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Sex, Unnatural (Oxymoron) and Comment Streams Of Consciousness

March 30, 2011


As expected, the piece on Gandhi in my last post created a lot of heated debate. As did taking the “name” of god in another.

I wanted to take a random walk on the wild side to add further thoughts to the mix as well share some excellent commentary by fellow travelers.

First off, there is nothing unnatural. To imagine there is, is an oxymoron, in and of itself. Everything that “exists”, does so in nature. Nature is not separate from “us”. No nature, no us. That is the sumum bonum of all mystical practice. The realization that there is no other.

There is no other. We are and I Am are inter-twined, inextricably. All else is division, caused by a million myriad reasons. Reasons. reason is a path to resolve di-chotomy. In the one-ness that paths and practices aim to achieve, there is no dichotomy. Reason is it’s own reason for being. A very chicken and egg thing there, rather un-reasonable, if you get my drift.

Nature is every-thing. And no-thing too. The grand collective, inter-dependent, includes the All and the nothing. It is a dynamic balance, to be sure and thus we see the arrival and departure of trends and species and planets and galaxies….. all of it the outcome of Great Nature’s natural balancing act.

But there is nothing un-natural. If anything is, it is the concept of un-natural-ness itself.

Reason’s evil twin is morality. Now if there ever was a thing that is flexible and “of” a place and time, it is morality. One man’s morality is another’s daily duty. And the thing that makes heckles stand and brings the barbs out every time, is the morality of sex.

To be sure, it is a powerful string as it should be, since it is the causative impulse for our very existence, but add morality, that flexi-devil to the mix and suddenly you have trouble.

We must, collectively understand the nature of morality and also know that there is no such thing as absolute morality. Morality co-opted, with the help of religion, vague notions of good and evil as somehow moral concepts. Such a loss. They are completely unrelated. What is good for the tiger is evil for the victim. See? Relativity, in natural terms.

So, walking down this road of reason and morality, you realize that all you have a is a series of dead-ends. The stuff of life is not meant to be solved through language. Our inner Everest cannot be crested on dogma or catma. That work is of action-in-action. Words, even names of gods and such, are dead-ends. We must delve into them as we can or our able, to see it for ourselves. But any mystic worth his salt found his en-lightenment in Roaring silence. (His/her, please read as inclined).

And so the rise or the fall of all manner of sexuality is merely great Nature balancing it-self. The current melding into the great mix of sexuality is part of the same urge. it is merely a reflection of this overt, loud and naked time we live in that deeply private things like spirituality and sex are things to be worn on one’s sleeve, to live or die for.

The thing to pay attention to is our attachment to labels and the deflection of or inner compass by false poles.

It is all good. We are all good. But that “is”. To parrot that as “your truth” is mere words. To “know” that is step up the ladder. To “understand” it is half-way home, to ‘feel” it is the penultimate step, to “live” it it to stand at the top of the ladder.

To “be” it is to leap off that top.


Straykitty on knowledge:

Knowledge: as opined by me, one who believed lies for a lifetime and is only now in the process — hopefully — of awakening.

True Knowledge — and its Belief System — must be approached backward. Cause and Effect. Effect and Cause.

We on this site have seen many Effects that make us despair. This world makes us despair. 2011 makes us despair. What beliefs can cause people to kill each other and do despicable acts to one another? (This land is mine, you can’t have it. This gold was meant for me, you can’t have it. This oil was meant for me, you can’t have it. This future was meant for me, you can’t have it. I’m special. I’m Chosen. It’s mine, mine, mine…)

Each of us has to personally take this Effect and trace it back to its Cause. We must look farther back than Barack Obama and George W. Bush, I suspect. Back, back, back to beliefs that men should kill in the name of good…of god…of God…

What Cause are we lead back to? Who was this good…god…God? We must take care. Propaganda and brain-washing have been around a long time. Ancient books designed with an agenda in mind? Is there another? We have been taught there is a False Christ. Was there a False God?

The Cause each must discover on his own. Does this search really have much to do with the petty habits and flaws we see in each other every day? I doubt it.


