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Doldrums and Cliff Edges…

July 24, 2011


We are in a very interesting time of year.  At the approximate mid-point, everything becomes still. Very still. In sailing parlance, this is known as being in the doldrums. No wind in the sails.  In irons. Glassy calm sea.

We just moved in Leo and for better or worse, our cold, dark orb gets double center-stage. Magnified in it’s own house. Is this what exalted means? As you can tell, my take on Astrology is highly Cathartes Aura dependent! Wonder where she disappeared….. and I hope too that Straykitty is well. Long time no hear from her either.

So back to the Sun, the cause of causes as far as we know. The cause of cause of cause of cause of causes is the holy grail.

The cause that binds them all. I hope you have an intrinsic grasp of the archetypal nature of astrology and our own archetypal “selves”. Like the royal road of the tarot, we march through the major arcana, from fool to world, through all the key archetypes.

The sun is the creator archetype. And it is not well. Unrecorded shifts in it’s cycles, rock solid for millenia.  There is a whole lot of strange weather phenomena ongoing, most of it unreported in the mainstream.

A partial comment from a Zero Hedge commentator really made my senses perk up:

‘ Back to the weather comment: Yesterday morning I experienced a lightning storm so severe and violent and long ( 40 minutes right over the house) that literally caused my body to vibrate ( not in a good way ) for at least 2 hours from the ionic activity.

There is some weather shit going.’


Fascinating. I wonder where he is reporting from. I imagine in the US. I’ve asked him.

Then the freak heatwave in the US. Temperature levels sound like India. So, as I’d expected, a freak heat wave will cause accelerated snow-melt, leading to accelerated flooding, again!!!…

Then the strange stories of sink-holes going main-stream. Please web-search these phrases and see the news.

Or go to ZeroHedge or Rense or other alternative media…

High strangeness. Here in Bangalore, conversely, we’ve had freak winds for the last three months. Crazy winds come, blow the house down for 15 minutes and then vanish. And back again. 4-5 times a day where i live. For months now…

On the plus side, I got my first electric bicycle. Amazing. Will share more about it in the coming days. So much fun, silent power! 😉

With-in a day or so, I’ll begin posting a series of deeply revealing insights, in my own, hopefully inimitable way, in the bigger picture for why we are all gathered here, figuratively anyways. I’d ask those who feeled called to a broader current here to please see and share them as widely as you can. They are a series of video’s, the pre-cursors to teh book and dvd that are now in their final stages of completion.

These times call for grand gestures.

I’m seeing the edge of a precipice before me and I feel fine. Refined even.

More soon.

Be well.



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  1. Peter of Lone Tree permalink
    July 25, 2011 12:02 am

    Straykitty is seeking her destiny.

    • Nadall permalink
      August 3, 2011 7:00 pm

      Thanks Peter, but what does that MEAN? That she’s ok but out of touch to us?

  2. bob johnson permalink
    July 25, 2011 12:20 am

    hi. was falling into sarcastic hate which is different in my view, but nonetheless a trap im sure. was reminded on zh by you. thanks! well not be specifically do you remind.

    but maybe. traps all over. like bear traps of thought.

    i dont think cyclical is something to just run to the press about, but i will accept whatever. im just skeptical from being an entrepreneur, i have/had the ability to see past all convention, or I did when I made my ‘money’. I was so ignorant of TPTB that I wasnt discouraged to start a ‘giant’ dot com. worked . no conspiracy on that one. nothing to something.

    now with all this ‘knowledge’ I have, I’m limited, because of course that will fail. its already been proven right. lol.

    im just concerned that if a trap limits the possible outcomes, and not for my gain but for truth (as far as myself tells me at the moment) .

    excuse me if im delusional as to think our thoughts could even make a comets gravity push it ‘off course’

    or a people punish themselves for self guilt until annihilation or whatever. or God himself
    check to see if people are learning their lessons.

    but id rather listen than speak. but i know nothing of chakras or the book of dead or deep history

    good day.

    • July 26, 2011 7:41 am

      Interesting Bob. Having been a part of the dot com boom and bust myself (remember Octane/Epiphany?) and seen who rose to the top there, I have to say you lucked in. Because I just saw the Vulture Capitalists feed their own kind, men (mostly) in their own image. But good for you. I hope you handled/handle your wealth with grace.

      Give the first exercise (here on the blog) a try. You just might hear IT speak. 😉

      Thanks for sharing.

  3. bob johnson permalink
    July 25, 2011 12:23 am

    oh btw just thought of something cuz your blog puts me here.

