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The death of Empathy…

April 15, 2011


Today I’d like to touch upon a topic that always fills me with sadness. Sadness, because I recognize the in-evitability of where we are, in this time of great and currently ugly transformation.

The death of empathy.

First, a definition of how I understand the word is in order.

Most people are familiar with Sympathy. Sympathy, or in concert with is a feeling that arises from the mind (sounds strange, but it’s true). Sympathetic vibration is like bringing a tuning fork close to an appropriately tensed string. The string picks up the tuning fork’s vibrational energy and begins to vibrate in concert. Thus and similarly, sympathy is a mental construct that allows you to vibrate at the same frequency as any other vibrating entity and come to it’s frequency. If you are in misery, sympathy comes and vibrates in concert with your misery. That is where the word commiserate comes from. If you notice the reaction of a crowd to a piece of music or a comic or a tragedy, you see sympathetic vibration in action. In a human being, sympathetic vibration arises from cognitive dissonance, where your own whole fractures to be “with” one who you feel sympathy towards.

Empathy, on the other hand is of the heart. In empathetic vibration, you reach from your heart to the root of what or who calls you, empathetically. Empathy can co-mingle in a way sympathy cannot. To ease someone’s pain, you empathize with them. In sympathy, you merely vibrate with their symptom of it. The mild homophonic connection there is no accident.

And empathy is borne in the feminine. Even in men, it is borne by the feminine side of us. It comes from a depth that the truly feminine is capable of reaching. Empathetic men are those who are unusually in touch with their feminine side or are well balanced in both their aspects.

With the battering of both the masculine and feminine in this mad bonfire of the identities, bringing us, individually and collectively to a strange, un-feeling hermaphroditic state, empathy has been lost.

If you wish to see it this way, you can look around you and see the one’s who look confused by this world around us, shocked by mindless violence, saddened by expressions of our lowest selfs and understand that you are in the presence of an empath. In fact, I can say with a great degree of certainty that the lunatic asylums of the world are filled with empaths.

Who but a true empath, could tune into nature and see wondrous and mystical visions? And be branded crazy by a blind society, suspicious of all but that which can be felt, seen or touched. The scientific mind has no place for empathy. The industrial world is too grinding in it’s dystopian madness for an empath to “bear”.

And all those emotions, born of empathy, like tenderness, kindness, with-ness are lost too as a result. We are indeed descending into machine states. Mechanicalness.

In fact, it is the loss of the empathic place in our selves that is responsible for us to be mute actors in a play that is so illogical and destructive. If the rancher could for a moment “feel” for the cows and pigs he slaughters by the thousands, feeding them their own meat and mountains of factory food, would or rather could he continue in his way? Could the engineer who designs the cars that kill and maim hundreds of thousands of people around the world continue his or her work if they were cognizant (or conscious, from a conscience perspective) of the end result of their labours?

An empathetic bomb designer is a non-starter, eh? Or how about the increasing spate of mothers killing their children?

This is what happens when we go against nature. Our own nature and great nature.

We have been conditioned into believing the lie of Darwin’s hypothesis, the very basis of the capitalistic system that is grinding us into machines. The lie that we are but animals, who must live by an erroneously understood law of the jungle, eat or be eaten, kill of be killed.

Like everything else we have lost, this part of us, this empathetic heart, is alive and well with-in each of us. It is just buried under a calcified, conditioned egregore of patriarchial lies. The lies that teach that men must be aggressive and women sub-servient.  Feminism and the modern version of masculinity, both are anti-nature.

We can re-tune our-selves. Our empathetic center needs to be rediscovered, for our individual and collective good. Sympathy is a false emotion. It is a conditioned response. Empathy is spontaneous.

Finding it and giving it the place to un-fold is another of our challenges, for in doing so, we should be ready to appear weak to the eyes of this blind-ed world. We must be ready to be real warriors, the ones that cut with-in first. As Gurdjieff wrote in another context, but very apropos here, Until you can create a gnat, you have no right to take a life.

I hope you see the relevance in our times. It takes many “releasings” to find this empathetic center. You don’t need to dig in. Ever. you cannot. You just release the knots of false or falsely imposed beliefs. Which can be, as I pointed out in the wisdom for warriors series, the hardest battle of all.

Rich rewards await those who do.

With feeling…deeper now….



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  1. April 15, 2011 9:37 am

    “Making the above into the below, the left into the right,
    the before into the after.”
    “When the male is with the female, neither male nor female.”
    “Then shall my Kingdom come.”

    A long journey with many course corrections, where life is judged by what survives it (not Material).

    It goes with the understanding that a person “is doing the only possible thing they can do,
    in the only possible way they can do it” . So, sympathize is emulation, empathize is understanding.

    The greatest force we can create is, understanding.


