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Let’s start from the very beginning, a very good….

March 24, 2011

place to start….


I’m sure many here are familiar with the famous Do Re Mi song from the Seminal Sound of Music.

Seems fitting. After the first day of my journey here, I saw a screen full of zeros when WordPress had a problem yesterday. No visitors, no comments, no nothing.

So I thought I’d take you all back to one of my earliest posts, where I laid out what I think is a core issue with us, the collective us and the “inner collective” us, the many me syndrome, so to speak. I do believe it is worth a read, especially as we see events on the outside spiraling out of control. Most such spiraling being driven of course by run-away technology. Interesting that a Nuclear reaction that is un-controllable is called a run-away reaction. Kind of makes you want to run-away any-way, ne?

But we must stand our ground, for our figurative roots need a place, howsoever temporary, to give us a way to reach deep.

I used to be a run-awayer. The new place perhaps. The new relationship perhaps. The new job perhaps? The new anything. This, here always looked un-worthy of my attention. That is not to say that movement is bad. Conscious movement, intuitive movement are excellent. A change of perspective movement. It’s running away that I’m speaking of.

As an interesting aside, have you noticed how poorly designed we are to be runners? really, even the runners amongst us need to examine that deeply, because in this fractal world, the out reflects the in and vice-versa. All the runners I know suffer greatly in the end for their efforts. Weakened hearts, weakened joints, shin splints… the gamut.

We are not meant to be runners. We are meant to be masters of the moment. Here and now. Not there and then. Stand your ground, literal and figurative, inner and outer. Notice an Aikido master.  Usually rotund, seemingly heavy. See the Bushi-do sensei, wizened and wrinkled. Try then to pierce there here and now. Impossible. And yet they are everywhere they need to be, here and now. If that sounds confusing, it was meant to be. Now and here do not Exist in logic, per se. They are already gone, gone, gone, gone……now now now now now now….. there is deep wisdom hidden in the line just past….. now now now now……… there is a pulse to everything, alternating, end-less wisdom…. now here now here now here now here… and out…… see even the particle-wave duality…. now a wave now a particle, now a wave now a particle…. mind bending, ne?

Back to the now-here, spiraling out of control, running away.

Here is my take on it, written in response to an e-mail article my friend sent me, asking me what I thought of the requiem someone had written on the Death of Solzhenitsyn and our obsession with technology…

An older piece, pertinent!

JUNE 9, 2010

Dear S,

Good to hear from you. I am currently a resident of Nava Karnataka, your home state, epi-center of what, at least in the Indian Context, is most exemplary of our wedded-ness to, as Niranjan aptly put it… “the Diocese of Technology, and indirectly, to its Major Sponsor, the Church of Globalization”.

While individually we may look at the mirror and see a bright, intelligent face staring us back , in actual fact, collectively, which is where we put most of our energies, we are dumb.

Thick as bricks, lost to reality, creatures who are mostly at effect, rarely if ever at the helm of anything, including and especially ourselves.

We have given up the rudder of our lives, our bodies, our children, our hopes, pretty much anything makes us…well us…into the hands of “experts”. And most of those experts have been telling us that technology is the answer.

To quote the article… “The few with smiles are those who have known all along that marrying fear to technology is the philosopher’ s stone of our times. They are the proverbial ones laughing all the way to the bank.”  Too true. Yoicks!!!

And difficult as it may be to swallow, we are brain-washed, completely and thoroughly.

In successive generations, vested interests have moved us farther and farther away from ourselves and anything that really matters, towards things peripheral, external and in the greater context, totally and completely without meaning.

A quick detour…meaning. What a word. The root is obviously “mean”. Hmmmmmm…. how mean! Dig one level deep and English’s meaninglessness leaps out and bites you on the nose.

