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Interesting times, sweet validations…

March 22, 2011


There was a strange, pale moon over my house last night. After the stunning silver of the 19th, it seemed as if the death and destruction wreaked since the LUNA-cy struck Libya with the force of hundreds of missiles and bombs, the moon was in hiding, as much as it could be. Of course it tugs at our waters, but the madness that ensued, 7 years to the date that the real iraq offense (Operation Iraqi freedom) again underscored the blood-lust that comes with oil-induced madness(Lunacy).

Operation Iraqi Freedom was re-branded Operation New Dawn in September (names matter, a lot, remember it always began with the word). And as that dawn heralded the miserable, white phosphorous hot, Depleted uranium poisoning failure to Shekinah (ShocknAwe) Iraq into Demoncrazy, 6 months and a few days in the future, a new blanket of DU was brought to bear to bomb the Libyans into Demoncrazy also.

Aptly, this misadventure is branded Operation Odyssey Dawn. Don’t miss, for a moment the deliciously wicked irony of the naming, Odyssey being of course the source of the famous Trojan War. What lies hidden in this Straw horse is being revealed every day, as the gloves are off, the DU tipped battering ram pounding away in the sands of Libya.

More blood spilt on the 33rd parallel. Benghazi is just south of this famous Parallel of Death. And it looks like a long war, a spark for something bigger, badder. What will finally appease the appetite that requires human misery to such degree? Sadly, it is a fractal reflection of our own conditioned dependence on Oil, cheap energy, near free energy. We must have it and they must give it to us.

it is as simple as the relationship between the Pusher and the addict. Remember, our ENTIRE existance, in a physical sense, is based on oil. Home, car, TV, this laptop I’m typing on, hospitals, medicines(hah!), transport, agriculture (double hah!!)…..on and on. Everything dependent on the black gold, that, so fittingly in these times, is the new addiction of Midas. Black and liquid to boot. We are now at the peak of our destructive relationship with it and our life-styles will go down-hill from here.

No brakes, no gears, heck, no driver even, Helter skelter and willy-nilly, taking no hostages and a host of trapped passengers, faster and faster. you just need to look out and pay a little attention.

Meanwhile in japan, dis-information, complete lack of caring for the human toll, just keep the market juiced. up up, trillions of yen (35 trillion and counting) into the markets and the banks and other sundry institutions. Keeping them whole while the good Japanese people wait in their socially conditioned, well-behaved lines, seeming models for civility. So much energy being expended on this new war, can you imagine it turned to Japan for the good? only in Utopia.

Meanwhile, in my own life, I spent a day and a half with fire in my belly, the kind that keeps you curled up in full fetal position, tummy tummy, burning bright.  it was my lesson for more empathy, feeling the pain of the world. Pain always carries deep lessons. To not douse it with medication but to listen to it’s message always pays.

And yesterday, I remembered something I’d written in my diary a long many years ago:

“Cultivate the stillness of the trees if you want to be trusted by all creatures. Why does a tree threaten no one except when it is dying, falling?

The stillness of the tree and the sheer exuberance of the humming-bird’s wings co-exist with-in us, ready to be called forth through meditation and practice…. ”

I’ve always felt that the day a butterfly came and sat on me would be a day i knew my inner vibe was calm. And today, standing outside my front door, a beautiful one did.

Came and settled on my right upper-arm. slowly flexing it’s wings like they do. And then finally, just folded them up and sat, still. Very beautiful experience. While my monkey mind is still un-settled, I felt perhaps that my inner space has found a degree of quiet, peace.

Also, continuing to address ‘What can I do”, something I get asked about in real life a lot, another older post, lost in the mists of time, perhaps more pertinent now:

Snake Eyes

June 20th, 2010

When you get snake eyes in the roll of the dice, it’s time to look inwards.

I just had a “whoa” moment an hour or so ago, so am pulling together the threads (whoa moments tend to disrupt the fabric of life). If what I sense is true, we are truly at a seminal, tipping point in our existence as a species.

Apologies for the cryptic-ism. Will write about it later today.