  2. leo permalink
    April 15, 2011 11:39 am

    i understand your point,and yet i am shocked by you beeing “filled with sadness”.
    it looks like you are being driven by humanity’s emotional pendulum.
    don’t let common sense and “social accepted interpretation of facts”deceive you.
    suffering is necesary.

    warm regards,go on with your work

  3. April 15, 2011 11:52 am

    I’ve only recently recognized that I am, and always have been, an empath. It has explained a lot. It can be a difficult path, though, if you don’t have the right attitude to go with it. Very easy to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and depressed.

    • March 23, 2012 2:34 am

      I also believe that I am an empath. It is truly a lonely road. Also, impossible to watch the news, or see moviesor tv shows that employ senseless violence (but really, most violence is senseless, when you think about it). People have told me my whole life that I am “too sensitive”, but the truth is, if you’re in pain, so am I. If you cause me pain, I feel it with my whole heart. Et cetera. It’s not that I’m too sensitive, it’s that I am a live wire of empathy. It’s tough. I’m in awe of people that don’t feel like I do…how can they not? How are they so deadened to things? I wouldn’t trade with them though. I’m just not sure what the advantage to being this way is, but I am sure there are plenty.

  4. steve permalink
    April 15, 2011 1:48 pm

    We are at the end of something. That something is, as you expressed, modern day masculinity and feminism. There have been many lessons in this period of human kind and not so kind. Many of them have been quite painful. It is now time for the feeling heart, the feminine, to take its rightful and necessary positon. The heart is not to to dominate the masculine, but to work with it. Getting there will not be a pretty process, but it is a worthwhile endeavor. I salute you, head, heart and hands.


    • April 15, 2011 2:47 pm

      Well said steve. Indeed, a time to rebalance, to work with, in empathy.

      Namaste to you also and thanks for sharing.

  5. Zenscreamer permalink
    April 15, 2011 2:00 pm

    For me, feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed are symptoms of one thing only — allowing myself to feel “cut off” from the source. Remembering that, and turning my attention to the connection relieves the symptoms, and I am happy once again for the reminder of what feeling cut off is like, and I can reach for that feeling and empathize with others when I perceive the same in them.

    Experiencing empathy and remaining centered gives me more options in manifesting consciousness. My dogma set does not include the belief that suffering is necessary, or the type of fatalism that precludes my acting to assist the sufferer; to my way of thinking, if it is “fate” that I am present, who is to say it is not “fate” that I act to help if I choose?

    I cannot agree with you, Vivek, on the issue of the illegitimacy of Darwinism: rather than thinking Darwinism is false, I think it is true but incomplete. Denying the animal aspects of human beings is to fall into mind/body dualism and all the related misconceptions; the spirit incarnated to purify the animal, not to reject it.

    We all need to feel safe; we all need to feel strong; we all need to feel smart; we all need to feel loved and accepted. People can and do compete with each other in order to satisfy those spiritual needs, and the needs of the physical body, and our ancestors have done so since long before civilization arose. If we don’t each meet these needs for ourselves, we run the risk of projecting the fulfillment of them onto others.

    That is not to say that I don’t agree that Western society is very ill, and has been for a very long time. I would just be careful against romantic projection in idealizing other times and places.

    • April 15, 2011 2:45 pm

      All points well taken in the spirit of healthy discourse ZenS.
      Consider these two things though:
      a) Darwin and his ism have been thoroughly and completely discredited as junk science, in fact even manufactured science. Too long a topic to get into, but i can recommend a book or three. There is no basis or evidence for his work. None. We did not come from apes. Nor is mutation explicable in any darwinian way or process. The paleontological evidence refutes him at every turn. He has been thoroughly debunked and might even have been a stooge/plant for vested interests. The law of the jingle is not the survival of the fittest but the survival of the eco-sphere in toto. There is a predator/prey mechanism at work and since we see death, it troubles us and gives rise to the revulsion of it. But in fact, we are laid low by mere motes, invisible. Human’s suffer rather ignoble deaths, eh? 🙂

      b) All of the points you make about needing to feel strong, needing to feel loved etc. are all based on a concave, un-ful-filled self, mostly a creation of the mind-set which says we are imperfect. And any re-solution to those needs is to be had only from with-in. Only from with-in. Teh outside competitive world and any victories won in it are without worth or merit, at least in these aspects.

      And last, the spirit did not incarnate to purify the animal, in that you make the assumption that the animal and therefore nature are somehow im-perfect. Such is not the higher, Gaiaic, one-with-nature view. It presumes imperfection in conception.

      Thanks as always for sharing.

  6. Benedict Farse permalink
    April 15, 2011 2:03 pm

    “The scientific mind has no place for empathy. ”

    But they have a go nevertheless!

    My eldest son(10) was upset with my youngest son(4) for no reason. To prove to my eldest son he was being unreasonable I asked my youngest son:
    ‘Do you love your brother?”
    His reply:
    ‘I love everyone Daddy’.
    A reminder to everyone to keep chipping away at the hard shell of social engineering that covers their soul. There is a diamond child in there still.
    Peace to all. x

    • April 15, 2011 2:46 pm

      The child-like innocence benedict, to be re-gained. The child-ish impetuousness to be dis-carded, eh?
      Could not see the article, neds a sign-up, which I’m loathe to do, but the title itself is funny!