    The powers that ‘be’.

    interesting. does that mean they just ‘be’ themselves into existence?

    • July 26, 2011 7:42 am

      Let’s just call them The Powers That Are (TPTA) from now on then, shall we?

    • tip permalink
      July 26, 2011 12:16 pm

      maybe TPTB exist b/c we call them into existence by labeling them TPTB.
      i prefer clif high’s term for them : TPTB/W — the powers that be/were,
      moving from present to past tense, e.g. calling the past tense into existence.

  4. dublinmick permalink
    July 25, 2011 3:12 am

    Stumbled into one I am almost sure will be of interest here. It is word press also. 😉

  5. Vee Wong permalink
    July 25, 2011 3:44 am

    Similar experience in middle kingdom south. Downpours are frequent and usually result in flood, causing traffic slowdowns, after perhaps fifteen minutes. Fearful lightning and loud thunders would repeat for long period each time they show, longer than experience ever. And the heatwaves…

    Not sure about the Holy Grail…But some believe Vishnu-Kalki is here, on a white horse with bow and arrows. 7.15-8.15, the month of re- (oh, let others fill in…).

    Sun and Leo, sun and us, we are all connected, are we not? Been feeling the heaviness in the Anahata chakra, becoming a bit transpersonal? May be not.

    Thanks for sharing and awaiting with some anxiety (sorry can’t rid of all emotions, yet) your project fruit.

  6. Ray Kohlscheen permalink
    July 25, 2011 7:22 pm

    Hello Vivek & all.

    My first time here …. followed a link from 0 Hedge
    Thanks for your words, they are insightful, I’ve read a bit, but not all of your site.

    My wife and I live in a remote part of Wyoming….. we are getting along in years …. and are grateful to be able to be in this place in these times.
    Winters here are very cold and that is enough to keep the population small in these parts.
    We consider that a blessing too……

    We are going into this time of transition knowing that we totally affect the quality of this transition period by our thoughts and heart. My wife spent many years studying with the Gurdjieff society ….. and knowing that you are familiar with his works, wondered perhaps ….if you are familiar with his music also ?

    Gurdjieff placed great emphasis on music and composed (translated) a great deal of it that is available on dvds. Most all of it is in minor key….. it is poignant, reflective, sad and true.
    Mans state, cause of angst in the heart of “his endlessness” !

    There are 4 volumes of piano music from Gurdjieff / DeHartmann,
    and the… “movements music” by Dulleman, ( Mr G was also big on movements ).
    All are available from By The Way Books ……. on the internet.
    There’s even a movie.

    We spend a great deal of time listending to his music, as it helps us to “center”
    We also listen to a lot to the music of India and that region ( love Shujat Khan )
    …….and we are ever searching for more soul touching music from there.

    The writer / tracker….Tom Browns books are also a favorite.
    as are the writings of Barbara Marciniak, The Pleiadian materials.

    Just thought that someone might appreciate the links herein……… in these times.

    Ray Kohlscheen

    • July 26, 2011 7:28 am

      Ray, such a pleasure to read what you’ve written. Wyoming was one of the states I did not visit during my time in the US, but I’ve been to big sky country in NM/AZ, so can appreciate the beauty and harshness of where you live, a little bit anyways and had my share of bone-chilling winters in upstate NY. 🙂

      As for G. Yes, his music is beautiful but what I’m called to is his movement. The Sarmoung Dancers! I just got a huge shiver up and down my spine.
      I’m at the thresh-hold of releasing my own work. G’s influence in my life has been so deep and pervasive (so much so that all his flaws are also clearly visible to me), but I hope it resonates thusly also. I “know” him.

      Thanks for sharing and please do so again as called.

  7. Vee Wong permalink
    July 27, 2011 1:56 am


    Enjoying the power of your bike, particularly when you ride uphill?

    I wanted a capacitor capable of storing electricity generated by my peddling, but not to be.
    Instead its a rather heavy battery that must be plugged into wall oyutlet to re-charge. Now I am “hauling” heavy whenever I ride, sparsely as not in daily exercise mood.

    I will likely re-move the heavy battery when electricity no-more.

    So much for smart idea of mine.

    Thought sharing this ti-bi. 🙂

  8. Nadall permalink
    August 3, 2011 5:49 pm

    Mid point .. point of no return .. space between breaths .. eye of the many different ways to see it, huh. I’m liking it. Kinda reminds me of when I was a little girl in south florida and a big storm would blow in. Air all around crackling, buzzing; heart thumping and there would come this strange calm. The leaves would pull UPward and then all hell would break loose. The space between ….

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