In other thoughts, I wanted to share an experiment I did on myself some years ago. Worth a smile and a tidy little insight to boot.

When I was in college in the US, I met a young guy, Indian, yoga master, long, jet black hair and always surrounded by a bevy of amazing women. It was fascinating to watch. Women seemed to need to be close to him.

Of course I wanted in. So, one day, over dinner at our house, I asked him about life in general and this woman-magnet thing he had going in particular. I was even ready to take notes. What he told me was funny at first hear, awesome to try and the results were amazing.

Anyways, said young man tells me he never uses soap or shampoo, except in “have-to-be-cleaned” places. Not in 15 years. 15 years, this guy had not used soap or shampoo, except in “HTBC” places! And he was shining with life. Smelled great. And women could not get enough of him.

Time tide etc… you know, 4 years later, I’m in the thick of the dot com boom in the silicon valley, fakery, pumped by free money and, bored, one day, I remembered the soapless life. And decided to try it. Only water baths, with soap only in “HTBC” places and no shampoo.

Week one, I felt fine. Not sure about everyone around me, but in those days you did not care. If you were doing well, all eccentricities were forgiven.

Week 2, hmmmmm, feeling a little grimy. Did some sweat inducing things, washed off, felt great.

So, in the soap less life, you have to sweat to stay clean. Excellent.

Week three and four and things start to get interesting. I feel women trying to stand closer to me. Verrrrry interesting.

Month three and the world is going nuts. Everywhere I go, within 10 minutes, a lady would come to speak with me, get a little cross eyed and ask me if I was wearing sandalwood. Or was it Musk? Ha ha! Musk. Or some other fascinating, exotic essential oil. Like clockwork.

Interesting, ne? I stopped using all “products” and within 3 months, my body magnetism changed. My smell changed (naturally).

I’ve been on the soap-less regimen ever since. Very liberating.

It’s like “enriched” flour. First we leach it of it’s goodness, then we pump back chemical “oh my goodness” and call it the richer for our curious intervention.

Same with our-selves. Left to itself, the system is marvelously re-generative.

Another experiment I tried, that ended badly was getting off toothpaste. After 1 year and the painful loss of a molar, I discovered that our sugary lifestyle necessitated the use of a daily chemical clean up.

I’ve since discovered soomethng that does not involve toothpaste and works. For another day.

Do try this at home. Change something. An old habit. Any old habit. The rut of same-ness will produce no new truths for you. Go shave your head, grow a mustache, cover up, be bold, say something truthful, learn to be gently blunt, shake your self, shake the system, a little, take a chance, drop-in, sit, down, be your real self, be boring, be bored, come to an edge of something. Any edge is a good start point for taking something either way or along the blend or any combination there-of. Come to an edge without fear. Don’t be fear-less, be un-fearing.

Try something different. Eat bitter. Be a baby sitter. Walk a critter. Don’t litter. Be twisted. Don’t be listed. Be un-available. Be a toad. Be a node. In the Notwork. Take the other road. Less traveled. Unshackled.

Be light, on your feet.

We are all, all of us.

In for a treat.

Take your bull,

By it’s horns,

And blow,

By blow…

An anniversary is upon us.


Snake Eyes….. not quite 66, hmmmmm?




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  1. clueless one permalink
    March 22, 2011 10:09 am

    05:37 am on a Tuesday… staring at 12 monitors while close to the ground in a broken down office chair. Wishing things were different. Wishing I was far away from this place. A nice small secluded home, in the mountains, maybe overlooking a lake…

    Yet constant negatives invade my mind. I’m tired, up since 07:00 the day previous. Family needs food, shelter…I need to provide. It’s my job, and I’m damned good at it.
    I still have aspirations…still holding on to possibilities.

    Worry seems to creep, even when positives like your blog help me steer away for a time. I can’t imagine anything past tomorrow…and even tomorrow is difficult at times. So many thoughts on what’s to come. So many things I’m not ready to deal with, but feel some sort of sick fascination to see how it all plays out. I’ve done what I can…let the chips fall, I tell myself.