      Thanks for sharing.

  7. velobabe permalink
    April 15, 2011 3:28 pm

    ORI, you are both comforting and a little angst a rising in me. i always suspected this kind of problem in myself. but you maybe can teach one to believe it is ok to be like this. really emotional though. which to the bizarro world, you would be a witch, and needed to be taken down. that is what they are doing to a lot of the mothers and potential mothers, gift ers. they want to be rid of us. i can’t for the life of me, figure out why these rich young white new mothers, have all this accouterment to stroll their babies around. why wouldn’t these new mothers want their babies ON them. back or front. these huge separated at the hip baby strollers. oh well it isn’t for me to judge maybe empath with them. yeah, white men on the whole really don’t know what to make of themselves

    • April 15, 2011 3:43 pm

      hah Velo, a little comfort and a little angst is good balance, eh? Glad to be that person for you.

      And yes, what you point out is precisely the separation we see everywhere. The feminine has to be quelled, the feminist must be raised. The masculine must be quelled, the macho must be praised.

      Hence this dystopia. Strange world indeed.

      Thanks for sharing, as always.

  8. Nan permalink
    April 15, 2011 4:40 pm

    But it hurts……so……much.

  9. cathartes aura permalink
    April 15, 2011 7:09 pm

    With the approaching Full Moon in Aries/Libra (Self/Other), quite the timely topic – Aries bearing the symbol for “male” (mars) & Libra the symbol for “female” (venus). . .

    In the world as created & lived now, competition for “scarce resources” (“survival of the fittest” mythos) cannot allow empathy, as it will undermine greed – accumulation doesn’t happen if there is sharing, eh? It is the competitive, constantly measuring of “self—>other” to see where “self” is in the hierarchy so as to climb over the next, so as to be “higher.” This is what Patriarchy is about, the authority “over” another, particularly the Male or Father rule over the Household, or Nationstate, etc.

    Where I would tend to disagree is in the assigning of certain qualities to a specific gender – gender is a falsehood created to teach males & females how to BE in their respective cultures, which are also fictive – if one merely looked at how cultures image-in their males & females, and the roles expected, globally – the storyline would be most apparent. Males are the favoured status of course, because virtually every culture (remaining) organises itself favouring the Men (for clarity – Men are gendered Males, Women gendered Females), and the role of the Women is as a secondary servicing vehicle – primarily a CAREtaking role (of the man’s household & children, and sexual servicing, etc.) See? Care = Empathy = cultural assignment of “feelings” to the female. . .

    The way the world is currently set up, men outsource their emotions to women, it’s the woman’s JOB to hold the emotional life of the couple, while the man supposedly is response-able for the financial life. . . but with the continuing downsizing of the Western nationstates, women have been hired (as cheaper wage-slaves) into the workforce, many families need two wage earners – the story breaks down when men cannot solely provide for the household – resentment is the undercurrent. Women resent having to work, men resent the loss of authority the sole wage-earner commanded, etc. – everybody is playing the “man” role of bread-winner now, who wants to be the “emotional” bag holder? Partnerships of two-earners mean less financial dependency for women, so hmmm, why a long-term relationship?? thoughts undermine the paradigm. . . the nuclear family (oooh there’s a term!) is being undermined, it doesn’t function as described on the box when purchased.

    One of the greatest lies we are fed as humans is the Gender story. Sure, there’s Male & Female, self-evident – but the assigned “traits” and consequent expected actions are dissonant, and the cause of much friction and pain in relation-ships. Once the traits are identified and examined, and the individual, irrespective of genitalia or chromosomes (which varies more than is realised or acknowledged) moves towards increased awareness of contructed self vs. de-constructed Self, more peace of mind, and empathy for others happens naturally – again, irrespective of genitalia.

    Ever wonder why nationstates are gendered feminine? or Mother Nature, Mother Earth, Father God, Heavenly Father? the War story is embedded there, and it is the story of His-story. . .

  10. dw-in-tahoe permalink
    April 15, 2011 9:13 pm

    “If the rancher could for a moment “feel” for the cows and pigs he slaughters by the thousands, feeding them their own meat and mountains of factory food, would or rather could he continue in his way?”

    A true local rancher should not be lumped in with a full on factory farm …
    Here is a great example from my neck of the woods:

    • April 16, 2011 2:43 am

      I agree DW, unfortunately, 90% of the meat, globally, is slaughtered without mercy, or cruelly even. If the animals are loved, respected and eaten in balance, all would have been well. It is the factory farming meme that has ruined it. And may actually be responsible for a lot of madness we see expressed in people. And your link talks about land conservation. Do they also let their animals range-feed? No veal etc.? That would be nice to see/read.

  11. D a r i n a JOY permalink
    April 15, 2011 11:13 pm

    Empathy is NOT dead, it may actually be on the rise. I see many examples of it around.
    Here’s one short visual story that speaks to it more eloquently and shows the power & beauty of words AND empathy in my view. EnJOY & thank you for your deep sharings always!

