk in it, touch a tree, deeply, bless some water.

3) Re-read something that always gave you pause. My medicine is Beelszbub’s Tales to his Grandson by Gurdjieff. The mix of writing style, depth and breadth always give me pause.

4) Cover all the mirrors in your home. Why is a long topic (look at my post Mirror Mirror OTW for a hint)

5) Eschew Meat for now. No real pun intended there. The animal kingdom has been severely abused by us. Give it a rest. It will calm you down. Trust me on this. I quit completely 17 years ago, I speak from experience.

6) Keep the lights off as much as possible. Train your eyes and senses to function in a low-light environment. It will sharpen your instincts, make you “strain” a little

7) Speak less, or as little as you can. The waves of the mind-matter (Chitta Vritti in Sanskrit) need time to calm down.

8) Practice a practice, even if long forgotten. Even minutes a day

9) Hit the G spots 😉 Now now……. I meant Grace, Gentleness and Generosity

Be well and centered. it can only do you good, regardless of how and when events unfold…

*Hugs* all around….



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  1. Jan permalink
    March 17, 2011 11:57 am

    Hi V.
    Here’s a wise man who I first ‘met’ a few months ago. He posted this 2 days ago:

    Hugs to all 2

  2. bethincary permalink
    March 17, 2011 3:51 pm

    I’ve actually been pretty calm last couple of days–even despite Japan.
    Am an April Fol/Arian–so always look forward to Equinox,full moons–and the “push” I get from 12th sign to 1st.
    Psychologically first sign is “me” centered 4 me (stong Mars/warrior energy)-gives me REALLY strong push where change/new starts/ends. So transition from 12th to 1st sign REALLY observable-even to me more so than any other time of year.
    I feel this is somehow in “zeitgeist” for others too-not jsut me right now-not jsut an ‘arian’ thing. The diffs are so great between who we are-who we wish to be–that decions and change HAVE to be made. No more hanging on to outdated thinking-or ignoring.

  3. guest permalink
    March 17, 2011 5:28 pm

    science finds what we already know within.

    The reality of the world today is we go seek the truths, when they are already known. Only if we were aware.

    vivek – you can call me ‘austrian man’ ..

  4. Tulsidas Thakur permalink
    March 17, 2011 5:50 pm

    Vivek, I am from Mumbai,India. I am happy to come across your blog thanks to
    Your advice to : Hit the G spots 😉 Now now……. I meant Grace, Gentleness and Generosity
    is so nice and simple but important in our lives. I feel despite the great heritage of our country India, we Indians as a people lack these 3 Gs. Could you comment on this and explain why is it so?
    Your nine suggestions are so relevant and ageless.
    To recount an experience of living with nature, I must tell you how my mother (83 years old) suffered from colds, breathlessness, insomnia, and constipation for a month or so, took medicines from 3 doctors and eventually got cured by taking in sunlight daily for 20 minutes or so in morning and drinking tender coconut water and some herb for flatulence.
    Looking forward to your highly enlightening posts.
    Thanks and Regards,

    • March 18, 2011 5:12 pm

      Tulsidas, welcome. This forum is sorely lacking Indian participation. thanks for sharing the story about your mom’s healing process.
      India, I think we got lost in translation. English took us back, a thousand years or more. Stripped us of depth. Language is the bedrock of culture. We’ve been losing ours for a long time. Urdu/farsi was enriching, themselves ancient and deep tongues with soem proximity. English, it’s madness inducing, cognitive dissonance laced. For some additional perspective, please peruse my earlier posts. Perhaps they will be of interest.
      Thanks for sharing and please do so as called.

  5. velobabe permalink
    March 17, 2011 8:32 pm

    loved your words, CA. quite lovely reading about the upper deck. which i know nothing about and only observe.
    ORI, i have been practicing your #’s for a long time. my problem is, i am always hungry. just really hungry and my body tells me this, in not such a great way. i almost get sick to my stomach, from hunger. when mountain biking in steep and technical terrain, you always look ahead, if turning you look up into that direction of the turn. no many just look down. look up, every direction or turn that one takes. i love going around in the dark. i have to use my flashlight some times.
    looking up you avoid having to look at people. the creeks are rising, that is good. is fresh water affected by the moon, i forget?

  6. nonclaim permalink
    March 17, 2011 9:41 pm

    Hello, really interesting thoughts there…

    Astrology has taken a bad name under modern/western societies, along with all other religious traditions, and has been tossed aside as old myths and made up stories. If people could understand that these traditions are in great part the coding of long time observations and common sense the world wouldn’t be in such a state of disrepair. When they could reject the mystical part alone (just because) they go ahead also throw away the coded common sense…

    While being catholic I don’t (can’t) take the mystics associated to Astrology, there certainly are phenomena that can be observed and should be studied and taken seriously. Astrology reads it and offer some explanations. Under a different aspect, astrology *was* part of the catholic tradition too for most of its existence but somehow it was left behind. That wasn’t smart. How can we understand the Whole if we close our senses to the structure and order of something so big and beautiful as the whole sky, solar system and beyond?

    Anyway, anadianant, when you have time to expand on the mirror and light topics I’d be very interested in reading it. Suggested reading is welcome too.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    • March 18, 2011 5:04 pm

      nonclaim, thanks for writing in.