Mean=average. Meaning is nothing but the average, generally accepted usage of a word whose origin might have been far removed from it’s “mean”ing. And since the world is fractal and at least visibly de-volving, words, especially as to what they mean, are devloving too. And we are devolving with them. But, digressions aside…

We are lazier as a people, far lazier than yesterday, last year and in decades not so recently past. And we are fearful too. And lazy and fearful people are also usually unreasonable, reactive and unfortunately violent. And usually violent far in excess of what is required of a situation.

Again, this is the collective, hive-mind I am speaking of. So, in our collective, fearful, lazy sins of omission mind-set, we allow all manner of horrors in our name, so we may be safe.

War being the classic example.

Our world is rife with strife at every level. Made for TV wars, death and destruction, both simulated (hollywood, bollywood, TV, newspapers) and real (the US has particularly good TV ratings for grainy shots of bombs exploding in some faraway place)… Some beer and pop-corn with your Shock and Awe anyone?

And it’s only going to get worse, a whole lot worse before it gets any better. We’ve been weakened, eviscerated, hollowed out by our increasingly toxic environments, barely able to protest, unless our direct safety is threatened. Internet petitions are so easy to forward, ne?

Such powerful signs that all things vital (including vitality, individually and collectively) are ebbing, going back to the mix. Species, ideas, peoples…washing ashore, dead, in droves, schools and all manner of other collectives.

We have to ask of ourselves, really deeply and with all the attendant difficulties our lazy/fearful selves will throw against us… what can I do? Too many holes to plug in the collective Dyke, can I even see mine? Am I leaking like a sieve myself? Can I even tell that I’m leaking or do I need a doctor to examine me and tell me the same? Am I in touch? Can I even really touch anymore?

Am I an engine of cause or an instrument at effect?

And don’t fear any answer that comes out of self-reflection. As Horace said and it is really one of the most difficult questions to face…

“What forbids us from telling the truth laughingly?”

What in-deed or word?





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  1. March 24, 2011 2:37 pm

    I am still a bit of a runner. When I was younger, I always had aspirations to run away from the society around me. I always thought that my current environment was bad, and I needed to find somewhere new and better.

    So I did that after graduating high school. I left for a far off, exotic (relatively speaking) place to go to school. After a while there, I realized my life had not gotten better, and in fact, things were getting worse.

    When I moved back closer to home, I found everything I had been missing. I am a few years wiser now, and am once again faced with a similar choice to run away.

    I have to say, this decision is not getting easier. 😉

    • March 25, 2011 4:39 am

      Being a cadet for 3 years in the Navy, I had to run run run, every morning and evening. Detested it. It felt wrong. Never thought too deeply those days. Just knew. The later understood implications of my aversion were sweet validation. Didn’t stop me from running for a long time anyways…one day, like a crescendo, I heard it in my head “Slow down, you move too fast, you’ve got to make the morning last…. kicking down the cobblestones, look at the fun……”…. and I was never the same. Thank you S&G.

  2. Stephen Baze permalink
    March 24, 2011 4:52 pm

    Being honest with oneself and forgiveness are the two greatest endeavors IMO. Both require a lifelong committment and clarity at all times. Unfortunately most of us are not aware of these concepts until later in life and therefore we have already made mistakes in abundance and we spend a good portion of the balance of our lives undoing those mistakes or dealing with teh consequences one way or the other. The human condition is all about trying, there is no perfection only acceptance in honesty. Good decisions are the key early on to save a lot of grief. Other than that we must simply keep trying in honesty. In my youth I was a complete fool.

    • March 24, 2011 5:21 pm

      🙂 In-deed and word.
      Fools we all are, only that we could be child-like fools instead of child-ish fools, eh?

  3. Stephen Baze permalink
    March 24, 2011 5:07 pm

    What forbids us from telling the truth laughingly ? Our own constraints many of which are imposed on us from day 1. The system we live under requires that we not live in truth otherwise all the illusions would be exposed as we see in abundance today in the economic meltdown and supposed recovery? We live in total illusions at every turn . Here in US completely propogated by PRAVDA (MSM). In other words the status quo coud not continue. So has man used his technology to a good end? If Fukushima and Chernobyl are examples of whats to come, I don’t see how? Seems we have pooped in our nest massively in many different ways and it is catching up with us today ! There are many more such come uppance right around the corner.