Singletrack on Conditioned Existence and a path to liberation:

“There are no great men. Only men”

Revolutions and change happens because of the masses of people changing beliefs and attitudes in a natural process with each other in their own lives, not because some “leader” or “prophet” exploits this natural process and takes credit for it. These “Great men” and “leaders” are nothing more than exploiters of this process for their own grandiosity and are no different in principle from the very men they are “trying to liberate the people from”

The civil rights movement was happening before MLK and would happened even if he was never born.

The great lie of civilization to claim one man can make such a difference and that some event of great proportion involving the masses would not have happened if this person did not exist. The same grandiosity and delusion required by those who have been in power to believe in their own deity like power and god like existence. The same lie we are indoctnornated in school to believe so those cowards and psychopaths in power can believe in their delusion of their own grandour. The idea of this powerful person is a delusion and it can only stay as truth only as long as other people believe the lie and validate it by worshiping people. The same worship of our parents forced upon us as kids and the worship of our parents being taught as something good by the system at large. This worship is the basis for the control and their power in our adult lives. The basis is set at a very young age.

The delusion in psychology where we all have this “ego” “id” and “superego” as a natural state and how we all have to fight this and have all the splits of personality we fight. The split is intentional and is what keeps us chained up and enslaved in our minds and this split is how our minds are controlled and the nuclear family is what creates this split and the means of control over our minds which then controls our bodies. Our natural state as human beings is not to have this split. The split is created to divide and conquer our minds by our parents to control us, then we are controlled the rest of our lives by these mythical “leaders” and belief in them and wanting to be one of them while feeling guilty at the same time for wanting that power.

We are in some ways a perverted computer where a rogue program has been laid upon the base program which is in equilibrium and this rogue program attempts to create “balance” in a perverted state. This perverted program is forced upon us by our parents being called by society as “good parenting” and “make him become something good and useful” and called a virtue by society. Using scare tactics to make us believe we are defective and we need all their “goods” and “knowledge” to bring us to “balance” when this “balance” on the pendulum is actually what enslaves us. The goal is to go back to equilibrium and reject the pendulum and “balance” which can never be achieved in the pendulum when one is always being pulled like a magnet between the two poles.

The key is to find what binds one to the pendulum and break the braided steel rod that binds us to the pendulum and what makes one desperately protect the center of this pendulum and the fear instilled in our hearts when we try to trace the maze of knots and turns that a single strand of this steel cable enslaves us to the center feel that terror of knowledge and questioning and the terror that the naming and awareness of the thought and idea and concept which hides from us so we cannot see the strand and break it. The fear and terror is the key to freedom of the imprisonment of the mind. This is a thick cable full of splinters and traps and bombs that go off if we try to untangle it too soon without seeing where it goes and how far it goes and the bitter place it can end up. The truth at the end of each strand and how the strand will loop back on itself like a recursive function and full of so many loops and contradictions and having to hold many contradictory things as true at the same time. But, at the end of the line, the line becomes clear and the knots and restraints unravel itself once the path the strand takes is revealed. And anger and terror is used to distract one from taking this path and one’s worst fears and terrors will be revealed upon this path to stop one’s mind from seeing the truth and tracing every inch of this line. The terror placed upon us as children in the form of physical and verbal and sexual abuse so we would not be able to trace the truth path of each strand in this twisted perverted cable.


Stephen on various issues and a response to Eso:

Agree Eso, certainly time to be looking in and not out. Been doing that a lot for quite some time and find that to be the only solice. I now wonder what if anything is next ? I am not convinced the entire world and all people are corrupted, but realize much is. Today is a good day to look at the garden and enjoy the sunshine and the cats and the people we care about.

My thoughts on economics and psychology are simple these days. Both are quite abstract studies/concepts claiming to be constants or valid based on some kind of self established validity? Nothing could be further from the truth IMO and neither have much if any validity other than that given by it via academics who of course swear by the credibilty of their affects on human matters. The economist’s, PHDs and MBAs who have destroyed our entire economic basis with such phenom as derivatives that are nothing more than financing schemes to fleece the entire world and the fact that psychology and psychiatry have become nothing more than money laundering outlets for big pharmceutical companies defines both groups/studies/practices for the charlatans that they are. Yes I am aware there is slight difference between psychology and psychiatry. The best therapy is understanding and honesty with one self usually brought forth by some form of meditation/prayer, inner search. There is no other way to be aware of the illusions and know who you are.