      I think it’s time we all started taking in the big picture. Warts and all. If we embrace logic, it behooves us to embrace illogic too. All of the tings that come in 2’s (don’t they all).
      In my personal experience and even in the experience of “logical” science, some of the biggest break-throughs came in supposed mystical states (Watson and Crik’s DNA model, Einstien’s supposed mystical insights while walking his child in a pram, Newton’s association with esoteric, mystical christianity….. long list).

      Mirror’s and light, such a fascinating topic, eh? A parallel, inverted universe. Will post more on it soon, as we are on the crux of a great inversion.

      Thanks for writing in.

  7. clueless one permalink
    March 18, 2011 1:31 pm

    I’ve no education regarding Astrology. No education regarding economics. Quite frankly, I’ve lived in a bubble all my life, chasing something that was held within. The entire time, too brainwashed and blinded by greed, chasing the carrot, to even remotely understand.

    I have a wife and daughter that I care for and will die for to protect…because that’s the responsibility I took on when I decided to marry and have a child some 13yrs ago.

    I’m not proud that I wasted so many years chasing something, for which I gained nothing. I’m not proud that I wasted so much effort (working for the man) and money (chasing material crap).

    I am, however, proud to say that I now “get” it. What “it” is, is another question entirely and hopefully a new journey at 40yrs of age.

    I found this blog, via ZeroHedge. I found ZeroHedge via a new friend I had made. I found a new friend by some sort of intervention that led me to him, I believe. All of this started when I began to ask why, began to question who, began to say “no” to greed and “yes” to focusing on my family. Yes, I was squeezed financially..that prompted me to focus on finances, which got the ball rolling…but I’m happy it did. So happy it did. Because I’ve now bookmarked this blog, which is yet another positive in an overall negative environment.

    I thank you, Anadianant, for posting your thoughts. You’ve opened my mind further than it has ever been. It’s so enlightening.

    I’m not a smart man, no degree, no diploma in fact. I’ve learned on my own. And frankly, your postings are yet another step in my journey towards something other than the norm I’d come to know as life.

    Though there are many uncertainties, be it financial at the moment, or spiritual, I feel that simply identifying within has brought so much peace of mind.

    I wish others could experience this.

    Thank you ever so much.

    Be Well.

    • March 18, 2011 4:20 pm

      CO, from the way you write, it looks like everyone should be self-educated. Thanks for sharing so deeply and openly. Appreciate your coming here and finding something worth-while. I began to write, for myself originally, but really to be at this point. 🙂

      And there is no bad knock if it puts you on the path to looking in. We, being the creatures of habit and momentum that we are, take a hit on the head or worse to wake up. And just so you know, decade years (10, 20, 30, 40 etc.) are always somehow pivotal. They were for me.
      Here’s hoping your journey is deep and rewarding.
      Again, really appreciate what you’ve written and welcome.

  8. Stephen Baze permalink
    March 18, 2011 6:21 pm

    I left two posts on this thread previously and today neither are here. How can I pull up earlier posts as it seems there are more on this thread that aren’t here today? I was intereseted in responses to my thoughts and teh previous conversation regarding Mckenna?

    • March 18, 2011 6:49 pm

      Interesting Stephen, I responded to them too, but now, they are refusing to show. I’ll repost them if the WordPress system does not show.
      Very strange. Dublinmick responded too.

  9. another permalink
    March 19, 2011 6:40 pm

    I walked outside last night and was stunned by how clear it was. I can’t remember if it was a full moon or not (I believe it wasn’t) but even if it was a full moon it was the brightest splendor I’ve ever seen. I’m high up in the mountains with no interfering city lights.

    If there is justice in this world, Silver will outshine the devil worshipping, Roth/Rocke-upchuck hoarding gold. That, in it’s deepest sense, would be justice.

    • March 19, 2011 6:46 pm

      Just walked back in from bathing it it’s fullness. Awesome sight and look at everything crumble.

      I’m with you on Silver. Something tells me it is time and about time eh?

      • another permalink
        March 19, 2011 6:56 pm

        You got that right! It has been quite a journey. Isn’t beautiful to see the evil bastards squirm?


        I know what you mean about nature making one feel good.

        I also wanted to say that Clueless One’s post up above is a harmonious/melodic experience to hear recounted.

        May God (however you call him) bless us with freedom from this 666 bankster world!

        • March 19, 2011 7:06 pm

          When I read his words, I wished I had more clueless people in my life. 🙂

          Let us see what tomorrow brings. I think we’re going to be served up some “hot” fare.

  10. d2thdr permalink
    March 19, 2011 9:54 pm

    Wonderful blog. I had a chance encounter of this blog via zero hedge. I normally do not read zero hedge nowadays as comments are trashy. However, I am glad I did read that post. I have book marked it now.

    I come from the land of Pandurang of Pandharpur. Though not a varkari, I feel i am one of them. Isn’t it amazing that some poor folk walk 50 miles or more to see the black idol with no care for themselves, wait for 20 hours to have a 3 second ‘darshan’ of their god and they go hungry to afford a small garland to put at the feet of Vitthal?
    Now that’s called grace, gentleness and generosity all rolled into one.

    Keep up the good work.

    • March 20, 2011 3:36 am


      Think about Hari Om. From the base to the crown in one sound.
      Hhhhari Ommmmmmm!

      Beautiful, eh? The magic is an open secret, hidden in plain view.

      Thanks for sharing.

  11. dublinmick permalink
    March 20, 2011 6:33 pm

    Here is the way things look across the waters.

  12. dublinmick permalink
    June 7, 2011 3:33 am

    I think Cathartes might like this one. I have read some of Barbara Hand Clow’s books myself.

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