    • March 24, 2011 5:19 pm

      Indeed Stephen, our nests are pretty poopy. And the control system that forbids us from telling the truth laughingly is in our cultural DNA. Truth is bitter. I do not know a more insidious lie than that.
      Thanks for sharing.

  4. Stephen Baze permalink
    March 24, 2011 6:51 pm

    yes an age differntial in a complete fool and a partial fool, indeed. I suppose we should enjoy our gardens and the sunshine while we can.

  5. Zenscreamer permalink
    March 24, 2011 6:55 pm

    Anindianant (or should I call you Vivek?) — you have given me my 2nd sychronicity of the day! I am currently in a production of The Sound of Music, and have rehearsal to-night. This morning I was viewing the images of bodhisattva in an 2010 National Geographic in a waiting room, only to come home and find a facebook friend had posted “bodhisattva… bodhisattva…”, referencing the Steely Dan music of the same name. The closer to the core message, the more layered the overtones. Wild!

    I study Tai Chi, having taken it up seriously after I was injured in a freak (message) accident after taking my 2nd Dan in Tang Soo Do. The slow movement of Tai Chi reenforces the message that the purpose is to learn to operate in time-space while remaining rooted in the eternal present; the bio-electric manipulation skills and self-defense applications are merely side-benefits.

    I know about moving away in the hopes of finding a “better place” — I went to college in hopes of finding people who I had more in common with that those I had known in high school, but no dice. Anyone who is toward the extreme end of a bell curve will be alone much of the time; somehow the “Congratulations! You’re in the 95th percentile!” I got from standardized testing never fully expressed “Most of the time, most people won’t understand you!”

    Consensus reality is accelerating. I hope we can catch it.

    • March 25, 2011 4:35 am

      Please call me Vivek. In fact everyone, please call me Vivek. I have no need or desire to be Anonymous or many named anymore, nice to meet you!
      Synchronicity is my second favourite word after serendipity. And their arrival (synchronicities that is), like you mention, in my life were a huge signal that I was tuning into a matrix I was happy being a node in.
      My journey into my body and therefore my “self” began also through injury. Lots of injuries actually. Mostly sporting (tennis) but looking back now, loaded with directional changing slaps from my higher-self. And culminated in my practice which is, in it’s effect, much like Tai Chi. And yes, the outer attainments are superfluous. Distractions even. I love the refrain from the Dao Deh Ching, and I’m paraphrasing here, that the realized one has no fear, for the point of the spear and the claw of the tiger would find no place to strike in him.
      Fear is a victim of self-realization. And I think that is fantastic.
      Thanks for sharing.
      PS: Who are you playing in the Sound of Music?

      • Zenscreamer permalink
        March 26, 2011 3:05 pm

        This time around I get to play a Nun! I get to sing imitation Latin high church music (high soprano for my showy diva) while being incognito in an crowd all identically dressed (challenging my petty ego). Eye love a challenge.

        • March 27, 2011 5:19 pm

          Well, you know what ZenS, sounds like the anonymity is what you need by the sounds of it. You must be a Leo.
          Ear ear!

  6. velobabe permalink
    March 24, 2011 8:13 pm

    ORI, i don’t think i have been more depressed today then ever in my life. i don’t even have any more emotional energy to cry. this war the united states entered in on, to kill innocent people makes me sick to my stomach. i can’t stand myself that i voted and thought obama would change things. i hate myself for all that i sold into. i don’t think man was meant to run, either. i ran a lot, after my husband was killed, but mostly ran on single track trails in the mountains. i look at the public running around me, a lot of runners in boulder colorado. they look like a b i g stick of pain. they are so ugly. fight or flight, that is how i handled every thing. real good at climbing out of windows too† ciao