  12. Stephen Baze permalink
    April 16, 2011 5:43 am

    I think the gender thing goes back much further, to a prior time in our history when men hunted and gathered and literally fought for their existance and daily subsistance in every way. Their greater physical strength layed the ground work for dominance in relationships and has morphed into a simple social structure that has changed and the needs and workings of societies are now different. So all along the way there has been an evolution of changing social fabric in this regard, perhaps slow , but changing none the less if you look at a very long time frame and millenia of events. I agree that today most people don’t know who or what they are and are quite fractured in understanding their positions to a good end. As always a thought provoking topic and comments. Impacting video ! Perceptions truly are everything . One person sees this and the other sees that, interesting and pleasant indeed. A reminder of our power and potential influence.

    One common thread I keep seeing on this site is an unspoken desire of freedom of will ? For some strange reason many seem to be in conflict with the reality that the earth is truly over populated and all resources are spread so thin that there would be mass starvation within 2 weeks if any major disruptive event were to take place like a large enough EMP from the sun. In fact we are just hanging on by a thread to feed the world so the massive food production systems have evolved to support an ever growing population. Could it be any other way under the systems we live within? Nope ! So the only thing that will change all this is a massive event that forces humans to change their behaviors and likely thin out the popualtion drastically. It has happend numerous times previously. It has little to do with awareness or anything else. Simply put, the majority have dictated this outcome and here we are dealing with it as best we can? The majority are completely mind effed and don’t think for themselves at all and more than happy to let the system(governments) think for them. At this point the governments and banking entities are one and the same and have a common self interest of power/greed/control. So how is any change possiblewith sociopaths running the order except by being forced from an outside event and if people are coardly to stand up against tehir oppression once tehy are aware of it, as most are not ? It is not possible under the current paradygms. A disaster of some sort will force us to change and live much simpler in some ways and much more difficult in others, but will humans still be greedy and lie and steal and murder? I think so. History bares this out. But I am certain there would be less stress on all eco-systems once we adapted to some kind of hunter/gather/agrarian lifestyle, if anything is left to work with? There are numerous potential annhilation/extinction events that could change our existance or wipe us out in a second and magnetic forces could well be the trigger. Much has been said of this regarding 2012 or there abouts due to alignments in our solar system. We now are simply too many rats in a cage, so all our social dealings are being tweeked and dysfunctional as well as physically just to many people for the planet. So how can we harbor visions of individuality when we are nearly completely controlled by the physical properties and proportions that dictate our current dilemna and is further complicated by TPTB ? My point is that we will not change much, but it will be changed without our instigation, other than our own personal thoughts/practices amongst one another. We can think our thoughts and live them as best we can, but the catalyst will come from outside us and is likely already on it’s way! So in a perverse or backward thinking way is it possible a disaster is potentially the best thing that could happen for life on this planet now? Perhaps a new start or start over or something like that ? In all honesty I have almost zero faith it could happen any other way especially based on humans decisions. The record is not so good if one is honest. But I also suspect if we do survive and go on as a species, it will end up nearly the same again at some point as it already has many times, unless we have some kind of intervention/enlightenment unforeseen change in human behavior? Could happen. Some think aliens are actually the Gods and we are in fact aliens as well of some sort ! And the Gods may return to assist us some how? I don’t profess to know, but it is intriuging if one begins to understand our real history and how many times this has happened previously for various reasons. The answers are in our solar system and or galaxy from which we came.

    Can anyone shed some light on this phrase/riddle ” the end of this age begins 1335 days before the end of 4012 days, after the destruction of the image of the financial system ” I have pondered this and came to some conclusions and would appreciate any other ideas/concepts/input ? It is something I stumbled upon and could not get an answer from the writer . 9/11 comes to mind as the financial image and simple math gets us to 2008 from there and that seems to make sense in hindsight.
    Good luck to all.

  13. April 16, 2011 6:48 am

    And lunatic asylums are filled with aborted awakenings.
    So close to the final understanding and then …….

  14. Stephen Baze permalink
    April 16, 2011 8:49 am

    In fact isn’t the entire earth a lunatic assylum and a space ship at the same time? But serving different purposes as the same planet/solar body? Sort of like fleas on a dog, kinda, maybe, sorta

  15. April 16, 2011 3:51 pm

    I think the centralized societies that have been built up around the world for the past 100 or so years is what is primarily responsible for this loss of empathy. We have continually given up more and more of our personal freedoms in order to support these institutions that we in turn rely on for almost everything. With this loss of freedom we have also lost our ability to think for ourselves because we believe these organizations know what is best for us. The truth is that these organizations (governmental, corporate, etc.) are just doing what they need to do in order to continue their own existence.

    They support warfare and exploitation of people around the world, and then use their media organizations to inform us in a completely detached way. We know what events are occurring but we don’t really know what is happening. A lot of people have been talking lately about waves of awakening that are sweeping throughout humanity (I think you have even mentioned this) and I think people are slowly beginning to see what is really occurring in the world.