The forgiveness thing? Kind of like the chicken and egg thing, which came first? Forgiving others or yourself or both at the same time? Not sure, but all are important and necessary.


Eso on the Pendulum and Balance:

Being caught in the machinations of life, can be horrifying if there exists a degree of inner separation. Escape is difficult and some rely on forms of meditation that relieve the pain for a short time. Physical forms of meditation can be considered the first way to enlightenment. The way of the “Fakir” in other forms of thought, however this is the longest way home.

The way of Consciousness is the fastest way, a change of mind and opening to ideas of “non sensual” understanding. I recently wrote a piece on the “pendulum of life…” inspired by one of your posts. Here is an excerpt…

Contemplating the pendulum…

To be in contemplation of the pendulum, is a very good way to seeing the reality, above the false reality. The false reality is the need to believe in the machinations of external life. We become passengers on the pendulum being transported from negative to positive and back again. Tick Tock Tick Tock, goes the life, with us none the wiser. The reason for this is a blindness that we all have, due to the false programming of life and its influences. We are caught by Money, Sex, Power, and many other “Things”. Getting off the pendulum does not require outside intervention, far from it I would say, it requires inside intervention. One must take back control of the machine…”

The full post can be read here… The Pendulum, machine of creation…


Dublinmick on Life (real):

That is simply a very inspiring treatise, very uplifting and a breathe of fresh air for those of us who always feel better when we see there are those of us with mutual thoughts and beliefs. You know philosophy/psychology is all really the search to make contact with the self. There is no greater goal than this in my opinion. We should attempt to make sense of the world we see around us. It is the only thing that matters really. I don’t want to sound like some of the crew you must have met in San Francisco. You know the who are we what are doing here people, but really it is not only an important question, it is the only question,

When young and I was entering college, the tests all indicated I should pursue psychology/philosophy. My test scores were pretty shoddy in most areas with the exception of a 98% in these areas. The advisor even looked perplexed that one who could so highly in this one area could be so bad in other areas, especially in mathematics. I was very young and decided against his advice however. I found throughout life however the only thing I consistently delve into with much fervor are exactly those areas. Along the way I have read the Gita, Ghandi, Vedas, Yogananda Diary of a Yogi, Who is Guru Maharaj Ji and a few others. So I am not totally ignorant of Indian society and the outlook there. The west has a very long material leg, and India a very long spiritual leg.

I have come to realize over the years the mathematician is attempting to prove what philosopher already inherently knows. There are books out there demonstrating, with the most well respected theories and equations suggesting if you proceed far enough you will always return to zero. Max Planck Theorized if you travel far enough into space, you form a complete circle eventually.

Our native American indians came to this conclusion on their won long before Max Planck. In their words, all life is a circle, the eyes are round, the nostrils, ears, birth canal and in fact most body openings. The earth is round, the sun is round, the universe is even round, so the creator must love circles!


Long I know, but well worth it in my opinion, eh?

Thanks all of you.

By the way, we are now on day one of a 3 week Mercury retrograde (finishes April 23rd). Mercury retrogrades play games with communications of every sort (Mercury, the planet closest to the sun, races around it, intermediating between Sol and the rest of us). So be calm, give lee-way and stay okay without decision for now. It will all unwind in time. 🙂

More soon. I had a vision and will share it soon.

And today feels very pregnant…. loaded energy again. Like something is ready to give. I hope the earth and other elements stay calm. Know this though that we are in for another shock, soon. Work that into your awareness and watch things unfold. Remember, you are or at least can be in th eeye of your own storm.










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  1. flipspiceland permalink
    March 30, 2011 12:20 pm

    Nothing may be unnatural, but nature isn’t always can be, frankly, extaordinarily harmful, fatal, and overwhelmingly anti-human.

    The recent Tsunamis in Japan is natural enough, but the devastation to those foolish enough to live in the land where the word tsunami was invented, or unable to live elsewhere, has proven nature can be no friend to relatively puny humans.