    I enjoy being here, reading your thoughts. I’m so toxic. Cigarettes, soda…crap snacks throughout the night..the only solace is the wonderful meal my wife prepared for me before I left. I’m almost ashamed so many have so little. It’s no wonder I feel the way I do. I tried to cut the smokes the other day…told myself it’s all in your mind. it lasted about 20 hours. I need to be stronger. I will be stronger.

    Reading about the bitterness that I so desperately need…
    Reading about the healing powers you speak of…
    Reading about the wars…
    Reading about the assholes that have led us to this…but worse, kicking myself for wearing the bridle all these years…

    For about a year now, I’ve tried to relate trends to my life. Visual graphs to feelings, position, status. ugh..status. what a joke.

    Told my wife a few months ago that we were at the beginning of an uptrend in our personal lives. I’d held us back, kept us down with my stupid attempts at finding something. I’d finally come to grips, I’d had it all wrong all these years. I finally know what I need to do, what direction to take, to make up for lost time and misconceptions. Took our savings, with her consent, and put it all in a very rare gift from Mother Earth. Stored food. Organized. Paid off credit cards. Have been on this path now for a while, more peace of mind than I’ve ever known…and your writings so help me along these dark streets…

    Just as I was born, with all expectations a new…the trend began its’ climb. Made some poor decisions in my teens…at which point there was a big correction. Continued, lost in addiction, all the while in a downtrend…until I met her. She woke me up, helped me to bottom out… I mentioned to her that I’d finally made my mind up…I knew change was needed, then came the understanding of current events and how material is nothing compared to what you must find within…and the uptrend began a new…

    now.. not so sure… just too much hatred, oppression, things out of control of those who would treat each other well… lots of mixed feelings. some guilt, tons of regret.

    greed is the absolute worst thing on this beautiful planet…yet it resides inside.

    thanks for posting, once again, Anadianant.. and I really enjoyed “the blues”

    I think I’ll grab a beer and my guitar when I get home. Sleep will wait for a bit. I feel so calm when I strum the chords…

    (sorry for the length..but I needed to vent)

    Be Well. Take care. Peace be with all.

  2. bingaling permalink
    March 22, 2011 11:55 am

    Great article today . I think the best of you went onto the blog today .

  3. March 22, 2011 2:19 pm

    Know also folks who haven’t washed since … and they don’t smell that well.

    Guess there is something else required to smell like Sandalwood … 😉

    And maybe one just smells (and looks like) as one deserves = ones smelling (and looking like) is the result of the past (behaviour) … except for shortterm fluctuations … and I guess there are times at which one smells different than in others … matter of cycles eventually.

    Anyway ones smelling tells us also (or in general) something about our health … there were experiments done with dogs – to find specific illnesses …

  4. March 22, 2011 2:23 pm

    I have been following your blog for a little while now, and I feel it is time to begin getting involved in the conversation.

    I recently have been going through quite a painful experience of my own, I had my wisdom teeth removed two weeks ago today, and I subsequently developed dry socket. The first three our four days with the pain from this condition was immense, with it starting in my back molars and gradually growing until my entire neck and face, as well as my back was in incredible pain.

    The mindset this pain put me in was very different from what I am used to. I write a lot of music and while I was dealing with this pain I had a complete block in my creative process. While going through this block, I began to research general information about the world on the internet. This research led me not only to your blog, but to many other places that have increased by understanding of (or lack of) the world around me.

    Here I am two weeks later with the pain finally wearing off, and I can feel the creative juices once again flowing, but this time the understanding that I bring to them is unrivaled to who I was two weeks ago. It seems that the times we learn the most are the times that completely reverse our way of life.

    • March 22, 2011 2:28 pm

      Welcome Mlbs and spot on.

      “It seems that the times we learn the most are the times that completely reverse our way of life.”

      Could not have said it better or more succinctly myself. I can add that self induced change is far more “positive” than an exterior shock, but that, as a concept is so counter-intuitive to our conditioned selves, that few dare to tread that path.
      Thanks for sharing. And share away. What kind of music do you make/write?