    When blogging first began to take off a lot of people thought it was going to change the face of news, but quickly many people began to forget. This is a common occurrence in our sensationalized, corporate media world, but the blogging world is still growing out of its infancy. Sites like ZH are giving more and more people information about the true nature of world events.

    I think this is going to allow people the gain a much greater understanding of events, and this will ultimately lead to greater empathy. I think in the age of the internet, and the coming age of personal fabrication, there is no room for corporate/centralized societies. The media industry is the first of many corporate industries that will become irrelevant. I think this process is almost guaranteed to be a very long and painful process.

  16. Stephen Baze permalink
    April 17, 2011 12:28 am

    MLBS – Good points, agreed. The availability of instant mass communications is a double edged sword. On one hand it enables TPTB to spread a form of mind control to accomplish their agendas and keep the masses mesmorized and numb, on the other hand it affords a place for real dialogue of ideas and thoughts of reality and truth.

    So the importance of keeping a system of free speech and what we all appreciate as the net, alive and well, cannot be understated. The four forces TPTB are focused on are money, food -water, health care and mass communications. These four are the sources of power and control from their persperctive. All else can be controlled with these. Once a person realizes the magnitude of the illusions we live under, the balance of understanding becomes simplistic. It all falls into place and a new perspectives arises. Also I cannot overemphasize the importance of seeking out where we really came from and our real history, not what we were all spoon fed in formal education. The human race goes back much further and has been much more advanced than most of us realize, in ancient times. A fascinating subject that affects everything we have conceived and all our thinking processes. Graham Hancock, Klaus Dona and Zacharria Sitchin are good places to start. Also peruse Project Camelot as well with an open mind. Some of their stuff gets a little etherial IMO, but lots of good information as well you cannot find anywhere else. Also Dublinmick’s Blog has a lot of resource/references on the subject and I have been reading him as well since coming here. Academia is slowly starting to pay attention to some of the renegade geologist’s/anthopologist and other researchers who have found artifacts all over the entire globe that prove far advanced societies/cultures have existed much further back in time than most of us ever realized. And one last thought !………. If we were to consider that we actually did come from aliens, wouldn’t that actually make us some form of aliens and therefore there is really no such thing , because we are them, perhaps as some kind of descendants ? Now, if that were the case wouldn’t it be possible to consider God on a much grander scale and certainly reaching to all we can imagine in universes within universes. To me this makes total sense and reinforces the concept of a greater/higher power and definitely does not diminish that concept in any way. I have long thought that Abraham, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Mohammed and others were likely quite real and walked the earth and were of a higher power than us for one reason or another. Enlightened by a source of understanding and intelligence we have lost contact with, within ourselves and within our realm of thinking. Perhaps by our illusions we are so readily consumed with, that have distracted us from greater understanding?. So if that is the case couldn’t we deduce that real intelligence has been lost to some degreee and infact we are going in the wrong direction in a sense? Something to ponder. Just my thoughts ! Good luck to all.

    • mlbs permalink
      April 17, 2011 9:44 pm

      I have come across Graham Hancock and Project Camelot, and I couldn’t agree with you more on both of those. I will have to check out the other people you recommended.

      When I looked in to Hancock, I cam across a guy named David Wilcock, who talks about many of the same things as Hancock. I have even found an interview between the two on Youtube. He has a sort of mystical nature about his beliefs, but the things he talks about are fascinating none-the-less.

      I think all of the prophets you mentioned are directly linked to one another. People that follow a certain religion tend to discredit the prophets of another over incredibly menial things. They get caught up in these minor differences that I believe came from the cultural backgrounds of each of those people. It makes sense to me that these people with stronger connections to a divine cause would teach what makes sense to the people around them. Buddha would not have been well received in Jerusalem during the time of Jesus and vice-versa.

      The problem is that since so many people get caught up in small, specific cultural differences they can’t see the overlying similarities. In a speech I watched by Wilcock, he told his audience that all religions are the truth.

      One can only make sense of everything by looking at the entire picture, not just fragments.

  17. Stephen Baze permalink
    April 18, 2011 7:02 am

    MLBS – I read D. Wilcock last year for a while and came to the conclusion he is a very aware guy but IMO he is basicly a phony simply selling his wares. The other guys are far more realistic and actually have valid points to make backed up with facts and years of research. Wilcock is a huckster and quite full of himself and incredibly naieve. But a lot of naieve folks think he is great with lots of disinformation thrown around and eluded to as fact. He is all about the “disclosure” and many other unprovable issues that people are willing to pay money to be BSed about. Lots of Seminars and DVDS and such to fleece the willing. He does make some interesting points and is a very aware guy, I simply think he believes his own BS a bit too much and is enamored with himself a bit too much. I do largely agree all religions are right, in a sense.