  7. dublinmick permalink
    March 24, 2011 10:30 pm

    That is simply a very inspiring treatise, very uplifting and a breathe of fresh air for those of us who always feel better when we see there are those of us with mutual thoughts and beliefs. You know philosophy/psychology is all really the search to make contact with the self. There is no greater goal than this in my opinion. We should attempt to make sense of the world we see around us. It is the only thing that matters really. I don’t want to sound like some of the crew you must have met in San Francisco. You know the who are we what are doing here people, but really it is not only an important question, it is the only question,

    When young and I was entering college, the tests all indicated I should pursue psychology/philosophy. My test scores were pretty shoddy in most areas with the exception of a 98% in these areas. The advisor even looked perplexed that one who could so highly in this one area could be so bad in other areas, especially in mathematics. I was very young and decided against his advice however. I found throughout life however the only thing I consistently delve into with much fervor are exactly those areas. Along the way I have read the Gita, Ghandi, Vedas, Yogananda Diary of a Yogi, Who is Guru Maharaj Ji and a few others. So I am not totally ignorant of Indian society and the outlook there. The west has a very long material leg, and India a very long spiritual leg.

    I have come to realize over the years the mathematician is attempting to prove what philosopher already inherently knows. There are books out there demonstrating, with the most well respected theories and equations suggesting if you proceed far enough you will always return to zero. Max Planck Theorized if you travel far enough into space, you form a complete circle eventually.

    Our native American indians came to this conclusion on their won long before Max Planck. In their words, all life is a circle, the eyes are round, the nostrils, ears, birth canal and in fact most body openings. The earth is round, the sun is round, the universe is even round, so the creator must love circles!

    • March 25, 2011 4:26 am

      Thanks for you deeply considered and thought-provoking comment DubM. Cannot be overstated and I think it was Socrates who said that the un-examined life is not worth living.
      I’ll add a little anecdote. story goes that one of the famous western buddhism teachers was sitting with a Thai monk in a monastery in Thailand, under a star spangled sky and he heard the monk expound on a beautiful and awesome view of the universe and it’s deeper workings. Suddenly he (the monk) pointed up at the sky, at a moving dot of light and said he never understood what that was. it was of course a satellite. A very telling tell, if you know what I mean. 🙂

      • Vee Wong permalink
        March 25, 2011 8:32 am

        I was uncertain (un-knowing may be more precise) with your reference to “Mother” on ZH, even after re-reading your post on the topic…until I read your reply to DubM here above. Un-examined life…satellite. It then “dawned” on me that our culture-in-womb must be “bounded” (or the Universe out there will have to “deal” with our im-balance or invasion, nuclear energy comes to mind).

        So is DubM’s reference to the roundness…we must be rounded out [or IN] !!!

        Deep thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

        • March 25, 2011 12:28 pm

          Vee, as much as what you intuited above, we have to know that life is in womb with-in womb with-in womb. Without boundaries, there is no definition, only a blob.
          From there, I believe, cam that timeless dictum via Fran Herbert:

          Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty.
          The Coda
          Discipline is a womb, the chimera of freedom is merely that, a chimera.

  8. March 25, 2011 12:07 pm

    As always thank you for this thought provoking piece.

    Being caught in the machinations of life, can be horrifying if there exists a degree of inner separation. Escape is difficult and some rely on forms of meditation that relieve the pain for a short time. Physical forms of meditation can be considered the first way to enlightenment. The way of the “Fakir” in other forms of thought, however this is the longest way home.

    The way of Consciousness is the fastest way, a change of mind and opening to ideas of “non sensual” understanding. I recently wrote a piece on the “pendulum of life…” inspired by one of your posts. Here is an excerpt…

    Contemplating the pendulum…

    To be in contemplation of the pendulum, is a very good way to seeing the reality, above the false reality. The false reality is the need to believe in the machinations of external life. We become passengers on the pendulum being transported from negative to positive and back again. Tick Tock Tick Tock, goes the life, with us none the wiser. The reason for this is a blindness that we all have, due to the false programming of life and its influences. We are caught by Money, Sex, Power, and many other “Things”. Getting off the pendulum does not require outside intervention, far from it I would say, it requires inside intervention. One must take back control of the machine…”

    The full post can be read here… The Pendulum, machine of creation…

    We seek neighbours in this critical time, the term neighbour does not mean they that live closest, it means in this context they that are most like us. Reading your Bio shows me the similarities we share, (ex-military, ex businessman, currently “Artist, philosopher, psychologist and many others…”). With the gathering of the neighbours, comes a gathering of higher forces, so I have less fear that the truth shall be hidden.