    Humans having sex with animals may be natural but it sure is perverted, sick, and evidence that something, while natural enough in the human, who is likely the protagonist in a man/animal sex thing, is wrong with the brain wiring in the human.

    Men having sex with men, wherein they are placing a relatively vulnerable appendage into a filthy, excrement laden, bacterial rich environment, and contracting a disease that causes a pandemic, is natural enough, but the source of great hardship, tragedy, and painful diseases.

    We don’t need to think of nature as something benign, but to respect it for its awesome power to render us extinct, and turn animals, plants, and other life forms back into dust.

    • velobabe permalink
      March 30, 2011 5:15 pm

      spice, thanks for bringing up a few of those sex topic. i was appalled at this idea of man and animal. i think that was an invention of some twisted wiring. men and men together? wow, nelly. i guess it is true. i can’t believe people think this sex, grossO. i have just come to realize the behind is quite a popular place to be IN. well i don’t think any thing should go in, only out. and you have to work on that one a lot, your diet and exercise.

    • March 30, 2011 5:55 pm

      Flip, appreciate your point of view. i’m asking that we rise above life and death, pleasure and pain as merely points of opposite balance.
      The pleasure principle rules in our time, so we will have every means to induce or produce it. It is a reflection of our current cultural womb’s condition. Call it diseased, it just IS.

      Thanks for sharing.

  2. Michael permalink
    March 30, 2011 12:39 pm

    There is a slight difference between Christian thought and other philosophies. Christianity has man’s potential and real unachieved nature as being above his natural world, ‘God-like’, not God mind you, but one whose existence glorifies and exalts one’s Creator. It is not natural for man to actualize himself if he lowers himself to being ‘equal’ with the natural world. Course, man’s tendencies and fallen nature gives him a compulsion to act only within nature. Nature is important, as it is the spring-board man uses to launch into a rediscovery of his true nature. This process of discovery is what his life in the natural world is all about. Also, just because man is superior in reality to the natural world around him, does not by any way give him license to lord this superiority over the environment that will enable him to achieve his true self.

    • March 30, 2011 5:53 pm

      That picture you paint is very much the core of Christian theology as it stands today (and supposedly has since it’s inception). Appreciate that there are many paths. I’m trying to raise the discussion beyond semantics, beyond theology, beyond deities, beyond labels, beyond differentiation.
      There, we are one with great nature. Man is not special as a species, at all, in my view. our ability to cognate, mentate and remember is in equal parts our blessing and our curse.
      Thanks for sharing.

      • dublinmick permalink
        March 31, 2011 5:47 am

        That is core flaw with Christianity, the belief man is superior and above nature. He is only a part of nature. In truth and in fact nature is the essence that man unwittingly does not realize is God or the creator mind at work. Science and nature/religion if you will are basically one. It is only the flawed mind of man who does not see it that way.

        • March 31, 2011 5:55 am

          Indeed and word Dub. Separation is at the heart of the control system. Which is why it fights so hard to keep separated and is always pushing the divide and conquer meme. Such is how it is, eh? And this is our inner battle, inner unity.

      • dublinmick permalink
        March 31, 2011 4:00 pm

        Sometimes it takes some of us a long time to realize we are all Hindus. Hindu in essence encompasses all who are searching for the truth and yes even an atheist can call himself a Hindu for he too is embarked upon a search for truth. We do not know where the ancient Rishis and the Shruti sounds began and they have always been here and always will be here.

        • April 1, 2011 5:49 am

          True Dub. Hinduism is not a religion at all but a way of life. A river even.
          And the sound of pandora’s thunder is time-un-bound, eh? 😉