    I have always found it odd that Judaism/Islam/ and Christianity are all offshoots of Abraham, they all came from the same place, yet they have morphed into opposing arch enemies when in fact they have a great deal in common. Another example of man intervening/dispoiling in what was once likely good intent. I spent several years talking to and learning the ideas/thought processes of Muslims and found most by far to be very moral people, more so than most American Christians. They actually walk the walk more in some ways although their religion has been hijacked in modern times. All fascinating stuff. I agree Buddha would have been an outcast and I suspect he would today as well. I suspect all would be in the same boat today and rejected by the multitudes as losers and undesirables or some such thing and few would listen? It seems it has always been that way until you get waaaaaay back in time and a higher respect was due the wise ones, the enlightened/anointed . It is all part of a thought I have had about whether or not we are actually progressing ? The further back you go , the more eveidence you see of higher powers and the closer we get to the present the more we see societies breaking down in many different ways and certainly in appreciating or giving credence to pervious wisdoms and previous powers of a higher source which seems to have existed, if Vedik ancient history and others are anywhere near accurate. The problem is there are actually text that backup these claims/thesis, yet modern academia insists on denial for ulterior motives ? Just like the gov here in US perpetuating itself at the peasants expense. Pretty crazy what we all live in, so likely all we can do is educate and free ourselves. I guess.
    The more I look the more I realize how much has been repressed and who is doing the repressing. Good luck to all

  18. Vee Wong permalink
    April 19, 2011 8:33 am

    Spot on, Vivek.

    Finding empathy with-in.

    Ever wondered the missing (removal) of the Mother from Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost had more to do with suppressing feminism than the simple un-wholly rib?

    Om and Ka, the cool female (Yin) and the warm male (Yang) are in the design from the beginning, co-creating the sub-universes.

    Re-storing (re-uniting) the Mother to her rightful place in the Trinity would make us whole…Love over mind, evolution of the empaths; tenderness, kindness, with-ness are the natural qualities to replace the un-natural mechanicalness.

    Thanks for sharing…indeed deeper now…

    • April 19, 2011 10:10 am

      OmKar. It is what the “sound” of Om is called in Sanskrit. Fascinating eh, Vee?

      Mother has always been there, she is inward though. Does not need expression. She is the in-breath. Only the masculine needs outward calling.

      The balance is re-turning. I know that. In fact, this tribe, gathering here for now, is part of her re-turn.

      Thanks Vee.

  19. Stephen Baze permalink
    July 19, 2011 5:23 am

    Today I had a personal presentation of the death of empathy up front and personal. I was driving on a side street headed home from a food shopping jaunt and came to a corner where six children were holding a sign and a box . As I approached them I slowed down and said hey whatcha doin ? they surged forward and then I could read the sign “FREE KITTENS” and a kitty popped up from a box and they all said do you want him . And I said no I have 2 at home, at that moment I noticed right in front of me was a dead gray kitty laying in the street no more than 15-20 feet from the children and I said what happened to that guy and they all said he got squashed and began to laugh! At that exact instant I knew we had raised a generation of maniacs who could not empathize with or for the dead kitty squashed in the middle of the road. Not one of them showed the least bit of empathy or remorse or sorrow or anything for the kitten and they simply left it in the road to be driven over again and went about their merriment of giving away the last kitten . I found this incredible for a group of young children. I went home and put away my stuff and grabbed a shovel and went back and retrieved the kitty , some one had put it in the gutter so it would not get run over any more and I stopped and buried it in a field on the way back home. By then I had enough time to contemplate what had transpired and I fully realized we have raised children incapable of empathy and only consumed in their own motivations of “stuff” and whatever dominates their world of materialism and dictates their motives and emotional dislocation. When I was a child of that age there would have been some recognition of the dead kitty and likely tears or some form of remorse from at least a few in the group of 6 ? I took this as a sign of where we are as the human race. Seemed pretty clear to me just how effed up we have become on some scale but important none the less as a sign. It immediately reminded me of this thread . We have descended into basicly nothingness, non feeling grotesque empty shells of automotrons, reacting to the stimuli given us by our masters . Sometimes lately I wonder if this world is even worth living in or saving or ? when chldren have no feeling/empathy something is very wrong indeed . Just my thoughts after this experience. Pretty friggin weird , I say !

    • July 19, 2011 5:28 am

      Seriously Stephen. It’s when I see callousness in children that i feel the deepest tug. It’s really a terrible state of affairs. And it comes from callous parents. Callous, it’s what we develop after years of doing things a certain way, no? hmmmmmmm….

    • Nadall permalink
      July 19, 2011 5:53 am

      Wow Stephen. Ouch. Thank you for burying the little guy. The Christian Bible talks about “because of the violence, the love of the many grows cold” in the last days and we sure seem to see that. On the other hand, it depends on many things, like where you look and what you’re confronted with. My grandson is very empathetic and I am blessed to spend time with him often. As a child myself, I was often shocked at the cruelty of the other children, so I think it’s always been kinda like that and just think of our history as humans. Horrible. But clearly we are de-volving on many levels. Even the earth herself seems to be winding down. It’s the time of thinning out, I think. And look at the world these children are growing up in ….. they’d BETTER be tough.
      I am quite sure that our own little part of the world is well worth living in (empasis on the IN). Love to you.