      • March 22, 2011 4:14 pm

        Strange experimental electronic music that few people enjoy. I try to create music that has a lot of deep meaning, while at the same time making it inspirational for someone from any background.

        But like myself, my music is always evolving so it changes pretty constantly.

        • March 22, 2011 5:33 pm

          Excellent Mlbs. I’ll take a listen when able.
          And dynamism is good, essential and very much the nature of life itself, so why not for our creative expressions too, eh?

      • March 22, 2011 4:25 pm <— A sample of some music I worked on last semester with a friend.

  5. March 22, 2011 2:31 pm

    Yesterday, I caught sight of the daytime moon… something I haven’t seen before and I took a picture. Here is what I saw:

  6. Stephen Baze permalink
    March 22, 2011 5:10 pm

    Within the last 2 months ( I don’t actually remember a day or specific time/date/refernce) I looked up and saw the moon in full daylight as I have numerous times. But this time was very different. I could clearly see features on the moon that you can normally only see at night and usually only under certain conditions. I stopped and focused on the experience and felt like I could reach out and touch it or that I was able to experience it as never before in my life. It was a very strange feeling/experience and the feeling has stuck with me ever since of being very close to or connected to the moon some how. It was a surreal experience and very powerful. At that time I was not aware of anything to do with a super moon and I have no experience in astrology or other mysticals. It just happened and I still remember exactly what it felt like and I liked it? Since reading of Mckenna and the moon/sun affects recently upon us I certainly wonder how this is all connected and why I had this rather profound experience? It was as though I stepped out of time for a short while and experienced a few moments of depth and perception never before in my life on this planet, it was just me and the moon as I have never experienced it, almost like I was there standing on it. Very powerful indeed. Not sure what to make of it.

  7. velobabe permalink
    March 22, 2011 5:27 pm

    morning ORI, i really like and admire you. this whole blogging thing is quite new to me but it is growing in my own confidence. take you for instance. i was drawn to your words and your blog, well mostly your art, i suppose. then i try and piece together a physical look of this man. but that is dumb and that is what i did throughout my whole life. and it got me into really B I G problems. but now change is coming to me, and it is never to late, right. american men, high enders, just get by on their good looks. the better or more handsome a white american man is the more evil and dangerous. all looks all lies. i enjoyed this last weekend with the moon. i received a letter that broke my bank, but not my soul. i think i howled out for over 24 hours. then i sliced my little toe with my sword blade two nights ago. i think i try to hurt myself un-consciously just to snap out of stupid stuff to worry about phrase, into intense got to take care of this your self, kathy. so i am a bit stronger today then yesterday. i was brought up so white so very very white, no jewish people couldn’t live in my community. now blacks were servants and maids and drivers. i got out of that as soon as i could. thank god my father didn’t believe in a certain god. i named my one and only daughter i have, ASIA. i hope to continue to be a better person, you help me to be aware and more open minded, so thanks†

    • March 23, 2011 8:05 am

      Kathy, your interaction and honesty is much appreciated. Looks like you do sub-conscious self-inflicted pain well. If you did it consciously, you wouldn’t have to go nicking your digits with swords. 🙂
      Master the sword of your intellect and the rod of your “self”. All else will fall into it’s/their rightful place.

  8. March 22, 2011 5:29 pm

    Perhaps you can ponder the word context? And then re-read or not.
    Your comment reeks of a lack of depth and a reactionary and judgemental attitude I’m afraid. Care to say something meaningful, in context?

    • Vee Wong permalink
      March 24, 2011 2:49 am

      Something strange happened, I thought I saw this post of you in another spot…And now its here, after Straykitty’s?

      All is well, I guess.

