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Potent 9/11 Symbolism…

October 1, 2011


Reading so much, watching it happen live, having been “phoned” out of bed by my dear friend Laura, I heard what a good many people heard the first thing that day.

“Turn on your TV”!

So much urgency. And as if on command, perhaps 10 million people turned on their TV to watch a ritual.

Am I seeing rituals rituals everywhere I turn? Well yes, life is one long ritual, fractally embedded with other rituals of varying lengths and intensity.

And 9/11 was of course an overt and covert ritual. The numerology, stunning. The Symbols (Twin Towers, by the way, their foundation stone (groundbreaking) was happening as I was slipping into the world of air-breathing creatures, 6th August 1966), so the impact for me was tremendous. I shared a birthday (and almost time) with them after-all.

Anyways, from that “TURN ON YOUR TV” command, something was imprinted, both about TV and of course the ritual of the pinnacle of Capitalism, Twin Towers (so much masonic imagery there, Joachim and Boaz

” In the Jewish mystical kabbalah, Joachim and Boaz are the left and rightmost pillars of the tree of life- mercy and severity, or strength”





And then there were the Twin Towers:

Twin Towers

Twin Towers

So Fire from the sky brought down the J&B of the Big Apple.

Please note the TWIN TOWERS were in New York, New York.

Hmmmmmmm…..Probably a rather unique happenstance, I think.

More symbolism there:



Linked of course with :



Fascinating. And the bolt, very firey, came from the air (and deep in the ground, I believe), a double strike, to the heart and the feet. Two towers, two strikes, 7 buildings. In New York New York.

I had a very personal and totally chance encounter with a Lawyer on a flight to Moombuy, whose client had bought a bunch of 9/11 scrap steel, days after the incident at very low rates.

He was a scrap steel king-pin. Anyways, his 9/11 scrap steel goes back into the manufacturing mix. Mysteriously, a couple of years later, otis elevators had to recall a bunch of their buttons because they were…. Radioactive. The company that made them had a good ERP system and they could trace it back to….

Yup. Interesting, yes?

So here we are, with this giant hanging chad, a total dis-traction, to be counted on one side or the other of the great 9/11 debate.

Here, I think I have found a very deeply symbolic picture that tells me that the whole ritual was no accident.

A masterfully detailed, even if entirely co-incidental visual. of course, there are no such things as coincidences!!!

The part below does not hold water, my apologies. Thanks to Dee via comments, see this:


I am trying to fit the picture with this video but I don’t see it. (
They are not even reading the same book, maybe the picture was taken at a different location?

Aha, “The picture above was taken during an appearance President Bush made with the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, at the George Sanchez Charter School in Houston during the summer of 2002″


I did not know about the radioactive buttons, found some news articles and I think it’s a bit of a stretch to claim they came from recycled steel from the twin towers implying the use of a nuclear device to bring the towers down.

I do belief however that the whole 911 thing smells fishy, to many loose ends, 19 men with box-cutters……[insert rolleyes smiley]



I looked it up and then looked it up extensively.

Look like I got hoaxed. My apologies…

Please see the image below. The famous George Bush, Reading Class in Sarasota, my Pet Goat (BAPHOMET), and holding the book UPSIDE DOWN after he hears the news of the attacks on the mornign of 9/11.

Hmmmm, Inverted Pentagram, Inscribed Baphomet.

My Pet Goat:


Such a Powerfully Symbolic Image.

Young, Innocent Girl, with a Tiara that reads America over her forehead. She is holding a book en-titled AMERICA in her hand, reading My Pet Goat. Two Golden Stars, America, literally has her back…. lady liberty….. just loaded, eh?

Now look at bush. Look at the Cartoon Iwo Jima flag hoist on our left of the inverted book, thrusting the American Flag, spear like, DOWN.

Click on the image, expand it and see what I’m saying.

Upside Down Book, About a Goat, with America being thrust ground ward, downward, half-covered up too, division.

And then look over his head. Framed by the preamble to the much tattered (now) US Constitution.

The juxtaposition is astonishing. Down she goes. Via the Baphomet.



The Goat in the inverted Pentagram.

Hard to describe what I see when I see that picture, I Can only hint at it with the above.

Fascinating… eh?



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  1. Ray permalink
    October 1, 2011 8:34 pm

    This Universe is nothing but coincidence !
    Co-inside……..( it’s an inside job ).
    There may be no accidents, but ALL is coincidence !
    Fractal, Holographic, Coincidence.

    And in this particular Universe…
    the Flower of Life “Thought Construct” being the most primal,
    the most elementary – “Light” building block,
    of that “Light Being”….”Lucifer”,
    took a turn at the first iteration,
    and this Universe became – “Dualistic”
    Intentionally so !

    If this all sounds a bit arcane – well, it is…
    but I have left ample previous links for explorations into such.