  20. Stephen Baze permalink
    July 19, 2011 5:43 am

    The way it happened and the non emotion of the children was immediate and powerful and a clear message/sign to me. It shouted at me. These children are seriously without any feeling/empathy/remorse caring of any description on the smallest level. Completely oblivious to the kitty as though it were an inanimate object like a doll or a toy or a piece of trash or ? And the kitty laid just a few feet away. Just a reality check, but a very clear one . Pathetic and disturbing at the same time.

    Yes, I know, there are far worse things that happen eveyday to humans . But this happend today, to me, right in my path and was literally unavoidable, a sign, a messsage of clairvoyance . I know serious bad stuff is about to confront us all . I have known it for a while actually .

  21. Stephen Baze permalink
    July 19, 2011 5:54 am

    Actually I think it is a much grander scale than just parents. I think it is societal or as a species. Not just as simple as the parents but much more far reaching and deeply engrained. It used to be that bad parents could be counterbalnced with a decent society, but now I think we may have lost that as well and are descending into hell as a group. Not so sure I want to be part of that , just like being forced to pay for abortions. Complete insanity and it rubs me seriously wrong . Too many reality checks of insanity and then when I got home this !

    all ties in like clockwork orange …………………………………………….

    • Nadall permalink
      July 19, 2011 8:25 am

      You missed the humor in it? I thought it was REALLY funny.

  22. dublinmick permalink
    July 20, 2011 11:31 pm

    Wow what a thread! Cathartes there may be some conditioning surely as far as females but on the whole it is my feeling the female spirit is simply more advanced. They give birth, they nurture and are more feeling. I realize positive and negative are equal parts of ying and yang but perhaps the female/negative is simply more evolved. Perhaps one must be a man for some period of time before he graduates to the female.

    I seem to always get back to this but imbalance occurs when humans feel they need more “things’ than the natural world can realistically provide without being destroyed. In other words expanding cities, better implements to make war, ability to sustain larger populations, cars, oil, TVs. It begins to consume the natural world and planet. Yes the number of people and political arrangements on earth are far and away more than the earth can manage and forces are in motion to correct this as we speak. I sense a certain wrath building in the earth itself as it observes creatures and the environment being destroyed as if it were some kind of game. To many it is just such a game.

    I get back to Cayce once again because he rings such a chord in me in that he is detailed in how fine tuned the earth is to the spirits which reside here. The more degraded a part of the earth, the more physical destruction it will endure according to him because the earth feels all. I tend to agree with this and it rings true.

    This world in my opinion is a learning experience. It is not a permanent state of affairs as beautiful as it once was before being despoiled. It was not meant to last forever and it probably won’t. They tell me there are brahmins somewhere in the cosmos watching this unfold and they could almost care less about what is happening here. To them it is simply lessons being learned and the universe unfolding.

    Take heart as there are other planets in this universe and others, other golden ages to traverse. The best of times and the worst of times, until we no longer need any times.

  23. Stephen Baze permalink
    July 21, 2011 5:31 am

    Dub – I have met and been with some seriously whacked women and it seems to me many of them are as bad or worse than men . Probably just people in general , as I simply do not see a gender bias in goodness at all . Not from my personal experience at all . Could be just me but I don’t think so. If they are so nurturing why 40 to 60 miliion abortions in US since Rowe vs Wade ? Because they are loving and kind ? Or because they spread their legs too easy ? I don’t see how your thesis can fly ? Seems to me it is simply people and most are screwed up one way or the other . Abortion in Maerica has become a form of birth control and for sure infanticide by the numbers.

  24. July 21, 2011 6:03 am

    Unfortunately Stephen, you do not yet possess the consciousness, to see that in every man there exists a woman and in every woman there exists a man. Attitude is the reason for war between the sexes, as each refuses to cultivate understanding of the other.

    If one was capable as a male on the outside, of fostering external consideration of a females position on the inside, a change would occur. One would no longer be only one side of the yin vs. yang, thereby raising their level of being that much further along the evolutionary scale.

    Statements such as this… ” Because they are loving and kind ? Or because they spread their legs too easy ? ” I find offensive in any scenario. It is totally negative and hurtful.

    I would advise you to consider where that expression came from, to know the truth about empathy…


  25. Nadall permalink
    July 21, 2011 6:15 am

    Re: men and women’s natures, there used to be a Jack-in-the-Box commercial that said it best. I had to laugh every time i saw it. Jack’s little boy was asking him about the difference between girls and boys. I forgot what Jack said, but it showed a scene of several little girls all dressed in tutus, dancing around happily together in a circle holding hands and the boys were doing crazy dumb boy things. I wish I could remember what …. like putting a frog in his pocket, eating dirt, banging his head on something just to see how it felt, running around by himself like a crazy person or stuff like that. Yup. BTW, I like boys better. Just sayin’

  26. Stephen Baze permalink
    July 22, 2011 3:26 am

    So the unwanted children and abortions are just fine and not hateful or harmful and your consciousness is higher than mine. ? This exactly what is wrong in this world and you seem quite willing to go along with it and I am simply pointing it out . Nothing hateful about it, just the simple truth and what I have seen and experienced first hand . I don’t buy your thinking on this at all . And the every man is a woman thing is complete foolishness. It is all about people no matter what gender and no more complicated than that . No need to ratioanlize what simply is, except in an attempt to hide the truth of the matter . My consciuosness is just fine .