  9. Stephen Baze permalink
    March 22, 2011 5:31 pm

    Anan – Your perceptions of the world situation seem quite accurate. Lots of hubristic situations/circumstance to go around for all. Man has proven himself to be self destructive yet insists on denying such, even if it kills him. Are we really intelligent or creatures of ego and self deluding. Seems to be both but not exactly in any kind of balance that would benefit mankind except for the few who think they are in power and control at all times. Which they are largely. Not sure how we can adjust that ratio to a better end for all or if it is even possible given what seems to be human nature of duality . Time for a refuge IMO. I don’t see this as a shining light or a time of great enlightenment for the masses, but I could certainly be quite wrong. I see heads buried in the sand and lots of acquiescence of major events. But I do hope for the best outcome for all.

  10. Zenscreamer permalink
    March 22, 2011 6:01 pm

    I have read your site a few times, but this is the first time I have felt moved to comment. I am going through a slow gradual enlightenment process that matures in fits and starts and I can frequently be unclear, but I try. I find myself responding to your work on many different levels (which is, I suppose, the purpose of how it is composed) and yet it is difficult for me to choose which response to share with the community.

    I used to depend on external shocks to change, for the usual reasons. The Coincidence Control Center brought me all kinds of crises to facilitate changes that I wanted, but could not bring myself to make; the last one was when I suffered a potentially fatal appendix rupture and had to call 911 myself. I hope to stay more on top of things in the future.

    As my process continues, there is less and less of what is happening inside myself that I can easily share for fear of being categorized and dismissed — I put up with enough eye-rolling for the differences that are difficult to conceal. Keeping my thoughts to myself becomes easier with practice, but it can be very lonely.

    I do realize that I cannot know what it is I am to learn, but only attempt to learn what I can. I think I am getting better at identifying my personal messages, as fewer of them are coming in the form of crises, and more as simple intuitions. Intellectual justifications make these decisions easier to explain to others, but that is more or less a facade; reason has a vote, but not a veto.

    Yes, change is good — sometimes change is forced, and sometimes it just breaks the mental frame to allow greater understanding — but moreso, what is needed is a breaking down of self-deception. Identification with one’s own social mask leads to loss of identity and a misapprehension of the purpose of living. Doing things which help break the association with one’s social mask (such a not continually perfuming or painting oneself) help attach the personality to a deeper foundation.

    Only that which is knowingly held can be released: beliefs, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, attachments, possessions, impulses, desires, assumptions — all are prisons until they are knowingly held. Like Will Rogers said, “It isn’t what we don’t know that gives us trouble, it’s what we know that ain’t so.” “The truth will out” said the Bard, and so each of us has to adjust to it, or will risk a bounced reality check.

    Waking up each day as a human being is a risky business, and no one gets out alive; it’s up to each of us to make what use of our consciousness we can. Some days I play in the shallow end of the pool, recharging the batteries; other days I’m so deep in the labyrinth I nearly lose hold of the string. I’m okay with myself for that: it’s all part of the grand experiment.

    Enough about me. Anadianant, your work sometimes sounds to me like Finnegan’s Wake, which I love. The Shekinah/Shock-n-awe connection is a particularly brilliant one. I know where to come when I need a little reminding of the strange loop we seem trapped inside. Meanwhile, my little scientist brain has this to say about the wash-with-water experience: as a woman, I can tell you that I can smell a man’s pheromones from several feet away, and that the smell is stronger on young men, particularly those who have not had sexual relations for at least a few months. Whether the women you talk about know it or not, they can smell the pheromones as well; it’s part of the basic human wiring. Globally, few societies wash as often as Americans do, and we only started doing so relatively recently as a culture; it’s not really that surprising that it’s possible to wash less than is normal for Americans and still smell good.

    Thanks for the post!

    • March 23, 2011 8:01 am

      ZenS, you speak like a kindred soul, thanks for sharing. Many of the things you’ve said, i couldn’t have said better. Perhaps I’ll use a part of your comment on the blog?
      Thanks for the Joyce reflection. I have not read Finnegan’s Wake, only have known of it as a literary tour de force. Funny thing (hah!) is that I started out writing funny things. PG Wodehouse was my literary hero. I wished to use satire as the lever to tease open people’s minds. But then I went through a Russian Author phase 20 years ago and was forever changed! Nothing like a little solzhenitsyn and tolstoy to put one’s funny bone in one’s shoes. Perhaps I never recovered. 🙂 Also, a cursory study of etymology should leave any thinking mind reeling at the cognitive dissonance inducing twisting of English as we know it today. It triggered this “all-over-the-map” manner of writing.
      Did you know, for instance that Anathema started it’s life meaning An Offering to the gods? Look at it’s lowly meaning today.
      I’m sure we’ll share a lot more, do write in as called.