  3. bethincary permalink
    March 30, 2011 3:28 pm

    I think there is “unnatural” and it is SELFISHness and UNselfishness.
    Collectively these are what cause societal woes. Unselfishness-bc you SHOULD value yourself enough to want to use your brain for evolution–to be stewards of the world.
    These are taught when a child is young-to know there is something MORE important than self-or they become selfish..If others are more important they become UNselfish (an feel low self-worth).
    This is the value which binds us societally/morally.
    Language–then community–then civilization decide what is selfish and unselfish..
    Understanding-formed by communities/then societies are what form a common morality in common beliefs becoming laws.
    The personality of the group understanding is CULTURE.
    The experiences of culture become its (groups’, nations,)- WISDOM.
    Wisdom is passed on generationally in its’ culture (language,customs, laws, Institutions)
    and can then divide into a “WAXING” or “WANING” phase. (perhaps where fractals come in)
    A community WAXES when the majority of citizens are UNselfish.
    It WANES when majority is SELFISH.
    The MAJORITY persecute the MINORITY-trying to alienate them.
    Communities/societies/nations have a life cycle-as all things do.
    When traditions like laws/morals are NOT generationally upheld-where the UNslefish create a civ of SELFISH as majority-we see WANING.
    This is class war-when community stops waxing starts waning.
    Authority or govt.-is then NOT guided by WISDOM of experience morally w selfish/unslefishness but is TYRANNIZED by agents of SELFISH MAJORITY (self-interest group–y Cit Unit was writing on wall for all 2 c by sellout Supremes)
    DEMOCRACY and sensible RULE of LAW is replaced w IRRATIONALITY.
    Senility takes over (Koch birtherism)-the SELFISHness becomes even more LESS restrained/MORE selfish-shedding all understanding of community and traditition-becoming weaker and weaker as a whole community..
    Decline follows: economiocally, socially, culturally,materially..
    Communal suicide.

    (this is from P Atkinson “Theory of Civilization”..

    It made sense to me–not only here in US–but worldwide too.
    Selfishness and Unselfishness–lack of self-control are the root of civ problems..
    Learning to stay balanced betweeen the 2 in GODliness and GOD-fearingness humility seem to be the “majic” elixir.

  4. izzy permalink
    March 30, 2011 3:38 pm

    It’s easy to get lost in the verbal forest of absolutism and relativism and the hall of mirrors that is the conscious intellect as it grasps at “understanding”. We can’t talk our way through. There’s a reason we have an inner compass.

  5. velobabe permalink
    March 30, 2011 5:18 pm

    i am glad my daughter regards me, as a NOT normal mother. maybe i did something right. told you sex and god were over rated.

    • dublinmick permalink
      March 31, 2011 5:52 am

      I have to disagree here. Sex in the environment of Kama Sutra or tantra is the gateway to enlightment. You are mistaking sex for pleasure on the level of the chimp. It is not something simply for hedonistic pleasure or even procreation. It is much more than this.

  6. nonclaim permalink
    March 30, 2011 5:43 pm

    I think we have to define (for our own sake in this conversation) what the word “natural” means, as in function not earthly events (nature). Is it all that is *possible* OR what is *meant to be*, as in designed for a purpose? I use the second.

    Sex is such a charged topic… the complementary sex organs are clearly meant for reproduction, for the creation of a new being of the same species. Mixing organs with other species or of the same sex or inanimated objects is all but what the organs where designed to be… it is unnatural.

    Now, that *pleasure* is associated with the sex organs is the root for all confusion. All the advocates of unnatural sex (as defined above) want is the “right” to masturbate without being mocked by adults and elders by disguising it in mental constructions. The whole thing is ridiculous when viewed from the biological point of view.

    • March 30, 2011 5:49 pm

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment nonclaim.
      I use nature as all that IS.
      I hear and understand where you are coming from too. Also know though that at this time, we have to take the higher road. Higher and higher till it all melts into one.
      Else, we are lost.

      • nonclaim permalink
        March 30, 2011 7:11 pm

        Mercury is already at play 🙂 ; don’t read too much into the word design.

        What is *is* and no sane person can disagree. But it can only *be* because it was possible as if it was impossible it wouldn’t. That specific “be”, or any other of the specific possible outcomes that didn’t realize, can be interpreted as right or wrong or ignored depending on the side one is… but that (right/wrong/don’t care) is only an interpretation; the fact (or *is*) is. I think we agree on that.

        We feel/sense that the world is in a state of imbalance or, more likely, unstable balance, where suddenly a missing bit can demolish the whole thing. If I read correctly, you call this state nature, since it is. I call it unnatural since this is not what it is meant to be. We are talking mostly about the same thing but in different ways, distorted by cultural aspects, by intellectual education and by human language(s) itself compounding when reading and writing.