    Thank you again for keeping this forum alive, with the “non sensual” deep thoughts of everyone.


    • March 25, 2011 12:23 pm

      Thanks as always for your deep sharing Eso. And great article on your blog. I encourage everyone to pay it a visit.
      Finding harmoniously vibrating essences has been THE joy of creating this blog. I had hoped for it, had deep down times, feeling that it was a fool’s errand at times, but now feel a warm glow. 🙂
      And you clearly im-bibed well from the overflowing cup of G. It shows through in your writing. Well met indeed and word and thanks again for sharing.
      I fully subscribe to G’s idea of the inherent mechanical-ness of most life and my daily struggle, super-effort if you will, is to shake the feeling that I Know and keep shedding, like a snake, that skin, so I can be raw again.
      Truth, such as it is, is so frightening to most, eh?

      • velobabe permalink
        March 25, 2011 5:18 pm

        Vivid, i don’t really know the right way to pronouce it, you just describe your pendulum one and two. i had hoped for it deep down times, but now it has flowered. oh well. i like everybody on your blog that writes down about their experiences. i don’t think i am ready just yet. but this neighborhood idea really helps me. thanks again.

        • March 25, 2011 5:40 pm

          It’s Vivek, but pronounced Vivake, rhymes with Bake and Cake.
          And yes, Eso’s neighbourhood of like minds is a nice concept, alive.

      • March 25, 2011 11:21 pm

        “I fully subscribe to G’s idea of the inherent mechanical-ness of most life and my daily struggle, super-effort if you will, is to shake the feeling that I Know and keep shedding, like a snake, that skin, so I can be raw again.”

        I really like this analogy of shedding, it goes deep to the core suggesting layer after layer. Well put my friend the descent (which is actually ascent) to absolute nothingness and the innocence of a child. The real truth is always harder to swallow, so yes I agree it is frightening!


  9. Stephen Baze permalink
    March 25, 2011 1:29 pm

    Anan – I don’t think truth is bitter? It is kind of like when you decide not to eat salt anymore or curtail it largely. Shortly you realize there is a lot of salt in everything already and just how much of an overdose you were receiving and how much better everything is without added salt? Much better to deal with things as thet are than as you might want them to be but they aren’t. At least you then know where to go and what to expect rather than living in Illusions. Of course it can be unpleasant or dissapointing, but far better to be in reality as much as possible ? The entire culture in US is a giant illusion on many levels and that simply tweeks a lot of people as they realize the magnitude of the illusions, but it is temporary and then becomes preferred as the light switch is turned on.

    Velobabe – if you would like to contact me I think I can help you gain stength and understanding to help you thru a difficult time? It’s OK and free !………… I am in Oregon, been to your part of the woods and lots of adversity.

  10. Scrap Wood permalink
    March 25, 2011 4:30 pm

    Being inside your head is an obvious symptom here on the comment board. And I mean this in a nice way. But at times we have to slow that down to, as it is the same as running.

    Be like a child, like a fool
    Know there is nothing to know

    • March 25, 2011 5:19 pm

      Scrap, welcome and you make a good point.
      But most here are new friends and have a lot to share. Conversations have their own natural ebb and flow. I’m glad to have this, just as i was OK (ish, I’ll admit) when I was writing with nary a peep on the board.
      And on my take on the path, there is a lot of knowing (understanding rather) that comes before the great nothing and likewise, the child is wrung out from most of us and has to be reclaimed. Till then, those are mere words or empty phrases, like We are all equal.