    The Original Universal Light Thought Form is represented as having
    only ONE center point, not TWO.

    At the first iteration of light circles,
    Lucifer decided to do something “different”.
    He created a Universe with 2 light centers – “Dual”.
    A Thought Construct ~

    I doubt that George Bush Jr., chose the book he was
    reading that fateful day – and upside down at that !
    It was all “done for him” on a spiritual level….if you will.

    • October 2, 2011 8:08 pm

      Good stuff Brother Ray and all true.
      Or not eh? Who knows?
      As long as we know “us”, all is good. Or evil. “They” say it does not “Matter” anymore. Just like that, remove the Matter (etymological root Mater…), it does not “matter”.
      I think that might be one definition of having arrived.
      It wouldn’t matter anymore.
      🙂 Fascinating stuff all around though, eh?

      • Nadall permalink
        October 2, 2011 9:45 pm

        A few minutes ago I was having a discussion with my self regarding the relevence an entertaining & somewhat fun train of thought had. None. It doesn’t ‘matter’ in the least. And then I thought well … what if it’s all about just the experience itself? Regardless of relevance. What if life is just about the living? And what we make of it is the ‘material’ we color it with? Does it matter? Probably not because ‘Mama’ takes that picture and puts it on the fridge anyway.
        Interestingly (to me anyway) today is the “anniversary” of my Mater’s death as an air breather many long years ago.

        • Ray permalink
          October 3, 2011 12:24 am

          Always enjoy your posts Nadall !

        • October 4, 2011 4:53 am

          hmmmmmm……. mater is a good person to re-member in our minds Nadall. My struggle with my parents has been a singular ‘lesson” through my life.

          And are you trying to make these?


          • Nadall permalink
            October 4, 2011 6:11 am

            More like one spiral with all my colors along it according to chakra colors. But something like that might even be better, start w/one long and work my way up. Hmmm. Dunno. Keep it simple, right?

            Yeah. My Mom was my best friend. She was awesome. A LOT of fun and game for just about anything. I still miss her. Get to see her in my dreams sometimes.

            Hey, regarding getting hoaxed …. you mean you’re FALLIBLE? That’s it. I’m outta here. Gotta go find a new guru. 🙂

      • Ray permalink
        October 3, 2011 12:29 am

        Yes V,

        Having arrived.
        The very definition of
        Leaving simultaneously as Arriving
        = ECSTACY

        TIME…eh ?

  2. neil permalink
    October 2, 2011 8:33 am

    hmmm,interesting these two pillars keep creeping up in my mind too,thanks vivek……
    also ray I am not sure but the energy lucifer or what ever you want to call it posess’s doesnt allow it to create,it wants too create but doesnt know how,it can copy though,I suppose its addicted to its own vain reputation that it falsified in the first place,,am not sure but i bet vivek knows…..

    anyway respects to you lot….neil

  3. Ray permalink
    October 3, 2011 12:18 am

    Once again the Marines lead the way in these demonstrations.
    I suppose it’s the start of something BIG ! ?

    So ,, I’m an old Marine but I’m hardly leading anything anymore,
    but I’ll sure watch ! First to fight ! Keep our honor clean ! etc..etc…
    Go Babies !

    More thoughts on BAPHOMET – the Goat !
    Ole Baph……has 5 Points ya know !
    Two Horns at the top.
    Two Ears at the side.
    and one long ole “Goa-tee” on his chinni chin chin ~
    That’s the 5 folks ….and it is HE that they have chosen as Mascot !
    HE….Representing the 5 pointed star – the Pentagram ! INVERTED !

    5 is supposedly the “Number of Man” .
    This Pentagram can be turned …
    Right Side Up….vs….Right Side Down !! ( Relative )
    Unlike the 6 pointed Star eh ?

    MAN with his head at the top as represented by Leonardo’s
    wonderful sketch !…….OR……
    BAPHOMET the Goat……
    representing things that are…Upside Down !
    ..,,,,,….like everything in this world Society eh ?

    Well,,, there’s that Dualism again !

    In the Emerald Tablets of “Thoth the Atlantean”,,
    Thoth says that he was “Pursued”…
    through the dimensions of Eternity,
    trapped in ANGLES and STRAIGHT LINES – and was
    Pursued by the HOUNDS OF HELL that would eat his ENERGY !!!
    He escaped by his knowing use of …”CURVES” !!!

    Now I’m sure this sounds like pure wacked out jibberish to those who
    “Ain’t There”,….or Ain’t ever been there.
    But,,,,others Know …..cause they FEEL IT !

    It’s the “Emotional Body” that we’ve lost full throttle connection to !

    So back to the PENTAGRAM !
    That 5 pointed Star of Humanity, is core to who and what we are.
    And it’s all “SACRED GEOMETRY” !

    Lots of Angles & Straight Lines ! …….trapping consciousness ….Hmmm?

    FREEDOM from the CYCLES lies in THOUGHT !