  11. enicar333 permalink
    March 23, 2011 2:43 am

    Just in time – perhaps another massive solar flare – A big sunspot crackling with energy. While the inhabitants of the earth fight over material goods, the earth has other plans – to liberate us from want. You shall want no more, when you know the freedom of the grave.

    • March 23, 2011 7:50 am

      Thanks for the link Enicar. As if this battered time needs another blow eh? From Sol Invectus at that!
      Let us see what tomorrow brings.
      Or is it the Day After Tomorrow? 😉

  12. Vee Wong permalink
    March 23, 2011 3:00 am


    Veil upon veil…and must be unveil.

    Add / remove cosmetically / surgically … All veils, covering self.
    Smell / Feel / Mirror your-self, not. Not real.

    Oh, capital-ism, commercial-ism, cinematism (sorry playing on words, think of roll-playing here), cultural-ism …real-ism. Really? Veil-ly.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • March 23, 2011 7:49 am

      The great un-veiling is upon us Vee, and about time I feel.
      Off with the mask, off with the blinders.

  13. another permalink
    March 23, 2011 3:16 am

    Hey Ori,

    I too felt the howling at the Luna effect over the last few days! Not just that but I have a family member who’s been on bad pharmaceuticals for 30 years and she was deeply affected by the lunar phase (and has been sleeping almost 48 hrs straight after that mania). Strange world we live in.

    I also wanted to let you know that I don’t think it’s just about oil. I was reading about the threat to central bank scamming from Islamic banking which prohibits usury (interest). Depositors are treated as shareholders in the banks investments (imagine that: no creating money out of thin air or our fractional reseve banking). I found a very frank and incisive site on this topic while attempting to figure out how and when they will crash the fiat scam (see JPM on Portugal today?). I’ll post the link in a bit.

    • March 24, 2011 1:30 am

      Another, I had the same weird “down” two days after the moon. Curled up. Very strange. Stronger every day since.
      Interesting times indeed.

  14. another permalink
    March 23, 2011 3:24 am

    So this guy is a bit over the edge but lucid and mostly correct imo

    look at the archives list

  15. Stephen Baze permalink
    March 23, 2011 5:14 am

    we could be thrown back hundreds of years if the EMPs from sun hits us hard enough, in an instant. hard to imagine but very true. Harsh would not describe the outcome for the inhabitants of the earth and most don’t even have a clue. Only the agrarians and only the toughest would possibly survive to carry on in future. The true modernist would surely perish as they are the most dependent. Starvation world wide would happen rather quickly and disease shortly thereafter. Is it possible? Oh yeh. Could be the thinning out event many think is coming.

  16. Straykitty permalink
    March 23, 2011 12:14 pm

    When one meets an enemy, they usually stop going forward. “Freeze in your tracks!” The bear in the path…the rattlesnake at one’s feet…headlines…war…money-launderers…nuclear explosions…

    Today, March 23, 2011, on the Time Wave, has humanity finally reached the point of exhaustion where it must stop and truly face its enemy? Are we now forced to make an inner decision of what to do from this point forward?

    I’m so tired. There are no good answers in the future. I shall find a quiet place within myself and go back 2,000 years to make a new beginning. Perhaps by March 24, 2011, I will see the small turning of a path where there is no bear.

    • March 24, 2011 7:30 am

      upwards and Inwards Straykitty, you have that Oak and land and a full life. Much more than many, definitely more than most, eh?
      Plus, you are a well loved voice here.
      if you get the urge to, tell us how you are really doing, elders are so rare now-a-days, in this world full of olders.

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