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Many Drafts….

August 4, 2011


In this past week, I’ve felt like a writer of yore. Affirming to restart my written affirmations, a unique and powerful form of which I learnt through a generous sharing many moons ago…I pulled out the old fountain pen and bought Green ink to fill it with.

Perhaps a little anecdote is fitting. I was in the Indian Navy as an officer (and hopefully a gentleman) for the better part of 12 years. In the Navy, only an Admiral was allowed to write with green ink. Green ink was an admiral’s domain, exclusively. It irked me no end, since it was my favourite colour and they would not give me a quintiple promotion needed to authorize my use of it. So, I quit the Navy. And write in green anytime I please.

Try it, it’s quite liberating, writing in green ink. You’ll get to see it soon too, by the way, this green writing of mine.

Anyways, just like they did on my hands 30 years ago, the ink spilt in my bag. And was all over my hands. I felt like a writer before I’d even begun.

Then there are all these draft posts. Tossed into the virtual dustbin, just like writers of yore. And so, there I was , green ink stained hands and virtual basket full of crumpled ideas.

Look around us…. theater, the world is a stage. And the theme of the dream is tragi-comedy. Or is it commie-tragedy? You know, hammer and sickle, nothing fickle, Equality, unequally dis-tribute-d.

See that? Dis-tribute-d. English is a mine-field of nested, con-joined complexity.

So, in one theater after another, geo-everything, financial, political, terror-istic, more iconic dates and more stamping of themes and memes.

In the end, if everyone is bad, then everyone is good, right? It is after all, very relative, ne?

The political theater in Washington, the financial theater in New york/Tokyo/London/Beijing, and of course the theater of WAR.

Libya…. days not weeks they said. Only enforcing the no-fly zone. oops, a few bombs had to be dropped to help the rebels. Aww shucks, rocket attacks on unarmed civilians…drones…. tch, the demands of war ehhhhh? Collateral Damage (R)…. Heyyyy, I’m a drone jockey killing a camel jockey! yeeeehahhhh!

I read an article about the drone jockeys in some Air Force Base in California, the brave drone pilots shooting marriage parties filled to the brim with terrostic mooooslems in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, full of holes. Hey, even if they got the wrong people, at least they reduced the probability of future terrostic, hate filled moooslems, eh? One of the Drone jockeys spoke of the high, the rush of it.

So, a cowardly military fights it’s cowardly wars, from the air, while the money masters suck the life-blood from the people on the ground.

Somewhere in Archer Daniels Midland and Cargill and Monsanto boardrooms, chops are being licked at the prospect of the soon to be upon us food crisis, the kind not seen in living memory. Hardest hit will be western nations, with their dependence on remote producing and logistic dependent life-styles. Here in the east, we’ve seen a lot of subsistence level living.

Meanwhile, the floods of the mid-western USA were knocked off the headlines by the debt(death) crisis drama on the beltway. Displacements, on a scale not known for a long time before Katrina (anyone remember Katrina anymore? Where did all the evacuated Louisianans resettle?), to where? What about Fort Calhoun?

And didn’t we just have a record heat wave in the US? Did I not read somewhere about an accelerated snow-melt? Everyone down-river informed? or will it be more slow-death by the spill-way?

Fukushima, now page 9 news in most MSM media. But every day, the news gets worse there. Remember the Fukushima 50? Who were actually the Fukushima 300? How are they doing? It’s in the sea and in the air. It’s coming everywhere.

On the great news front, the Sellafield plant, the knowledge of which and more so, the pernicious effects of which had prompted much anguish in me and this post:

Is now officially being shut down. As always, too little too late. Perhaps there is satisfaction amongst the nuclear scientists that Fukushima has now taken over the baton of Sellafield+Cehrnobyl. You see, Sellafield leaked into the ocean. And Chernobyl into the air/food. Fukushima is already in all three.

So much for good news…hmmmmm……


On the other hand, Vee (Old Naughty) flew into Bangalore earlier this morning. As you can imagine, it was like meeting an old friend, again. We picked up from the blog to real life rather effortlessly. Will write more about this as the days progress. And conversations were definitely intense and in-vigour-ating. Tomorrow, it’s off to a farm near here for a few of my closest people to spend a few days in calm. Karan, who you might also recognize from the comments, missed his flight and comes in the day after tomorrow. 🙂 What more can I say.

All else is as it should be, as it is. I am who I am and I hope you R hu U R 2? 😉

The next pre-cursor is almost ready.

Until then, pay keen attention. There is a rug-under-foot pulling event/energy in the air. Shake shake shake. Foundational too.

Will it be literal or figurative?

Here is my call.

August 15th 2011, which is, amongst many other things, the 40th anniversary of Nixon shutting the gold window, abruptly and uni-laterally taking the dollar off the gold standard, knowing full well that the petro-dollar would ensure compliance world-wide. And so it was that the most profligate entity, the Corporation of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was un-bridled. The world has been much the worse for it.

