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In case you were wondering…signs of the times…

May 8, 2011


In case you were wondering about how it is really ‘going” and how it is really “looking” and what really gives and if everything is to return to “normal”, I found this on the ZeroHedge comment section and thought it eminently worth sharing…

It IS different this time. Please ponder it. Some of it is already here and some of it is just not on the surface…. yet! 😉


      Massive blue collar strikes
      Relocation of key factories overseas
      Extended import-export embargoes/taxations
      Widespread factory shutdowns
      Excessive taxation
      Small business failures
      Insolvency of many banks
      Stock market misdealings/decline
      Drastic construction decline
      Devaluation of real estate
      Increase in corporate crime
      Drop in level of manufactured goods
      Increase of corporate monopolies/takeovers
      Increase in personal bankruptcies
      Widespread layoffs
                Cash as only accepted tender

Natural Disasters

      Major devastation in California
      Earthquakes in new areas
      Inactive craters become unsettled
      Mountains become unstable
      Return of the dust bowl
      Record-breaking flooding
      Tornadoes increase intensity and occasion
      Liquefaction of soil beneath faults
      Intensified hurricane devastation
      Freak wind gusts/accidents
      Soil erosion
      Increased radon levels
      Insect infestation
      Sink holes
      Rapid temperature inversions
      Unusually frigid winters/deadly blizzards
      Seeping natural gas (fires/explosions)
      Widespread surface blazes
      Major quake of the New Madrid Fault
      Greenish hue to atmosphere
                 Higher pollution levels

Transportation Accidents

      Plane crashes increase
      Shipping disasters increase
                Higher incidents of train derailments/accidents

Freak Deaths and Accidents

Amusement park disasters
Increase in homicide/suicide
Freak household accidents
Disease outbreaks
Several catastrophic propane explosions
Germ Warfare release accident Gulf War Illness?

Discord Amng Nations

      Grave economic differences
      Arms escalation
      Terrorism increases
      Undeclared wars
      Clandestine dealings between countries
                High-level secrecy

Spiritual Unrest and Awakening

Questioning masses
Political church actions
Government interventions
Increased UFO sightings
Interaction with other intelligences
Acceptance of the paranormal and the afterlife
Religious sects going to court to force their restrictions on all

Nuclear Incidents

Several close meltdowns/leaks
Seeping radioactive dump sites
Two catastrophic meltdowns One to go.
Radioactive pollution of land/rivers
Major accidents of trucks carrying nuclear missiles/radioactive waste
Radioactive releases caused by geological instability

Civil Unrest

Resistance movements
Draft evasion
Public’s discovery of coverups
Nuclear exchange

Massive Revolts and Government Turnaround

Taxation refusals
War resistance
Policy disagreements within government
Major upheaval within governments



Scientists are also puzzled by a number of large oceanic whirlpools that are popping up in the world’s oceans…

And this link from DublinMick that he had, for some strange reason, enormous trouble posting on the comment section here:

Giant sinkholes openingup the world over…

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  1. dw-in-tahoeforest permalink
    May 8, 2011 5:47 pm

    Hi Vivek/eo,

    Thanks for that list. Everyone of those statements/facts are spot on.

    It seems that for most of the blogs I read regularly, the comments are where the
    true know-ledge gets expressed.

    ‘They’ know that when we activate mass know-ledge, they are one step closer the the ledge.

    The can that has been kicked all over our globe, I call it the ‘fiat-can’, is on the ledge now.

    I am waiting for the final kick of that can, it is coming soon…

    Love to all,


  2. May 8, 2011 8:08 pm

    I thought this comment on zh was interesting: “My understanding is that the original list came from No Eyes, a Chippewa medicine woman, who died in the 1980s”.

    A little investigation led me to this link: In the list on that site there are some positive consequences to look forward to:

    Rise of the Age of Peace

    Total equality among people
    Discontinuance of all meat ingestion
    Construction reforms
    Cessation of most severe natural disasters
    Pollution-free energy innovations using Earth’s magnetic field
    Rise of the Indian Nation through widespread adaptation of its ways of natural living

    It’s heartbreaking that we will have to suffer through so much calamity in order to evolve. I take personal responsibility for this situation. I am still incapable of fully putting others before myself and still behave in outrageously selfish ways. Thus, the sorry state of the reflection which is the reality around me. Fix ourselves and we fix our world. Here’s to the prophecy coming true and for those that survive what is ahead being better qualified to create a new, better reality.

  3. anasana permalink
    May 9, 2011 2:01 am

    thanks, that sent me down a long winding journey into the heart of the matter. enormous cycles of time are coalescing. knowledge from sumer to eqypt to templars to the crown to the military to monetary policy to denver airport and norway to haarp to the maya to elenin to sumer. in a way it is glorious and it leaves the only viable path within. we are so lucky to bear witness to the AWEsome force of inevitablity. find the wisdome of no escape. there is no future there is no past. eyes wide open, love in the heart.