        Then, this balance/imbalance can only be measured to a reference, something I’d call here Absolute. Some say it’s an Inner; some say an Outer. I suspect *both* are correct. I suspect it is the same path leading in the same direction, a paradox that cannot be resolved by geometry.

        Thanks for providing this friendly space for challenging thoughts.

  7. dublinmick permalink
    March 31, 2011 5:37 am

    I had to smile, I just happened to run into you over there!

  8. Vee Wong permalink
    March 31, 2011 5:38 am

    Vivek and All,

    Great post. Mercury is at play…so I venture to set myself up for a retro on this chalkboard…he he he. Ding-a-ding-a-ling.

    They say you can love others if you do not love youself, eh? So I love my body and soul. I am a Yang. A yang-dragon. A Male. With-in, with-out. Ding.

    They say what you see is temporal, what you do not see is eternal, eh? So I see my temporal and eternal self(s), in me, out of me. Love at first sight, me, me, me, and me. a-Ding.

    I felt in love with my daughter when she is out of her mother’s womb…eh, cough, cough, sex with her, I dare, NOT (according to the laws, whose?) Disciplines…ah, that! a-Ling.

    So, who set the disciplines, God? Who is HE (or HER?) Earth (dieties), Universe (dieties X dieties X dieties X 11 or X 27?), Nature…Infinity(me diety?God?). Oh they say aliens are among us, UFO sighted when 2011 tsunami hit Japan (2004 Thaniland, India)…Google it if you are curious.

    Nature, whose understanding of? Natural, un-natural.

    Can I love an alien, the grays, the reptiles. Perhaps they are in love with us so kept examining us, what for, our uniqueness? What is? Ding-a-ding-a-ling.

    Sex, organ aside, male, female. Basic. Root. From the root to the crown, base to what, fractal? Up and down we go. Consciousness and sub-, super- Far-reaching. Off we go.

    “And the 24th chromosomes will lay before us, out of/through the 23rd” (which BTW determines our sex). That word again. Ding-a-ding-a-ling.

    I am a boomer who can relate somewhat to post-80 and post-90, in addition to all-the-posts. What with? An open mind. Christ (Sorry JC, keep 4getting), if we can’t be balanced with an open mind, and we are supposed to teach and mentor our youngs? I can’t teach, but I can reach.

    I am not trying to throw any punches. This is not a fight club. But then, I can easily do unto a chalkboard…obklahc a otnu…erasing. Retro.

    Hamlet: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

    I am Horatio. The Ding-a-ding-a-ling. Whatever that means. He he he.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • March 31, 2011 6:00 am

      Brilliantly said Vee. Now I am speechless and that is something!!!! 🙂 What could I say to THAT stream of super-consciousness, eh? he? heh?
      Heheh! Sh! She? Sheshesh. Sheesh! 😉

  9. March 31, 2011 2:09 pm

    there will be suffering for as long as we continue to believe ourselves to be something we are not whilst denying the truth of what we are.

    • dublinmick permalink
      March 31, 2011 4:02 pm

      SU did you say suffering?

      Corexit/radiation super storm headed for me. Nobody said the apocalypse would be easy.


      400 lightning strikes in 20 minutes, widespread flooding, power outages near Brooksville and points east. This is from the first hours of this storm, although it was turbulent overnight.

      Majority of storm still out in Gulf, aimed at coast just north of Clearwater. Storm moving 45 mph. They keep extending the tornado watches. Wind 100 mph in places.

      Lots of reported tornado sightings. Everything canceled, people running for cover. Weather guy on channel 8 is explaining it as just another cold front. Lots of high rises on the beach near St. Pete are in big trouble in about 15 minutes.

      Dutchsinse called this two days ago on YouTube.

      Report from St. Pete: “My dogs have been freaking out since Sunday night.”

      National Weather Service: “Main threat straight line winds.” Hmm, that would put the multiple tornadoes second. Lightning and hail #3.

      • March 31, 2011 4:11 pm

        Ahhhh, bless you Dub, many many blessings. Energetic cover from here.