But the 40th anniversary will mark the death-knell of the global financial system as we know it. If not immediately obvious, it will be remembered as the day the dollar died. I saw a huge omen, a sign on the streets of Bangalore that said almost exactly that.

August 15th 2011 will shake, literally of figuratively, the financial foundation of our current reality.

I’m hedged accordingly. You can take the above for what it’s worth. Your gut will tell you your truth.

And now for something that was really intense. Yesterday I received an e-mail from a reader that is finding it’s equally deep response. The writer knows what I’m speaking of. It marked a temporal gong here. If it is meant to be, more on that at the appropriate time.

Take good care…

Ear to the ground, eye on the horizon….


Update 10 minutes after I hit the post button, wander off to ZeroHedge and find that the world of finance seems to have imploded. …..holy Smoke!!!! While I was writing, this is what was unfolding on the world stage….

And on and on. This is where the terminally ill dollar will, in the bizzaire world of finance, become the flight to safety, such a faustian bargain, because there is no safe haven for fiat currency anymore.

Today might be the first grain of sand starting to slip…… breathtaking stuff.

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  1. August 4, 2011 8:41 pm

    Yes things are dire in every way.

    I have a special interest in Libya, because I lived there for a while in 1991.

    You might be interested in this:

    Hope that’s the right link (I’ll check after I post).

    Then I’ll check ZeroHedge, which I haven’t looked at for a day or so.

    Regards, Gerry.

    PS I am expecting a call from Mathaba today. I will let you know if I get important information about Libya.

  2. August 5, 2011 2:36 am

    I’ve been eerily seeing 7:11 for the last 3 months almost on a daily basis. I mean different clocks, dates, literally everywhere. At the beginning, I passed it off as a co-incidence….but when it began occurring multiple times on a daily basis, it finally sunk into me that this was the last peaceful month.

    Ramandan and Shravan, being the holiest month must be balanced out with the atrocities of the unholy…..and eventually people will realize the reasoning behind abiding by the simple life for just a month.

  3. Terrance permalink
    August 5, 2011 4:22 am

    House of cards…..intentional and deliberate …time to pay the piper!…

  4. August 5, 2011 8:39 pm

    Having intense exchange with Vivek face-2-face, just when the world looks to backdate to 2008. Stocks, oil, PM all fell. ECB pushes out their own QE as Italy and Spain are in trouble, (finally!) right at the heel of “We passed the new debt ceiling!!!”

    “Breathtaking stuff” said Vivek, In-deed.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. velobabe permalink
    August 7, 2011 9:01 pm

    ORI happy belated birthday. i think the 6th of august,LEO?

    • August 11, 2011 7:46 pm

      Thanks a lot VeloCat. It was quite something.
      A re-membering, a deliberation… my Mom was there… very fascinating time.
      Are you a Leo too?

  6. Quinn D Eskimo permalink
    August 7, 2011 9:43 pm

    Hi, I linked to your site through ZH, I’m thrilled to discover that Sellafield/Windscale is being shut down,
    I grew up less than 40 miles from there, on the coast, swam in the sea,ate fish, crabs and muscles,cockles,winkles etc from the Irish sea,
    My Uncle had a long battle with brain tumors and my Dad developed
    a fairly rare cancer, they have both passed on now.
    As my uncle was an active environmentalist, we were aware that we were living in a place that had the highest background radiation in Europe.
    (just one link of many available)
    Windscale has been the primary “Processing point” of spent nuclear fuel from Japan and many other nations, for decades.
    I seriously doubt that deformities in India can be layed at the feet of Windscale/Sellafield as per your link , Namaste.
    I now live on the west coast of the USA and we are very often DIRECTLY under the jet stream 7500 miles east of Fukujima,
    Today I am working on my garden, Tobacco that I will smoke, lentils,chic peas and cabbage that i will eat and share with my family,
    Almost 50, i have been blessed with pretty good health, perhaps the radiation will get me as i age, hell, maybe i glow in the dark, i will have to ask my wife.
    My point is that No one here gets out alive.

    Putting the Indian deformities at the feet of Sellafield is only post colonial finger pointing.
    Perhaps the British NHS problem of Pakistanis marrying their first cousins is an indicator of the underlying problem? I do not wish to be insulting or to suggest that the problems of Pakistan (and the UK) are apparent in the honorable nation of India, it is just a passing speculation.
    Or exploding chemical plants and Monsanto crap crops might be considered.
    We are all doomed meatballs,The wisdom of our creator and our creator who came to set an example, Jesus Christ is the only hope, realistically, for any of us,all else pales in comparison with the TRUTH.

    Click to access ecc_se.pdf

    Click to access ecc_se.pdf

    Any day above ground is a good day?

  7. virginia permalink
    August 8, 2011 4:11 am

    More wierdness from Af-stan… …..what’s going on? Just happens particularly after this wierdness . Next thing you know there’s a movie trailer with the deep voice over tag”for God and Country”. Bizzarooo …They must think we really are that stupid or either they’ve union-busted the good screen writers and are left with the dregs….

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