      All in all, all is swell.
      Thanks for sharing.

  11. another permalink
    March 25, 2011 5:02 pm


    What’s going on???

    I was wondering if you could help me with this:

    did you see the “leak” about some European HFs going not long the emini but 250% long? Risking about 50 billion that it’ll go higher. Some folks on ZH interpreted it as insiders getting advance word that QE3 is a go but I was wondering if maybe this wasn’t a setup. Why?

    1. It has to be the banksters behind such a huge bet.
    2. James Rickards explained on King World News that QE2 has lasting effects.
    3. Cramer and Goldman Scum are “long” gold.

    They see the pressure in the PM markets everytime reality seeps into the market; they slaxp it down and back up it comes. Geopolitically things are extremely tense with the 666 banksters attempting to overthrow Saud and they turning to the Russian and Chinese sphere of influence. I truly believe everybody wants to be rid of the doe-llar but are scared of their vengeance. That bomb going off in Moscows airport was the cocking of a strategic weapon: I can deliver a nuke by hand in your capital.



    • March 25, 2011 5:23 pm

      Hmmmmmm……. I don’t trade the markets Zack. Maybe someone here can step in? I’ll say this though, that something big is clearly brewing, with PM’s going up the way they are. is it that they are finally freeing themselves from the shackles or being allowed to rise prior to options expiry, or being re-allocated prior to a big reset?
      Some feel April 8th is decisive.
      In any case, we are coming to a “great confusion”. I’m at peace with my conviction about Silver and land.
      As your handle suggests, in his words, we shall see this unfold together, yes?
      And heck, it’s just money.

  12. another permalink
    March 25, 2011 5:15 pm

    Oh and supposedly Iran had some WMD parts detained in Malaysia but then Prince Bandar Abdulaziz (Bandar Bush) showed up in Malaysia and Petrosaudi disburses US$81.5 million and things stay under investigation. Malaysian PM Razak also says they support the GCC in Bahrain.

    Very, very strange going ons I assure you.

    I think the Saudis want nukes as well as Iran and I think they’re going to get them.

  13. Stephen Baze permalink
    March 25, 2011 7:44 pm

    If todays trading was any indication and I think it was, the 5:20 PM blip mentioned on ZH yesterday was some kind of anomoloy or a headfake? Can’t imagine the big boys holding long over a weekend, days in advance when they could simply install such a plan on any day(like monday) with little or no risk and set it in motion immediately? Rather tight range today and many negatives world wide. Yes PRAVDA has done a great job lying to the masses for TPTB but markets are struggling in light of so many negatives. Now that we will go into next week above ES1310 or so, could go quite higher? I expect considerable bad news out of Japan over weekend or soon. Each day more leaks out and slowly the truth of how bad it is gets public. A travesty of govs withholding from their citizens so they could make good decisions about exiting. Japan is in serious dire straits. And nobody is telling the truth of how badly it can affect the US if the spent rods start burning, which can happen ? Amazingly markets go higher in US and Japan as radiation is freely abundant and no control in sight? That should tell you something about what insanity we live in these days and why all should be paying attention for yourself and not accepting gov lies as fact and absolute? All of this shows me something is VERY wrong here on this planet/spacehsip. Good luck to all.

    • March 25, 2011 11:32 pm

      Actually things are going in the only way they can possibly go. There will be no mass salvation, only the individual can evolve not the negative machine of humanity.

      There are real choices for those that wish to see. The first and foremost don’t get caught (identified), the second, look in not out.


  14. Stephen Baze permalink
    March 25, 2011 8:40 pm

    This could lend credence to the long position thesis next week?

    makes no sense actually but what does these days?

    Anybody else feel like you are in the twilight zone ? I have for some time now and scaring myself because I am getting used to it???? kinda, but not exactly . I think everybody knows but noone wants to say it, something even bigger is right around the corner as we watch this system meltdown.