  4. May 9, 2011 3:13 am

    World wide, chemtrails are experienced 24/7. That’s jet fuel with barium and aluminum (and you know what those elements can do) released by pilots attempting to outdo one another in ugly sky graffiti. How do we know it is world wide in addition to chemtrail blogs? Look at a physical Sunday newpaper’s Travel section and note the background above pretty landscapes.

    We will glow as we succumb to Alzheimer’s.
    Maybe another catagory is needed: THE UNEXPLAINED

    • May 9, 2011 2:48 pm

      Your comment has inspired a post…
      Thanks Nina. I’ll use your comment in my post if you don’t mind.

  5. May 9, 2011 3:14 am

    Also, thank you very much, excellent post.

  6. dublinmick permalink
    May 9, 2011 6:29 am

    Check on most of that as much of it is already ongoing. I have noticed this year however there is an unusual amount of grass hoppers eating everything around the house. I have never seen this many before.

    I think we will see a strange situation that was not accounted for. Airplanes take in air through the hydraulics and therefore with the unexpected problems in Japan they will become irradiated and very dangerous for pilots and passengers. The chem boys are really going to have to be dark warriors to keep this up. The catastrophe in Japan of course is bad for everyone but especially for pilots.

    • May 9, 2011 2:46 pm

      Dub, just went through the Here comes the sun article in totality, including comments and links. Crazy times, eh?
      If there is one thing I can say with my totality, it’s a good time to be alive. So much potential for shifts/changes.
      Great style and commentators too were really engaged. So good to see.
      Thanks for all the attention you call to this space.

  7. Vee Wong permalink
    May 10, 2011 5:25 am

    So, credit crash, deadlier assault on the environment, train wreaks, and scheming behind closed doors…agenda upon agenda.

    Noticed that the flow of economy based on profit and greed brought disasters to people and environment; nations sharing pie – or not – become dissatisfied; concern level raised brought attention to WMD (nuclear) and civil upheavels and government turnaround (unclear). Chaos.

    The human train is de-railed, disconnected from the super-consciousness, fractal codes veiled, de-volved from the grand plan.

    Most are still in the night-mare. Some are awake but not awaken.

    Those awaken, be aw are, be prep are. E-volve or dis-tinct.

    Sad days ahead.

    • Vee Wong permalink
      May 10, 2011 5:48 am

      I meant to type “ex-tinct”. Sorry.

  8. May 10, 2011 6:50 pm

    Making an introduction here, I think you’ll like our wonderful friend bholanath:

    Could not find an email address for you, please forgive me for interrupting.

    Love, nina

  9. dublinmick permalink
    May 12, 2011 9:39 pm

    I cannot log onto any google blog right now. I get the error message on all of them. I was trying to post this.

    This is big, discovery of the Hall of Records near! Probably should be a post in itself. Hermes founded Egypt!!!!!!!!

    “But photographs don’t lie. Collins says, “Those at Giza are natural, and penetrate the bedrock for many hundreds of metres, perhaps following the course of local geological faulting.”

    Although Dr Hawass suggests there is no mystery surrounding the “catacomb”, Collins suspects that the caves extend beneath the Second Pyramid, where ancient tradition puts the legendary Tomb of Hermes [right], Egypt’s legendary founder. This is significant because Hermes is known as the Great Wisdom Bringer and Collins suspects that the chambers could possibly reveal something left behind by Hermes — something like the legendary Hall of Records.”

  10. Logman permalink
    May 14, 2011 2:12 am

    What devastation in California?

    • May 14, 2011 5:31 am

      Logman, from the post, I quote:
      “It IS different this time. Please ponder it. Some of it is already here and some of it is just not on the surface…. yet! ;-)”

  11. Loki permalink
    May 14, 2011 6:55 pm

    This list was published (in 1987 [rare] and 2nd edition 1993 [more common but OOP]) in a book called Phoenix Rising by “Mary Summer Rain”. She credits the predictions to a Chippewa medicine woman called NoEyes based on conversations they had in 1982.

    Events have followed the “picture” painted by the predictions as well or better than any modern phophet, so IMHO the remaining phrophecies should be considered likely.

    The books of Mary Leigh (original name before she changed it) generated controversy in Native American groups because no such medicine woman is known. Also the books incorporate biblical, New Age, occult, and astrological themes and claim them to be Native American. For more you could start here:

    Whoever actually wrote this list had good insight into the future. My guess is that it was a famous white american author and astrologer who was living (and dying) in the same area at the time.

    • Vee Wong permalink
      May 19, 2011 3:38 am

      Could it be that they’re back from the future, since time and space does not exist in the other realm(s)?

    • May 19, 2011 5:27 am

      Thanks for the link Loki. Regardless of fraud or not, it speaks powerfully, ne?
      NoEyes, I really like that. Again, regardless if it’s fraud or not, at least it was done with Fore-sight AND imagination, hmmm?
      Thanks for sharing.

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