    • July 22, 2011 7:47 am

      Deep breath Stephen, all good. We can all agree to disagree on this one.

      I speak not from any book or hand me down knowledge, but I KNOW beyond a shadow of doubt that at the core of every man (a real one that is) is a Feminine spark and vice versa. Our dual world springs from that place.
      If there was no hate, there cannot be any love. Brighter the light, darker is the shadow. On and on and on. Every single word, concept, person, sentiment, it’s the same thing. At the heart lies your opposite or it’s opposite. The Yin Yang symbols is an excellent representation of the same, don’t you think? It’s a concept I reccoment eveyone ponder deeply and embrace if it calls.


      • July 22, 2011 10:40 am

        Because everything is in opposite, one against the other. There would be no manifestation of any kind, unless the opposites were controlled and directed by a neutralising force.

        Therein lies the problem, what does one take as a neutralising force?

        If it’s life itself, then one rests at the second level of four levels of consciousness. That level would be the lowest and use as its base, subjectivity.

        The state of self remembering (3rd level) would be the transition state, between the highest and the lowest, beginning the task of conveying one from subjective consciousness to objective consciousness.

        In the 4th state of consciousness, there would be no Ego. This state is total objective perception, where one would see and know things as they actually are.

        Unfortunately, there are very few “people” that can exist at this level of consciousness, for more than a brief respite, before tumbling back to earth and the “normal” subjective state of affairs. This happens by their own choice, as they become once more identified with life itself.

        Greater consciousness is not just knowledge, it is the combination of ones being and knowledge, that eventually creates the path to Greater understanding….

        One can only truly know, when one applies the gift of knowledge to ones own being…

        Low level of being = low level of consciousness.


  27. Stephen Baze permalink
    July 23, 2011 6:23 am

    As I said my consciuosness is just fine. Eso your better than though attitude and attempt at higher something is the kind of stuff that turns people away from actuallly delving into their inner stuff . Garbledee gook. I have seen this so many times and it is always the same . Again you did not really answer anyhting I said/posed because you simply can’t ? I am simply expressing exactly what I have seen/experienced and you are saying no , that cannot be real or valid because blah balh blah, without actually saying anything except a lot of eso – teric words that mean nothing in real life . YOU do NOT define me or my experience, simple stuff .

    Vivek – you and all , are completely free to think whatever you want about gender and any complications you want to attach. I still say it is just people and not any more complicated than that . again pretty simple stuff . I like being a man and I imagine if I were a woman I would like that as well . For any of you to insist on putting your ideas on me or anybody else as a mandate of reality is simply absurd. It is NOT an absolute that we must feel or be both genders to be balanced and or centered, we can simply be good people and that is quite sufficient. It seems to me you are complicating something that is not necessary or perhaps even real ? Again something to ponder ?

    And here is another ponderance, my thoughts about abortion are directly related too and connected to my thoughts of the POWERS we are given of life and death, which I have mentioned several times previously. It is quite obvious we have not used either power well and have abused both and that is also obvious by the ungodly amount of abortions in the USA . Hitler killed 4 to 6 million jews and we have killed 40 to 60 million unborn. All required a sex act with a man and a woman, so don’t pull out the “its a womans body” BS, because it won’t hold water. That is PRAVDA jargon for you must think our way which is prevalent in all of USA on every issue. Again it is people and a lot of bad decisions and irresponsibility. I have been party to such acts/events as probably nearly everybody on these pages. The only difference is I admit it for what it is, now, didn’t always .

    I am seeing a considerable amount of intellectual and moral dishonesty here on a very basic level. Again not complicated stuff with a lot of deeper mumbo jumbo necessary.

    Good luck to all .

    • July 23, 2011 8:58 am

      Stephen, you have a right not to be negative, just as you have a right not to be identified.

      I enjoy this blog due to the vast number of exchanges, from all corners and all levels of knowledge. If by engaging you in discussion, negative emotions are evoked, then I will choose another way to express what I have learned.

      You can choose to read or ignore what I share, that is your personal choice.

      Negative dialogue as I have learned, never goes anywhere except in a descending circle of increasing violence. Violence is not only physical, it is emotional too. I choose to exit at this stage and promise not to engage you directly henceforth. I wish you well on your quest, with the hopes that you find what you are looking for.


  28. John Russell permalink
    March 31, 2012 1:32 pm

    This is one of your best observations yet, I love your blog Ori— All the best to you and yours, and everyone else– Of course!

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