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The Feminine…Social Engineering, Speechless…..

September 9, 2011


My wanderings around the net sometimes bring me to tears.

Here was one such article.

I’ll lead off with a picture, feel free to dig into the rest and shake your head in wonder/disgust.

Winners: The prizes included gift vouchers, digital cameras and tokens for teeth whitening treatments

The article:

For all the feminists in the CIA agent Gloria Steinem mold, think.

And men, like the grinning like fools husbands/boyfriends behind. Tch. no words.

Also, I see the little Copyright mark in the picture. Facebook…… another day perhaps.

Surely the sexes are gone mad.

What is wrong with us? Headless creatures we’ve become.

If you do click on the article link, then do peruse the long, right hand side column and every social engineering meme targeted at women will come screaming out at you.



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  1. Nadall permalink
    September 9, 2011 5:46 pm

    Hi Vivek. Check out the article in for today (9/9/11) which is directly related to what you’re talking about here. I don’t know how to put it here (no tech savvy at all) but it’s lumped in with 2 others (is Solyndra the end of obama/the sky is falling/WOMEN ARE BETTER) The really good part is under the Free Market Analysis for the women are better part. Real clear as to why ‘they’ are doing all this crap.

    • September 14, 2011 5:13 am

      Hey Nadall, I did, and I commented there too. Thanks for the pointer.

  2. Ray permalink
    September 10, 2011 3:37 am

    Yes, the photos say it all.

    And you guys are toooo much fun here….
    real “Family” ! ….thanks.

    I looked at that article Nadall…….. so it is !

    In 1966 when I came home from Vietnam,
    I was so angry with my shallow, insipid countrymen/women –
    that IF I coulda’ I woulda’ pushed a button and blown it all to hell –
    I was one *issed puppy !

    I also remember in the late 70’s –
    Looking up at the World Trade Towers for the first time,
    and thinking,
    …..ooooooeee…..Wut a big ole “TARGET” that be !
    and I can’t deny that……
    there was some subconscious satisfaction when
    that fatal day finally arrived.
    I did feel sorry for the “ache” of so many ……. but
    Any idiot could see it……20 years away.

    My anger finally drove me into the ” interior spaces ” of course.
    Which is what anger finally does…if one is given enough time anyway.

    Now I am the happiest that I have ever been in my life.
    I guess somewhere along the way,…. I detached.

    We are all souls on a long journey of learning.

    And MAN –
    prettydamnquicktoo….Eh ?

    But there ain’t nothin’ gonna wipe this smile off my face….
    It’s permanent……. I earned it !…….I’m goin’ home.
    See you there.

    • September 11, 2011 5:29 am

      🙂 Yup, yes and indeed!

    • September 14, 2011 5:17 am

      Hah Ray, what a world eh? And to anyone who’s fought a war…boy, what a life-experience to come to terms with/cleanse from the system eh?

      And I remember my first reaction, when a friend of mine woke me from my alcohol addled sleep to say, TURN ON THE TV…. and I saw and my first reaction was…. so it begins….

      Smile on Ray…. 😉 So glad you found your way here on the way home! 🙂

  3. Mike permalink
    September 10, 2011 11:33 pm

    Vivek, when you enter a nuthouse, expect

    I hear you, brother. Our humanity, our intelligence, our dignity is under constant assault. I see it EVERYWHERE! Ya almost have to go live in a cave to avoid it. And if the omnipresent images aren’t enough, nearly every person I encounter is a fully co-opted participant. It has a way of draining my energy, bit by despairing bit.

    On the other hand, it’s definitely an opportunity to challenge oneself, to find a positive way to deal with it. To somehow find a way to accept it without judgment. I’m working on it.:)
    To be imperturbable, hmmmm, that would be nice.

    Which reminds me: I must remember to use affirmations! I feel serene. I feel accepting. I feel loving. I feel joyous. Hey, it’s working!


    • September 14, 2011 5:26 am

      Seriously eh, Mike? long time, hope you are well.

      And yes, transmutation of the negative into the positive. A very necessary skill. I’ve just sat with two days of acidity, as I internalize anger. I’m working on it too! A centered person is imperturbable. Good goal. 🙂

      And you know what? Those affirmations really work.

  4. lcs permalink
    April 8, 2014 7:23 pm

    Skinhead culture.

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