        We are all Japanese, American and everything else now.

        Stay in, stay warm, stay well.

      • old naughty permalink
        April 1, 2011 3:32 am

        Vivek and Dub,

        After all, we are humans, fighting against un-natural non-hu-mans (or something else…)

        While I hastely add: “Dai Jor Bu” (Japanese for no problemo, not a big deal) ’cause at the end of the Day…

        Sadness engulfed me.

        Be well, all.

  10. Stephen Baze permalink
    March 31, 2011 4:21 pm

    Vivek – Been gone for 2 days and need to catchup a bit, but I will respond to your conclusions, all questions raised are complex indeed and I doubt there is a straight forward or simple answer/understanding that is absolute. Great conversations, issues of PC tabboo ? Thanks again for the incredible forum. Will return later today ! Good luck to all

    As a side note, if any live in a Japan, please do not trust anyhting you are being told and if possible leave immediately. I am on west coast US and paying attention big time. Better to be prudent than sorry IMO. Radiation reported in Milk in Washington state but supposedly OK ? The circumstances in Japan are far worse than most realize. The only thing taht has saved Japan from uteer complete dvastation is the wind direction. That is simply a fact, believe it or not ? The damges are already more than any fully comprehend and there is no control over what forces are in play. Simple truth. We have no idea how far reaching this can be or where it may end .

  11. Stephen Baze permalink
    April 1, 2011 5:01 am

    My first thought is that we are really trying to define the word and purpose of the word/phrase “natural” at this point ? Some what a game of semantics but not exactly? If I had qualified my musings with the finality of IMO at te3h end of a sentnce, would that have changed the entire perspective for anyone, perhaps? But the real issue for me is how we perceive natural and why? I think it is actually somewhat subjective. We know that all manner of acts by humans occur everyday in all manner of events, even the most despicable and or outrageous things we could possibly imagine, rape, murders of all kinds some by individuals deranged and some by gov authority one way or the other, tortures of all manner, incest, pedophilia, beastiality, necrophelia, different forms of genocide and enfanticide. I don’t necessarily include homosexuality/lesbianism with these events or intend to infer that such is always a connection or absolute. But I have seen some rather horrific and traumatizing events happen to people directly because of such activities forced or promoted on others. We could make quite a horrific list no doubt of many wrong doings by humans. IMO we must define what is and isn’t acceptable as natural and not in the sense that all nature is natural, of course it is. But that does not mean acts of humans should be accepted as natural on that basis as though that makes them acceptable just because they can and do happen. Is murder natural? Kinda, maybe, sorta, but do we perceive as so and consider it natural in our daily lives, I think not. So yes we as humans must define what is and isn’t acceptable and or natural in that sense/perspective because we are the only species capable of making such decisions and cognitive thought that will affect all other species and all of nature! So we are responsible to THINK and act for all of nature IMO and we have not been doing that as we should have. I know some don’t want to hear that but I think it is very true and glad it is because that is the only hope we have, our intellect and decency and ability to think rationally and reason. Obviously that is not happening as it should now, but look around at all the people who don’t THINK? They are everywhere and many in power to rule us and make many bad decisions and force us into submission even if we know building nuclear power plants on some of the most active faults/seismic activite areas on the planet is an absurd idea we are forced to go along with it and pay for our own death/abuse/degardation of life. Bottom line, humans must have boundaries to live by and that has always been our greatest challenge to define how that happens. We have tried all manner of government and political philosphies , some more than once and none have worked flawlessly. I think it is time to rethink all we have previously thought about leadership and guidance and governance and realize we need it as a collective group but so far we have not found what works best for us. The old complexities of different cultures/nationalism has been a strong force in keeping us from thinking in terms of the good of the whole on a global basis. To fantasize that we can all basicly do as we please, individually, and everything will work out simply is unrealistic when the planet has 7 billion and growing. When all is said and done we simply must have rules and boundaries to live by and that is the rub ? Currently the rules and boundaries are many times double standards and grossly unjust giving some, great leeway and others none, or taking away their liberties. So the challenge is to stand for what we determine to be fair and reasonable boundaries and define them ourselves.That was the meaning behind my comments, my own personal definition of what is and isn’t acceptable or natural ? Do I or anybody else have the right to express such thoughts? Of course, we all do, and we will define those bundaries because we are THINKING. So rejoice it is a good thing, our abilities put to good use, so lets use them to our best and highest use for all living things ! If we all simply ran around and made our own rules would there be anything but utter chaos? I doubt it. Not saying what we have is good and should be far better for sure. Our governemnts have grown far too big and cumbersome and feed upon themselves thru our forced obligations and obedience to their insanity/malfeasance. So we are at a time a great change and only rational thought will make that happen for the better…… Feedback?