    Remember the Mouse with the Spectacles when
    Don Juan was explaining the “Tonal” and the “Nagual” to Carlos ?
    We support the “Tonal” with our thoughts and keep our “Reality” alive.
    But it Is not reality…….. only the Nagual is real !
    …..The “Mysterious and Unfathomable”

    Many different ways of saying things –
    but one Gleans Fruit with Work.

    • Nadall permalink
      October 3, 2011 9:23 pm

      I FEEL ya, brother! 🙂 So …. the feelings are the clue to what we have made of (how we think about) something and we can re-create it by rethinking and feeling what’s been revealed by what we have just feeled …. and we turn in this upward, inward spiral. I’m workin’ on it.
      I got all these different colored ‘crystal’ (faux, I’m sure) multi-faceted orbs (nope, just can’t call them crystal balls, nope) from Amazon and am trying to figure out how to mount them on a spiral something. Good visual. Kinda hypnotic as well. Meditative, even, as it turns in the breeze. At least in my mind’s eye.
      And what does THAT have to do with anything? Work. Inner work. Creation of beauty and truth. Light Formed Vibratory Frequency Creation. Hmmmmmmmmm. I wonder if I used a guitar string and ………..

      • Ray permalink
        October 4, 2011 4:48 pm

        A Giggle out of me Nadall !

        A Guitar string just might do it !
        Music is so close in essence !

        We have an old Piano Soundboard
        that we bang and pluck ….
        and the dogs find it…inspirational 🙂

        Thinking is Creating !
        …A little book if you are so inclined,
        called,, “The Impersonal Life”…
        gives much insight into this process.

  4. Stephen Baze permalink
    October 3, 2011 3:22 am

    Vivek and all – there is no question we do not have the truth of 9/11. far too many pieces of the puzzle simply are lies and don’t fit. once you find a lie it is impossible to continue with the balance of the story and there are many provable lies. first of all Bldg 7 was not hit by an airliner and it fell excatly like the towers ?why ? Next, it is 100% clear that the pentagon was not hit by an airplane and eyewitnesses that crawled out of the whole and others saw no evidence of any airplane wreckage or any diesel fuel smell, a huge give away. also there are no videos of an airplane hitting pentagon and there certainly would be. (A soviet hardened missile is what hit the pentagon),many other anomolies as well. finally the wreckage at Pa. does not indicate at all what we were told , it indicates that the plane exploded at high altitude or was possibly shot down at altitude. The melting steel story is incredibly weak so when you add up all the BS that defies known physics one must conclude we have been told a huge lie and why do people and govs lie ? to cover up the truth ? none of it is complicaterd we simply have not been told the truth and I have no idea exactly what the truth is, but I do know what a lies is .

    Now of course we catch and kill Osama and destroy AL Quaeda ? right at election time ? how quaint ? and convenient .

    We live in a giant illusion, one could call it a matrix. perpetrated by PRAVDA right here in USSA. Good luck to all

  5. Stephen Baze permalink
    October 3, 2011 3:44 am

    Vivek – your comments on China and India hit the mark . we are witnessing the days of reckoning coming to fruition. right now it is in slow motion because PRAVDA is still in control to a large degree, but that is changing rapidly. many are see thru treh illusions world wide. the metldown has started and few realize we are in a depression and never left any recession. With the abundant populations of China and India, their suffering going forward is already cast in stone right along with USSA. Europe will implode this fall winter (which has already started) and US will be right behind.

    I have made all necessary adjustments and we shall see how it all plays out. there are no secret weapons/solutions only prudence , common sense and courage will make any difference for anybody . I am certain most here are not at all prepared or fully realize what is happening and what is upon them and what is to come. for many reasons many have stuck their heads in the sand and will likely pay a heavy price in suffering. sorry to say. again good luck to all ! This has all been discussed and exposed ad nauseum so all have been informed of all the complications and potentialities.

  6. Dee permalink
    October 3, 2011 8:12 am

    I am trying to fit the picture with this video but I don’t see it. (
    They are not even reading the same book, maybe the picture was taken at a different location?

    Aha, “The picture above was taken during an appearance President Bush made with the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, at the George Sanchez Charter School in Houston during the summer of 2002”


    I did not know about the radioactive buttons, found some news articles and I think it’s a bit of a stretch to claim they came from recycled steel from the twin towers implying the use of a nuclear device to bring the towers down.

    I do belief however that the whole 911 thing smells fishy, to many loose ends, 19 men with box-cutters……[insert rolleyes smiley]


    • October 3, 2011 11:59 am

      Dee, thanks for that. I followed your lead and yes, I did get hoaxed.
      On the other hand, the Otis elevator button story is something else. It made a big splash and was suppressed. They came via scrap steel dealers in places where WTC steel had been re-smelted and sold. I’ll try to re-find and post the links.
      Thanks again.

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