  15. Stephen Baze permalink
    March 26, 2011 10:24 pm

    Agree Eso, certainly time to be looking in and not out. Been doing that a lot for quite some time and find that to be the only solice. I now wonder what if anything is next ? I am not convinced the entire world and all people are corrupted, but realize much is. Today is a good day to look at the garden and enjoy the sunshine and the cats and the people we care about.

    My thoughts on economics and psychology are simple these days. Both are quite abstract studies/concepts claiming to be constants or valid based on some kind of self established validity? Nothing could be further from the truth IMO and neither have much if any validity other than that given by it via academics who of course swear by the credibilty of their affects on human matters. The economist’s, PHDs and MBAs who have destroyed our entire economic basis with such phenom as derivatives that are nothing more than financing schemes to fleece the entire world and the fact that psychology and psychiatry have become nothing more than money laundering outlets for big pharmceutical companies defines both groups/studies/practices for the charlatans that they are. Yes I am aware there is slight difference between psychology and psychiatry. The best therapy is understanding and honesty with one self usually brought forth by some form of meditation/prayer, inner search. There is no other way to be aware of the illusions and know who you are.

    The forgiveness thing? Kind of like the chicken and egg thing, which came first? Forgiving others or yourself or both at the same time? Not sure, but all are important and necessary.

    Good luck to all.

    • March 27, 2011 5:34 am

      “The forgiveness thing? Kind of like the chicken and egg thing, which came first? Forgiving others or yourself or both at the same time? Not sure, but all are important and necessary.”

      Hello Stephen,

      Ahh … now that is a very interesting question within a question. The circle not quite closed, the serpent chasing its tail, the idea of recurrence and the idea of external considering first. If we change nothing then everything repeats exactly as before. Like repeating a year of education because we failed to understand.

      I have always looked at this, as a very compassionate way of allowing individual experience, to be the guiding principle. No one is forced to comply, there is always freedom of choice.

      As for economics, “let those things that belong to Caesar, be given unto Caesar” , paraphrased but an interesting quote none the less. In the “work” we call it “A influences”. Their only real importance, is for material manifestation and the earthly experience thereby gained.

      We have to live in both worlds, and as someone said, “no esoteric without exoteric”. A failure within the “Market game” can cause someone to really reflect on life as it is. So as such, the experience can turn out to be a good thing, in spite of the material loss.

      As for External considering, it is always best to arrange it like so;

      1. Greater mind, 2. your Neighbour, 3. then Yourself.

      Any other form of considering is labelled Internal, usually affiliated with negative emotions, of which there are many. That being said, it is one of the most difficult principles to practice, as we are normally taught from word go in the personal life, “I and no other”. Although some may disagree, that in itself is an illusion. Think of the animal (mechanical) instinct of ” fight or flight” , faced with personal annihilation, there are very few who would self sacrifice.

      Thank you for the chance to ponder and share.


  16. Stephen Baze permalink
    March 28, 2011 1:32 am

    Thank you, more thoughts to ponder. I am getting to where I discount almost all supposed higher education as a farce or a con game. Another source of illusions. Intelligence/knowledge has little to do with formal education, if anything, especially at the supposed higher levels. Unfortunately the things of Caesar have become quite destructive to all and therein lies a major problem for all inhabiatants of the planet IMO. To ignore this or turn away in a form of acquiescence is basicly suicide and IMO is not the best actions/thoughts to be taken going forward. We all must have sustenance one way or the other and therefore cannot or should always be passive.

    I think I may trade in all my vehicles for a Vimana and fly away, perhaps to another planet ?

    Thanks for your input and thoughts. As I get older I realize how little I know.

  17. Scrappy permalink
    May 10, 2011 4:09 pm

    Hello all,

    This part of the post above struck me ..

    “In successive generations, vested interests have moved us farther and farther away from ourselves and anything that really matters, towards things peripheral, external and in the greater context, totally and completely without meaning.”

    A have found similar thoughts on another blog I wanted to share with you…

    • May 13, 2011 6:13 am

      Thanks for sharing and sharing the link Scrappy. I’ve been there before.

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