    On God, I have some rather different thoughts based on my life experiences. There is no doubt in my mind there is some form of higher power /order/omnipotent being-force present in the universe and likely beyond.There is far to much order if you look at the scientific facts we are aware of so far(more to come I imagine). Much of it we don’t fully understand but their is some power/force that exists above and beyond our full comprehension. Personally I am convinced that what we have considered/perceived as human history falls far short of what has actually happened. I think the time frames taught in academia are not only short sighted but perhaps intentional to keep us from realizing who and what we really are? I think it is highly likely we came from civilizations of far greater ancient time and far more complex genetic/DNA ancestry than we ar aware of and that is the big secret? So basicly I’m saying that we may well be aliens if you would consider that we came from some other world seed stock or DNA strain and have been mutating over time. I think this planet is an incredible spawning bed of life and humans simply have not caught up with the intellectual/moral responsibilties of being the keepers of the planet. I inject the moral thing because I think it is totally valid but largely in an intellectual sense, just like the “natural” sense above I think it is quite valid in that sense and a necessity in fact. To me morals are simply the realization of what we perceive as right and wrong and are also quite necessary to find balance. Many seem to want to deny such ablance exist, but I disagree and find moral based decisions to be extremely important and defining in a powerful way. Question is who is defining the moral baseline? So basicly I am saying that we are simply part of this grander thing than ourselves we normally refer to as the universe/galaxy/nature. Made up of mostly carbon but many other forms of matter as well. And some of the forces that exist and influences on our being we simply don’t comprehend or understand fully. Once we accept that, I think we will be on the right road to our position in this universe as a manifestation of thought and life and intelligence to be used and lived with respect for all things. Hopefully we will get that far without destroying ourselves and many other forms of life before then. Not sure? So yes I think there is a God, but don’t know for sure who or what it is exactly, The words “if there aint no God there sure ought to be” works for me and has given me a far deeper undestanding of necessary responabilities and purpose of thought/actions……….my thoughts on all above. Good luck to all

    • April 1, 2011 5:30 am

      That is a stand-alone and well said comment all around Stephen. I think we all must have the courage of our convictions as well as the courage to drop them as we climb.
      For a climb it is and the higher we go, the less we can and should carry eh?

      And funny you mentioned the e-mail connect. Things seem to be a little bit on and a little bit off recently. Like Su said below, heavy energy all around.
      We shall watch and ponder the mysteries in the mean-time, eh?

      Thanks for sharing and sharing deeply.

  12. Another Lightworker permalink
    May 31, 2012 6:24 pm

    The comments on this post remind me of the comments you would find on an anti-sex propaganda website run by American christian evangelicals, or uttered by the antichrist of sex also known as the pope, or worse, by some anti-gay diatribe by an African politician run amok. Seriously, do any of you ever experience the sheer joy and energy of spiritual union when you sexually connect with someone you love? Bestiality is not something an animal can consent to, so toss that one out as being an act of love and connection, flipspiceland. As far as same sex relations being dirty or unclean, do heterosexuals have sex when a woman is filled with a bloody tampon? No – she goes in the shower and cleans herself. Same with anal sex -whether heterosexual (yes they do this) or homosexual. You clean yourself out via an enema. If this offends you, have a hot cup of reality. There is nothing new under the sun, so quit putting yourself in the position of being judge, jury, and executioner about what other consenting adults do. We are spiritual beings having a 3D human experience. In the coming ascension and conscious awakening of humanity, these attitudes of polarity will have no place. So grow up and ascend already.

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